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Mary Caroline Richards papers, 1898-2007, bulk 1942-1999

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Richards (Mary Caroline) papers
Series I. Black Mountain College and its critical reception, 1945-1999 3.6 Linear Feet (4 boxes)
Series I contains papers from Richards's time at Black Mountain College as well as papers by Richards and others about Black Mountain College.
The series is arranged in two subseries: I.A. Period of Black Mountain College, 1945-circa 1966; I.B. Critical reception of Black Mountain College, after its closing, 1961-1999.
Series I.A. Period of Black Mountain College, 1945-circa 1966 0.83 Linear Feet (2 boxes)
Subseries I.A. includes letters, speeches and poetry written by Richards at Black Mountain College. Some poetry is critiqued in ink by Charles Olson. This series also includes Black Mountain College promotional materials, Black Mountain College-era photographs, and lecture notes, quizzes and student writing from Richards's classes.
box folder
1 1 Portraits of the Levi's and some of their neighbors, undated
Anonymous book of ink drawings, caricaturing various Black Mountain College personalities.
1 2-2a Photographs and postcards, 1945-1948 44 items
Correspondence and letters, 1946-1954
box folder
1 4 Richards's letter to Ted and Bobbie Dreier, 1948, 1951 2 items
Regarding Black Mountain College internal problems, and a draft of a letter to the faculty circa 1951, recommending that Charles Olson be invited to join the faculty.
1 6 Letter from Charles Olson to Richards, circa 1951 20 items
Includes poems by Richards annotated by Charles Olson.
1 12 Assorted correspondence, 1946-1954 3 items
One letter, Two pieces of business correspondence.
For Black Mountain College class materials, see also Herb Cable material in Series III, box 38. Mervin Lane's manuscript "Going To Town" in box 41, folder 6 contains many Black Mountain College anecdotes.
1 3 Black Mountain College promotional materials, 1951 6 items
Includes a promotional article by Richards, "Experimental College Combines Practical Work with Arts and Academics."
84, 217* Clipping and promotional materials, 1952-circa 1953, undated 3 items
Includes clipping from The Christian Science Monitor; pamphlet for Black Mountain College, Work Camp; promotional clipping from Package festival with information on Richards, Cage, Cunningham and Tudor.
box folder
1 7 Additional Black Mountain College-era Richards poetry, 1947-1951 40 items
Typed and handwritten.
1 8 Black Mountain College-era creative prose writing by Richards, undated 2 items
box folder
84 2 Poems, 1947 December 1 item
Contains one book of poems by Richards made at Black Mountain College print shop.
"The Ruse of Medusa," 1948, circa 1966
Original play, Le piège de Méduse, by Erik Satie, translation by Richards.
box folder
84 3 1948 1 item
box folder
1 9 circa 1966 1 item
Translated and performed during her time at Black Mountain College. This copy dates from the mid-sixties, and is accompanied by a letter from Renée Levine from SUNY Buffalo regarding a 1966 performance.
box folder
84 4 Knights of the Round Table, 1949 1 item
Original play by Jean Cocteau, translation by Richards.
84 5 Marriage on the Eiffel Tower, 1949 5 items
Original play by Jean Cocteau, translation by Richards. Contains three copies of the play, including original typescript, and two copies of the preface.
box folder
1 5 Richards's speech opening the summer session, 1951 1 item
1 10 Lecture notes and quizzes from Richards's classes, undated 3 items
1 11 Student writing from Richards's classes, 1945-1951 30 items
With a program booklet from a 1946 regional arts forum, listing one of Richards's student's composition. Also includes writing by Richards.
box folder
84 6 Receipt, 1952 1 item
Receipt is for Richards wages.
Series I.B. Critical reception of Black Mountain College after its closing, 1961-1999 2.7 Linear Feet (2 boxes)
Subseries I.B. features correspondence regarding projects by Richards and others to write about Black Mountain College as well as writing about Black Mountain College by Richards and others. This subseries includes ephemera, clippings and materials from different Black Mountain retrospective exhibitions and reunions.
Correspondence and letters, 1961-1999
box folder
2 1 Inquiries about Black Mountain College, 1962-1967 16 items
Includes one response from Richards.
2 2 Richards's letter to the Ford Foundation, 1961 2 items
Proposing a book about Black Mountain College. With a draft of the same letter.
2 3 Letters from Richards to John Rice, the Albers, and the Dreiers, 1961 5 items
Explaining her Black Mountain College book project. With replies from Ted Dreier and Anni Albers.
