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Portraits of Peruvians, circa 1855-circa 1939

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Title: Portraits of Peruvians
Dates: circa 1855-circa 1939
Number: 96.R.85
Extent: 396 items (glass negatives, film negatives, photographic prints)
Abstract: A collection of negatives for formal studio portraits, mainly of middle- and upper-class Limeños, taken in Peru.
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Language: Collection material is in Spanish; Castilian
Repository: The Getty Research Institute
Special Collections
1200 Getty Center Drive, Suite 1100
Los Angeles 90049-1688
(310) 440-7390
Author: Beth Ann Guynn

Biographical/Historical note

A collection of glass negatives by various makers, compiled by an unidentified collector.

Scope and Content of Collection

The collection comprises of formal studio portraits, mainly of middle and upper class Limeños. Formats include wet collodion, gelatin silver, and black & white glass negatives; duplicate gelatin silver film negatives; and gelatin silver prints. Among the 116 glass plate negatives the following photography studios can be identified: Barraza (1); Rafael Castillo (27); Correa (3); Courret Hermanos (2); La Torre (1); Ugarte (21). Included are individual and family portraits; portraits of babies, children, and young boys in military uniform; young women; young men; married couples; children in carnival costumes; and soldiers and officers. The portraits depict people of various races and ethnicities including Black Peruvians and Chinese immigrants.

Sixty-one images taken between the 1860s and the 1920s are from unidentified studios. This group also includes several occupational portraits of rabanas (female camp followers), nuns, mercachifles (street vendors), musicians, and mendicants. There are also views of Lima and environs (the Plaza de Armas; the fashionable neighborhood of Rimac; the port of Callao). Street scenes and public gatherings include a procession of the Señor de los Milagros, and a military procession.

The collection also contains 46 modern prints made from glass plate negatives not in the collection, and two made from plates in the collection. The sitters in these images are unidentified; the types of sitters represented are similar to those mentioned above.


Arranged in two series: ; .
Series I. Glass negatives
Series II. Prints from negatives not in the collection



Open for use by qualified researchers. Boxes 1, 2, and 5 are restricted. Box 4 contains use copies.

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Indexing Terms

Subjects - Topics

Indigenous peoples -- Peru -- Portraits
Occupations -- Peru
Processions, Religious -- Peru -- Lima
Streets -- Peru -- Lima

Subjects - Places

Peru -- Portraiture
Peru -- Social life and customs

Genres and Forms of Material

Gelatin dry plate negatives -- Peru -- 20th century
Gelatin silver prints -- Peru -- 20th century
Studio portraits -- Peru -- 19th century
Studio portraits -- Peru -- 20th century
Wet collodion negatives -- Peru -- 19th century


Barraza, Alberto
Castillo, Rafael, active 1867-1898
Courret Hermanos
La Torre
Ugarte, Luis S.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Portraits of Peruvians, circa 1855-circa 1939, Getty Research Institute, Research Library, Accession no. 96.R.85.

Acquisition Information

Acquired in 1996.

Processing History

Processed by Beth Ann Guynn and Lynn Tapia in 1996. Cataloged by Guynn; finding aid encoded by Holly Larson with grant funding from the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR).

