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Pierre de Gigord Collection of Photographs of the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Turkey, 1850-1958 (bulk 1853-1930)

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Gigord (Pierre de) Collection of Photographs of the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Turkey
Series II. Albums of various formats, 1870-1935 20.2 Linear Feet (21 boxes)
Series II contains 21 albums of various smaller sizes and formats, each holding between 13 and 376 photographs. Some albums contain snapshots by unidentified amateur photographers. While several albums focus on Istanbul and environs, there is a broad range of subject matter represented in this series, and over half of the albums date to the first three decades of the twentieth century. Included in the series are albums containing views of Bursa, the Caucasus, and locales throughout the Balkans and Asia Minor. A presentation album from 1880 contains photographic reproductions of portraits of the Ottoman sultans. Two albums document the construction and inauguration of railroads. Two albums by Apollon commemorate Sultan Mehmed V's visit to Rumelia in 1911. Several albums present various aspects of the First World War and its aftermath in the Ottoman Empire: one documents the German military presence in the Ottoman Empire from 1917 to 1918; three document the French presence from 1919 to 1920, including one focusing on the French air forces; and another album is devoted to the operations of a Turkish munitions factory.
Album titles are taken from cover titles unless otherwise noted. Album titles devised by the catgalogers are in square brackets. Images published in Pierre de Gigord, Images d'empire: aux origines de la photographie en Turquie (1999) are indicated as: Published in PG: [page number].
Arranged by lot number: AD1-AD18; CD10. Photographs within the albums are identified by lot number, volume number if the lot consists of more than one album (V), and folio (F), i.e., page number. Folio recto and verso are designated.
91; 91A Lot AD1 Apollon, Souvenir du voyage impérial en Roumélie de S.M.I. le Sultan, 1911
Apollon, Souvenir du voyage impériale en Roumélie de S.M.I. le Sultan

Two albums commemorating the visit of Sultan Mehmed V to Rumelia (the Balkans) in 1911, containing a total of 92 gelatin silver photographic prints (48 and 44 photographs respectively). Ottoman Turkish title and date (Mar 1327 (1911)) gilt-stamped on upper (front) covers. Each page bears the wet stamp: Tercüman Gazetesi / Kitapligi. Mounts 30 x 24 cm., photographs 16.2 x 10.4 cm.
91 Lot AD1, 1 of 2 Volume I
Volume I of two of souvenir album commemorating the visit of Sultan Mehmed V to Rumelia in 1911. Brown half morocco with tan cloth binding containing 48 photographs. Wet stamp on free front endpaper: Tercüman Kütüphanesi; with Alb 3/1 handwritten in black ink. Photographs mounted two to a page on gray album pages with numbers penciled below each image.
91 AD1_v1_001_recto_1 [Three-quarter Length Portrait of Mehmed V]
91 AD1_v1_001_recto_2 [Ottoman Dignitaries at Outdoor Ceremony]
91 AD1_v1_001_verso_1 [Portrait of Ottoman Dignitary]
91 AD1_v1_001_verso_2 [Portrait of Ottoman Dignitary]
91 AD1_v1_002_recto_1 [Portrait of Seated Ottoman Officer]
91 AD1_v1_002_recto_2 [Outdoor Portrait of Seated Ottoman Officer]
91 AD1_v1_002_verso_1 [Half-length Portrait of Ottoman Dignitary]
91 AD1_v1_002_verso_2 [Three-quarter Length Portrait of Ottoman Dignitary Wearing Pince-nez]
91 AD1_v1_003_recto_1 [Battleships on the Bosporus]
91 AD1_v1_003_recto_2 [Battleship Exercises on the Bosporus]
91 AD1_v1_003_verso_1 [Battleships on the Bosporus]
91 AD1_v1_003_verso_2 [Battleships and Sailboats on the Bosporus]
91 AD1_v1_004_recto_1 [Procession through the Streets of Istanbul]
91 AD1_v1_004_recto_2 [Arrival and Greeting from Ottoman Dignitaries]
91 AD1_v1_004_verso_1 [Group of Men, Women and Children Walking along the Street]
91 AD1_v1_004_verso_2 [Ottoman State Building]
91 AD1_v1_005_recto_1 [Tower on the Bosporus]
91 AD1_v1_005_recto_2 [People Gathered under Arch in front of Ottoman State Building]
91 AD1_v1_005_verso_1 [Arch Spanning Street]
91 AD1_v1_005_verso_2 [Crowd of Officials at Train]
91 AD1_v1_006_recto_1 [Procession through Arches]
91 AD1_v1_006_recto_2 [Ottoman Dignitaries in a Carriage]
91 AD1_v1_006_verso_1 [Crowd Lining Street for Procession]
91 AD1_v1_006_verso_2 [Mounted Officers Leading Procession]
91 AD1_v1_007_recto_1 [White-uniformed Officers in Procession]
91 AD1_v1_007_recto_2 [Mounted Officers Leading Procession]
91 AD1_v1_007_verso_1 [Mounted Guard with Horsemen Emerging from Domed Arch]
91 AD1_v1_007_verso_2 [Dignitaries Emerging from Domed Arch]
91 AD1_v1_008_recto_1 [Horsemen Saluting near Domed Arch]
91 AD1_v1_008_recto_2 [Horsemen and Dignitaries Gathered under Dome Arch]
91 AD1_v1_008_verso_1 [Guards Walking down Street]
91 AD1_v1_008_verso_2 [Streetcars near Festive Arch]
91 AD1_v1_009_recto_1 [Men Posed in Traditional Turkish Dress]
91 AD1_v1_009_recto_2 [Streetcar Passing under Ancient Arch]
91 AD1_v1_009_verso_1 [Streetcar Passing under Festive Arch]
91 AD1_v1_009_verso_2 [People Gathered by Fountain near Streetcar Tracks]
91 AD1_v1_010_recto_1 [Soldiers Marching through Arch Decorated with Ottoman Flags]
91 AD1_v1_010_recto_2 [People Boarding Streetcar]
91 AD1_v1_010_verso_1 [Women Sitting along Parade Route]
91 AD1_v1_010_verso_2 [Officers in Formation with Banner]
91 AD1_v1_011_recto_1 [Schoolgirls Lined up for Parade]
91 AD1_v1_011_recto_2 [Schoolgirls Walking in Parade]
91 AD1_v1_011_verso_1 [Decorated Engine at Railway Station]
91 AD1_v1_011_verso_2 [Mountain River]
91 AD1_v1_012_recto_1 [People Gathered to Watch Train Pass along Mountain]
91 AD1_v1_012_recto_2 [Mountain River with Passing Train]
91 AD1_v1_012_verso_1 [Train Passing through Mountains]
91 AD1_v1_012_verso_2 [Mountain Town]
91A Lot AD1, 2 of 2 Volume II
Volume II of two of souvenir albums commemorating the visit of Sultan Mehmed V to Rumelia in 1911. Green half morocco with green cloth binding, containing 44 gelatin silver prints. Binder's wet stamp on front paste-down: Kodak Limited / ... / London, E. Co. Photographs mounted two to a page on green album pages with numbers penciled below each image.
91A AD1_v2_001_recto_1 [Train Arriving at Station Decorated for Festivities]
91A AD1_v2_001_recto_2 [Brass Band Meeting Train]
91A AD1_v2_001_verso_1 [Crowd with Flags Gathered along Train Tracks]
91A AD1_v2_001_verso_2 [Horse and Carriage Arriving at State Building]
91A AD1_v2_002_recto_1 [Crowd Waiting alongside Train Tracks]
91A AD1_v2_002_recto_2 [Procession under Festoons]
91A AD1_v2_002_verso_1 [Procession of Schoolgirls]
91A AD1_v2_002_verso_2 [Women and Child Spectators Clapping]
91A AD1_v2_003_recto_1 [Rows of Girls Wearing White Robes]
91A AD1_v2_003_recto_2 [Row of Boys with Ottoman Flag with Women in White behind]
91A AD1_v2_003_verso_1 [Crowd of Mostly Women and Girls Waiting by Train Station]
91A AD1_v2_003_verso_2 [Two Men Standing near Aqueducts]
91A AD1_v2_004_recto_1 [Veiled Women and Flags at Train Station]
91A AD1_v2_004_recto_2 [Trees and the Countryside]
91A AD1_v2_004_verso_1 [Tables and Chairs in a Grove of Trees]
91A AD1_v2_004_verso_2 [Fields with Mountains in Distance]
91A AD1_v2_005_recto_1 [Gathering outside Town Walls with Carts]
91A AD1_v2_005_recto_2 [Town Square with Ottoman Flags and Decorated Arch]
91A AD1_v2_005_verso_1 [Ottoman Dignitaries Walking through Decorated Town Square]
91A AD1_v2_005_verso_2 [Brass Band by Decorated Arch]
91A AD1_v2_006_recto_1 [Men and Children Gathered by Decorated Arch]
91A AD1_v2_006_recto_2 [Horseman by Arch with Electric Lights]
91A AD1_v2_006_verso_1 [Men Gathered by Train Tracks]
91A AD1_v2_006_verso_2 [Men Gathered in Field]
91A AD1_v2_007_recto_1 [Men Standing in a Row]
91A AD1_v2_007_recto_2 [Men Gathered in a Field]
91A AD1_v2_007_verso_1 [Women Gathered at Side of Street]
91A AD1_v2_007_verso_2 [Men Walking through Crowd with Ottoman Flags]
91A AD1_v2_008_recto_1 [Marching Band and Ottoman Flags]
91A AD1_v2_008_recto_2 [Crowd Walking down Decorated Street]
91A AD1_v2_008_verso_1 [Ottoman Dignitary in Carriage]
91A AD1_v2_008_verso_2 [Procession of Men Led by Boy with Ottoman Flag]
91A AD1_v2_009_recto_1 [Crowds Gathered around Raised Dais]
91A AD1_v2_009_recto_2 [Man Speaking to Crowds Gathered in Field]
91A AD1_v2_009_verso_1 [Crowd of Men Sitting in a Field]
91A AD1_v2_009_verso_2 [Men Planting Flags in a Crowded Field]
91A AD1_v2_010_recto_1 [Men Seated in Field Near Dais]
91A AD1_v2_010_recto_2 [Men Seated and Kneeling in Field]
91A AD1_v2_010_verso_1 [Men Waiting in a Field]
91A AD1_v2_010_verso_2 [Men Gathered in a Semi-circle around an Old Man]
91A AD1_v2_011_recto_1 [Train on Trestle Bridge]
91A AD1_v2_011_recto_2 [Train on Trestle Bridge with Passengers Looking out of the Windows]
91A AD1_v2_011_verso_1 [Men and Boys Standing at Attention]
91A AD1_v2_011_verso_2 [Young Men Standing at Attention]
92 Lot AD2 Photographer unknown, Les souverains de l'Empire Ottoman, 1880
Photographer unknown, Les souverains de l'Empire Ottoman

Red percaline album quarter-bound in red leather contianing 34 albumen prints. Mounts 20.5 x 23.6 cm., photographs 9.5 x 13 cm. Cover bears the Ottoman crest as well as the title. The back cover is embossed with the five-pointed star and crescent from the Ottoman flag during this period, surrounded by a decorative gilt frame. The cabinet card-sized photographs are mounted on green board with gilt detailing. All images are photographic reproductions of portraits of the Ottoman sultans, except for the final state portrait photograph of Abdülaziz I. Titles from captions inked on mounts.
