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ACHAC collection, 1880-ca. 1975

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ACHAC collection
Series V. Printed ephemera, ca. 1900-ca. 1975 234 items and 5 albums
Series V.A. Advertising cards, badges, stickers and tickets, ca. 1900-1957 151 items
Consists primarily of collectible cards and stickers given away with products. All cards are undated; publication information has been omitted from this finding aid.
box folder
5 51 Au bon Marché, Arrivée d'une mission; Les présents 2 advertising cards : chromolithographs; 12 x 8 cm.
Cards depict the arrival of a military mission offering gifts to African warriors.
5 52 C. Beriot; Protez-Delâtre; Casiez Bourgeois; Duroyon & Ramette, [Chicory cards] 4 advertising cards : chromolithographs; 7 x 11 cm.
Depictions of a military assault on a Hova fort; a Tuareg; a Zouave; and an African woman trying to prevent the departure of her white lover.
5 53 Chocolat de Guyenne; Chocolat express Grondard; Chocolat parisien, [Chocolate cards] 3 advertising cards : chromolithographs;11 x 7 cm. and smaller
Depictions of Tirailleurs sénégalais, a zouave, and a European colonial soldier.
5 54 Épicerie parisienne H. Provost; Au Gagne-petit; Crème express Ch. Jux, [Store advertising cards] 3 advertising cards : chromolithographs; 9 x 11 cm. and smaller
Caricatures of Africans in European dress, and one view of camels in Egypt.
5 55 Société générale des cirages français; La Kabiline, [Wax & Dye cards] 2 advertising cards : chromolithographs; 11 x 7 cm. and smaller
Depictions of a "Goum arabe" (Arab war party) and of a Tunisian hat weaver.
5 56 Naja Tabac d'Orient; Marokko; Huile d'arachide, [Tobacco and peanut oil advertisements] 3 advertisements : chromolithograph, lithograph, offset lithograph, color; 16 x 7 cm.
Advertisements show an African man in fez carrying an oversize packet of cigarettes; a man in Zouave uniform smoking a cigar; and a caricatured African maid holding a bottle of peanut oil.
5 57 Journée de l'Armée d'Afrique et des Troupes coloniales; Journée nationale des tuberculeux, [Paper badges] 3 badges : chromolithographs; 7 cm. and smaller
Designed to be fastened to clothing, the badges bear portraits of African and European soldiers; one badge still has part of its tricolor ribbon attached.
5 58 Troupes coloniales, [Recruitment and military instruction cards] 6 cards : line block, lithographs, offset lithographs, some color; 15 x 10 cm. and smaller
Cards show military and exotic scenes with maps of the French African and Indochinese colonies; a recruitment card for the Troupes coloniales; and two cards from "L'école du soldat" show a stick-figure soldier performing military drill commands and positions.
5 59 Eckstein Halpaus, Dresden; Waldorf-Astoria, Das Reichsheer und seine Tradition; Deutsche Kolonien [Cigarette cards] 4 collecting cards : offset lithographs, color; 6 x 5 cm.
Cigarette cards depict actions of the Reichsheer (Imperial German Army) in the German African colonies.
5 60 Biscuits Pernot, Tirailleurs algériens en reconnaisance; Cafrerie, construction d'une hutte 2 collecting cards : chromolithographs; 12 x 9 cm.
Cards show a military scene and Africans constructing a hut.
5 61 Établissements Jacquemaire, [Blécao and Blédine collecting cards] 6 collecting cards : chromolithographs, offset lithographs, color; 7 x 11 cm. and smaller
Cards for the beverages Blécao and Blédine show cartoon-like exotic scenes, mainly of the Near East, including views of camels.
5 62 Chocolaterie d'Aiguebelle, [Chocolate cards] 12 collecting cards : chromolithographs; 10 x 14 cm.
Cards depict French military and conquest scenes; one card shows a map of the Sahara marked with the French spheres of influence. (The "Chocolaterie d'Aiguebelle" is possibly associated with the Abbaye d'Aiguebelle, a Cistercian abbey in Grignan, France.)
5 63 Chocolat Louit; Tapioca Louit, [Chocolate and tapioca cards] 3 collecting cards : chromolithographs, lithograph, color; 11 x 7 cm. and smaller
Cards depict a colony (Madagascar), a military surrender, and an 18th century Frenchman being served at table by a monkey.
5 64 Chocolat Poulain, [Chocolate cards] 8 collecting cards : chromolithographs; 11 x 7 cm. and smaller
Cards from several series depict unusual tropical plants, the military surrender of Abd-el-Kader, and a card describing Trinidad.
5 65 Chocolat Suchard, [Chocolate cards] 6 collecting cards : chromolithograph, offset lithographs, b&w, some color; 10 x 6 cm.
Cards depict people of the French colonies, with one chromolithograph card depicting Dahomey (Benin).
5 66 Chocolat Touraine, [Chocolate cards] 2 collecting cards : chromolithographs; 7 x 13 cm.
Cards commemorate Galiéni and Livingstone.
5 67 Compagnie Liebig, Insectes du Congo nuisibles à l'agriculture 6 collecting cards : offset lithographs, color; 7 x 11 cm.
Cards illustrate agricultural pests, and show scenes of African field-workers.
5 68 [Compagnie Liebig], Véritable extrait de viande Liebig [Collecting cards] 15 collecting cards : chromolithographs; 7 x 11 cm.
Cards depict scenes of various French colonies, especially Madagascar, with one card showing mouth ornaments worn by African and Eskimo women.
5 69 Produits du Lion noir, Colonies françaises 17 collecting cards : offset lithographs, color ; 9 x 14 cm.
Set of cards, each dedicated to a single French colony: the recto shows a map, people and scenes, while the verso bears a short description of the colony.
5 70 [Collecting cards] 5 collecting cards : chromolithographs; 11 x 8 cm. and smaller
Depictions of soldiers; women processing sugar cane in Martinique; a vanilla worker; and a card describing Côte d'Ivoire. No advertisers identified.
5 71 Vin de Frileuse Grand'mere Frileuse ; Papa Frileuse ; Maman Frileuse ; Mademoiselle Frileuse ; Bébé Frileuse 5 collecting cards : lithographs, color; 9 x 6 cm.
Cards depict cartoon African family members.
5 72 Vin de Frileuse, [Card game] 19 playing cards : lithographs, color; 9 x 6 cm.
Card game depicting the origins of the tonic beverage Vin de Frileuse. Seller's inventory titles as "Jeu de 7 familles."
5 73 Chocolat d'Aiguebelle; Chocolat Cémoi, Sénégal Spahi; Antilope cheval 2 stickers : 8 x 5 cm. or smaller
Stickers show a "Spahi sénégalais" and an antelope hunt.
5 74 Engagez-vous, rengagez-vous dans les Troupes coloniales; Bataillon sénégalais de Tombouctou; Centenaire des Troupes africaines, 1857-1957 4 stickers : 8 x 8 cm. and smaller
French military propaganda and enlistment stickers.
5 75 Exposition nationale coloniale, Marseille, 1922 4 stickers on one sheet : 14 x 6 cm.
Four conjoined stickers depict people of the colonies.
5 76 Rubantex, Stock service à votre service 2 stickers on one backing : 12 x 7 cm.
Stickers depict a caricatured African bellman, bearing high-heeled shoes on a tray.
5 77 Exposition coloniale internationale, Paris, 1931 3 items.
Entry tickets and pass, including one ticket to a fantasia.

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