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Pierre de Gigord Collection of Photographs of the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Turkey, 1850-1958 (bulk 1853-1930)

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Gigord (Pierre de) Collection of Photographs of the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Turkey
Series X. Documentation, 1850-1955, undated 4.8 Linear Feet (6 boxes)
The series comprises published materials and ephemera relating to photography during the Ottoman Empire. Included are a few photographically illustrated books (including photogravures), technical brochures written for or by Ottoman photographers, and small collection of photographic ephmera related to photography supplies and suppliers or to individual professional photographers.
Arranged by lot number: D1-98 and D9bis.
139 Lot D1 Osman Hamdi Bey, Marie de Launay, Les costumes populaires de la Turquie en 1873. Ouvrage publié sous le patronage de la Commission impériale ottomane pour l'Exposition universelle de Vienne, 1873
Osman Hamdi Bey, Marie de Launay, Les costumes populaires de la Turquie en 1873. Ouvrage publié sous le patronage de la Commission impériale ottomane pour l'Exposition universelle de Vienne,

319 pages; contains 62 collotypes after photographs by Pascal Sébah. Eleven of the images are published in: From Sébah & Joaillier to Foto Sabah, p. 184-196.
140* Lot D2 Souvenirs de Constantinople, 1850 or 1855
Trieste: Section littéraire - artistique du Lloyd autrichien. Album with green cloth cover containing seven engravings after Jean Brindesi drawings [?] and 22 engravings after James Robertson photographs (includes two copies of "Dolma Bagdschel"; item 23 is matted separately. Engravers include: C. Bertrand; N. Dietz; Goldberg; C. Steinicken; A. Fesca; K. Gunkel; I. Richter; and P. Ahrens.
140* Lot D3 After James Robertson, Views of Constantinople, undated
140* D3_001 Ansicht de Moschee "Heil Sophia" und der des Sultan Ahmet in Konstantinopel
140* D3_002 Ansicht des Artillerie Arsenals der Tophana in Konstantinopel
140* D3_003 Ansicht eines Brunnens in Konstantinopel
140* D3_004 Das Tor des neuen Palastes am Bosporus, Konstantinopel
140* Lot D4 Dette publique ottomane, Constantinople 1908, 1908
Paris: P. G. Évrard. Paperback booklet containing 24 photogravures.
140* Lot D5 Robert College, Roumélie-Hissar near Constantinople, 1912
Paris: Levallois. String-bound paperback booklet containing 24 photogravures after photographs by J. David.
141 Lot D6 Weinberg, J., Pera Palace Hotel, 1930
Black leather post-bound album containing twelve sepia toned gelatin silver photographs. Album 31 x 40 cm; photographs 17.4 x 21.2 cm. Album title debossed and highlighted with white ink on front cover. Also on cover: WC Wagons-Lits//Cook; and: Istanbul-Turquie. Photograph titles from letterpress captions in French and English on mounts, also with: Pera Palace Hotel / Istanbul-Turquie.
141 D6_01 Façade extérior / Outside View
141 D6_02 Hall d'entrée / Entrance Hall
141 D6_03 Restaurant / Restaurant
Mount has been cut out of album.
141 D6_04 Salon de musique / Music Room
141 D6_05 Bar Americain / American Bar
141 D6_06 Salon de lecture / Reading Room
141 D6_07 Chamber à coucher à 2 lits / Double Room
141 D6_08 Vue de nuit de la mosquée Sultan Ahmed / View at night of the Sultan Ahmed Mosque
141 D6_09 Salon privé d'un appartement / Private Sitting Room
141 D6_10 Salon de bain privé / Private Bath Room
141 D6_11 Chamber Chamber à coucher à un lit / Single Bed Room
141 D6_12 Vue du pont de Galata et de la Corne d'or / View of Galata Bridge and the Golden Horn
box folder
141A 1 Lot D7 Murphy, Arthur [attributed], Reminiscences of an Eastern Tour, 1869, 1870
Privately and anonymously printed book. Blue cloth cover with gilt title on upper (front) cover; 61 numbered pages plus 31 albumen photographs by [or copy prints of?] Francis Bedford. Label pasted on front paste-down: Ex libris / Henry Blackmer. Typed sheet tipped-in before flyleaf hazards that the author is Arthur Murphy, master of Morgan's School, Castelerock.
