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ACHAC collection, 1880-ca. 1975

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ACHAC collection
Series II. Photographs, 1895-ca. 1962 353 photographs and 14 albums
Series II.A. Loose photographs, 1895-ca. 1962 353 photographs
The organization of the photographs in Series II.A. mirrors the groupings in which they arrived at the repository.
Many of the loose photographs, particularly those in Box 7, folders 12-33, have copies or photographs with related subject matter included in the photograph albums, especially the Desmarais series (boxes 16-22).
box folder
6 1 Schoeffler, G., Views of Gabon, 1910-1911 28 photographic prints : gelatin silver, 13 x 18 cm.
This incomplete grouping consists of nine unnumbered, undated photographs and nineteen dated photographs bearing the following numbers: 6, 8, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 20, 27, 31, 39, 61, 67, 69, 76, 79, 95, 100. Seller's inventory dates photographs as 1910-1912.
G. Schoeffler was a colonial administrator and photographer active in Gabon and the AEF (Afrique équatoriale française). The hand-captioned photographs show portraits of African men and women with their clothing and hair adornment, European administrators traveling through the colony in boat or tipoye (litter), military posts, landscapes, river scenes, canoeing, a fetish house, and a trick photograph of a European shooting at an outsized hippopotamus. Ethnic groups pictured: Pahouine, Barimeba, Dendi, Bapono, Bavili, Eschira.
6 2 Military Troops, 1895-1942 8 photographic prints : collodion, matte collodion, gelatin silver; 13 x 18 cm. and smaller.
Photographs show colonial troops and "tirailleur" regiments in Madagascar, Africa and France: four interracial group shots (On versos: "Cadres coloniaux et Tirailleurs, AOF/AEF, [ca.] 1900" and "Avec les sénégalais au camp Ste. Marthe à Marseille, 1940-42"); two portrait shots of European soldiers, and one of an African soldier (On verso: "Souvenir de ton filleul Philippe Latmel Margueritte"); and one shot of a European in suit on donkey-back, next to standing Africans in loincloths (On verso: "Tournée de Recrutement en Brousse 1910-1920")
6 3 People, Thiès, Senegal, [1910?] 2 photographic prints: collodion; 13 x 18 cm.
Photographs show a seated group of African villagers with a standing African man in a Homburg hat; and a group of Maures and Europeans at rest together alongside a wooden building, with camels, large cloth-covered bundles, and a cooking pot. (On verso: "Intérieur d'un traitant à Thiès. Estradier, sa femme, de portage et des Maures.")
6 4 People, Senegal - AOF, 1910-[1950?] 5 photographic prints : collodion, gelatin silver; 13 x 18 and smaller.
An African couple in a studio shot with an umbrella (On verso: "St. Louis, 1913" and "1910"), villagers by the roadside (On verso: "Sur la route, la halte"), a market scene with Africans and platforms made of thin logs (On verso: "Marché de Kalaka [?]"), a smiling man in a field of tall sorghum, and three men on shipboard.
6 5 14 July celebrations, Constantinople, 1919 3 photographic prints: collodion; 12 x 17 cm.
Anonymous photographs show Senegalese and Malagasy troops dancing before spectators, as well as a turbaned man climbing up a "mât de cocagne" (cuccagna tree or pole).
6 6 Women, Madagascar, [1930?] 1 photographic print: gelatin silver; 15 x 11 cm.
Two women standing outside grass-thatched building.
6 7 Régnard and Latil, Views of Dakar, and 1930 1936 2 photographic prints: collodion; 17 x 12 cm and smaller
View of vegetation in the "Jardin de Hann" (1930), and an aerial shot of the "Résidence de l'Administrateur [et] l'Hippodrome" (1936).
6 8 Governor Jourdain, Views of Djibouti, 1935-1938 7 photographic prints: collodion; 9 x 12 and smaller.
Photographs show ritual dancing or combat between Africans holding spears or staffs, with electrical towers and buildings in the distance; European officers and their wives before a motorcar, and seated in rows at an event; the train to Addis Ababa with station, passengers and officials; and a view of a campsite with tent, Africans and a European on horseback (On verso: "Environs de Dikkil - Campement d'administrateur en tournée").
