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ACHAC collection, 1880-ca. 1975

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ACHAC collection
Series IV. Printed images, posters, maps and original artwork, 1880-1967 122 items
Series IV.A. Military, 1887-1957 43 items
Subseries IV.A. contains military and conquest posters, prints and artwork, 1890-1943 and enlistment posters, 1924-1957.
Military and conquest posters, 1890-1943
3** Clairin, G. [Georges], [Conquest of Algeria], [1890] 1 print : lithograph, color; 77 x 114 cm. on backing 83 x 119 cm.
North African cavalry charging across the desert under green flags of Islam and one French flag; one warrior with long black hair featured in the foreground. Untitled; seller's inventory titles as "La conquête de l'Algérie."
1** Journée de l'armée de l'Afrique et des Troupes coloniales, [Paris] : Devambez, 1917 1 print : lithograph, color; 121 x 80 cm. on backing 126 x 85 cm.
African and European soldiers, with one possibly Asian soldier, charging over a barricade, a flowering tree with pink blossoms behind them; a mask-like object with eyeholes lying to the lower right. Artist's signature illegible: seller's inventory attributes to "Cox."
See also: Government and political propaganda; Enlistment posters.
2** Jonas, [Lucien], [Dou]aumont, 1916 1 print : lithograph; 105 x 74 cm.
Tragic World War I scene of European soldier hoisting flag, surrounded by African and other European soldiers, with one fallen companion in foreground, and a stone marker with the partly obscured word "...aumont." This word refers to the Fort de Douaumont, taken from the French by the Germans during the Battle of Verdun, 25 February 1916, and retaken by the French on 2 November of the same year. Signed lithograph, number 24 of 25, dated "25 octobre 1916."
3** Le Bournous, l'association des anciens spahis : Bal, samedi 4 décembre, Paris : Publicité La Déesse, [1937] 1 print : lithograph, color; 80 x 59 cm. on backing 85 x 64 cm.
Soldier in Spahi uniform on horseback, aiming rifle. Seller's inventory lists date as 1939, but 1937 is more likely, based on the evidence of a perpetual calendar.
1** [Auger, Raoul] or Dominique, De Bournazel, 1898-1933, Paris : Grav. et Imp. Desfossés-Néogravure, 1943 1 print : lithograph, color; 57 x 45 cm.
Henri de Bournazel, colonial soldier and commander in Morocco who died at the battle of Djebel Sagho in 1933, is shown striding in foreground in military uniform with cape, with North African horsemen galloping in the background. The word "Dominique" is printed at the bottom of the artwork, as if it were the artist's name. However, Raoul Auger is cited as artist in Images et colonies ( 1993), p. 196/197, which gives date as 1944.
box folder
23* 1 [European soldier with rifle], [1887] 1 print: lithograph, color; 32 x 24 cm. on backing 43 x 31 cm.
Penciled on backing: "Tenue de campagne aux colonies (Afrique) des quatre régiments d'Infanterie de marine. 1887." Date of print is probably later than 1887.
23* 2 Infanterie de Marine : instruction militaire, [Épinal (France)] : Pellerin et Cie, imp.-édit ; Imagerie d'Épinal, [1890] 1 print : stereotype, color; 39 x 29 cm.
Views of soldiers in four bands, including drill at port, the Southeast Asian and Senegalese regiments ("Tirailleurs annamites" and "Tirailleurs sénégalais"), and scenes from "L'Infanterie de Maroc à Bazeilles-Sedan," and the "Guerre de Tonkin."
23* 3 Cognet, E [European soldier posing with rifle], [1895] 1 drawing : ink, graphite and blue pencil; 39 x 29 cm.
Helmeted, mustached European soldier with rifle; large "E" in blue pencil in upper right corner.
23* 1 Lajoux, Edmond, [African regiment with pennant-bearer], [1895] 1 print : lithograph with hand coloring; 28 x 22 cm. on backing 30 x 25 cm.
Regiment of "Tirailleurs sénégalais" bearing flag and bayonets, with building and water tower in distance. Print has circular water stain 12.5 to 14 cm in diameter. Penciled on backing: "1895 - Le fanion d'une compagnie de Tirailleurs sénégalais."
23* 2 Armée du Sultan : Troupes marocaines à cheval, Jarville-Nancy (France) : Arts Graphiques Modernes, [1904] 1 print : stereotype, color; 41 x 29 cm.
Eight rows with eight horsemen each, in North African costume. Captions include: "Pacha," "Cavalier marocain," "Caïd," "Chef de tabors."
See also: Ethnographic images.
23* 1 [African soldier in Spahi uniform, mounted on a horse], [1906] 1 photomechanical print: offset lithograph, color; 30 x 23 cm. glued to frame 43 x 32 cm.
Penciled on frame: "Escadron de spahis sénégalais - 1906 - 1er régiment de Spahis."
23* 2 Armée coloniale française : spahis algériens, spahis sénégalais, Jarville-Nancy (France) : Imageries Marcel Vagné, [1909] 1 print : lithograph, color; 41 x 29 cm.
Six rows of horsemen, five per row, showing uniforms of colonial Algerian and Senegalese cavalry (Spahis), with captions relating rank and duties.