Container List

Series I. Glass negatives, 1858-1940 1.6 Linear Feet (4 boxes)
Titles are from the original Spanish inventory that accompanied the collection; some titles may include language now considered to be racist or biased.
Arranged alphabetically by photographer.
By photographer
1 96.R.85-1 Barranza, Alberto: Reunión familiar. Fiesta de cumpleaños, 1930s
Family party, birthday celebration.
96.R.85-2 - 96.R.85-28 Castillo, Rafael, 1860-1889 27 items
1 96.R.85-2 Tapada limeña de sayo y manto, 1860
Negative number: 2114.
1 96.R.85-3 Señoras Garroza, 1870
Women of the Garroza famlily, standing.
1 96.R.85-4 Una dama de pie y caballero sentado, 1876
Standing woman and seated gentleman.
1 96.R.85-5 Un niño de pie, 1877
Negative number: 30117.
1 96.R.85-6 Un niño chico, sentado en una silla colonial, 1877
Baby boy seated on a colonial chair.
1 96.R.85-7 Sra. de Baquijano, con sombrero capota y sombrilla, 1877
Mrs. de Baquijano with a bonnet and an umbrella.
1 96.R.85-8 Una niñita con sombrero, 1877
Little girl wearing a hat.
1 96.R.85-9 Niña de pie, mano en la mejilla, 1877
Girl standing, with her hand on her cheek. Negative number: 30117.
1 96.R.85-10 Señora O. Pelegrini, 1878
Negative number: 23093
1 96.R.85-11 Un ciudadano, 1878
Townsman standing, full-figure. Negative number: 16110.
1 96.R.85-12 Ciudadano negro de apellido Elias, 1878
Black townsman with the surname of Elias. Negative number: 18995.
1 96.R.85-13 Niño sobre un simulado barco velero, 1878
Boy on a studio prop sailboat. Negative number: 34917.
1 96.R.85-14 Teniente Coronel Oficial Juan P. Ayllón, 1879
The Chilean War. Battle of Arica. Negative number: 31166.
1 96.R.85-15 Sra. Petronila Vega de Antay, 1879
Wearing a mantle, leaning on balustrade.
1 96.R.85-16 El Mercachifle, 1880
The Peddler. Man and boy, both standing, full-figure. Negative number: 24217.
1 96.R.85-17 Oliver, 1880
Bust portrait of a boy. Negative number: 7.
1 96.R.85-18 Grimaneza Gonzales, 1880
1 96.R.85-19 Una negrita (busto), 1880
Bust of a Black woman. Negative number: 35003.
1 96.R.85-20 Cuidadano chino con sombrero, 1880
Chinese Peruvian wearing a hat. Negative number: 30129.
1 96.R.85-21 Sr. Juan Sardi, 1881
1 96.R.85-22 Un hombre con un perro raro, 1882
Man with a large dog.
1 96.R.85-23 Sra. M. Reid o M. Reit, 1883
Negative number: 38005.
1 96.R.85-24 Victor Montero, 1883
Negative number: 37141.
1 96.R.85-25 Un ciudadano Masón con banda y mandil, 1880
Portrait of a Mason wearing Masonic sash and apron. Negative number: 33522.
1 96.R.85-26 Matrimonio de cuidadanos chino con una chola perunana, e hijo, 1880
1 96.R.85-27 Ciudadano chino con su hija zambita, 1880
Negative number: 80840.
1 96.R.85-28 Pareja de ciudadanos chinos, 1889
96.R.85-29 - 96.R.85-31 Correa, 1900-1929 3 items
1 96.R.85-29 Una dama limeña, 1920-1929
1 96.R.85-30 Un limeño con tarro, 1900
1 96.R.85-31 Cuatro limeñas con sombreros, acompanadas de un caballero, 1900
96.R.85-32 - 96.R.85-33 Courret Hermanos, 1887 2 items
1 96.R.85-32 Soldado Pacifico Castro, 1880
Negative number: 77229.
1 96.R.85-33 Salomon Marquez, 1887
With his family. Negative number: 80336.
1 96.R.85-34 La Torre, Señora con su hijo en caballito de juguete y su empleada con trenzas, 1920-1929
1 96.R.85-35 - 96.R.85-55 Ugarte, 1880-1939 21 items
1 96.R.85-35 J. Bernales, undated
1 96.R.85-36 Alison, undated
Negative number: 1148.
1 96.R.85-37 Dos niños uniformados de militares, undated
1 96.R.85-38 Juan Guillén, undated
Negative number: 904.
1 96.R.85-39 Un niño montado en su caballo de juguete, undated
Negative number: 1426.
1 96.R.85-40 Una dama acompañada de su perro y su gato, undated
1 96.R.85-41 Alcorta, Sr y Sra., undated
Negative number: 1451.
1 96.R.85-42 Alcorta, Sr y Sra., undated
Negative number: 1452.
1 96.R.85-43 Un hermosa dama morena, undated
Negative number: 12705.
1 96.R.85-44 Un niñito parado en una silla, undated
Negative number: 2223.
1 96.R.85-45 Paquita Benavides, undated
With an unidentified woman. Negative number: 148.
1 96.R.85-46 Militar, un oficial con su hermano, con tongo, 1880
1 96.R.85-47 Un elagantón, 1900
Negative number: 1474.
1 96.R.85-48 Un niño disfrazado de actor de teatro, 1920-1929
Negative number: 2132.