6 9 Galandou Diouf with Senegalese soldiers, 1939 1 photographic print: collodion; 13 x 18 cm.
Galandou Diouf, representative of Senegal in the French National Assembly, is pictured with Senegalese soldiers in uniform, and two other men in civilian clothes. Photo taken 1939 Dec. 23. Mimeographed information affixed to back of photograph.
6 10 Mission, Gabon, 1940 2 photographic prints: collodion; 7 x 11 cm.
African adults and children lined up outside a mission building, posing with two missionaries (On verso: "La mission Gabon 1940 Anonyme"; and a young African man and woman holding two children with severe skin lesions (On verso: "Jeunes chrétiens Gabon 1940 Anonyme).
6 11 Africans with scarifications, [1940?] 6 photographic prints: collodion, gelatin silver; 18 x 13 cm. and smaller
Views of African women and men show a wide array of facial and body scarifications, including those of a Bété woman from Côte d'Ivoire, and another woman with a lip plug.
6 12 Wuillaume, R., African villagers, [1950?] 4 photographic prints: collodion; 6 x 9 cm.
An African woman next to a hut or pile of grain; four African men standing by a road holding hunting bows; eight villagers carrying a large bell-shaped straw roof out of a river.
6 13 Tirailleurs sénégalais (African soldiers), Morocco, 1920 3 photographic prints: collodion, gelatin silver; 9 x 7 cm. and smaller; one on backing 10 x 15 cm.
An outdoor shot of a Tirailleur; a young European woman and her daughter with dog, in the midst of Tirailleurs sénégalais; a group of Tirailleurs sénégalais and one European officer looking on as a soldier bends over to eat face-first from a large pan of food.
6 14 European soldiers with Moroccans, 1920 1 photographic print: collodion; 8 x 11 cm.
European soldiers and Moroccans stand before a barrier of piled-up sandbags. Before them is a wooden platform, a vertical panel attached on one side, with iron rings, hooks and a hanging padlock.
6 15 Europeans, "Afrique Noire", 1920 1 photographic print: collodion; 13 x 18 cm.
A group of European men stands under a grape arbor, next to a pile of corn and hanging strands of drying leaves (possibly tobacco?). The men wear military helmets, butcher's aprons, hunting garb; some smoke pipes; two are looking at a folded newspaper or booklet; one man wears a turban and Arab clothing and holds an oar. Another man poses camping in a women's dress, finger to lip, and carries a bouquet of dried plant stalks, while a man in headcloth leans smiling over his shoulder. A small boy sits on the corn pile. (On verso: "Afrique Noire 1920".)
6 16 European soldier and friends, Morocco, 1926 6 photographic prints: collodion; 8 x 11 cm. and smaller
An unidentified European soldier is shown in several group shots with other soldiers, both African and European, in uniform (with rifles) and in fatigues (On verso: "Maroc, Octobre 1926. Je suis bien mal fichu"); posing with a young African standing in a stream (On verso: "Maroc. À la corvée de lavage, le 11 Septembre 1926"); posing before cactus, a dog at his feet (On verso: "Maroc. Dans le ravin où l'on fait le tir. Fait à Fes le 8 Août 1926. R[...]" [signature illegible]); and with friends at table inside a store or office, with wine, bread and a platter of foodstuffs (possibly figs or chestnuts?).
6 17 European soldiers, Morocco, 1920-30 3 photographic prints : collodion, gelatin silver; 5 x 7 cm.
Views of European soldiers before Moroccan architecture, and of a radio operator.
6 18 European officers at ceremony before Moroccan crowd, 1920-1930 6 photographic prints: collodion, matte collodion; 9 x 12 cm. and smaller
Outdoor shots of European officers with large Moroccan crowd, seemingly documenting a medalling ceremony. Also pictured are several European women, one in a fur coat; small children; an automobile; and three young Moroccan women in white dresses. The same faces recur throughout these photographs (though the shots may represent different events or days) as well as in those of the next folder. On versos: "Campagne du Maroc 1920" and "Maroc 1920/30".