The album is accompanied by a handwritten note that reads: Le sultan régnant Abdul Hamid II, 1293, de leur hégire qui commence en C33 époque à laguelle Mahoment s'enfant de la Mecque. Pour ce sultan sa photographie n'est pas livrée au publie [?] À Madame la Priéure, Monastere N. Dame de la Plaine-Esquermes. Affecteoux et reconnaissant souvenir de sa soeur de Constantinople. Respect et reconnaisances à toucher ces Dames d'Esquermes.
92 AD2_01_recto Sultan Osman Ier, 699-726 hégire
Caption continues: Fondateur de l'empire Ottoman.
92 AD2_02_recto Sultan Orhan, 726-761
92 AD2_03_recto Sultan Mourad Ier, 761-791
92 AD2_04_recto Sultan Bayazid Ier, 791-816
Caption continues: Conquit l'Asie Mineure.
92 AD2_05_recto Sultan Mehmed Ier, 816-824
92 AD2_06_recto Sultan Mourad II, 824-855
92 AD2_07_recto Sultan Mehmed II (Fatih), 855-886
Caption continues: Conquit Constantinople.
92 AD2_08_recto Sultan Bayazid II, 886-919
92 AD2_09_recto Sultan Sélim Ier, 918-926
92 AD2_10_recto Sultan Suleyman Ier, 926-974
92 AD2_11_recto Sultan Sélim II, 974-982
92 AD2_12_recto Sultan Mourad III, 982-1003
92 AD2_13_recto Sultan Mehmed III, 1003-1012
92 AD2_14_recto Sultan Ahmed Ier, 1012-1026
92 AD2_15_recto Sultan Moustafa, 1026-1026
92 AD2_16_recto Sultan Osman II, 1027-1030
92 AD2_17_recto Sultan Mourad IV, 1032-1049
92 AD2_18_recto Sultan Ibrahim, 1049-1058
92 AD2_19_recto Sultan Mehmed, 1058-1099
92 AD2_20_recto Sultan Suleyman II, 1099-1103
Caption continues: Le Grand.
92 AD2_21_recto Sultan Ahmed II, 1103-1106
92 AD2_22_recto Sultan Moustafa II, 1106-1115
92 AD2_23_recto Sultan Ahmed III, 1115-1149
92 AD2_24_recto Sultan Mahmoud Ier, 1149-1168
92 AD2_25_recto Sultan Osman III, 1168-1171
92 AD2_26_recto Sultan Moustafa III, 1171-1187
92 AD2_27_recto Sultan Abdul Hamid Ier, 1187-1203
92 AD2_28_recto Sultan Sélim III, 1203-1222
92 AD2_29_recto Sultan Moustafa IV, 1222-1223
92 AD2_30_recto Sultan Mahmoud II, 1223-1255
92 AD2_31_recto Sultan Mahmoud II, 1255 sa mort
92 AD2_32_recto Sultan Mahmoud II, 1255 sa mort
92 AD2_33_recto Sultan Abdul Medjid 1255-1277
92 AD2_34_recto Sultan Abdul Aziz 1277-1293
92B Lot AD4 Sébah & Joaillier, Souvenir de Constantinople, album compiled after 1883
Sébah & Joaillier, Souvenir de Constantinople

Brown embossed leather album with Souvenir de Constantinople par Sébah & Joaillier, on front cover, and an image of a tower on a river with boaters on the back cover. Forty albumen prints on 20 leaves; mounts 25.2 x 19.3 cm., photographs 17 x 11.8 cm. and smaller. The photographs are mounted on white album pages with embossed navy frames. The photographs are captioned, numbered and signed in the negative: Sébah & Joaillier, except as noted. Two photographs are by Abdullah Frères.
92B Sébah & Joaillier
92B AD4_01_recto [Turkish Merchants]
Negative is uncaptioned, unnumbered and unsigned.
92B AD4_01_verso La pointe du Sérail, [Neg. no.] 428
92B AD4_02_recto Le pont du Galata, [Neg. no.] 44
92B AD4_02_verso Cimetière turc à Eyoub et Corne d'Or, [Neg. no.] 53
92B AD4_03_recto [...] de Constantinople
Negative number not legible.
92B AD4_03_verso Promenade de Vendredi [...], [Neg. no.] 68
92B AD4_04_recto [...] Halki: vue prise de Prinkipo, No. 8.
92B AD4_04_verso Mosquée de Ste. Sophie, [Neg. no.] 98
92B AD4_05_recto [Interior View of the Mosque of Hagia Sophia]
Negative is uncaptioned, unnumbered and unsigned.
92B AD4_05_verso Mosquée de Sultan Ahmed et l'Hippodrome, No. 105
92B AD4_06_recto Intérieur de la mosquée Ahmed, [Neg. no.] 290
92B AD4_06_verso Mosquée Suleymanié, [Neg. no.] 107
92B AD4_07_recto [Interior View of Mosque]
Negative is uncaptioned, unnumbered and unsigned.
92B AD4_07_verso [...] impérial de Top-Hané [?]
Negative is unnumbered.
92B AD4_08_recto Mosquée et palais du sultan, [Neg. no.] 543
92B AD4_08_verso [Crowd Gathered Outside State Building]
Negative number and caption illegible.
92B AD4_09_recto [Man Reading beside Tomb of Sultan]
Negative number and caption illegible.
92B AD4_09_verso Le fontaine Ahmed, [Neg. no.] 163
92B AD4_10_recto Sublime porte, [Neg. no.] 195
92B AD4_10_verso Hippodrome, [Neg. no.] 174
92B AD4_11_recto [...] de Séraskiérat
Negative number illegible; negative unsigned.
92B AD4_11_verso Tour de marbre, sur le mer de Marmara, No. 24.
Negative not signed.
92B AD4_12_recto [...] de Janissaires, [Neg. no.] 184
92B AD4_12_verso Tour de Léandre, No. 335
92B AD4_13_recto Vue d'Arnaoutkeuy, sur le côte d'Europe du Bosphore, [Neg. no.] 378
92B AD4_13_verso Palais impériale de Dolma-Bagtché, Bosphore, [Neg. no.] 398
92B AD4_14_recto [Rumelihisarı Seen from the Bosporus]
Negative number and caption illegible.
92B AD4_14_verso Bosphore, Thérapia et le Stationnaire Allemand "Loreley", No. 389
92B AD4_15_recto Kiosk du Sultan aux [...], [Neg. no.] 617
92B AD4_15_verso Tour de Galata, [Neg. no.] 187
92B AD4_16_recto Yuksek[?] Kaldirian, [Neg. no.] 207
Depicts the rue des Escaliers.
92B 14_AD4_16_verso Ancien quartier et bazar turcs à Scutari, [Neg. no.] 207
92A AD4_17_recto Tombeaux des Sultans à Eyoub
92B AD4_17_verso Groupe de chiens, No. 242
92B Abdullah Frères
92B AD4_18_recto Femmes turcs en promenade
92B AD4_18_verso Vue du trésor Imp.
92B Sébah & Joaillier
92B AD4_19_recto Intérieur du Grand Bazar
92B AD4_19_verso Marchands de dattes, [Neg. no.] 526
92B AD4_20_recto [Portrait of a Veiled Woman], No. 800
Negative uncaptioned and unsigned.
92B AD4_20_verso [Three Women Posed with Turkish Musical Instruments], No. 655
Negative uncaptioned and unsigned.
92A Lot AD3 Sébah & Joaillier, Constantinople, Album compiled after 1883
Sébah & Joaillier, Constantinople

Red percaline album with gold-stamped title, "Constantinople," with studio name and imperial tuğra. Twenty-nine albumen prints on 15 leaves; mounts 24 x 16 cm., photographs 18 x 12.5 cm. The photographs are captioned, numbered and signed in the negative: Sébah & Joaillier, except as noted.
Subjects include views of Constantinople, studio photographs of ethnic "types," and street photographs of Turkish subjects in their day-to-day lives.
92A AD3_01_recto Îles de Princes [...] vue prise de [...], No. 8.
92A AD3_01_verso La pointe du Sérail, No. 428
92A AD3_02_recto Le pont de Galati, [Neg no.] 44
92A AD3_02_verso Eyoub, sur la Corne d'Or, [Neg no.] 61
92A AD3_03_recto Mosquée Suleymanié et vue de Stamboul, [Neg no.] 38
92A AD3_03_verso Le promenade du vendredi [...], [Neg no.] 68
92A AD3_04_recto Palais impérial de Dolma-Bagtché et Bosphore, 398
92A AD3_04_verso Bosphore: vue des Chateaux d'Asie et d'Europe, [Neg no.] 361
92A AD3_05_recto Panorame de Bosphore
92A AD3_05_verso Intérieur de la mosquée de Ste. Sophie. Vue géneralé, [Neg no.] 501
92A AD3_06_recto Mosquée de Ste. Sophie, [Neg no.] 98
92A AD3_06_verso Mosquée de Sultan Ahmed et l'Hippodrome, No. 105
92A AD3_07_recto Fontaine Ahmed, [Neg. no.] 48
92A AD3_07_verso Cimetière turc à Eyoub et groupe de femme [...], [Neg. no.] 255
92A AD3_08_recto Vue générale des Sept Tours
Caption appears twice in the negative; the negative is unsigned and unnumbered.
92A AD3_08_verso Mosquée et palais du sultan
Negative unnumbered.
92A AD3_09_recto Prière de vendredi le sultan, [Neg. no.] 76
Signed in negative: P. Sébah.
92A AD3_09_verso Buyukdére et Bosphore, [Neg. no.] 541
92A AD3_10_recto Bosphore, Thérapia et le Stationnaire Allemand "Loreley", No 389.
92A AD3_10_verso Yuksek[?] Kaldirian [Rue des Escaliers], [Neg. no.] 204
Negative number and caption are cropped off, signature is partially cropped. Title from AD4_16_recto (Box 92B). Depicts the rue des Escaliers.
92A AD3_11_recto Marchands de dattes, [Neg. no.] 526
92A AD3_11_verso L'obelisque et la pyramide murée
Negative number is cropped; negative signed: P. Sébah.
92A AD3_12_recto Tour de Galata, [Neg. no.] 187
92A AD3_12_verso Tombeaux des Sultans Mahmoud II et [...], [Neg. no.] 269
92A AD3_13_recto Entrée et vue de Séraskiérat
Negative number is illegible; negative is unsigned.
92A AD3_13_verso Ancien quartier et bazar turcs à Scutari, [Neg. no.] 207
Negative is unsigned.
92A AD3_14_recto Quartier turc
Negative is unnumbered and unsigned.
92A AD3_14_verso Derviches tourneurs, [Neg. no.] 166
92A AD3_15_recto Café turc
Negative is unnumbered and unsigned.
