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Mary Caroline Richards papers, 1898-2007, bulk 1942-1999

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Richards (Mary Caroline) papers
Series III. Writings, 1905-1999 14.2 Linear Feet (35 boxes)
Series III.C. Writing by others, 1905-1999, undated 7 Linear Feet (17 boxes)
Subseries III.C. includes manuscripts and typescripts sent to Richards by her colleagues, friends and parties with an academic interest in her work. Authors include Owen Barfield, John Cage, Lou Harrison, Dick Higgins, Jackson MacLow, and Charles Olson. Cage's "Indeterminacy" stories are located in this subseries. Stories 90 to 130 are handwritten with corrections and dedicated to Richards. Occasionally these manuscripts come with letters, which are filed with the manuscripts. This subseries also contains research materials used by Richards including writing by Rudolf Steiner and Karl Koenig.
Papers are organized alphabetically by author name. Assorted papers are filed at the end of the subseries.
box folder
36 1 Amelar, Richard, 1966 15 page(s)
Black Mountain College alumnus. Poetry.
box folder
131 1 Artaud, Antonin, 1923, 1938 4 items
French typescript for Le Theatre et son double. Richards translated into English, see series III.A. Also includes envelope and poems.
131 2 Bankson, Marjory Zoet, 1993 2 items
Includes advanced copy of This Is My Body: Creativity, Clay, and Change; review by Richards.
box folder
36 2 Barfield, Owen, 1968 20 page(s)
Wesleyan Press author. Untitled lecture on the unconscious.
box folder
131 3 Bender, Sue, 1998-1999 3 items
Includes letters and typescripts for "Evening Primrose;" "How It Began;" Stretching Lessons: A Journey of the Spirit.
36, 131 Berensohn, Paulus, undated 3 items
Author, potter, artist, weaver, teacher. Includes excerpt from the book Finding One's Way With Clay; unknown photocopied manuscript; poem.
box folder
131 5 Bilderback, Carolyn, circa 1992 3 items
Bound typescript for Gatherings From a Dancer's Journal; foreword; introduction by Richards; press release.
box folder
36 4-6 Blum, Fred: End of Secular Man, undated 1 item
Jungian analyst, Quaker, founder of New Era Center. A book of lectures ( 1-10 and footnotes).
Booth, Barbara, 1993
box folder
131 6 "Four Ways To Develop an Attitude of Love and Service for the Planet," typescript 2 items
Includes letter from Booth to Richards.
box folder
191 1 Color photograph 1 item
box folder
36 7 Boyd, Frank: "A Thumbnail History of New York," undated 43 page(s)
Boyd, John M., 1963, undated
box folder
36 8 Notes and a letter of recommendation 15 page(s)
36 9 Carollin 200 page(s)
36 10 Untitled story 43 page(s)
36 11 "Milling on theRace" 62 page(s)
36 12 "The Veiled Prophet" 11 page(s)
36-37 Poetry 450 page(s)
box folder
37 3 A Mirror is Believed 252 page(s)
37 4 White sheep, white sheep 235 page(s)
box folder
131 7 Brown, Miriam, 1983-1985 8 items
Includes various newsletters; poetry; essays.
Cable, Herb, 1946-1951, undated
Black Mountain College alumnus and Richards's student.
box folder
38 1-3 Notes 85 page(s)
Possibly from Black Mountain College classes. Includes Notes and reports for the class Psychology of Social Issues and notes and class materials for the class Soil and Steel, taught by Ray Trayer.
38 4 Papers written at Black Mountain College 9 page(s)
Possibly written for Richards.
38 5 Poetry 14 page(s)
38 6-7 Previously bound manuscript 550 page(s)
38 8 Bound writings 100 page(s)
box folder
39 1-2 Miscellaneous writing 250 page(s)
39 3-4 Notebooks 130 page(s)
Some notebooks have enclosures.