6 19 European life, Morocco, 1920-30 10 photographic prints : collodion, matte collodion; 9 x 12 cm. and smaller
Intimate views of European family and social life in Morocco, including a couple embracing in a chair (their faces are recognizable from photographs in the previous folder), the same couple posing with an infant, solo posing and social gatherings in living rooms, table scenes, and a picnic. A final photograph shows nine European men sitting and reclining in a Moroccan tent with an older Moroccan man and two young women, or possibly a woman and a boy, with whom two European men are sitting closely. (The seller's inventory gives for this lot of photographs the subject term "prostitutes"; perhaps they are referring to this photograph.) The same faces recur throughout this folder, as well as in the previous folder.
6 20 Abidjan, and 1904 1914 7 photographic prints : collodion; 4 x 4 cm. on backing 19 x 14 cm.; 11 x 15 cm.
Six photographs pasted on a single backing show July 14th festivities and games, including a military ceremony (with rifles propped into pyramids), a canoe race, a swimming race and a "mât horizontal", with contestants trying to walk across a pole suspended over water without falling (Caption: "Le 14 Juillet 1904 à Abidjan [...]"). Another photograph shows a large group shot of standing white-uniformed soldiers, with three officers and three women seated in front, next to a long thatched building, with trees and dogs in the foreground (On verso: "Cercle d'Abidjan 1914, Réception de tirailleurs revenant de France").
6 21 Madagascar, [1910?] 3 photographic prints: albumen; 10 x 15 cm. on backing 11 x 17 cm.
Posed shots of Malagasy families, and one shot of a uniformed European standing inside a filanzane, or litter, surrounded by Malagasy porters.
6 22 European soldiers with African boys, [1910?] 1 photographic print: collodion; 11 x 9 cm. on backing 18 x 13 cm.
Two soldiers or officers stand with two African boys sitting at their feet. In the background is an umbrella or tent, another tent with Europeans sitting before it, and a house with a veranda.
6 23 Carew, A. Ferdinand and anonymous, Nigeria, and [1910?] 1951 2 photographic prints : albumen, collodion; 14 x 10 cm. on backing 16 x 11 cm. and smaller.
One portrait photograph shows a European officer posing with sword, with an African holding the bridle of a saddled horse (photograph by A. Ferdinand Carew, Lagos); the other photograph shows a road with people, horses or donkeys, and what appear to be hay carts, leading across a bridge into the gate of a mud-walled fortification (On verso: "Kano (Nigeria) le 22 Octobre 1951").
6 24 Merly, Jean, Quartermaster's warehouse, Dakar, 1912 1 photographic print : gelatin silver; 12 x 17 cm. on backing 14 x 19 cm.
Uniformed Europeans pose before a building under construction; African, Moroccan and/or European workers in background. On verso, a stamp: "Jean MERLY Entrepreneur de Travaux Publics, Dakar (Sénégal)". On verso: "Dakar 14 Août 1912, Merly. Magasin Central d'habillement, campement et couchage à Dakar."
6 25 People, Algeria and Libya or Syria, and n.d. 1929 2 photographic prints : collodion; 9 x 13 cm. and smaller
Arab horseman rides rearing horse before crowd of Algerian onlookers; two men and three donkeys loaded with cabbages walk down a long straight road (On verso: "Homs, Décembre 1929, Les chous [sic] s'en vont au marché..."). Note: Cities named Homs are located in both Libya and Syria.
6 26 Dupuy et Cie, Exposition Coloniale Internationale, Paris, May 1931 10 photographic prints: collodion; 10 x 13 cm and smaller
Views of various pavilions (several with troops or visiting dignitaries in front), of lions in their viewing pen, and of a group of four Senegalese in robes standing or sitting on the ground, Exposition pavilions visible in the background, while European passersby look on (On verso: "Les Sénégalais discutent"). Photographs captioned on verso in pencil, and stamped: "Société du Petit Parisien Dupuy et Cie."
box folder
8 12 2e [Deuxième] Artillerie Coloniale, [1914-1918?] 1 photographic print : collodion; 17 x 23 cm. on backing 21 x 28 cm.