93 Lot AD5 Photographer unknown, [Railway Views, Kutchuk-tchekmedjé, Constantinople], 1870-1875
Photographer unknown, [Railway Views, Kutchuk-tchekmedjé, Constantinople]

Rust percaline album. Mounts 33.5 x 21 cm., albumen photographs 32.6 x 10.6 cm. and smaller. Contains 13 photographs and one two-part joined panoramic photograph by an unknown photorapher. Some negatives are inscribed with the initial "R" in the lower right corner. Captions printed in French on mounts.
The album possibly commemorates the opening of a railway station in Kutchuk-tchekmedjé.
93 AD5_01_recto Vue extérieure des magasins de Kutchuk-tchekmedjé
93 AD5_02_recto Scierie des ateliers de Kutchuk-tchekmedjé
93 AD5_03_recto Vue intérieure des ateliers de Kutchuk-tchcekmedjé
Initialled in negative: R.
93 AD5_04_recto Grand platane de Kutchuk-tchekmedjé
93 AD5_05_recto Restaurant de Kutchuk-tchekmedjé
Initialled in negative: R.
93 AD5_06_recto Vue générale du village de Kutchuk-tchedkmedjé
Two-part joined panorama. Initialled in negative: R.
93 AD5_07_recto Station de Hadem keuy (3me classe)
93 AD5_08_recto Grand remblai de Hadem-keuy
Initialled in negative: R.
93 AD5_09_recto Station de Tchataldja (2me classe)
Initialled in negative: R.
93 AD5_10_recto Gare provisoire de Constantinople: Vue d'ensemble
93 AD5_11_recto Gare provisoire de Constantinople: Entrée principale
93 AD5_12_recto Gare provisoire de Constantinople: Vue sur la voie
93 AD5_13_recto Gare provisoire de Constantinople: Entrée principale (Vue de côté)
A photographer stands with his camera on a tripod in the lower right corner, looking towards the station.
93 AD5_14_recto Gare provisoire de Constantinople
93A Lot AD6 İbrahim, Ferit, [Inauguration of Sıvas Railway], 1930
Ibrahim, Ferit, [Inauguration of Sivas Railway]

Brown percaline string-bound album containing seventy-one gelatin silver photographic postcards on brown paper slited corner mounts. Mounts 21 x 13.4 cm., photographs 5 x 3.1 cm. The album documents the opening of the Samsun-Sıvas railway and was presented to the head of the railway construction in appreciation of his efforts in the endeavor. Included is a printed certificate in Ottoman Turkish signed by Ferit Ibrahim. Annotation on the back pasted-down identifies another photographer, possibly an operative for Ibrahim: Abdul Hamden photografcisi.
93A AD6_01_recto [Before the Inauguration Ceremony of the Samsun-Sıvas Railway]
93A AD6_01_verso [The First Train on the Samsun-Sıvas Railway]
93B AD6_02_recto [Decorated Engine]
93A AD6_02_verso [Dignitaries Standing in front of Passenger Car]
93A AD6_03_recto [The Filyos River Gorge]
93A AD6_03_verso [Bridge over the Filyos River]
93A AD6_04_recto [Inauguration Speech]
93A AD6_04_verso [Speaker]
93A AD6_05_recto [Man Standing on Falls in Filyos River]
93A AD6_05_verso [Aerial View of Spectators]
93A AD6_06_recto [Aerial View of Spectators with Machinery in Distance]
93A AD6_06_verso [Group of Men on Railway Tracks with Three Men Crouching in Center]
93A AD6_07_recto [Officials on Railway Tracks (1)]
93A AD6_07_verso [Officials on Railway Tracks (2)]
93A AD6_08_recto [blank]
93A AD6_08_verso [First Train Arriving/Departing Station]
93A AD6_09_recto [Banquet]
93A AD6_09_verso [Distant Aerial View of Terrain Levelling]
93A AD6_10_recto [Closer Aerial View of Terrain Levelling]
93A AD6_10_verso [Long View of Construction on Plain]
93A AD6_11_recto [Construction in Large Ditch]
93A AD6_11_recto [Ditch Digging]
93A AD6_12_recto [Train and Station near Mountain]
93A AD6_12_verso [blank]
93A AD6_13_recto [blank]
93A AD6_13_verso [View of Railroad from Tunnel]
93A AD6_14_recto [blank]
93A AD6_14_verso [Train Crossing Arched Stone Bridge]
93A AD6_15_recto [blank]
93A AD6_15_verso [Train Passing Curve in River]
93 AD6_16_recto [blank]
93A AD6_16_verso [Two Men Talking, Bridge in Distance]
93 AD6_17_recto [Man Standing before Bridge]
93A AD6_17_verso [Man Standing on Bridge]
93A AD6_18_recto [River View with Bridge in Distance]
93A AD6_18_verso [Two Men at Railroad Station]
93A AD6_19_recto [Kizoclu Train Station]
93A AD6_19_verso [Train Pulling into Station under Stormy Sky]
93A AD6_20_recto [Train Crossing Bridge, Shot from Rear]
93A AD6_20_verso [Train Crossing Bridge, Shot from Front]
93A AD6_21_recto [Full View of Train Crossing Bridge]
93A AD6_21_verso [Horse-drawn Wagons Carrying Excavated Earth]
93A AD6_22_recto [Men Standing near Railway Station]
93A AD6_22_verso [Train Crossing Bridge]
93A AD6_23_recto [Train Crossing Bridge with Arches]
93A AD6_23_verso [Railroad Personnel on Station Platform]
93A AD6_24_recto [blank]
93A AD6_24_verso [blank]
93A AD6_25_recto [Crane Working on Railroad]
93A AD6_26_recto [View of Samsun and Black Sea Coastline?]
93A AD6_26_verso [Four Men at a Hillside Marker]
93A AD6_27_recto [Black Sea Port]
93A AD6_27_verso [Trains near a Station in the Plains]
93A AD6_28_recto [blank]
93A AD6_28_verso [Crane on Pier Loading Lumber]
93A AD6_29_recto [Man in Walking Attire Standing on Tracks at Station]
93A AD6_29_verso [Train Exiting Covered Bridge]
93A AD6_30_recto [Country Station]
93A AD6_30_verso [Country Station with Train]
93A AD6_31_recto [River with Train in Distance]
93A AD6_31_verso [blank]
93A AD6_32_recto [blank]
93A AD6_32_verso [blank]
93A AD6_33_recto [blank]
93A AD6_33_verso [Train Loaded with Timber at Station]
93A AD6_34_recto [Train Tracks Going through Mountainside]
93A AD6_34_verso [Train Tracks along River]
93A AD6_35_recto [Men Standing in Mouth of Tunnel]
93A AD6_36_verso [blank]
93A AD6_37_recto [Train Tracks through Mountains]
93A AD6_37_verso [Three Men on Mountain Tracks]
93A AD6_38_recto [Two Men with Cart, Tunnel behind Them]
93A AD6_38_verso [Train Tracks and Tunnel through Mountain]
93A AD6_39_verso [Railway Station and Boy Standing next to Flatbeds of Cargo]
93A AD6_39_verso [Bridge Track under Construction]
93A AD6_40_recto [Settlement with Men and Car]
93A AD6_40_verso [blank]
93A AD6_41_recto [Five Men Standing near Wall above River]
93A AD6_41_verso [Three Men on Rocky Outcrop above River]
93A AD6_42_recto [Stone Grading]
93A AD6_40_verso [blank]
93A AD6_43_recto [River and Building along Mountain]
93A AD6_43_verso [Men with Car Overlooking Construction in River Gorge]
93A AD6_44_recto [Aerial View of Construction in River Gorge]
93A AD6_44_verso [Mountain River View]
93A AD6_45_recto [Building Nestled in Mountain Wall]
93A AD6_45_verso [Five Men Posed by Camera]
93A AD6_S01 [Certificate Given to Head of Railway Construction]
94 Lot AD7 Photographer unknown, [Munitions Factory], between 1920 and 1922
Photographer unknown, [Munitions Factory]

Disbound album with no cover or binding materials present, or recognizable pagination. Sixty-one gelatin silver prints mounted on 16 brown paper leaves. Mounts 30.5 x 24 cm. and smaller, photographs 12 x 17 cm. and smaller. Images depict the daily operations of a munitions factory. Captions in Ottoman Turkish written under all photographs, with notations written directly on the surface of some prints.