23* 4 Orange, Maurice, Souvenir-Programme, 14 juillet 1913 : remise de la croix de la Légion d'Honneur au drapeau des Tirailleurs sénégalais, Paris : Imp. Lecoq, Mathoret et Ch. Bernard, 1913 1 photomechanical print: offset lithograph, color; 32 x 25 cm., opens to 32 x 50 cm., glued to backing 43 x 32 cm.
Program for military parade. Includes photos, map of the parade ground, and plan for the day's events. Image on front shows European officer bearing flag, while barefoot African soldiers present bayonets.
23* 4 Ripart, G. Tirailleur Sénégalais : yabon, [S.l. : s.n.], [1914] 1 photomechanical print: offset lithograph, color; 21 x 13 cm. on backing 29 x 17 cm.
African soldier charging with bayonet. Handwritten on backing: "Août 1914. Tenues des régiments de Tirailleurs sénégalais, 1913-1914."
23* 5 Large, H., [Group portraits of colonial soldiers], [S.l. : s.n.], [ca. 1915] 4 prints: lithograph, color; 27 x20 cm. and smaller
Three plates of "Tirailleurs sénégalais" (Senegalese infantry) presented in two rows of three soldiers, usually four or five Africans with one or two European officers per illustration, and one plate of European colonial infantrymen. Soldiers are shown in uniform presenting arms (rifles, bayonets, swords), blowing bugles, using binoculars, carrying the French flag, and at drill.
23* 4 Boisselier, H., Infanterie coloniale, 1912-1914, [S.l. : s.n.], [1915] 1 print: lithograph, color; 29 x 21 cm.
Five European soldiers posing, their ranks and uniforms clarified with caption text.
23* 7 Levin; Lemonies[?], Les poilus : Tirailleur sénégalais, 1915 1 print: lithograph; 43 x 27 cm. on backing 50 x 33 cm.
African soldier posing with bayonet. Signed lithograph, no. 109/350.
23* 4 Leroux, Pierre Albert, Adjudant de Tirailleurs sénégalais, 1917, [S.l. : s.n.], 1917 1 print: lithograph, color with hand coloring; 26 x 19 cm.
African officer standing before the camp of an African regiment, with tents, sentries, a man cooking over an open fire, a windmill in the distance.
23* 4 Oh! non, pas la baïonnette!, [S.l. : s.n.] : [1917] 1 print : lithograph, color; 25 x 33 cm.
African soldier bayoneting weeping German soldier in pike helmet, with gas canister in background.
See also: Government and political propaganda.
23* 3 Quidor, Gaston, Sénégalais, 1917 1 drawing : pencil on paper; 13 x 9 cm. on backing 17 x 10 cm.
Portrait of African soldier with hat.
23* 3 Goichon, [Water Carrier], 1918 1 painting : watercolor on cardboard; 37 x 25 cm.
African soldier with canteen and 2 water buckets on wooden stick over his shoulder. Seller's inventory titles: "Tirailleurs: porteur d'eau."
23* 2 Armée française : Tirailleurs sénégalais, guerre 1914-1918, Jarville-Nancy (France) : Imageries Réunies, [after 1918] 1 print : stereotype, color; 40 x 30 cm.
Two bands of four soldiers each: African soldiers with European officers, captioned as to their function: "Tambour," "Sergent," "Lieutenant Porte-Drapeau," "Clairon," "Capitaine," "Tirailleur."
23* 8 Prevot, Paul, Régiment d'infanterie coloniale du Maroc, [S.l. : s.n.], 1919 1 print: lithograph with ink handwriting and hand coloring; 45 x 29 cm.
Pre-printed certificate of commendation, made out to the soldier "Vince Alphonse." Hand-colored printed insignia on upper left corner, blanks written in with ink calligraphy. At the center, an illustration signed "Paul Prevot" of a soldier holding a standard, being crowned with a laurel wreath by a woman in Grecian robes holding a sword.
23* 4 Rousselot, L. [Lucien], Tirailleur Sénégalais (1914), [S.l. : s.n.], 1931 1 print : lithograph with hand coloring; 23 x 16 cm.
African soldier in fez and rucksack posing with rifle.
23* 7 Baschet, Marcel, [Potrait of Maréchal Lyautey], [S.l. : s.n.] : [1933] 1 photomechanical print: relief halftone, color; 27 x 19 cm.
Potrait of Maréchal Lyautey in full dress uniform.
23* 6 [Toussaint], Infanterie coloniale : caporal-clairon, musiciens; Tirailleurs sénégalais (Métropole), caporal-clairon, [S.l. : s.n.], [1935] 2 prints on cardboard: lithograph with hand coloring; 20 x 18 cm. and smaller
Illustrations of European and African troops with bugler. Seller's inventory attributes to "Toussaint."
23* 7 Infanterie coloniale, artillerie coloniale, formations annexes : caporaux, brigadiers et hommes de troupe : uniformes et équipements, Paris : Ministère de la guerre; L'uniforme officiel, 1937 1 photomechanical print: offset lithograph, color; 28 x 38 cm.