Interracial shot of 2nd Colonial Artillery regiment, with seven European soldiers, all standing, and eight African soldiers, two standing and six seated on the ground. The background is a forest, with a sign identifying the regiment attached to a tree trunk. Caption in pencil: "Afrique."
box folder
7 1 Camus, Ernest, Côte d'Ivoire, Soudan [Mali], , 1898-1916 bulk 1898-1905 25 photographic prints: collodion, matte collodion; 13 x 18 cm. and smaller
Photographs taken by or for Ernest Camus during his stay in Africa (1898-1905) as an officer in the Corps of Engineers (officier du Génie). Included are a group shot of European officers; views of their traveling (one in a hammock carried by African porters); military or engineering posts and stations; Tirailleurs sénégalais lining a city street ; work sites and crews; dock scenes with boats; ethnographic shots of African men and women; market scenes (including shots of camels); and road scenes, including one of an African walking alongside a row of huts. Includes one posed shot of Camus, taken at his desk in 1916.
See also Camus's Album photos : Soudan, Côte d'Ivoire: box 9.
box folder
31 1 Camus, Ernest, Côte d'Ivoire, Soudan [Mali], 1898-1916 2 photographic prints: collodion; 19 x 25 cm.
Continuation of Camus photographs, featuring an African woman in a village street, two stacked bowls balanced on her head, and the loading or unloading of a boat moored by a riverbank.
31 1 Anonymous conscript, Algerian War, 1958-60
Candid photographs of life in a French army contingent, taken by an anonymous conscript during the Algerian war, 1958-1960.
The dinner shots are of a "Père Cent" celebration, traditionally taking place one hundred days before a regiment was to be demobilized. The "quille" or carved wooden nine-pin (the word "quille" also refers to the day of discharge from service) may be hung or buried as part of the celebration (see Garanger, Marc, La guerre d'Algérie. [Paris]: Seuil, 1984, p. 86-93).
box folder
7 2 Group 1 (C154-163) 10 photographic prints : collodion; 9 x 13 cm. and smaller
Group shot of soldiers standing before tents; soldiers before trucks; in sleeping bags near trucks; a palm grove or oasis; soldiers in palm grove; soldiers seated in desert with firearms; group shot of shirtless soldiers; soldiers on hillside; soldiers at work piling up flat stones (possibly to create a gunning position? ); a scorpion. Roll numbers: unnumbered, 362A, 389A, 429C, 430C.
7 3 Group 2 (C144-153) 9 photographic prints : collodion; 8 x 12 cm.
Trucks in an Algerian market; trucks by a palm grove; soldiers constructing a building; soldier resting against boulders; soldiers riding a tank; soldiers reclining in the desert; overhead view of military camp; a helicopter; foot patrol in the desert. Roll numbers: 429C, 506A, 514A, 674A.
7 4 Group 3 (C134-143) 10 photographic prints : collodion; 8 x 12 cm.
An airplane over the desert; soldiers piled into a truck, whose engine is being fixed; helicopters landing in the desert; planes flying in formation, seen from a town street; parachuting; soldiers drinking in a tent; military camp; soldiers near water amidst palm trees; soldier atop a tank with gun turret and rifle mount. Roll numbers: 429C, 514A, 674A.
7 5 Group 4 (C124-133) 11 photographic prints: collodion; 8 x 12 cm.
Group shots of soldiers in swimsuits by river; soldier posing before tank with gun turret; helicopters on the ground; soldiers drinking in a tent; soldier reclining outside a tent; group shot in swimsuits by a river; posing next to a tank; soldiers in the field using a radio phone; overhead views of military camp; soldiers patrolling; helicopter taking off or landing. Roll numbers: unnumbered, 429C, 506A, 514A, 674A.
7 6 Group 5 (C114-123) 9 photographic prints : collodion; 8 x 12 cm.