94 AD7_01_recto [Exterior of Munitions Factory Flying Turkish Flag]
94 AD7_01_verso [Men and Boy Working in Munitions Factory]
94 AD7_02_recto_01 [Machinist]
94 AD7_02_recto_02 [Two Machinists]
94 AD7_02_verso_01 [Two Men Working on Large Shell?]
94 AD7_02_verso_02 [Man in Apron Operating Large Machine]
94 AD7_03_recto_01 [Mechanism Block]
94 AD7_03_recto_02 [Mechanism with Springs and Other Parts]
94 AD7_03_recto_03 [Assembled Mechanism]
94 AD7_03_verso_01 [Two Instruments with Spur Teeth]
94 AD7_03_verso_02 [Men Standing by Machinery in Munitions Factory]
94 AD7_04_recto_01 [Women Fitting Bullets in Rifles]
94 AD7_04_recto_02 [Man and Boy at Round Machine]
94 AD7_04_verso_01 [Boy Standing next to "War Finish" Machine]
94 AD7_04_verso_02 [Types of Bullets]
94 AD7_05_recto_01 Man Watching Another Worker Using Machine]
94 AD7_05_recto_02 [Women at Table Piled with Bullets]
94 AD7_05_verso_01 [Man and Young Girl Working on Bullets]
94 AD7_05_verso_02 [Youths Making Bullets]
94 AD7_06_recto_01 [Two Men Working on Shells]
94 AD7_06_recto_02 [Two Men Filling Sacks of Powder]
94 AD7_06_verso_01 [Shells in Packing Crate]
94 AD7_06_verso_01 [Two Men at Work, One Closing Canister]
94 AD7_07_recto [Officer Watching Two Men Work]
94 AD7_07_verso [Men Posed around Completed Cannon]
94 AD7_08_recto [View of Women's Workshop]
94 AD7_08_verso [View of Men's Workshop]
94 AD7_09_recto_01 [Engineer or Supervisor Making Measurements]
94 AD7_09_recto_02 [Engineer or Supervisor Inspecting Materials]
94 AD7_09_verso_01 [Officer Filling Bullets with Powder]
94 AD7_10_recto [Three Men Making Shells?]
94 AD7_10_verso_01 [Three Men Assembling Shells]
94 AD7_10_verso_02 [Supervisor Oversees Worker]
94 AD7_11_recto_01 [Men Pose by Bayonets, Swords, and Daggers]
94 AD7_11_recto_02 [Rifle Barrels?]
94 AD7_11_recto_03 [Rifle Locks]
94 AD7_11_verso_01 [Locks and Target Finder]
94 AD7_11_verso_02 [Locks and Other Parts]
94 AD7_11_verso_03 [Two Men Standing by Machine and Shells]
94 AD7_12_recto_01 [Man Holding Lever]
94 AD7_12_recto_02 [Man Using Clamp]
94 AD7_12_recto_03 [Two Men and a Boy Working on Shells?]
94 AD7_12_verso_01 [Two Men work on Small Machine]
94 AD7_12_verso_02 [Two Men Work on Large Machine]
94 AD7_13_recto_01 [Two Men Work on Cylinder]
94 AD7_13_recto_02 [Two Men Continue Working on Cylinder]
94 AD7_13_recto_03 [Man and Child Measure Cylinder with Calipers]
94 AD7_13_verso_01 [Four Men Rotate Large Wheel on Machine]
94 AD7_13_verso_02 [Man Assembles Canister]
94 AD7_14_recto_01 [Youth Watches as Man Works on Machine]
94 AD7_14_recto_02 [Two Youths Work on Bullets]
94 AD7_14_verso_01 [Boys and Girls Work at Table Piled with Bullets]
94 AD7_14_verso_02 [Two Boys Pack Bullets]
94 AD7_15_recto_01 [Man with Finished Shell]
94 AD7_15_recto_02 [Two Men Pack Shell]
94 AD7_15_recto_03 [Man with Shell Parts]
94 AD7_15_verso_01 [Two Men Working on Shells]
94 AD7_15_verso_02 [Man and Youth with Shells by Machine]
94 AD7_15_verso_03 [Man Making Shells with Supervisor]
94 AD7_16_recto_01 [Boys Working Outdoors on Bullets]
94 AD7_16_recto_02 [Boys Assembling Bullets]
95 Lot AD8 Photographer unknown, [French Occupation of Constantinople], 1918
Photographer unknown, [French Occupation of Constantinople]

Half-bound leather with red percaline, embossed with imperial tuğra on front cover. 179 items on 60 leaves. Green cardboard mounts 35 x 25.2 cm., photographs and postcards 22.8 x 17 cm. and smaller. The 167 gelatin silver prints, including seven loose prints, are by an unknown amateur photographer(s). Handwritten captions in French are beneath most photographs. The photographs are a mixture of military-related scenes, views of sites in and around Constantinople, and scenes of daily life. The 12 postcards of Naples, on leaves 40 recto through 41 recto, are collotypes by R. Renza y C.
95 Album
95 AD8_001_recto Photographer unknown, Le drapeau du régiment
95 AD8_002_recto Photographer unknown, Lieutenant-Colonel Frachon
95 AD8_003_recto Photographer unknown, Officiers du 1e bataillon
95 AD8_004_recto Photographer unknown, Sous-officiers du 1e bataillon
95 AD8_005_recto Photographer unknown, 1e compagnie du mitrailleurs
95 AD8_006_recto Photographer unknown, 1e compagnie
95 AD8_007_recto Photographer unknown, Peloton des engines d'accompagnement
95 AD8_008_recto Photographer unknown, Équipes Sportives
95 AD8_009_recto Photographer unknown, Équipe foot-ball du 2e bataillon
95 AD8_010_recto Photographer unknown, Équipe foot-ball du 1e Bataillon
95 AD8_011_recto Photographer unknown, [Soldiers in front of the Gallieni Barracks]
95 AD8_012_recto Photographer unknown, [Soldiers in front of the Franchet e'Esperey Barracks]
95 AD8_013_recto Photographer unknown, [Soldiers in front of the Gouraud Barracks]
95 AD8_014_recto Photographer unknown, Porte du Seraskiérat - Ministère de la Guerre Anc. Pl. Bayézid
95 AD8_015_recto Photographer unknown, Rade de Constantinople: Bosphore, Tour de Léandre
95 AD8_015_verso [blank]
95 AD8_016_recto_1 Photographer unknown, Galata - le pont sur la Corne d'Or - Stamboul
95 AD8_016_recto_2 Photographer unknown, Stamboul - Corne d'Or - Galata - Péra
95 AD8_017_recto_1 Photographer unknown, Pointe du Sérail x Richid Pacha - Corne d'Or - Scutari (Casene [...]) x Vinh Long
95 AD8_017_recto_2 Photographer unknown, Péra - Bosphore - Scutari et côte d'Asie [...]
95 AD8_018_recto_1 Photographer unknown, Place Binbir Derck - Corne d'Or - Péra et Turquie d'Europe
95 AD8_018_recto_2 Photographer unknown, Mosquée Sultan Ahmed
95 AD8_019_recto_1 Photographer unknown, Péra - Bosphore - Bechightach [?]
95 AD8_019_recto_2 Photographer unknown, Stamboul - vue du vieux sérail
95 AD8_020_recto_1 Photographer unknown, Vieux pont - Mosquée Kapani - Tour de Stamboul
95 AD8_020_recto_2 Photographer unknown, Fontaine du Sultan Ahmed III et mur du vieux sérail
95 AD8_020_recto_3 Photographer unknown, [...] Médan - Obélisque de Théodose
95 AD8_020_recto_4 Photographer unknown, Péra - rue de Pologne
95 AD8_021_recto_1 Photographer unknown, Fontaine Guillaume II
95 AD8_021_recto_2 [blank]
95 AD8_021_recto_3 Photographer unknown, Coucher de Soleil sur la Corne d'Or
95 AD8_021_recto_4 Photographer unknown, Cavedjé [?] et ami turc
95 AD8_021_verso_1 Photographer unknown, Mahri-Keuy - bord de mer
95 AD8_021_verso_2 Photographer unknown, Nouri-Osmanié Djami
95 AD8_021_verso_3 Photographer unknown, Ministère des Finances turc
95 AD8_021_verso_4 Photographer unknown, Garde de l'ambassade
Photograph missing.
95 AD8_021_verso_5 Photographer unknown, Sortie du bain turc
95 AD8_021_verso_6 Photographer unknown, Équipe topographique à Mahri-Keuy
95 AD8_022_recto_1 Photographer unknown, Paquebot hollandaise dans le Bosphore (cargo)
95 AD8_022_recto_2 Photographer unknown, Les baignades - Pte Sérail
95 AD8_022_recto_3 Photographer unknown, Panorama sur la Corne d'Or
95 AD8_022_recto_4 Photographer unknown, Colonne Constantin [...] Pacha Djami
95 AD8_022_recto_5 Photographer unknown, Le turbey
95 AD8_022_verso_1 Photographer unknown, Résidence du General Charpy
95 AD8_022_verso_2 Photographer unknown, Bosphore
95 AD8_022_verso_3 Photographer unknown, Chalets à Top-Hané
95 AD8_022_verso_4 Photographer unknown, Cimetière de Top-Kapou
95 AD8_022_verso_5 Photographer unknown, Torpilleurs alliés - palais du Dolma Bagtché
95 AD8_023_recto_1 Photographer unknown, Le "Durieprovetz"
95 AD8_023_recto_2 Photographer unknown, Porte du sérail
95 AD8_023_recto_3 Photographer unknown, Ste. Sophie
95 AD8_023_recto_4 Photographer unknown, Bosphore - Rempart de Byzance
95 AD8_023_recto_5 Photographer unknown, Turcs et femmes turques
95 AD8_023_verso_1 Photographer unknown, Résidence du General Charpy - Bosphore
95 AD8_023_verso_2 Photographer unknown, Thérapia sur le Bosphore
95 AD8_023_verso_3 Photographer unknown, Vieille femme turque
95 AD8_023_verso_4 Photographer unknown, Pointe de Moda[?] - pêcheurs turcs caïques
95 AD8_023_verso_5 Photographer unknown, Bosphore
95 AD8_024_recto_1 Photographer unknown, Vieille mosquée
95 AD8_024_recto_2 Photographer unknown, Fontaine turque
95 AD8_024_recto_3 Photographer unknown, Quartier Pansu-Cassim Pacha
95 AD8_024_recto_4 Photographer unknown, Jardin du sérail
95 AD8_024_recto_5 Photographer unknown, Jardin du sérail
95 AD8_024_verso_1 [blank]
95 AD8_024_verso_2 Photographer unknown, Alki
95 AD8_024_verso_3 Photographer unknown, Thérapia
Depicts a pagoda-like structure behind a wall.
95 AD8_024_verso_4 Photographer unknown, Prinkipo
95 AD8_024_verso_5 Photographer unknown, Prinkipo
95 AD8_025_recto_1 Photographer unknown, Site d'étapes - Corne d'Or
95 AD8_025_recto_2 Photographer unknown, Vefa - Colonne Co[...]
95 AD8_025_recto_3 Photographer unknown, Quartier général Français
95 AD8_025_recto_4 Photographer unknown, Koum Kapou - Marmara
Photograph missing from mount.
95 AD8_025_recto_5 Photographer unknown, Rue turque
Photograph missing from mount.
95 AD8_025_recto_6 Photographer unknown, Q.G. Français
95 AD8_025_verso_1 Photographer unknown, Villa Ghindou [?]
95 AD8_025_verso_2 Photographer unknown, Enterrement turc
95 AD8_025_verso_3 Photographer unknown, Hydrarion [?] à San Stephano
Photograph missing.
95 AD8_025_verso_4 Photographer unknown, Femmes turques à Pacha Baghtché
95 AD8_025_verso_5 Photographer unknown, Prinkipo
95 AD8_025_verso_6 Photographer unknown, Prinkipo
95 AD8_026_recto_1 Photographer unknown, Petit panorama
95 AD8_026_recto_2 Photographer unknown, Deux camarades à Galata
95 AD8_026_recto_3 Photographer unknown, Top-Kapou
95 AD8_026_recto_4 Photographer unknown, Yédi-Koulé
95 AD8_026_recto_5 Photographer unknown, Jardin du sérail
95 AD8_026_recto_6 Photographer unknown, Chalets à Béchik-tach
95 AD8_026_verso_1 Photographer unknown, Temple Byzantin - Pointe du Sérail
95 AD8_026_verso_2 Photographer unknown, Remparts de Byzance
95 AD8_026_verso_3 Photographer unknown, Flotte turque dans Corne d'Or
95 AD8_026_verso_4 Photographer unknown, Caïque dans le Bosphore
95 AD8_026_verso_5 Photographer unknown, Janau - Sérail - cimitière
Photograph missing from mount.
95 AD8_027_recto_1 Photographer unknown, Élégante
95 AD8_027_recto_2 Photographer unknown, Jeunes filles turques
95 AD8_027_recto_3 Photographer unknown, Géneral Avrinsky et Colonel Popoff
95 AD8_027_recto_4 Photographer unknown, Femmes turques
95 AD8_027_recto_5 Photographer unknown, Marchés de pastiques et oranges
Photograph is missing from mount.