39 5 "Short, Short Stuff and Experiment" 30 page(s)
39 6 "Social Action" 9 items
39 7 "After We Stopped for the Wine" 15 page(s)
39 8 "How Is It That You Have To Learn To Write and No One Can Teach It" 20 page(s)
box folder
40 1 "Short Stories" 100 page(s)
40 2 Untitled novel 307 page(s)
40 3 "Winter Surf" 53 page(s)
40 4 "One Way Of Looking at What Otto Rank Says..." 10 page(s)
40 5 "Acting" 50 page(s)
40 7 "Pasture In the Springtime Silage In the Fall" 8 page(s)
40 6 Untitled story 8 page(s)
40 8 Cable correspondence (not with Richards) 40 items
40 9 Cable, letters from publishers 4 items
Includes replies to submissions addressed to various people.
40, 132 Cage, John, circa 1959-1989 7 items
Composer. "Indeterminacy," stories 90-115, 116-130, in two notebooks, pencil with corrections, with a signed note; "The Future of Music;" "Centering" a poem for Richards; preface for Lecture On The Weather.
box folder
132 2 Camphill, 1964-1997 14 items
Various writing describing the Camphill movement or similar work theory as well as writing and music from Camphill.
132 3 Charlip, Remy, 1969-1996 8 items
Includes "Notes on Differences and Meditation" published in Dance Perspectives; Ideas For Teaching the Arts to Children; several copies of "Harlequin and the Gift of Many Colors;" notes for "Harlequin and the Gift of Many Colors."
132 4-5 Connor, Julia, 1982-2005 40 items
Includes poems, some published; essays; introductions for panel discussions regarding Richards. See also Assorted C-E, box 41 folder 1.
132 6-7 Diamant, Hirsh, 1998 2 item
Diamant's dissertation "Burning in the Light: Art in Education and Human Development." Includes evaluation by Richards.
box folder
40 11 Edmunds, L. Francis: "1965: A Special Goethe Year," 1965 28 page(s)
41, 133 Forczek, Leszek, 1985, undated 2 items
Artist. Poems. Includes "The Mission of the Poem;" "Colour Comes of Age,"
box folder
133 2 Green, Jesse, undated 2 items
"Trichinae, Poems by Jesse Green" and "Diabolism, Pessimism, and Democracy: Notes on Melville and Conrad."
box folder
70* 5 Harrison, Lou, 1951 2 items
Oversize poetry and a small composition dedicated to M.C. Richards, "A Happy Birthday to M.C.R."
Haynes, Deborah, 1985-1990
box folder
133 3 Typescripts 7 items
Includes class papers; typescripts; outline for book. See also Assorted F-H, box 41 folder 5.
box folder
191 2 Color photograph 1 item
box folder
133 4 Haystack, poems, 1987-1988 86 items
Includes originals and photocopies. Also includes some poems by Richards.
133 5 Heck, Marsha, undated 1 item
"Teacher as Artist: A Metaphor Drawn From the Paradigms of M.C. Richards, Maxine Greene, and Eleanor Duckworth."
box folder
41 3 Herlihy, James Leo 19 items
41 4 Higgins, Dick, 1959 60 page(s)
Fluxus artist. Includes "Battalions;" "Comments;" "Thirty-Six Points." Many on index cards ("Battalions"). Also a letter from December 1959.
box folder
133 6 Hillman, James, 1975 13 items
Includes typescripts for lectures "Salt, Sulphur, Mercury and Lead;" photocopies of clippings "Peaks and Vales," "An Inquiry Into Image," "Anima," "The Great Mother, Her Son, Her Hero, and the Puer," "Fiction of Case History: A Round;" photocopy of interview in LA Weekly.
133 7 Hoy, Andrew, 1983-1985 46 items
Contains poems.