Soldiers eating or cooking at table outside tents; an airplane; soldier climbing up a hillside; soldiers drinking in a tent; soldiers next to metal bins (containing water and sand?); soldiers in the back of a truck; soldier walking with plate of food while others look on; soldiers hoisting water from a well; group shot of soldiers outside tents. Roll numbers: 096A, 429C, 506A, 514A.
7 7 Group 6 (C94-103) 10 photographic prints : collodion; 8 x 12 cm.
Group shot of soldiers outside tents; group shot of soldiers under tree; soldiers squatting before barbed wire; soldiers reclining on luggage at train station (2 views); soldiers next to train; "Père Cent" dinner inside tent, with "quille", or nine-pin symbolizing demobilization, hung over the table; view of Algerian town or fortress (with marabout or shrine?); three helicopters parked on desert floor; soldiers on ground with airplane overhead. Roll numbers: 099A, 530A, 721D, 743C, 783E.
7 8 Group 7 (C104-113) 11 photographic prints : collodion; 8 x 12 cm.
Soldiers drinking inside tent (2 views); fixing a truck engine while soldiers wait; soldiers resting on wheeled water canister; soldiers seated in a circle outside shed; soldier posing outside tent; two soldiers posing in desert; group shot of soldiers outside helicopter; a hillside or ravine; parachutes descending; soldiers seated on cots inside a tent, with a pyramid-shaped pile of oblong white objects (a bunch of dates?). Roll numbers: 096A, 429C, 506A, 514A, 674A, 783E, 795E.
7 9 Group 8 [no C numbers] 7 photographic prints : collodion; 9 x 13 cm.
Soldiers and police in jeeps along city street; soldiers sitting with baggage along train tracks (during transit?); two soldiers posing in desert, armed, before low mountains; soldiers on patrol in desert; soldiers with an overturned cart; soldiers squatting behind piled-up stones (possibly a gunning position); Algerians riding donkeys. Roll numbers: unnumbered, 148B, 362A, 430C.
7 10 Group 9 [no C numbers] 5 photographic prints: collodion; 13 x 18 cm.
Views of "Père Cent" dinner inside tent, with one soldier carrying the "quille" (nine-pin signifying demobilization); outdoor group portrait with "quille" (possibly a different contingent); Algerian youths playing soccer. No roll numbers.
7 11 Dessault, L., Photo-Héliogravure Algérienne, Algiers, or or [1951] [1956] [1962] 16 photographic prints : collodion; 13 x 18 cm.
Views of employees at work in a commercial photogravure and lithography print shop in Algiers. Various points in the process are documented, including making a positive slide of an original negative; use of lithographic presses, paper trimmers and other machines; water, acid or mordant baths (including acid bath rockers); rinsing, stopping, cleaning, polishing, and inking of plates; and other activities. The employees, almost universally colonists of European descent, are joined by two indigenous Algerians. One group shot of employees before the business storefront is included. Several of the photographs have been substantially retouched, and all are stamped on verso: "L. Dessault, Photo Industrielle et Reportage, 41 rue Mogador, Alger."
Possible dates are based on evidence of a perpetual calendar, some of the photographs having been taken on 24 September (Monday) and 2 October (Tuesday) of the year in question. Date is erroneous in seller's inventory as 1958-1960.
box folder
31 2 Blain Frères, Biskra, [n.d.] 1 photographic print : matte collodion; 24 x 18 cm. on backing 28 x 20 cm.
View of a street in Biskra, Algeria, set in a palm grove, with six persons in Arab dress walking along it, some using walking sticks. The roadway is lined with waist-high walls of mud or stone; on top of one of the walls rests what appears to be a jug or canteen with a white European-style helmet posed atop it; a walking stick leans against the wall below. On the backing is printed "Blain Frères, Valence," a photographic studio in Valence, France, active by 1905.
box folder
7 12-33 Desmarais and other photographers, Senegal - AOF (Afrique occidentale française) - Congo Belge, 1929-1960
This lot, which includes some photographs labeled as "cartes postales", is made up of strongly ethnographic images of African village life, as well as documentary images of cities and of European life in Africa. For related images, refer to the Desmarais series of photograph albums: boxes 16 through 22. References have been made to specific box numbers for some though not all correspondences. Seller's inventory gives dates for this lot as 1930-1931, though duplicates in the Desmarais albums indicate that the true date span may extend up to 1960.