95 AD8_036_verso_1 Photographer unknown, Porte Gourand - Fort Sedd-ul-Bahr
95 AD8_027_recto_6 Photographer unknown, Fontaine
95 AD8_027_verso_1 Photographer unknown, [Building with Arched Windows and Trees in Front]
95 AD8_027_verso_2 Photographer unknown, [Market Vendors Selling Melons]
95 AD8_027_verso_3 Photographer unknown, [Old Buildings and Cobbled Road]
95 AD8_027_verso_4 Photographer unknown, [Cemetery]
95 AD8_028_recto_1 Photographer unknown, Coucher de soleil sur la pointe du Sérail
95 AD8_028_recto_2 Photographer unknown, Corne d'Or
95 AD8_028_recto_3 Photographer unknown, Coucher de soleil sur la Marmara
95 AD8_028_recto_4 Photographer unknown, Pompe sacrée
95 AD8_028_recto_5 Photographer unknown, Cour de vieille mosquée: [...] Pacha
95 AD8_028_verso_1 Photographer unknown, [Street Market Snapshot]
95 AD8_028_verso_2 Photographer unknown, [Panoramic View]
95 AD8_028_verso_3 Photographer unknown, [Boy in Street]
95 AD8_028_verso_4 Photographer unknown, [Ortokay Mosque]
95 AD8_028_verso_5 Photographer unknown, [Dolmabahçe Sarayı]
95 AD8_029_recto_1 Photographer unknown, Flotte turque dans la Corne d'Or
95 AD8_029_recto_2 Photographer unknown, Palais de Dolma Bagtché
95 AD8_029_recto_3 Photographer unknown, Les Commissaires de la D.P. Guerre
95 AD8_029_recto_4 Photographer unknown, Yacht turc
95 AD8_029_recto_5 Photographer unknown, Le "Lekoul" à Wrangel
95 AD8_029_verso_1 Photographer unknown, [Rumelihisarı from the Bosporus]
95 AD8_029_verso_2 Photographer unknown, [Sun Setting over French Naval Ship]
95 AD8_029_verso_3 Photographer unknown, [Sailor Walking Past Mosque]
95 AD8_029_verso_4 Photographer unknown, [Istanbul from the Bosporus]
95 AD8_029_verso_5 Photographer unknown, [French Navy on the Bosporus]
95 AD8_030_recto_1 Photographer unknown, [...] de 340 du "Lorraine"
95 AD8_030_recto_2 Photographer unknown, Cuirasse grec
95 AD8_030_recto_3 Photographer unknown, Cuirasse americain
95 AD8_030_recto_4 Photographer unknown, [...] terapia
95 AD8_030_recto_5 Photographer unknown, Cuirasse italien
95 AD8_030_recto_6 Photographer unknown, Dreagnouth anglais
95 AD8_030_verso_1 Photographer unknown, San Stephano
95 AD8_030_verso_2 Photographer unknown, Caravane à San Stephano
95 AD8_031_recto_1 Photographer unknown, Tombe d'Aniadé
95 AD8_031_recto_2 Photographer unknown, Cimetière de Edinni[?] Capou
95 AD8_031_verso_1 Photographer unknown, Mosquée de San Stephano
95 AD8_031_verso_2 Photographer unknown, Monteurs [?] d'ours (montagnards lazes) à San Stephano
Photograph is missing from mount.
95 AD8_032_recto_1 Photographer unknown, Équipe du 32 RTA
95 AD8_032_recto_2 Photographer unknown, Five o'clock à Zeïtun-Bournou
Photograph is missing from mount.
95 AD8_032_verso_1 Photographer unknown, Eaux douces d'Europe
95 AD8_032_verso_2 Photographer unknown, Palais de Belerbey à Bosphore
95 AD8_032_verso_3 Photographer unknown, Noce turque
95 AD8_032_verso_4 Photographer unknown, Eaux douces d'Europe
95 AD8_033_recto_1 Photographer unknown, Fouilles archael. à Makri Keuy
Depicts soldiers working at an archaelogical dig.
95 AD8_033_recto_2 Photographer unknown, Service tophographic (typographs) (x Zopié Kakorié [?])
Caption continues, referring to black soldier with an "x" above his head: (x Zopié Kakorié [?]),
95 AD8_033_recto_3 Photographer unknown, Sérail
95 AD8_033_verso_1 Photographer unknown, [View of a Building]
95 AD8_033_verso_2 Photographer unknown, [Street Market]
95 AD8_033_verso_3 Photographer unknown, [Rumelihisari from the Bosporus]
95 AD8_033_verso_4 Photographer unknown, [Storefronts with Men Standing before Them]
95 AD8_033_verso_5 [blank]
95 AD8_033_verso_6 Photographer unknown, [Rumelihisarı from the Water]
95 AD8_034_recto_1 Photographer unknown, Tchetaldja
95 AD8_034_recto_2 Photographer unknown, Prinkipo
95 AD8_034_recto_3 Photogapher unknown, Entrée de la mer Noire
95 AD8_034_recto_4 Photographer unknown, Marchands de raisins
95 AD8_034_recto_5 Photographer unknown, Ingénues
95 AD8_034_verso_1 Photographer unknown, Karavez Dére: Ravin de la Mort (Dardanelles)
95 AD8_034_verso_2 Photographer unknown, (Dardanelles) Fort de Tedd-Ul-Bohn-Epare de "Massena"
95 AD8_035_recto_1 Photographer unknown, Ossuaire turc
Photograph is missing from mount.
95 AD8_035_recto_2 Photographer unknown, Ossuaire français ([...])
Photograph is missing from mount.
95 AD8_035_verso_1 Photographer unknown, Monument Gourand
95 AD8_035_verso_2 Photographer unknown, Moustapha Keimal Pacha
95 AD8_036_recto_1 Photographer unknown, Épave d'un cargo italien
95 AD8_036_recto_2 Photographer unknown, Falaise de Gallipoli
95 AD8_036_recto_3 Photographer unknown, Le "Hora" devant Gallipoli
95 AD8_036_recto_4 Photographer unknown, Ruines du Fort de Sedd-ul-Bahr
95 AD8_036_recto_5 Photographer unknown, Ruines de Sedd-ul-Bahr
95 AD8_036_verso_1 Photographer unknown, Porte Goman [?]: Fort Sedd-ul-Bahr
95 AD8_036_verso_2 Photographer unknown, Sedd-ul-Bahr: la "Masséna" et [...] italien [...]
95 AD8_036_verso_3 Photographer unknown, La pont du "Masséna"
95 AD8_036_verso_4 Photographer unknown, Ossuaire "Masnou"
95 AD8_036_verso_5 Photographer unknown, Plateau d'[...]
95 AD8_037_recto_1 Photographer unknown, Les ossements humains - ossuaire "Masnou"
95 AD8_037_recto_2 Photographer unknown, La chapelle - ossuaire "Masnou"
95 AD8_037_verso [blank] [blank]
95 AD8_038_recto [blank]
95 AD8_038_verso [blank]
95 AD8_039_recto [blank]
95 AD8_039_verso [blank]
95 AD8_040_recto_1 R. Renza y C., Napoli - Panorama della città visto dalla Villa Patrizi
95 AD8_040_recto_2 R. Renza y C., Napoli - Via del Molo col Faro
95 AD8_040_recto_3 R. Renza y C., Napoli - Piazza del Municipio
95 AD8_040_recto_4 R. Renza y C., Napoli - Posilipo
95 AD8_040_verso_1 R. Renza y C., Napoli - Vporta Capuana
95 AD8_040_verso_2 R. Renza y C., Napoli - Ingresso alla Villa Nazionale
95 AD8_040_verso_3 R. Renza y C., Napoli - Piazza del Municipio col Monum. A Vitt. Emanuele
95 AD8_040_verso_4 R. Renza y C., Napoli - Pizza dei Martiri
95 AD8_041_recto_1 R. Renza y C., Napoli - Piazza della Stazione
95 AD8_041_recto_2 R. Renza y C., Napoli - Teatro S. Carlo. (Interno)
95 AD8_041_recto_3 R. Renza y C., Napoli - Palazzo Reale - Capodimonte
95 AD8_041_recto_4 R. Renza y C., Napoli - Museo Nazionale
95 AD8_041_verso [blank]
95 AD8_042_recto [blank]
95 AD8_042_verso [blank]
95 AD8_043_recto [blank]
95 AD8_043_verso [blank]
95 AD8_044_recto_1 [blank]
95 AD8_044_recto_2 Photographer unknown, [Soldier Sitting in front of a Dugout Barracks Doing Laundry]
95 AD8_044_recto_3 [blank]
95 AD8_044_recto_4 Photographer unknown, [Soldiers Eating in Field]
95 AD8_044_verso Photographer unknown, [Ordnance Shot in a Field]
95 1 Loose prints
95 1 AD8_s1 Photographer unknown, [Cemetery]
95 1 AD8_s2 Photographer unknown, [Soldiers in a Shelter, Dressed in Winter Gear]
95 1 AD8_s3 Photographer unknown, [Soldiers Marching in Street]
95 1 AD8_s4 Photographer unknown, [Horse Swimming across River]
95 1 AD8_s5 Photographer unknown, [Horses at River's Edge]
95 1 AD8_s5 Photographer unknown, [Man with Bike near Armored Car]
95 1 AD8_s7 Photographer unknown, [Ordnance Exploding in Field]
94A; 94B Lot AD9 Photographer unknown, Constantinople albums, 1920
Photographer unknown, Constantinople albums

Three hundred seventy-six gelatin silver prints in two volumes. The photographs were taken by an amateur photographer during the French occupation of Constantinople in 1920.
94A Lot AD9, 1/2 Constantinople No. 1
Red percaline album with handwritten title on front paste-down endpaper. 192 gelatin silver prints on 24 leaves. Mounts 21 x 18.5 cm., photographs 6.3 x 4 cm. Each mount has openings for four photographs. Most images are captioned, dated and numbered on the mount in white ink (dates and numbers are smudged and have not been transcribed). This volume largely shows popular tourist spots in Constantinople.
94A AD9_v1_001_recto_1 Aux jardins de la pointe du Sérail
94A AD9_v1_001_recto_2 Vue prise de la pointe du Sérail de Bosphore et Galata
Caption continues: Antennez du poste radio de la marine.
94A AD9_v1_001_recto_3 Vue prise de la pointe du Sérail de Bosphore et côte d'Asie
94A AD9_v1_001_recto_4 Sur le pont de Galata
94A AD9_v1_001_verso_1 Sur la pont de Galata
94A AD9_v1_001_verso_2 Vue prise de FinKidli
Caption continues: Le Bosphore et rive asiatique. L'Edgar Quinet au mouillage.
94A AD9_v1_001_verso_3 [...] Base navale française
94A AD9_v1_001_verso_4 À l'entrée du pont de Galata
94A AD9_v1_002_recto_1 Scutari. Portefaix Turc
94A AD9_v1_002_recto_2 Tour de [...] et côte d'Asie
94A AD9_v1_002_recto_3 Stamboul. Pointe du Sérail
94A AD9_v1_002_recto_4 Scutari d'Asie
94A AD9_v1_002_verso_1 Pont de Galata. Popes orthodoxes
94A AD9_v1_002_verso_2 Torpilleur français, hora et ambassade allemande
94A AD9_v1_002_verso_3 [...] de Galata, [...] du Boshpore. ([...])
94A AD9_v1_002_verso_4 Pont de Galata. Pope orthodoxe
94A AD9_v1_003_recto_1 Pont du Galata: vieux turc
94A AD9_v1_003_recto_2 Galata - la gare maritime
94A AD9_v1_003_recto_3 Un coin de Galata (Sali-Bazar) et le Bosphore
94A AD9_v1_003_recto_4 Gendarme crétois
94A AD9_v1_003_verso_1 Mosquée sultane Valdé Djami, vue du port de Galata
94A AD9_v1_003_verso_2 Vue prise du pont de Galata sur Stamboul
Caption continues: Bon de Stéraskérat et mosquée Suleymanie.
