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ACHAC collection, 1880-ca. 1975

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ACHAC collection
Series III. Portfolio publications and other periodical materials, 1909?-1965 23 items
This small series comprises magazines, leaflets, clippings, and other periodical materials in French, with subject matter pertaining to colonial and post-colonial Africa. Notable are the portfolios, unbound publications comprised of captioned broadsides, illustrated with large photographs and contained within a paper wrapper. These magazine-like publications concentrate on the economic development of African countries, with an educational or pedagogic slant and an intended young adult or general readership.
box folder
8 1 Au désert, [1909?] 1 clipping: 25 x 17 cm.
Cartoon containing Dubonnet advertisement, with camel and European soldier in desert.
8 2 Richa, Er., La mission Marchand en Afrique: La route Congo-Nil, no. 7, Saumur (France) : C. Charier, [n.d.] 1 leaflet: 23 x 35 cm.
The leaflet, number 7 in a series, may be a wrapper for a portfolio publication which once contained further sheets, now lost. Illustrations on the title page show scenes of road-building and soldiers fighting, with a column of porters in the background. A short narrative relates Jean-Baptiste Marchand's activity in the Nile basin, which precipitated the Fashoda crisis of 1898. Series title: La mission Marchand en Afrique.
8 3 One issue of Maduré-Madagascar, , Paris : Les Missions Maduré-Madagascar 1938
One issue of a monthly magazine, No. 16 (Jan. 1938), describing missionary activity in Madagascar and in Maduré (Madurai), South India.
8 4-7 Ten issues of La Documentation photographique, , Paris: La Documentation française, Secrétariat général du gouvernement 1949-1965
Educational portfolio publications, issued unbound, containing black and white photographic reproductions with captions. Includes charts, maps and other materials. Some sheets are missing; No. 90 (L'Afrique du Nord. II. Le Maroc) is missing its wrapper.
8 8-9 Three issues and five miscellaneous sheets of La Documentation pédagogique, , Montmorillon (France) : Coopérative pédagogique 1953-1957
Educational portfolio publications, issued unbound, containing color photographic reproductions with captions. No. 47 (Feb. 1955) concerns the Crusades, and is missing sheet 7. Many sheets and some wrappers are missing.
8 10 One issue of Pédagogie pratique : La Documentation géographique en couleurs, St. Germain-en-Laye (France) : MDI, 1955
Educational portfolio publications, issued unbound, containing color photographic reproductions. Sheets 1 and 6 missing.
8 11 [Portfolio], unidentified, [196-?]
Unidentified portfolio publication with missing wrapper, concerning economic development in Africa. Sheets numbered 1-27, of which sheet 18 is missing.

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