1 96.R.85-49 Un niño disfrazado de Pierrot, Carnaval, 1930
1 96.R.85-50 Hermanas Silva Patrón, undated
Four sisters.
1 96.R.85-51 Otto Reheder, undated
Negative number: 1605A.
1 96.R.85-52 Caballero con tongo, lo acompaña un niño, undated
1 96.R.85-53 Carnaval, niño desfrazado con su caballito de juguete, undated
1 96.R.85-54 Niña con sombrero y con su aro de jugete, undated
1 96.R.85-55 Niña pequeña con sombrero, sentado en un velocipedo, undated
1-2 96.R.85-56 - 96.R.85-116 Photographer unknown 61 items
1 96.R.85-56 Dama con sombrero, 1890
1 96.R.85-57 Personaje artista (?) con sombrilla y jaula, undated
Negative number: 2115.
1 96.R.85-58 Sra. Peschiera, undated
1 96.R.85-59 Miraflores. Concentración de publico, 1920
1 96.R.85-60 Procesion del Señor de los Milagros, Calle Cueva, Iglesia de la Encarnación, undated
1 96.R.85-61 Georgina Valderrama, undated
Portrait taken on her patio.
1 96.R.85-62 Hermosa dama con sombrero, undated
2 96.R.85-63 Senorita L. Rodriguez Dulanto, undated
Negative number: 1197.
2 96.R.85-64 Senoritas L. Rodriguez Dulanto, undated
The L. Rodriguez Dulanto girls dressed as Japanese women and reclining on cushions.
2 96.R.85-65 Plaza de Armas y Palacio Gobierno de Lima, epoca de la remodelación, undated
2 96.R.85-66 El Negro Tizanero, 1860
2 96.R.85-67 Una dama limeña, bonita y elegante, 1872
2 96.R.85-68 Zamba con mantilla, 1872
Negative number: 24195.
2 96.R.85-69 Una monja, sentada. Sobre la mesa, un crucifijo, 1878
2 96.R.85-70 Eleuterio Sandoval, 1879
With another sergeant and a camp follower taken at the time of the Pacific War.
2 96.R.85-71 Señora Beatriz de Echenique y hija, 1880
2 96.R.85-72 Emilio Munoz. (Chalán), 1880
Negative number: 73814.
2 96.R.85-73 Sargento Carlos A. Cavero, 1880
At time of the Pacific War. Negative number: 401.
2 96.R.85-74 Puente de Piedra, 1885
View on the bridge.
2 96.R.85-75 La chola frutera, 1889
2 96.R.85-76 El Mercachifle, 1890-1899
2 96.R.85-77 Rimac, Plaza de Acho (hermosa corrida), 1900
2 96.R.85-78 Niña con sombrero de capota, 1900
Negative number: 1386.
2 96.R.85-79 Grupo de limeñas en una calle central, 1900
2 96.R.85-80 Barranco, ocal de baños, 1906
Public baths.
2 96.R.85-81 Desfile militar por las calles de Lima, 1907
2 96.R.85-82 Esquina del Portal de Botoneros y la Plaza de Armas de Lima, 1908
2 96.R.85-83 Calle Comesebo, 1908
Now called Tacna Avenue.
2 96.R.85-84 Un grupo de tres mujeres en el interior de una casa pobre, 1920-1929
2 96.R.85-85 Pareja de mendigos en las cercanías del Molino de Santa Clara, 1920-1929
2 96.R.85-86 Callao, muelle desembarque, 1920-1929
2 96.R.85-87 Conjunto de musica vernacular (arpas), 1920-1929
2 96.R.85-88 Una dama con vestido largo y sombrero, 1930-1939
2 96.R.85-89 Señora con ocho niños disfrazados, Carnaval, undated
2 96.R.85-90 Señora y niños disfrazados tomando el te, undated
2 96.R.85-91 Niño Alberto, 1924
2 96.R.85-92 Margarita Lopez Aliaga, undated
2 96.R.85-93 Niña López Aliaga, con sombrero, undated
2 96.R.85-94 Sr. Hernández y familia, undated
2 96.R.85-95 Carmela Gómez Carrillo, undated
2 96.R.85-96 Carmela Gómez Carrillo, undated
Wearing mantilla.
2 96.R.85-97 Matrimoni (Bernales), undated
2 96.R.85-98 Niños Bernales, undated
2 96.R.85-99 Niño Bernales, undated
2 96.R.85-100 Señora Freundt, undated
2 96.R.85-101 Hacendado: Sr. de Obregoso, undated
2 96.R.85-102 Hacendado: Sr. de Obregoso, undated
Full-length portrait.
2 96.R.85-103 Niña pequeña, undated
Wearing coat.
2 96.R.85-104 Niña pequeño, undated
In sailor suit.
2 96.R.85-105 Niño Schettini, undated
2 96.R.85-106 El Niño Schettini, con aro de juguete, undated
2 96.R.85-107 Señora Teresa K de Cavallie, undated
Three-quarter-length portrait.
2 96.R.85-108 Señora Teresa K de Cavallie, undated
Bust portrait.
2 96.R.85-109 Señora Teresa K de Cavallie, undated
Bust portrait; wearing feathered hat.
2 96.R.85-110 Señora Teresa K de Cavallie, undated
Standing; wearing walking outfit.
2 96.R.85-111 Señora Teresa K de Cavallie, undated
Standing; wearing walking outfit and with parasol tucked under arm.
2 96.R.85-112 Señora Teresa K de Cavallie, undated
Standing in front of a screen.
2 96.R.85-113 Diez personas, undated
Group of theater players.
2 96.R.85-114 Dama sentada, undated