94A AD9_v1_003_verso_3 Entrée du pont de Galata côté Péra
94A AD9_v1_003_verso_4 Karakeuy
94A AD9_v1_004_recto_1 Galata. La rue des escaliers
94A AD9_v1_004_recto_2 Pont de Karakeuy et Stamboul
94A AD9_v1_004_recto_3 Un coin du Bosphore et Sali-Bazar
94A AD9_v1_004_recto_4 La rue de Péra
94A AD9_v1_004_verso_1 À Scutari d'Asie
94A AD9_v1_004_verso_2 Entrée du port de Galata. Emin-eunu
94A AD9_v1_004_verso_3 [Four Soldiers on the Galata Bridge]
Caption for AD9_v1_004_verso_3 and AD9_v1_004_verso_4: Sur le pont de Galata.
94A AD9_v1_004_verso_4 [Veiled Woman on the Galata Bridge]
Caption for AD9_v1_004_verso_3 and AD9_v1_004_verso_4: Sur le pont de Galata.
94A AD9_v1_005_recto_1 Sur le pont de Galata
Image depicts a woman carrying a bundle, with other people walking behind her.
94A AD9_v1_005_recto_2 Mosquée sultana Valdé Djami et le Corne d'Or
94A AD9_v1_005_recto_3 Portefaix turc
94A AD9_v1_005_recto_4 Sur le pont de Galata
Image depicts two veiled women with men walking in front and behind them.
94A AD9_v1_005_verso_1 [Entrance Facade of the German Embassy, Pera]
Caption for AD9_v1_005_verso_1 and AD9_v1_005_verso_2: Péra - l'ambassade allemande.
94A AD9_v1_005_verso_2 [Long Elevation of the German Embassy, Pera]
Caption for AD9_v1_005_verso_1 and AD9_v1_005_verso_2: Péra - l'ambassade allemande.
94A AD9_v1_005_verso_3 Place du baxim [?] - prise d'armes du 11 Novembre 1920
94A AD9_v1_005_verso_4 Sur le pont de Galata
Image depicts three veiled women.
94A AD9_v1_006_recto_1 Sur le pont de Galata
Image depicts a veiled woman crossing the bridge with people walking behind her in both directions.
94A AD9_v1_006_recto_2 Péra - le "tekke" des derviches tourneurs
94A AD9_v1_006_recto_3 Kassim-Pacha - le "tekke" des derviches hurleurs
94A AD9_v1_006_recto_4 Sali-Bazar- rue des escaliers
94A AD9_v1_006_verso_1 Sur la pont de Galata
Image depicts two women wearing headscarves.
94A AD9_v1_006_verso_2 Chichli: aprés l'incendie des bâtiments occupés en 1919 par le service radio du C.A.A.
94A AD9_v1_006_verso_3 Galata- l'arsenal et la mosquée Malmouché
94A AD9_v1_006_verso_4 Beauté fatale!
94A AD9_v1_007_recto_1 En route pour Karakeuy
Image depicts three veiled women from behind hurrying across the bridge.
94A AD9_v1_007_recto_2 Dolma-Bagtché - la tour de l'horloge
94A AD9_v1_007_recto_3 Dolma-Bagtché - fontaine
94A AD9_v1_007_recto_4 Sur le pont de Galata
Iamge depicts two veiled women huddled together with two men behind them.
94A AD9_v1_007_verso_1 [West Gate of Dolma Batché]
Caption for entire page: Palais impérial de Dolma-Batché. Caption for AD9_v1_007_verso_1 and AD9_v1_007_verso_2: La porte ouest.
94A AD9_v1_007_verso_2 [West Gate of Dolma-Batché from beyond the Trees]
Caption for entire page: Palais impérial de Dolma-Batché. Caption for AD9_v1_007_verso_1 and AD9_v1_007_verso_2: La porte ouest.
94A AD9_v1_007_verso_3 [North Gate of Dolma Batché]
Caption for entire page: Palais impérial de Dolma-Batché. Caption for AD9_v1_007_verso_3 and AD9_v1_007_verso_4: La porte nord.
94A AD9_v1_007_verso_4 [Close View of the North Gate of Dolma Batché]
Caption for entire page: Palais imperial de Dolma-Batché. Caption for AD9_v1_007_verso_3 and AD9_v1_007_verso_4: La porte nord.
94A AD_V1_008_recto_1 Sur le pont de Galata
Iamge depicts a man and a woman wearing a head scarf.
94A AD_V1_008_recto_2 Palais de Dolma Bagtché - vu du Bosphore
The palace seen from across the water.
94A AD_V1_008_recto_3 Palais de Dolma Bagtché - vu du Bosphore
Depicts the prow of a boat flying an American flag, with the palace across the water.
94A AD_v1_008_recto_4 "Effendie de Ramoum"
94A AD9_v1_008_verso_1 Pope orthodoxe
94A AD9_v1_008_verso_2 Mosquée Hamidié et palais impérial de Yildiz
94A AD9_v1_008_verso_3 Palais impérial de Yildiz: tour de l'horloge
94A AD9_v1_008_verso_4 Pope orthodoxe
Image depicts and older, white-bearded cleric.
94A AD9_v1_009_recto_1 La porte nord
Caption for entire page: Palais de Tchéragan.
94A AD9_v1_009_recto_2 La porte nord: vue de la cour
Caption for entire page: Palais de Tchéragan.
94A AD9_v1_009_recto_3 La portique
Caption for entire page: Palais de Tchéragan.
94A AD9_v1_009_recto_4 La porte sud
Caption for entire page: Palais de Tchéragan.
94A AD9_v1_009_verso_1 Sur le pont de Galata
Image depicts a porter carrying an armoire on his back.
94A AD9_v1_009_verso_2 Palais de Tchéragan - façades est et nord - poste radio "TCH"
94A AD9_v1_009_verso_3 Palais de Tchéragan - façade est - vue générale de la cour
94A Portefaix turc
Image depicts a porter carrying a set of tables and chairs on his back.
94A AD9_v1_010_recto_1 Sur le pont de Galata
Image depicts a veiled mother and daughter.
94A AD9_v1_010_recto_2 Palais de Tchéregan. Façade est et atelier radio
94A AD9_v1_010_recto_3 Palais de Tchéragan. Façade Sud de long du Bosphore
94A AD9_v1_010_recto_4 Portefaix turc
Depicts a porter carrying a load of large pottery disks and funnels.
94A AD9_v1_010_verso_1 Poste radio d'Okmeïdon
94A AD9_v1_010_verso_2 Palais de Tchéragan - façade sud et le Bosphore
94A AD9_v1_010_verso_3 Palais de Tchéragan - vue du Bosphore
94A AD9_v1_010_verso_4 Poste radio d'Okmeïdon réparation de l'antenne
94A AD9_v1_011_recto_1 Réparation de l'antenne
Caption for entire page: Poste radio d'Okmeïdon.
94A AD9_v1_011_recto_2 Vue générale
Caption for entire page: Poste radio d'Okmeïdon.
94A AD9_v1_011_recto_3 Tchéragan - poste radio "TCH" - la réception sur cadre
Caption for entire page: Poste radio d'Okmeïdon.
94A AD9_v1_011_recto_4 Poste radio d'Okmeïdon - l'arc de 3 kilowats
Caption for entire page: Poste radio d'Okmeïdon.
94A AD9_v1_011_verso_1 À Fatih
Image depicts camels.
94A AD9_v1_011_verso_2 Tchéragan poste radio "TCH" - la réception sur cadre
94A AD9_v1_011_verso_3 Pont de Galata - transport de charbon de bois
Image depicts pack camels.
94A AD9_v1_011_verso_4 Tchéragan: 15.9.20
Depicts a French army officer, possibly the photographer-compiler of these two albums.
94A Mosqueé Ste. Sophie
Page caption for leaves AD9_v1_012_recto through AD9_v1_016_recto.
94A AD9_v1_012_recto_1 Porte donnant sur Gul-Hané
94A AD9_v1_012_recto_2 Vue générale
94A AD9_v1_012_recto_3 Fontaine extérieure
94A AD9_v1_012_recto_4 Fontaine extérieure
Image is a close-up of the base of the fountain.
94A AD9_v1_012_verso_1 Le vestibule
Image is a view of three doors.
94A AD9_v1_012_verso_2 Turc procédant aux ablutions rituelles
94A AD9_v1_012_verso_3 Petite fontaine extérieure
94A AD9_v1_012_verso_4 Le vestibule
Image is a view of one door.
94A AD9_v1_013_recto_1 Vue générale intérieure
94A AD9_v1_013_recto_2 Le vestibule
Depicts a view looking down the hallway.
94A AD9_v1_013_recto_3 Vue intérieure
94A AD9_v1_013_recto_4 La tribune impériale
94A AD9_v1_013_verso_1 [Oblique View of Arches]
Additional caption for page: Vues intérieures.
94A AD9_v1_013_verso_2 [Arches]
Additional caption for page: Vues intérieures.
94A AD9_v1_013_verso_3 L'estrade des chanteurs
Additional caption for page: Vues intérieures.
94A AD9_v1_013_verso_4 [Half Dome]
Additional caption for page: Vues intérieures.
94A AD9_v1_014_recto_1 L'estrade des chanteurs et la tribune impériale
94A AD9_v1_014_recto_2 La main de Mahomet
94A AD9_v1_014_recto_3 Le grand lustre
94A AD9_v1_014_recto_4 La chaire
94A AD9_v1_014_verso_1 L'auter
94A AD9_v1_014_verso_2 Chapiteaux - tribune impériale
94A AD9_v1_014_verso_3 La coupole
94A AD9_v1_014_verso_4 Fontaine intérieure
94A AD9_v1_015_recto_1 Vue partielle du côté gauche
94A AD9_v1_015_recto_2 Les fidéles à la prière
94A AD9_v1_015_recto_3 La lecture du Coran
94A AD9_v1_015_recto_4 Croix byzantines recouvertes de dessins musulmans
94A AD9_v1_015_verso_1 Fauteuil de bois
94A AD9_v1_015_verso_2 La lecture du Coran
94A AD9_v1_015_verso_3 La prière
94A AD9_v1_015_verso_4 Petite chaise
94A AD9_v1_016_recto_1 Le plan de la mosquée (mosaïque et carrelage)
94A AD9_v1_016_recto_2 La lecture du Coran
94A AD9_v1_016_recto_3 Entrée de la nécropole de la famille du Sultan Sélim
94A AD9_v1_016_recto_4 L'un des piliers des bas-côtés
94A AD9_v1_016_verso_1 L'entrée
Additional caption for AD9_v1_016_verso_1 - AD9_v1_016_verso_3: Nécropole de la famille du sultan Sélim (Sa mere ses 4 femmes et ses 41[?] enfants).
94A AD9_v1_016_verso_2 [Tombs]
Additional caption for AD9_v1_016_verso_1 - AD9_v1_016_verso_3: Nécropole de la famille du sultan Sélim (Sa mere ses 4 femmes et ses 41[?] enfants).
94A AD9_v1_016_verso_3 Tombeau du sultan Sélim
Additional caption for AD9_v1_016_verso_1 - AD9_v1_016_verso_3: Nécropole de la famille du sultan Sélim (Sa mere ses 4 femmes et ses 41[?] enfants).
94A AD9_v1_016_verso_4 Fantassins turcs
94A AD9_v1_017_recto_1 Mosquée du sultan Achmed et l'obélisque grec
94A AD9_v1_017_recto_2 Mosquée du sultan Achmed - côté n.e.