7 12 African women, Senegal - AOF, 1930-1931 12 photographic prints: collodion; 9 x 14 cm.
Women alone in different settings, wearing a variety of clothing, jewelry, and hairstyles. Some hold children.
7 13 African women in groups, Senegal - AOF, 1930-1931 7 photographic prints : collodion, gelatin silver; 9 x 14 cm.
Women and girls outdoors, in villages, forests or open savanna, in groups of three or more. One group stands with piled-up pottery and baskets.
7 14 African women, pair, Senegal - AOF, 1930-1931 2 photographic prints : collodion; 13 x 9 cm. and smaller
Two women in Maure-type robes from same photo shoot; one holds a baby.
7 15 African women pounding grain, Senegal - AOF, 1930-1931 7 photographic prints: collodion; 9 x 14 cm.
Women with mortars, pestles and baskets, while children stand or sit by. One photograph, showing three women pounding into the same mortar, is captioned in pencil on verso: "1. Sénégal - Préparation du Couscous. Collection 'Le Bon Marché', Dakar."
7 16 African women, scarified, Senegal - AOF, 1930-1931 2 photographic prints: collodion; 14 x 9 cm.
Two women with elaborate torso scarifications, one with jewelry and piercings; the other carries a basket on her head.
7 17 African women, tribes identified on verso, Senegal - AOF, 1930-1931 5 photographic prints: collodion, gelatin silver; 9 x 14 cm.
Women, both alone and in group shots. One woman holding a goat stands in a village complex with a man and several children. On versos: "Foulah"; "Toucouleuse"; "Peulh"; "Toucouleur à Galoya"; "22. Sénégal - Femme Mandingue. Collection 'Le Bon Marché', Dakar."
7 18 African women working, Senegal - AOF, 1930-1931 5 photographic prints: collodion, gelatin silver; 9 x 14 cm.
Women at lavish public fountain; washing clothes in the river; carding wool; cooking; and carrying a large round pot through the village.
7 19 Bridges, dams, canals, Senegal - AOF, 1929-1931 3 photographic prints : collodion, gelatin silver; 9 x 14 cm.
Views of a canal near Bamako (On verso: "Canal de Sotuba, février 1929"); a bridge near Kayes (On verso: "Pont sur le Sénégal à Mahina"); and a bridge over a deep gorge.
For related images, see Desmarais, Views of Africa, Vol. 2: box 17.
7 20 Canoes and canoeing, Senegal - AOF, 1930-1931 2 photographic prints : collodion; 9 x 14 cm.
Four people in a canoe with view of riverbank; and a woman (On verso: "Race Khasonké") standing by a canoe containing woven reed articles, while to the side a pig drinks from the river Niger.
For related images, see Desmarais, Views of Africa, vol. 5: box 20.
7 21 Dancers and festivals, Senegal - AOF - Congo Belge, 1930-1931 6 photographic prints : collodion; 9 x 14 cm. and smaller
Views of African dancers, drummers, musicians, and celebrations. On versos: "Congo Belge"; "Balafons" (a type of xylophone); "Danses Bassaris."
For images related to the balafons and to the skirted men standing in a row, see Desmarais, Views of Africa, vol. 2: box 17. For images related to the "Danses Bassaris" photograph, see Desmarais, Views of Africa, vol. 4: box 19, and Views of Africa, vol. 6: box 21. For images related to the "Congo Belge" photograph of Rwandan dancers, see Desmarais, Views of Africa, vol. 7: box 22.
7 22 Dancers, Masked, Bamako, 1929 2 photographic prints: collodion; 9 x 14 cm.
Dancers stand wearing long cloth masks lined with cowries, topped with carved wood and a plume. On verso: "Bamako, février 1929, danseurs masqués."
For related image, see Desmarais, Views of Africa, Vol. 2: box 17.
