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ACHAC collection, 1880-ca. 1975

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ACHAC collection
Series V. Printed ephemera, ca. 1900-ca. 1975 234 items and 5 albums
Series V.C. Other assorted printed ephemera, ca. 1950-1960 83 items
Assorted printed items, including book jackets, cards, stickers, brochures, advertisements, and menus.
box folder
25 1 [Book jackets] 3 book jackets: 20 x 49 cm. and smaller
Jackets for the following three books: Augarde, Jacques, Tabor (Éditions France-Empire); Tharaud, Jerôme and Jean, La randonnée de Samba Diouf and Marrakech ou les seigneurs de l'Atlas (Plon).
25 2 Maroc 1 brochure : 21 x 63 cm., folded 21 x 13 cm.
Tourist and recruitment brochure prepared by the Troupes du Maroc. Features photographs of Morocco's landscapes and architectural highlights, illustrations, and a map.
25 3 Bayle, Luc M. [Marie]; La vache qui rit, Les découvertes : [Buvards publicitaires] 9 items : 21 x 14 cm.
Includes nine of a series of 10 "buvards publicitaires" (advertisements printed on blotting papers) of which number 1 is missing. The explorations and campaigns of Dumont d'Urville, Jacques Cartier, Savorgnan de Brazza, Francis Garnier, Jean Charcot, Magellan, Marco Polo, René Caillé, and Bougainville are recounted, always with reference to "La vache qui rit" cheese.
25 4 [Buvards publicitaires] : Other 21 items : 16 x 26 cm. and smaller.
Assorted "buvards publicitaires" (advertisements printed on blotting papers) with images featuring Subsaharan and North Africans, often caricatured, and tropical or colonial scenes. Advertisers and products: Aspro (aspirin); Aufra, Produits Négro and Noyama (leather polish); bananas; Zoulou Powder (wash powder); Mabiscotte (rusks); Coco Oriental (beverage); Amora (mustard); Chocolats Poulain and Chocorêve (chocolate); Petit Négro (underwear); Teinture Ideale (dye); Cafés Familistère and Cafés Famy (coffee); Rhum Chauvet (rum); Vorstenlanden and Marokko (tobacco).
See Box 5, Folder 55 (Ephemera: Advertisements) for the Marokko image on a smaller-format card.
25 5 Maximaphiles Français, Cartes maximum, 1952 7 postcards : 11 x 15 cm.
Stamped and postmarked "cartes maximum" from West Africa and the Belgian Congo. In each case the stamp image matches the postcard image, as required for "cartes maximum." Sponsored by Plasmarine and Ionyl (tonics).
25 6 Premier jour d'émission: First day covers, 1952-1960 20 first day covers : 9 x 17 cm.
Stamped and postmarked "first day cover" pictorial envelopes from throughout the French colonies. Edited by the Fédération des Sociétés philatéliques françaises.
25 7 Confiserie Fausta, [Flag stickers of the world's nations] 1 sheet of stickerson paper backing : 24.5 x 28.5 cm.
One side of the sheet bears 62 stickers of flags out of a possible 68. The other bears two stickers and also features a political map of the world, ca. 1920's or 1930's.
25 8 Irriera, R. J. [Roger], [Illustrated menus] [S.l.] : Cie. de Navigation Mixte, before 1955 7 menus : lithograph, color; 21 x 33 cm.
Menus for a passenger ship feature striking renderings of North Africans "d'après dessin de R. J. Irriera." Menus dated 1954 and 1955; illustrations likely created well before that date.
For other examples of Roger Irriera's work, see posters Touggourt and Le sud algérien.
25 9 [Price list, illustrated bag] 2 items : 23 x 15 cm and smaller
One shopping bag illustrated with a poor African boy, and one price list illustrated with a North African caïd, or chieftain. Advertisers: La Tour (soap); Dulcine (salad oil); Le Caïd, Établissements P. Ombre (coffee).
25 10 Protège-cahiers [Notebook covers] 8 items : 25 x 36 cm. and smaller
These "protège-cahiers," or notebook covers, bear advertisements destined for schoolchildren and their parents; some contain caricatures of Africans. Subjects depicted include the French Empire, North Africa, Martinique, dances of the Antilles, and chocolate. Advertisers: Sadol and Produit Flambo (cleaning supplies), Au Nègre (laundry supplies), Sirop Jacquet (cough syrup), Duquesne (rum), and Edith (eau de cologne).
25 11 Reply cards 2 items : 14 x 28 cm. and smaller
Two large-format cards with separable reply cards: one advertising an intestinal medication (Carbo-Combrosmol, by Laboratoires Stelvia) and the other a military recruitment card (Engagez-vous, rengagez vous dans les Troupes coloniales).
25 12 Monsavon, Qui est-ce? Jeu Monsavon: Les bâtisseurs de l'Empire français 2 cards : 13 x 16 cm.
Cards with separable reply cards, for participating in a contest sponsored by Monsavon (skin care products). Cards represent Père Charles de Foucauld, missionary in the Sahara, and one other person.
For further images of Foucauld, see also Series I: Postcards, People - Missionaries in North Africa (Box 4, Folder 27).

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