94A AD9_v1_017_recto_3 Mosquée du sultan Achmed et fontaine Guillaume
94A AD9_v1_017_recto_4 Mosquée du sultan Achmed - porte avec incrustations de nacre
94A Mosquée du Sultan Achmed
Page caption for leaves AD9_v1_017_verso and AD9_v1_018_recto.
94A AD9_v1_017_verso_1 La fontaine
94A AD9_v1_017_verso_2 La cour
94A AD9_v1_017_verso_3 La cour: côté est
94A AD9_v1_017_verso_4 L'un des minarets (172] marches)
94A AD9_v1_018_recto_1 La chaire
94A AD9_v1_018_recto_2 [Interior view]
94A AD9_v1_018_recto_3 La couple
94A AD9_v1_018_recto_4 L'intérieur
94A Mosquée Sultane Validé Djami
Page caption for leaves AD9_v1_018_verso through AD9_v1_019_recto.
94A AD9_v1_018_verso_1 Mosquée Sultane Validé Djami. Côté sud-ouest
94A AD9_v1_018_verso_2 Vue prise de l'une des minarets de la mosquée Sultan Achmed. Un coin de l'Atmeyaan
94A AD9_v1_018_verso_3 Côté ouest
94A AD9_v1_018_verso_4 L'intérieur
94A AD9_v1_019_recto_1 La coupole
94A AD9_v1_019_recto_2 La fontaine
94A AD9_v1_019_recto_3 [Interior view]
Caption for AD9_v1_019_recto_3 and AD9_v1_019_recto_4: L'intérieur.
94A AD9_v1_019_recto_4 [Interior Tile Work]
94A AD9_v1_019_verso_1 Mosquée Sultane Validé Djami - le mihrab et la chaire
94A AD9_v1_019_verso_2 Mosquée Validé Djamissi - vue du Bosphore
94A AD9_v1_019_verso_3 Mosquée Validé Djamissi - le Bosphore, et côte d'Asie
94A AD9_v1_019_verso_4 Mosquée Sultane Validé Djami - la chaire
94A AD9_v1_020_recto_1 Mosquée Sultane Validé Djami - l'intérieur
94A AD9_v1_020_recto_2 Stamboul - mosquée Irène - Place de Janissaires
94A AD9_v1_020_recto_3 Stamboul - mosquée Irène
94A AD9_v1_020_recto_4 Mosquée Sultane Validé Djami -petite chaire
94A AD9_v1_020_verso_1 Mosquée [...] Pacha Djamissi à AK-Seraï
94A AD9_v1_020_verso_2 Mosquée Fatih
94A AD9_v1_020_verso_3 Mosquée Fatih - la cour et la fontaine
94A AD9_v1_020_verso_4 Mosquée de Tophané
94A AD9_v1_021_recto_1 [Mosquée d'Ortakeuy with Boats]
Caption for AD9_v1_021_recto_1 and AD9_v1_021_recto_2: Mosquée d'Ortakeuy.
94A AD9_v1_021_recto_2 [Mosquée d'Ortakeuy with a Boat]
94A AD9_v1_021_recto_3 Mosquée d'Ortakeuy - vue du Bosphore
94A AD9_v1_021_recto_4 Mosquée de Tchéragan
94A AD9_v1_021_verso_1 L'entrée
Caption for _AD9_v1_021_verso_1 and _AD9_v1_021_verso_1: Stamboul - mosquée Sultan Bayazid.
94A AD9_v1_021_verso_2 [View of Sultan Bayazid Mosque]
94A AD9_v1_021_verso_3 Fatih - Mosquée Edirné-Kapou. Porte à Anarinople
94A AD9_v1_021_verso_4 Mosquée Bayazid - la porte
94A AD9_v1_022_recto_1 Turbe du sultan Suleyman
Caption for AD9_v1_022_recto_1 and AD9_v1_022_recto_2: Mosquée Suleymanié. The likely photographer/compiler is shown resting his arm on a balustrade.
94A AD9_v1_022_recto_2 Côté est
94A AD9_v1_022_recto_3 Vue générale
Caption for AD9_v1_022_recto_3 and AD9_v1_022_recto_4: Mosquée Kharié.
94A AD9_v1_022_recto_4 Petite chaire
Caption for AD9_v1_022_recto_3 and AD9_v1_022_recto_4: Mosquée Kharié.
94A Mosquée Kharié
Caption for pages AD9_v1_022_verso - AD9_v1_023_verso. Additional page captions: Mosaïques Chrétiennes.
94A AD9_v1_022_verso_1 [Exterior Decoration?]
94A AD9_v1_022_verso_2 [Christ Mosaic]
94A AD9_v1_022_verso_3 [Christ and Angel? Mosaic]
94A AD9_v1_022_verso_4 [Ceiling Mosaic]
94A AD9_v1_023_recto_1 [Mosaic on a Pillar]
94A AD9_v1_023_recto_2 [Mosaic in an Arch Spandrel?]
94A AD9_v1_023_recto_3 [Mosaic with Buildings and Central Medallion]
94A AD9_v1_023_recto_4 [Mosaic below a Dome]
94A AD9_v1_023_verso_1 [Christ and Disciples?]
94A AD9_v1_023_verso_2 [Two Figures]
94A AD9_v1_023_verso_3 Stamboul - la Sublime Porte
94A AD9_v1_023_verso_4 [View of Three Mosaics]
94A AD9_v1_024_recto_1 Mosquée Kharié: mosaïques chrétienne
94A AD9_v1_024_recto_2 Coin de rue à Stamboul
94A AD9_v1_024_recto_3 Stamboul - Porte de Gul.-Hané
94A AD9_v1_024_recto_4 Mosquée Kharié: Chapiteau mutire
94A AD9_v1_024_verso_1 Stamboul - la colonne brûlée
94A AD9_v1_024_verso_2 Samboul - le Siéraskérat (ministère de la guerre turc)
94A AD9_v1_024_verso_3 Entrée du Siéraskérat
94A AD9_v1_024_verso_4 La tour du Siéraskérat
94B Lot AD9, 2/2 Constantinople No. 2
Green percaline album with handwritten title, "Constantinople, No. 2" on front paste-down endpaper. One hundred ninety-two gelatin silver prints on 25 leaves (four per page). Mounts 21 x 18.5 cm., photographs 6.3 x 4 cm. Handwritten captions on mounts describe photographs (dates and numbers are smudged and have not been transcribed). The album contains a larger preponderance of destroyers, battleships, and other scenes of military importance than the volume preceding it.
94B AD9_v1_001_recto_1 À l'Atméïdan: Fontaine Guillaume I
94B AD9_v1_001_recto_2 Fontaine Achmed
View of the fountain building.
94B AD9_v1_001_recto_3 Fontaine Achmed
Close-up of the font.
94B AD9_v1_001_recto_4 Intérieur de la [...]
View of a mosque[?] ceiling.
94B AD9_v1_001_verso_1 Jardin de l'Hippodrome - l'obélisque de Ste. Sophie
94B AD9_v1_001_verso_2 Fontaine Achmed
View of the corner of the building.
94B AD9_v1_001_verso_3 Fontaine Achmed
View of the font.
94B AD9_v1_001_verso_4 L'obélisque
94B AD9_v2_002_recto_1 Stamboul - Maison oú habita Pierre Loti en 1910
94B AD9_v2_002_recto_2 Yédi-Koulé - porte de Makri-Keuy
94B AD9_v2_002_recto_3 Yédi-Koulé - les murailles Théodosienne
94B AD9_v2_002_recto_4 Entrée du vieux bazar
94B AD9_v2_002_verso_1 Fontaine Achmed
View of the font.
94B AD9_v2_002_verso_2 Fatih - acqueduc de Valens
94B AD9_v2_002_verso_3 Yédi-Koulé - vieux cimetiere [...]
94B AD9_v2_002_verso_4 Fontaine Achmed
Close view of font.
94B AD9_v2_003_recto_1 Fatih - Colonne Byzantine
94B AD9_v2_003_recto_2 Yédi-Koulé
View of the tower.
94B AD9_v2_003_recto_3 [Distant View of Yédi-Koulé]
Caption for AD9_v2_003_recto_3 and AD9_v2_003_recto_4: Yédi-Koulé et mer de Marmara.
94B AD9_v2_003_recto_4 [Close View of the Tower, Yédi-Koulé]
Caption for AD9_v2_003_recto_3 and AD9_v2_003_recto_4: Yédi-Koulé et mer de Marmara. Close view of the tower.
94B AD9_v2_003_verso_1 Château des Sept Tours - vue prise des remparts
Page caption for AD9_v2_003: Yédi-Koulé.
94B AD9_v2_003_verso_2 Yédi-Koulé - elèvateur d'eau
94B AD9_v2_003_verso_3 Murailles Théodosiennes
94B AD9_v2_003_verso_4 La port d'[...]
94B AD9_v2_004_recto_1 [View of the Fortress Walls, Yédi-Koulé]
Page caption for AD9_v2_004_recto: Yédi-koule. Caption for AD9_v2_004_recto_1 and AD9_v2_004_recto_2: Vues prise des remparts.
94B AD9_v2_004_recto_2 [View of the Fortress, Yédi-Koulé]
Caption for AD9_v2_004_recto_1 and AD9_v2_004_recto_2: Vues prise des remparts.
94B AD9_v2_004_recto_3 Côté ouest
94B AD9_v2_004_recto_4 Direction de Top-Kapou
94B AD9_v2_004_verso_1 Entre Top-Kapou et Ak-Séraï - le quartier brûlé
94B AD9_v2_004_verso_2 Top-kapou - les murailles Théodosiennes
94B AD9_v2_004_verso_3 Yédi-Koulé - les murailles Théodosienne
94B AD9_v2_004_verso_4 Entre Top-Kapou et Ak-Séraï: le quartier brûlé
94B AD9_v2_005_recto_1 Les murailles Théodosiennes à Top-Kapou
94B AD9_v2_005_recto_2 Au S-E de Top-Kapou
94B AD9_v2_005_recto_3 Galata - vue prise de la Corne d'Or
94B AD9_v2_005_recto_4 Mosquée à Eyoub
94B AD9_v2_005_verso_1 Une rue à Eyoub
94B AD9_v2_005_verso_2 La Corne d'Or, vue du pont de Karakeuy
View showing numerous boats.
94B AD9_v2_005_verso_3 La Corne d'Or, vue du pont de Karakeuy
94B AD9_v2_005_verso_4 Eyoub - la Corne d'Or
94B AD9_v2_006_recto_1 Mosquée Sultan Eyoub
View through cemetery.
94B AD9_v2_006_recto_2 Eyoub - la Corne d'Or
View from edge of the cemetery overlooking rooftops.
94B AD9_v2_006_recto_3 Eyoub - la Corne d'Or
View from the cemetery with grave markers and trees.