7 23 European hunters, caravans, travel, Senegal - AOF, 1930-1931 10 photographic prints : gelatin silver; 10 x 15 cm.
European hunters posing with African assistants, firearms and a variety of shot animals. Includes views of one hunter with a family of Maure nomads before a hut; a European man and woman and an African man before a caravan of pack camels, Maure camel driver visible in background; Africans and Europeans with motorcar on a wooden ferry; elephants on a hillside; and two European men, a European woman and an African boy with dog, goat and tame gazelle before the façade of the Château Faidherbe, in Richard-Toll, Senegal.
For images related to the photographs of the hunter and Maure nomads, the caravan, and Château Faidherbe, see Desmarais, Views of Africa, Vol. 1: box 16; and Views of Africa, Vol. 2: box 17.
7 24 Europeans with motorcars, Senegal - AOF, 1930-1931 5 photographic prints : collodion, gelatin silver; 9 x 14 cm. and smaller
European men (some in bathing suits), women and families pose with their cars at the beach, in gardens and amongst baobab trees.
7 25 Landscapes, monument, river scenes, Senegal - AOF, 1930-1931 3 photographic prints : collodion; 9 x 14 cm.
Views of two unidentified sites, one with pitted, tilting stone pillars of varying heights (located in Lampour), and one of a tall irregularly-shaped monolith, located on a flat stone mass dotted with sinkwells (location unknown). Also, a view of a rapids along the Niger river (On verso: "Bief sur le Niger, vu de la chaussée Terrasson"). Consult the Desmarais albums for more views of both sites.
7 26 Making palm oil, Conakry, Guinea, 1930-1931 1 photographic print : collodion; 14 x 9 cm.
Boys stand amidst jars and piles of palm nuts (On verso: "Conakry - Préparation de l'huile de palme").
7 27 Ship at port, Senegal - AOF, 1930-1931 4 photographic prints : collodion; 6 x 9 cm.
Views of a wharf with waiting Africans and Europeans, and of a ship with European women and one man standing on one of the decks. Also a view of the port as seen from the ship, out to sea. These images may relate to Official visit of André Maginot to Dakar and French Sudan: box 11. However, not all pictures may refer to the same event.
7 28 Tents and pack donkeys, Senegal - AOF, 1930-1931 3 photographic prints : gelatin silver; 14 x 9 cm. and smaller
Views of tents in a desert background, with some crates and barrels stacked by them, and of pack donkeys led by Africans. For further images, see Desmarais, Views of Africa, Vol. 2: box 17.
7 29 Views of city and shore, [Dakar?], 1930-1931 6 photographic prints : collodion; 7 x 11 cm. and smaller
Views of street, sea wall, pier, and several colonial buildings, possibly in Dakar.
7 30 Views of Dakar and European residents, 1929-1931 9 photographic prints : collodion; 9 x 14 cm. and smaller
Views of coastline, harbor (On verso: "7 Juin 1929"), and colonial buildings, with a picture of a European family taken from a cliff overlooking the ocean, and of a European man in front of a house veranda. On versos: "Dakar." For related images, see Views of Dakar: box 12.
7 31 Views of Podor, Senegal, 1930-1931 2 photographic prints : collodion; 8 x 13 cm.
Views of the riverbank with boats (On verso: "Le Sénégal à Podor"), and of a group of women and children.
7 32 Views of sea and rivers, Senegal - AOF, 1930-1931 6 photographic prints : matte collodion; 15 x 7 cm. and smaller ; two on backing 17 x 12 cm.
Photographs of coastlines and river scenes with palm trees, some showing piers, boats, colonial buildings or Europeans. One of the photograph is signed "Lapierre." Several of the other photos are printed onto blue paper.
7 33 Malinké women, Senegal - AOF, 1938-1951 2 photographic prints : collodion; 9 x 12 cm.
Malinké or Mandingo women wearing jewelry and carrying bunches of flowers (On verso: "Filles Malinkés excisées"). Photographs taken from Desmarais, Views of Africa, Vol. 5: box 20; see this album for duplicates and related images.

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