Kazanis, Barbara, 1977-1990
box folder
133 8-10 Typescripts 37 items
Includes presentation for conference, application for arts therapist; application for Kellogg fellowship; "The Tree Leads to Roots and Source: Mothers and Daughters;" "The Dance of Rage;" "The Gift;" "The Arts Are Basic;" "The Burning of the Witch: From the Theatre of the Soul;" "Nature as Weaver;" "A Small Jurnal About Part of a Long Journey;" "On Finding and Respecting Our Own Ways of Grieving;" "Object Arrangement: A Moment of Integrating the Ordinary."
box folder
191 3 Color slides 66 items
Slides possibly related to "The Dance of Rage".
box folder
134 1 Kokis, George, 1983-1990 3 items
Includes artist statement; "The First Principle of Art;" "Honors Presentation for M.C. Richards."
41, 134 Lane, Mervin, 1959-1987 12 items
Black Mountain College alumnus. Includes "Going to Town;" "Clustering: A Synthetic Approach to Learning;" "Smile;" "The Ancient Letters;" "The Pull-Over for a Pregnant Man" published in Connexions; poems; journal notes; letters.
box folder
134 3 Levi, William, 1955 1 item
"On Being One's Self" published in Ethics.
134 4 Lydon, Susan Gordon, 1996-1997 2 items
Includes letter from publisher; typescript for The Knitting Sutra.
box folder
42 2 MacLow, Jackson, 1955, 1959 35 page(s)
Artist, poet. Poems and letters sent. "Biblical Poems," 1955; "Two Three Four," 1959. Also four letters (two addressed to Richards, one to John Cage, one to David Tudor.
42 3 McConeghy, Howard, 1976 5 items
Art Education Chairman, University of New Mexico. Articles and manuscript. "Art Education, Art Therapy, Art," "Image and the Imaginal as a Basis for Education Through Art," "Mythos, Memoria and Imagination" and manuscripts detailing tour of schools throughout Asia and Europe.
box folder
134 5 Meriwether, James Scaife, 1989 1 item
Masters thesis "Structures of Infinite Referral: Contemporary Connections in Terms of a Post-Cartesian Model of Presence."
box folder
42 4 Mooney, Ross L., 1955-1971 25 items
Professor, Ohio State University. Includes various articles and a book of poetry, Seed for the Morrow.
box folder
134 6 Moss, Alwyn, 1985-1986 9 items
42, 134 Olson, Charles 1951, undated 2 items
Poet, Black Mountain College rector. "Ode to Nativity," paper was written at Black Mountain College; "Stocking Cap."
box folder
134 8 Powell, Mary Clare, 1992 1 item
Dissertation "Creativity and Liberation: A Study of Women Writers and Artists."
box folder
135 1-2 Roffman, Rosaly, 1981-1994 48 items
Includes essays; poems; Going to Bed Whole.
135 3 Smith, Page, 1987-1992 15 items
Includes clippings.
135-136 Steiner, Rudolf, 1905-1979 38 items
Includes photocopies of essays; lecture transcripts.
box folder
42 7 Supree, Burton, 1970-1973 100 page(s)
Dancer, choreographer. Poetry.
box folder
136 3 Tassencourt, Shirley, undated 5 items
Poems; workshop description.
136 4 Vermeersch, Brian Charles, 1979 1 item
Dissertation "Tellurian Music: The Holistic Cultivation of Learning."
136 5 Walters, Diane, undated 1 item
Essay "Creativity: A Pursuit of the Muse."
box folder
43 2 Williams, Paul and Vera, undated 2 page(s)
Architect; wife. Poetry.
Assorted and unidentified papers, 1929-1999
37, 136 A-B, 1944-1999 18 items
41, 136 C-E, 1958-1994 27 items
41, 137 F-H, 1951-1998 38 items
42, 137 J-L, 1946-1996 29 items
42, 137-138 M-R, 1929-1997 circa 57 items
Box 138, folder 1a is from ADD3.
S-V 1953-1998
43, 138 Letters 32 items
box folder
222 2 Color photographs 15 items
43, 138-139 Unidentified, 1960-1993 85 items
Prose and poetry. Includes items which have more than one contributor.
box folder
139 1-6 Resource materials 1944-1984 47 items
Some items identified by Richards as resource materials. Includes annotated copy of A Middle English Reader.

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