2 96.R.85-115 Dos niños y una niña simulando navegar en un bote, undated
2 96.R.85-116 Un niña y dos niños, undated
4 Photographic prints made from glass negatives in boxes 1 and 2 116 items
5 4x5 copy negatives made from glass negatives in boxes 1 and 2 116 items
Series II. Prints from negatives not in the collection, circa 1860-circa 1900 0.4 Linear Feet (1 box)
Modern prints from 19th century glass plates.
Titles devised by cataloger.
No discernable order; arranged by cataloger.
3 96.R.85-117 [Couple Wearing Dance Costumes], undated
3 96.R.85-118 [Woman with Limb Deficiency] undated
3 96.R.85-119 [Man Seated with Woman with Limb Deficiencies in His Lap], undated
3 96.R.85-120 [Couple Standing by a Pedestal, Displaying a Photograph Album], undated
3 96.R.85-121 [Couple; Woman Standing, Man Seated], undated
3 96.R.85-122 [Seated Woman with Young Child Leaning against Her], undated
3 96.R.85-123 [Family Portrait], undated
Older man and two children flanked by a couple; a maid wearing braids crouches to one side.
3 96.R.85-124 [Woman in Profile, Leaning against a Full-length Mirror], undated
3 96.R.85-125 [Three-quarter-length Portrait of a Woman], undated
3 96.R.85-126 [Ballerina], undated
3 96.R.85-127 [Young Black Man in Military Uniform], undated
3 96.R.85-128 [Black Boy Standing by a Rock], undated
3 96.R.85-129 [Seated Black Woman Wearing a Shawl over Her Head and Shoulders], undated
3 96.R.85-130 [Black Woman Standing by Table], undated
3 96.R.85-131 [Black Woman Standing with Elbow Resting on Back of Chair], undated
3 96.R.85-132 [Small Black Boy Standing with Arm Resting on Back of Chair], undated
3 96.R.85-133 [Young Black Man Seated on a Chair], undated
3 96.R.85-134 [Boy Dressed as Sailor, Standing next to a Rock], undated
3 96.R.85-135 [Small Boy in Embroidered Suit Standing on a Chair], undated
3 96.R.85-136 [Woman Wearing Shawl Holding a Baby Girl on a Chair], undated
3 96.R.85-137 [Tapada Holding a Young Girl on her Lap], undated
3 96.R.85-138 [Woman Standing with her Arm Resting on a Man's Shoulder], undated
3 96.R.85-139 Castillo, Matrimonio de cuidadanos chino con una chola perunana, e hijo, 1880
This photo is from negative 96.R.85-26 (Box 1).
3 96.R.85-140 [Full-length Portrait of a Chinese Man in Western Dress], undated
3 96.R.85-141 [Young Chinese Man in Chinese Dress, Seated and Holding a Fan], undated
3 96.R.85-142 [Chinese Family in Western Dress], undated
3 96.R.85-143 [Young Chinese Man in Chinese Dress Seated with His Legs Apart], undated
3 96.R.85-144 [Young Chinese Man in Western Suit, Seated], undated
3 96.R.85-145 [Young Man in a Suit with a Scarf Knotted over his Shoulders], undated
3 96.R.85-146 [Amazonian Man in Feathered Skirt and Hat], undated
3 96.R.85-147 [Seated Gentleman Flanked by Two Standing Men in Military Uniform], undated
3 96.R.85-148 [Four Gentlemen Grouped around a Square Pillar], undated
3 96.R.85-149 [Man in Military Frock Coat Leaning against an Urn], undated
3 96.R.85-150 [Man in Military Uniform Leaning against a Square Pillar], undated
3 96.R.85-151 [Standing Man in Military Uniform and Holding a Saber], undated
3 96.R.85-152 [Bearded Military Man Seated on a Rock and Holding a Saber], undated
3 96.R.85-153 Man standing in military uniform, hand hooked into waistband, undated
3 96.R.85-154 [Two Men: One Leaning against and One Seated on a Rock], undated
3 96.R.85-155 [Man Standing in Military Uniform Holding a Cap in One Hand and a Saber in the Other], undated
3 96.R.85-156 [Man in Military Uniform and Wearing a Cap with a Cockade], undated
3 96.R.85-157 [Man Standing by a Table and Holding a Bottle and a Glass], undated
3 96.R.85-158 [Full-length Portrait of a Heavily Bearded Man], undated
3 96.R.85-159 Castillo, Un ciudadano Masón con banda y mandil, 1880
Negative number: 33522. This photo is from negative 96.R.85-25 (Box 1).
3 96.R.85-160 [Three Children in a Studio-prop Boat], undated
3 96.R.85-161 [Mother, Baby, and Child in a Studio-prop Boat], undated
3 96.R.85-162 [Two Girls in a Studio-prop Boat], undated
3 96.R.85-163 [Man with Mutton Chop Whiskers Reclining in a Studio-prop Boat], undated
3 96.R.85-164 [Couple Standing with Their Arms Linked], undated