2 4 Letters from John Rice, Ted Dreier, 1963-1978 5 items
Discussing Black Mountain College and Richards's book project, along with personal news from Dreier.
2 5 Correspondence with Richard Jackson, 1963-1966 8 items
Jackson was a potential collaborator on the proposed Black Mountain College book.
2 6 Correspondence with H.M. Jones, 1964 3 items
Jones was a North Carolina state archivist; with printed matter from the NC Department of Archives and History.
2 7 Correspondence with W. Howard Adams, 1966 5 items
Including a twelve-page letter from Richards and two drafts of the same, with much discussion of Black Mountain College history.
2 8 Correspondence with Michael Weaver, 1966-1968, 10 items
Letters regarding Black Mountain College.
2 10 Richards's letters, notes and application to the Guggenheim Foundation, 1963 5 items
For a 1963 project, "Prophetic impulses in education," which was to have included a study of Black Mountain College.
2 11 Letters, printed matter, and a transcription of a interview with Richards, 1970-1972 4 items
Interview for "Visual arts at Black Mountain College 1933-1956, a research project."
2 12 Correspondence regarding Black Mountain College, 1969-1987 9 items
Includes a 1982 letter from Richards to Whitney Jones giving current addresses for Black Mountain College colleagues. Also a proposal and script from Mary Foster from the University of North Carolina Center for Public Television, for a program about Black Mountain College.
2 15 Correspondence regarding Black Mountain college exhibitions, 1966, 1978 5 items
1966 Black Mountain exhibition (Tennessee State University) and a 1978 Black Mountain College retrospective (Warren Wilson College). One letter includes a 1978 clipping about the Gate Hill community (Stony Point, N.Y.), founded by several former Black Mountain College faculty, including Richards.
box folder
84 7 Various correspondence, 1995-1999 5 items
Richards's writings on Black Mountain College, 1977-1992
box folder
2 9 Richards's notes, undated 30 items
Including a chapter outline for her Black Mountain College book and notes on conversations with John Rice and Charles Olson.
box folder
84 8 "Black Mountain College: A golden seed," 1977 3 items
Originally published in Craft Horizons.
84 9 "Black Mountain College: A personal view of creativity," 1992 9 items
Includes several copies of the manuscript. Some manuscripts are titled "Black Mountain College: A personal experience of creativity."
84 10 Writings by others on Black Mountain College, 1992-1993 2 items
"MC Richards at Black Mountain College" excerpt from book, Black Mountain College Exploration in Community by Martin Duberman. Paper by Eva Schlein-Jungermann "Black Mountain College: A Remembrance."
box folder
2 13 Lists of artists associated with Black Mountain College, undated 2 items
Exhibitions, 1978-1992
Black Mountain College Retrospective, Warren Wilson College, 1978
See also Box 2, Folder 16.
box folder
84 11 Brochure 1 item
box folder
216* 1 Posters 3 items
Contains exhibition posters and program calendar.
box folder
184 1 Color slides 28 items
Black Mountain College Retrospective, Asheville Art Museum, 1978
See also Box 2, Folder 16.
218*, 73* Posters 4 item
box folder
184 2 Color slides 8 items
box folder
84 12 The Arts at Black Mountain College, Edith C. Blum Institute, Bard College, 1987 8 items
Contains exhibition announcement; exhibition brochure; exhibition checklist; invitation to opening; loan from agreement; letters to Richards from the director. See also Box 2, Folder 16.
84 13 The Arts at Black Mountain College, North Carolina Museum of Art, 1987 1 item
The Black Mountain Connection, Tampa Museum of Art, 1992
box folder
84 14 Papers 16 items
Includes press release; black-and-white photograph; correspondence; list of Richards's works; Tampa Museum newsletter; opening invitations; loan agreement forms.
box folder
184 3 Color photographs 19 items
box folder
2 16 Printed matter from Black Mountain College retrospectives, 1978-1987 10 items
box folder
84 15 Gate Hill Cooperative papers, 1997 2 items
Contains letter and draft copy of Declaration of Covenants & Restrictions.
Reunion papers, 1991-1995
box folder
84 16 Papers and correspondence, 1991-1995 42 items
box folder
2 14 Address lists, 1973 4 items
box folder
84 17 Photographs, 1992 9 items
84 18 Ephemera, 1989-1998 9 items
Includes announcements; brochures; promotional materials; two copies of Landkidzink!.
2, 84 Clippings, 1977-1992 16 items
Some items are related to Black Mountain College retrospectives, with two focusing on Richards.
box folder
84 20 Notes, undated 3 items

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