142-142A Lot D8 Ottoman photography tracts, 1887-1928, undated
This lot consists of 28 tracts and pamphlets printed in Ottoman Turkish. The entries consist of author, title, publication date (Gregorian and Hijri dates, or possibly Gregorian and Rumi dates?; if Rumi date then the Gregorian dates are later by two years), number of pages, and notes on binding. Other publication information, such as publisher, has not been included unless present on item in Latin script. Thanks are due to Zeynep Türkyilmaz for her help in transliterating the Ottoman script.
Also included are a two loose sheets from unidentified publications.
(The subseries was misidentified earlier as D9, hence the numbers from that lot that appear on pieces. Ex: Divers 9.1)
142 D8.01 M. Abdullah, I. Buski, Tercûman-i hakitat gazetesi ser mürettibi, 1893 or 1894
One hundred twenty page pamphlet bound in blue cloth boards. Hijri date: 1311.
142 D8.02 Ibn-i Cema, Ahmet Tevfi, Teshil-i fotoğrafya, 1907
Forty-eight page pamphlet bound in black cloth boards. Hijri date: 1325. Guillem. Katelogu.
142 D8.03 Carl Zeiss, Jena, Askeri modellar [Catalogue?], 1909
Pamphlet with 23 numbered pages; one four-page insert; one small tear-out page; one large fold-out page; red paper binding (lined in cloth?), printed in white. Hijri date: 1327.
142 D8.04 Ahmet Tevfik, Amel-i ve nazari rehberi fotoğrafya, 1899
Red cloth binding, embossed in gold; 216 pages. Hijri date: 1317.
142 D8.05 Kodak catalogue, undated
Paperback (white with reddish-brown print); 38 pages.
142 D8.06 Selarik-Bonmarşesi, Fotoğrafçılık rehberi, 1914
Brown paper boards with black printing; 126 pages. Hijri date: 1333. Sticker on last page: Ernemann Cameras, Heinrich Ernemann A.G. Dresden. With two inserts: a photograph of a seated, uniformed man, and a printed form with handwriting.
142 D8.07 M. Abdullah, Bedai-i fünun hadisat-ı ziyaî yahud fotoğrafya, 1893 or 1894
Lacking cover; 120 pages with text block edges badly burned. Duplicates: D8.07 (1st printing) = D8.21 (2nd printing). Hijri date: 1311.
142 D8.08 Süleyman Süreyya, Gevaert, Goerz, Catalog and photography manual, undated
Twenty-seven page paper pamphlet, stapled; map on front bears stamps, shows Istanbul store location.
142 D8.09 Süleyman Süreyya, Fotoğrafya muste'amil bil'umul alemiyata havidir, 1922 or 1923
Paperback with black printing; 146 pages, no illustrations; photographic jargon printed in French. From the series M. Onni. Hijri date: 1341.
142 D8.10 Sadullah Izzet,Fotoğrafya'nın tatbikot-ı sanaiyesi, 4 ders, undated
Stapled paper pamphlets in four parts (four separate lessons): chap. 1 (15 p.), 2 (15 p.), 3 (16 p.), 4 (16 p.). Ill., diagrams; photographic jargon printed in French. With mismatched cover: orange cloth boards embossed in gold.
142 D8.11 A. Nezih, Amel-i fotoğrafya-fotoğrafçılık, 1913
Blue cloth boards; 52 pages. Illustrations, diagrams, photographic jargon printed in French. (Librairie Djemiet). Hijri date: 1331.
142 D8.12 Fotoğrafçılık ve sinema, Çinkoğrafya alat ve eczalarına ait eşya kataloğu fiyat listesi, 1928
Stapled paper pamphlet; 28 pages, contains charts.
142 D8.13 Sadullah Izzet, Fotoğraf klişeleri ve boyalı fotoğrafya, pinatypie, 1916 or 1917
Sewn pamphlet with pink paper wrapper; 16 pages. Vol. 2, pt. 1. from the series Muhit-i fünun fotoğrafya. Photographic jargon printed in French. Hijri date: 1335.