Shows variations of uniforms worn by European, Indochinese, and non-Indochinese troops. An insert shows European, African, and one Southeast Asian soldier, wearing respective uniforms. Resembles a child's cutout.
See also: Series VI: Toys and games
23* 8 13e régiment de Tirailleurs sénégalais : certificat de bonne conduite, Paris : A. Chatel, [1945] 1 print: lithograph, color; 32 x 50 cm.
Unfilled certificate of commendation framed by images: at the top, anchors, rifles, rope and a globe; at the bottom, WWII soldiers under a military French flag, West African architecture, a large tree with an enormous trunk, scenic rock pillars at the ocean with junks sailing before them, a thatched house on stilts under palm trees, and soldiers wearing historical military uniforms under a flag with white cross on red field, with gold fleurs-de-lys and gold anchors.
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Enlistment posters, 1924-1957
7** Noury, Pierre, Troupes coloniales, [S.l.] : Imprimerie nationale, 1924 1 print : lithograph, color; 114 x 74 cm. on backing 119 x 79 cm.
French troops in forest with North African and Southeast Asian architecture, and at the ocean with French flag, cannon and a steamship in the distance. Identical image to other Noury poster. Artwork dated 1923.
6** Danilo, Jeunes gens... allez aux colonies, Paris : Imp. Edia, [1925] 1 print: lithograph, color; 118 x 78 cm. on backing 123 x 80 cm.
French soldier on camelback in North African city with Arab/Berber cavalry.
7** Noury, Pierre, Troupes coloniales, [S.l.] : Imprimerie nationale, 1926 1 print : lithograph, color; 118 x 77 cm. on backing 119 x 79 cm.
French troops in forest with North African and Southeast Asian architecture, and at the ocean with French flag, cannon and a steamship in the distance. Identical image to other Noury poster: artwork dated 1923.
8** At[elier] Cob, Troupes coloniales : jeunes gens... allez aux colonies, [S.l.] : République française, Ministère de la guerre; Imp. Nationale, 1927 1 print : lithograph, color; 118 x 76 cm. on backing 122 x 80 cm.
European soldiers on horse and camelback with North African and Black African attendants; display of flags and medals with leafy branches, with an anchor at the center; two views of agriculture, one of a European on a tractor, the other of a European overseeing Southeast Asian fieldworkers.
5** Troupes d'Afrique, si vous désirez voir l'Afrique du Nord... engagez-vous dans les régiments de zouaves, tirailleurs, chasseurs d'Afrique, spahis, [S.l.] : République française, Ministère de la guerre, 1927 1 print : lithograph, color; 120 x 80 cm.
French and North African soldiers arrayed around a Moorish arch. Artist's signature illegible: seller's inventory attributes to "Ecof."
1** J.M.P., Vie naturelle, sportive, aventureuse : engage-toi dans l'armée de l'air, [S.l.] : Édition du Secrétariat de l'information, [1941] 1 print: lithograph, color; 119 x 81 cm. on backing 126 x 88 cm.
Soldier in khakis and shorts standing between two tree trunks, a cactus just behind him; in the distance a hangar, and an airplane overhead. Seller's inventory attributes to "Sogno."
5** La Croix, Veyron, Pour votre avenir et pour celui de la patrie, engagez-vous, rengagez-vous dans l'armée, [Vichy (France)?] : J. Demachy et Cie; Equipe Alain Fournier; Secrétariat de l'État à la guerre; Imp. Wallon-Vichy, [1942] 1 print: lithograph, color; 78 x 59 cm.
French flag flying over the globe.
6** Breugnot, Jeunes, si vous avez le coeur d'un matelot, et celui d'un soldat... engagez-vous, rengagez-vous dans les Troupes coloniales, [S.l.] : Ateliers d'impression SLN, [1943] 1 print : lithograph, color; 113 x 77 cm. on backing 118 x 81 cm.
European soldier in boat by palm-studded beach, his shadow on the sail that of a sailor at the navigation wheel.
4** Engagez-vous, rengagez-vous dans l'armée blindée des Troupes coloniales, [Tarascon (France)] : Centre d'instruction colonial de Tarascon (Bouches-du-Rhône), [ca. 1950] 1 print: lithograph, color; 60 x 45 cm. on backing 68 x 54 cm.
Tanks over the globe.
5** Douillet, J., Avec les Troupes coloniales vers des horizons nouveaux, Paris : E. Desfossés-Néogravure; Les Presses modernes; Pouzet et Cie, éditeurs, [1950] 1 print: lithograph, color; 59 x 40 cm.
French flag flying over jungle riverbank.
4** Bouygues, L., Réponds à l'appel de l'Union française en servant dans les Troupes coloniales, [S.l.] : Bouygues, 1957 1 print : lithograph, color; 76 x 54 cm. on backing 84 x 60 cm.
African drummers, European soldier, man on camel, tank, archer, with names of colonies printed on either side of the illustration.
For images thematically related to this subseries, see also: Military and conquest posters: Journée de l'armée de l'Afrique et des Troupes coloniales; Government and political propaganda: Waroquier, Journée organisée; Racist satire: Denay, Engagez-vous

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