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ACHAC collection, 1880-ca. 1975

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ACHAC collection
Series VI. Toys and games, 1892-1941 16 items
This small series, made up of cut-out paper toys, paper toys with movable parts, board games and other objects, shows how colonial and conquest imagery was employed in mass-produced playthings for French children in the first half of the 20th century. A strong propagandistic function was in many cases paired with an advertising one, as some toys bear brand names for chocolate or baby food, or even for aperitifs.
Arrangement is chronological; undated materials are listed at the end.
box folder
24 7 Vieille maison mauresque à Tunis, Jarville-Nancy (France) : Imageries Réunies, [1892] 1 print : stereotype, color; 24 x 32 cm.
Cut-out toy representing a Tunisian home.
See also: Series IV: Ethnographic images.
24 7 A découper, monter, sans collage : La Guinée, [Lyon?] : Volumétrix, [ca. 1920] 1 photomechanical print: offset lithograph, color; 27 x 37 cm.
Cut-out toy representing an African village.
See also: Series IV: Ethnographic images.
24 7 Nos soldats en relief : goumiers marocains, [S.l.] : Éditions Wilieb, [1920] 1 print : lithograph, color with embossing; 26 x 21 cm.
Embossed cut-out toy shows one North African horseman and one European horseman, dressed in the caped uniform of the Moroccan Goumiers.
See also: Series IV: Military and conquest; Series IV: Ethnographic images.
24 8 R., L., Offert par Pikina, apéritifs aux vins de France, et par Amer Picon : Construction d'un ksour, [S.l.] : Stribick, Fally et Cie., [ca. 1925] 1 photomechanical print : offset lithograph, color; 37 x 37 cm.
Cut-out toy to construct a North African fortified village, bearing placards advertising the aperitif Amer Picon. Advertisement for Pikina printed on verso.
See also: Series IV: Advertisements.
24 8 Le Tipoye du Gabon : documents fournis par la Congrégation des Soeurs de l'Immaculée Conception, Castres, Tarn, Paris : Éditions E.A.F.; Impressions Rivade, 1925 1 print : lithograph, color; 29 x 40 cm.
Cut-out of nun in a "tipoye," or litter, carried by four Africans.
See also: Series IV: Missionary propaganda.
24 8 Auger, Raoul, Jeu de l'Empire français ; Course de l'Empire français, Vichy : Éditions Centre d'information et de renseignements; Paris : Imp. Delattre, 1941 1 print : lithograph, color; 32 x 50 cm.
Two-sided board game, each side with a world map showing the French colonies.
See also: Series IV: Government and political propaganda.
35** Jeu des échanges : France - colonies, [S.l.] : OPIM Breveté S.G.D.G., 1941 1 print: lithograph, color; 50 x 74 cm. on backing 58 x 82 cm.
Board game. Seller's inventory titles as "Jeu de l'Empire français."
See also: Series IV: Government and political propaganda.
box folder
24 7 Gougeon, Louis, Cacao "Barry", Toulouse; Paris : B. Sirven, [n.d.] 1 print: lithograph, color; 38 x 29 cm.
Cut-out toy showing Africans harvesting cocoa pods from a row of cocoa trees, and a woman collecting cocoa seeds in a basket.
See also: Series IV: Economic propaganda, Le Cacao des colonies françaises.
24 8 Benveniste, S.D.; Dupuich, J.A., Prise de Constantine en 1837, offert par Picon : Pikina, apéritif familial, Marseille: Le Rendement Maximum, [n.d.] 1 print: lithograph, color; 50 x 35 cm.
Cut-out toy shows French army and North African fighters during the battle for Constantine, Algeria. Insert advertising text explains how the aperitif Amer Picon helped the French win this conflict.
See also: Series IV: Advertisements.
box folder
25 13 Beuville, Les animaux à colorier de Nestlé : L'éléphant ; Le zèbre, Nescao : [Cut-out paper toy], Paris : Imp. J. Simon S.A., [n.d.] 3 items : 14 x 23 cm.
Two coloring sheets depict animals running after and consuming chocolate bars. The cut-out paper toy depicts an African sitting under a coconut tree. Verso contains informational and advertising text for Kohler and Cailler chocolate and Nescao beverage.
25 14 Exposition coloniale: [Cut-out paper toys], [S.l. : s.n]; [n.d.] 2 items : offset lithograph, color; 14 x 18 cm.
Cut-out paper toys depict the pavilions of Tunisia and the Congo at the Colonial Exposition (Paris, 1931?). Versos contains short informational and advertising text promoting cod-liver oil.
25 15 Phosphatine Falières, Chanteur bambara; Labour riz du marécage, [S.l. : s.n]; [n.d.] 2 items : offset lithograph, color; 15 x 11 cm and smaller
Paper toys with movable parts depict an African drummer, his hands beating at the drum, and an Indochinese rice paddy worker. Presented by baby and small children's food producer.
See also: Series IV: Racist satire; Series IV: Ethnographic images.
For images thematically related to this series, see also: Series IV: Economic propaganda: Bresson, Vélo-Moto; Series IV: Military and conquest: Infanterie coloniale, artillerie coloniale, formations annexes; Series IV: Missionary propaganda: Oeuvre de la Sainte Enfance.

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