142 D8.14 Bir haftada fotoğrafçılık, undated
Stapled paper pamphlet with paper wrapper, cover illustration of a man holding a top-view camera; 31 pages; some annotations. Supplement to the Resimli Gazete.
142 D8.14a Resimli Ay gazetesi = reşreder. Bir haftada fotoğrafçılık, 1922 or 1923
Paper wrapper printed in black and red, stapled; 32 pages. Hijri date: 1341. Photographic jargon printed in French (p. 18).
142A D8.15 Ahmet İhsan, Nev'usül fotoğraf, 1888 or 1889
Cover lacking; 43 pages with extensive annotations, particularly on the last blank pages. Hijri date: 1306.
142A D8.16 Hakkı, Doctor H., Tababet-i hakiki mesalik-i bit'tullah tabih, 1887 or 1888
Cover lacking, stapled text block of 44 pages. Hijri date: 1305. Tract on medical ethics; no apparent relation to photography.
142A D8.17 Ragıb, Amel-i fotoğrafya risalesi, 1889 or 1890
Cover lacking; stapled text block of 40 pages. Hijiri date: 1307. Monogram wet stamped on first page: T.M.; photographic jargon printed in French. Two ink annotations (possibly signatures?).
142A D8.18 Sadullah Izzet, Muhit-i fünûn-ı fotoğrafya. Foto fotoğrafya-fotoğrafi-i fenni-i münazir, 1909
Blue cloth binding embossed in gold; text block of 176 pages & 14 pages detached from binding. Hijri date: 1327. Vol. 9. Diagrams, formulae; illustration (p. 169) and map (p. 165); ornamented head-pieces and tail-pieces; photographic jargon printed in French.
142A D8.19 Guilleminot catalog, undated
Stapled paper pamphlet of 14 pages; blue-green paper wrapper printed in black. Illustrated; photographic jargon printed in French. Stamped twice: "Emin Nedret Içli Kutuphanesi".
142A D8.20 Ali Sami, Mebad-i usulu fotoğrafya, 1891 or 1892
Pale blue cloth boards embossed in gold; 88 pages. Hijri date: 1309. Note on accompanying card: "Edité à 69 exemplaires." Card gives date as 1893.
142A D8.21 M. Abdullah, Bedai-i fünun hadisat-ı ziyaî yahud fotoğrafya, 1904
Pink paper wrapper printed in black; 116 pages. Hijri date: 1322. Duplicates: D8.07 (1st printing) = D8.21 (2nd printing).
142A D8.22 Sûleyman Sûreyya, Gevaert fotoğraf rehberi = Photo Manuel[sic] Gevart [sic], Akşam Matbaası, 1928
Gray paper wrapper printed in black; 144 pages. Title on back cover: Photo Manuel Gevaert. With bookstore stamps: Hamza Rüstem, Izmir, and Herman Hök, Istanbul, plus one in Ottoman script. Illustations; tables; photographic jargon printed in French.
142A D8.23 Sadullah Izzet, Muhit-i fûnun fotoğrafya klişeleri. Ta'bii renkli fotoğrafya. Usul-ü Autochrome, 1917
Vol. 2, pt. 4. Pink paper wrapper printed in black, stapled; 47 pages. Tables; photographic jargon printed in French. Hijri date. 1335. French cover title: Autochrome.
142A D8.24 Fotoğrafçılık ve sinemacılığa ait eşya kataloğu. Ipekçi kardeşler, undated
White clay paper wrapper, half-tone illustration on front cover; 95 pages. Advertisement for Hauff on rear cover. Illustrations, tables. Agfa catalogue.
Numbering note: Object D8.25 missing from collection.
142A D8.26 Hamdipaşazade M. Halid, Amel-i ve nazar-i muvessıl-ı fotoğrafya, 1890 or 1891
Pale blue cloth boards embossed in gold; cover completely detached from text block of 190 pages. Hijri date: 1308. Illustrations, tables. Extensive annotations in back of book in purple ink. With monogram wet stamped front and back of text block: TM. French-Ottoman Turkish glossary of terms at beginning of book (p. 8-17).
142A D8.27 Mehmet Tevfik, Amel-i fotoğrafya, 1908
Paper wrapper printed in black; unstapled, 40 pages. Decorated ornaments, photographic jargon printed in French. Hijri date: 1326.
142A D8.28 Mehmet Said, Nazar-i ve amel-i fotoğrafya, 1914
With mismatched, detached cover: Parlons en français (1328 [1910]); pale blue cloth boards embossed in gold. Text block of 44 pages. Hijri date: 1332. Illustrations, photographic jargon printed in French. Extensive annotations in back of book. With monogram wet stamped front and back of text block: TM.
142A D8.29 Loose sheets, undated
Two pages from unidentifed publications: one blank green paper; one grayish-tan paper with some text.
141A Lot D9bis Ottoman photography documents and ephemera, 1863-1955, undated
Originally listed as lot D9, renamed D9bis to avoid confusion with lot numbers assigned to "Supplement" photographs in Boxes 143* and 143A*.
141A 2 D9bis_01 Békès & Cie documents and ephemera, 1911
Includes three invoices for goods sold; one invoice for goods received and one letter with envelope from Heinrich Ernemann A.G.; one letter on Demaria-Lapierre letterhead signed Petit; one Békès & Cie postcard; and one Békès & Cie stationary envelope.
141A 3 D9bis_02 Caraccache Frères, undated
One folder for photographic prints and one envelope with Caraccache Frères letterhead.
141A 4 D9bis_03 Golvin, Vibien, 1894
One letter from Golvin to Marêchal Edhem-Pacha and one newspaper clipping reproducing a photographic portrait of Edhem-Pacha.
141A 5 D9bis_04 Imprimerie Osmanié, 1895
One letter to the directors of the Imperial Ottoman Bank.
141A 6 D9bis_05 Photo Chehbal (Ruchdi Zadé Frères), undated
One invoice, one document and one large envelope.
141A 7 D9bis_06 Photo-Hall, 1903-1904, undated
Three invoices, one document, and one flyer advertising instruction in making photographic postcards.
141A 8 D9bis_07 Photo-Sport, 1925, undated
One letter; one invoice; and one folder for photographic prints.
141A 9 D9bis_08 Sébah & Joaillier ephemera, between 1884 and 1932
Includes five imprinted glassine envelopes; one mottled brown paper folder for holding studio portraits, with studio name on recto and verso; one large Sébah & Joaillier label; one photographic postcard, postmarked 1908, of the Grande rue de Péra, Constantinople, and showing the Sébah & Joaillier studio sign; one addressed Sébah & Joaillier stationary envelope; and an advertising page from a publication (1932). Also included is one gelatin silver photograph of Agop Iskender, successor to Sébah & Joaillier, in his studio (circa 1930).
box folder
141 10 D9bis_09 Envelopes for photographic papers, undated
Eleven envelopes of European origin that originally held various types of photographic papers from companies including: Papier Photo-Hall; A. Lumière & ses fils; Union photographique industrielle; Kodak (one envelope bears Caracacche Frères wet stamp); Vielle & Co.; and Mimosa, A.G. (two envelopes bear A. Nicolaidès & N. Mastorakís labels).
box folder
141A 11 D9bis_10 Glassine envelopes for photographic prints, undated
Three glassine envelopes and one paper envelope bearing Andriomenos imprints; two with D. Joseph imprints; one bearing the D. Michaïides imprint; and one bearing a Constantin G. Sofiano imprint.
141A 12 D9bis_11 Invoices and documents, 1922-1925, undated
Primarily invoices, some with stamps, for the following firms: Photographie d'Aigler (1); J. Bert (1); A Chiroyan (3); Photo Koro (1); M. Utudijian (1); Zellitch Frères (1); unidentified (2).
141A 13 D9bis_12 Ottoman glassine wrapper, undated
141A 14 D9bis_13 Ephemera from various photographers, 1863-1955, undated
Includes a portrait of an unidentified street photographer with his camera; a sheet containing a collection of six photographer's labels; one card and one envelope for Phébus; one card for Apollon; one envelope with Costaki Vaphiadis imprint; one envelope with Foto Sabah imprint; one Zeiss Ikon folder for photographic prints; one reproduction of an Antoine Zilpoch advertisement; and a ticket to a masked ball.

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