94B AD9_v2_006_recto_4 Eyoub - turbés et fontaine
94B AD9_v2_006_verso_1 Une rue à Eyoub
94B AD9_v2_006_verso_2 L'amirauté Turqe et la Corne d'Or
94B AD9_v2_006_verso_3 Hasskeuy et la Corne d'Or
94B AD9_v2_006_verso_4 À Eyoub
94B AD9_v2_007_recto_1 Mosquée Sultan Eyoub - le mausolée
94B AD9_v2_007_recto_2 Kassim Pacha - la marine de guerre turque internes dans la Corne d'Or
94B AD9_v2_007_recto_3 Kassim Pacha - la marine de guerre turque internes dans la Corne d'Or
94B AD9_v2_007_recto_4 Mosquée Sultan Eyoub - le mausolée
94B AD9_v2_007_verso_1 Le mausolée
Page caption for AD9_v2_007_verso: Mosquée Sultan Eyoub.
94B AD9_v2_007_verso_2 La fontaine
94B AD9_v2_007_verso_3 La fontaine et la cour
94B AD9_v2_007_verso_4 [...] fontaine
94B AD9_v2_008_recto_1 Le mausolée
Page caption for AD9_v2_008_recto: Mosquée Sultan Eyoub.
94B AD9_v2_008_recto_2 La cour
94B AD9_v2_008_recto_3 Entrée dans le mosquée
94B AD9_v2_008_recto_4 Le mausolée
94B AD9_v2_008_verso_1 Mosquée Sultan Eyoub
Depicts screened windows.
94B AD9_v2_008_verso_2 Eyoub - la pompe d'Allah
94B AD9_v2_008_verso_3 Eyoub - un cimetière et la Corne d'Or
94B AD9_v2_008_verso_4 Mosquée Sultan Eyoub
Depicts a passageway.
94B AD9_v2_009_recto_1 Scutari d'Asie - la mosquée
94B AD9_v2_009_recto_2 Cimetière à Eyoub
94B AD9_v2_009_recto_3 Scutari - l'école de cavau? turque
94B AD9_v2_009_recto_4 Cimetière [...]
94B AD9_v2_009_verso_1 [Arched Monument and Grave Markers]
Caption for page: Scutari d'Asie. Caption for AD9_v2_009_verso_1 and AD9_v2_009_verso_2: Au cimetière.
94B AD9_v2_009_verso_2 [Mausoleums]
94B AD9_v2_009_verso_3 Au cimetière
Depicts a soldier standing among the graves.
94B AD9_v2_009_verso_4 Une rue de Scutari
94B AD9_v2_010_recto_1 [Grave Markers]
Caption for AD9_v2_010_recto_1 and AD9_v2_010_recto_2: Scutari d'Asie - Parmi les tombes.
94B AD9_v2_010_recto_2 [Donkey Standing among Tombs]
94B AD9_v2_010_recto_3 Vue de Halk
Caption for AD9_v2_010_recto_3 and AD9_v2_010_recto_4: Îles des Princes.
94B AD9_v2_010_recto_4 Prinkipo: À bord d' [...]
Depicts a French officer on the deck of a ferry.
94B AD9_v2_010_verso_1 À Prinkipo
Caption for page AD9_v2_010_verso: Îles des Princes. Depicts two French officers picnicing.
94B AD9_v2_010_verso_2 Vue de Antigone
94B AD9_v2_010_verso_3 Prinkipo - côté N.E.
94B AD9_v2_010_verso_4 À Prinkipo
Depicts two men in swimming suits standing in the water.
94B AD9_v2_011_recto_1 Prinkipo - côté N.E.
Caption for page AD9_v2_011_recto: Îles des Princes.
94B AD9_v2_011_recto_2 Prinkipo - la plage
94B AD9_v2_011_recto_3 Prinkipo - côté S.E.
94B AD9_v2_011_recto_4 Dans le bosphore...
94B AD9_v2_011_verso_1 [The Edgar Quinet]
Caption for page AD9_v2_011_verso: Dans le Bosphore.
94B AD9_v2_011_verso_2 Le croiseur "Edgar Quinet"
94B AD9_v2_011_verso_3 Le croiseur "Jeanne d'Arc"
94B AD9_v2_011_verso_4 L'Edgar Quinet
94B AD9_v2_012_recto_1 La cuirassé Lorraine
Caption for page AD9_v2_012_recto: Dans le Bosphore.
94B AD9_v2_012_recto_2 La cuirassé Provence
94B AD9_v2_012_recto_3 La cuirassé Provence, devant Tchéragan
Caption continues: Plage [...] et tourelle de 340th.
94B AD9_v2_012_recto_4 La cuirassé Lorraine
94B AD9_v2_012_verso_1 [English Naval Cruiser]
Caption for page AD9_v2_012_verso: Dans le Bosphore.
94B AD9_v2_012_verso_2 Cuirassé anglais
Close-up showing the ship's guns.
94B AD9_v2_012_verso_3 Cuirassé anglais
94B AD9_v2_012_verso_4 Tchéragan: 15.9.20
Portrait of a bearded French officer, most likely the album compiler.
94B AD9_v2_013_recto_1 Cuirassé anglais
Caption for page AD9_v2_013_recto: Dans le Bosphore.
94B AD9_v2_013_recto_2 Cuirass anglais, "Ramillies" [?]
94B AD9_v2_013_recto_3 Cuirass anglais, "Ramillies" [?]
Closer view of the previous ship.
94B AD9_v2_013_recto_4 Cuirassé anglais
94B AD9_v2_013_verso_1 Cuirassé grec, "Kilkis"
94B AD9_v2_013_verso_2 Tuzla, Golfe d'Ismidt. Le "Goe_en"
94B AD9_v2_013_verso_3 Le rapeur yougo-slave, Lourjenac
94B Le rapeur yougo-slave, Lourjena Sirkedji: Départ du __itailement de OSM
94B AD9_v2_014_recto_1 Le pachebot "Alexandre III"
Caption for page AD9_v2_014_recto: Dans le Bosphore.
94B AD9_v2_014_recto_2 Une vedette française (vue prise de l'Anatolie)
94B AD9_v2_014_recto_3 En canot automobile
94B AD9_v2_014_recto_4 Un "chirket"
94B AD9_v2_014_verso_1 Bébek, vu du Bosphore
94B AD9_v2_014_verso_2 Thérapia - voilier dans le Bosphore
94B AD9_v2_014_verso_3 [View looking towards a Ship]
94B AD9_v2_014_verso_4 [View of the Bosporus]
94B AD9_v2_015_recto_1 Rouméli-Hissar
94B AD9_v2_015_recto_2 Ortakeuy - le Bosphore et côte d'Asie
94B AD9_v2_015_recto_3 [View of Rouméli-Hissar]
Caption for AD9_v2_015_recto_3 and AD9_v2_015_recto_4: Les fortifications de Rouméli-Hissar / Vues du Bosphore.
94B AD9_v2_015_recto_4 [Distant View of Rouméli-Hissar]
94B AD9_v2_015_verso_1 [Roumeli-Hissar from the River]
Caption for page AD9_v2_015_verso: Rouméli-Hissar et le Bosphore.
94B AD9_v2_015_verso_2 [Roumeli-Hissar from Land, Tower to Right]
94B AD9_v2_015_verso_3 [Roumeli-Hissar from Land, Tower to Left]
94B AD9_v2_015_verso_4 [Roumeli-Hissar in Shadow]
94B AD9_v2_016_recto_1 [Roumeli-Hissar from Below]
Caption of rpage AD9_v2_016_recto: Rouméli-Hissar et le Bosphore.
94B AD9_v2_016_recto_2 [Roumeli-Hissar and the Bosporus]
94B AD9_v2_016_recto_3 [Roumeli-Hissar Tower and the Bosporus]
94B AD9_v2_016_recto_4 L'entrée du château
94B AD9_v2_016_verso_1 [Close-up of Crenellated Tower]
Caption for AD9_v2_016_verso_1 and AD9_v2_016_verso_2: Les fortifications de Rouméli-Hissar.
94B AD9_v2_016_verso_2 [Towers]
94B AD9_v2_016_verso_3 Coucher de soleil à Rouméli-Hissar
94B AD9_v2_016_verso_4 Sténia - dock flottant qui servit au "Breslau"
94B AD9_v2_017_recto_1 Vue générale
Caption for page AD9_v2_017_recto: Kavak - (Côte d'Asie).
94B AD9_v2_017_recto_2 Le port
94B AD9_v2_017_recto_3 Thérapia - entrée de la mer Noire
94B AD9_v2_017_recto_4 Kavak - anciennes fortifications défendant l'entrée du Bosphore
94B AD9_v2_017_verso_1 Kavak (Côte d'Asie)
Street scene.
94B AD9_v2_017_verso_2 Kavak - entrée de la mer Noire
94B AD9_v2_017_verso_3 Kavak - entrée de la mer Noire
Depicts two French officers standing on the shore.
94B AD9_v2_017_verso_4 Kavak
Lateral view of a rustic house.
94B AD9_v2_018_recto_1 Le cap Matapan, pointe extrême sud de la Grèce
94B AD9_v2_018_recto_2 Un coin des quais de galata [...]
Caption continues: [...] départ de "l'Anatolie" pour Marseille - 10 heures.
94B AD9_v2_018_recto_3 En rade d'Héraclée (Asie Mineure)
94B AD9_v2_018_recto_4 À bord du "Vénizalos"
94B AD9_v2_018_verso_1 Zongouldak
Caption of rpage AD9_v2_018_verso: Asie Mineure.
94B AD9_v2_018_verso_2 Héraclée
94B AD9_v2_018_verso_3 En rade à Héraclée...
Caption continues, but is smudged.
94B AD9_v2_018_verso_4 En rade de Zongoulkak...
Caption continues, but is smudged.
94B AD9_v2_019_recto_1 En rade de buzta à bord de "Lourjenac"
94B AD9_v2_019_recto_2 Zongouldak: le port
94B AD9_v2_019_recto_3 Zongouldak
94B AD9_v2_019_recto_4 À bord du "Lourjenac"
94B AD9_v2_019_verso_1 Zongouldak: à "Lourjenac" en rade
Caption for page AD9_v2_019_verso: Asie Mineure.
94B AD9_v2_019_verso_2 Zongouldak
94B AD9_v2_019_verso_3 Zongouldak - le port
94B AD9_v2_019_verso_4 Zongouldak - à bord du "Lourjenac"
94B AD9_v2_020_recto_1 En rade de Constantinople à bord du "Lourjenac"
Caption for page AD9_v2_020_recto: Asie Mineure.
94B AD9_v2_020_recto_2 En rade de Zongouldak à bord du "Lourjenac"
94B AD9_v2_020_recto_3 Tiflis [...] église [...]
94B AD9_v2_020_recto_4 Tiflis - Cathédrale [...]
94B AD9_v2_020_verso_1 Le théâtre
Caption for page: AD9_v2_020_verso: Tiflis (Caucase).
94B AD9_v2_020_verso_2 La montagne du funiculaire
94B AD9_v2_020_verso_3 Décembre 1920
94B AD9_v2_020_verso_4 Église [...]
94B AD9_v2_021_recto_1 [...] du jardin botanique
Caption for page AD9_v2_021_recto: Tiflis.
94B AD9_v2_021_recto_2 Décembre 1920
94B AD9_v2_021_recto_3 [View of Tiflis]
Caption for AD9_v2_021_recto_3 and AD9_v2_021_recto_4: Vues générales.
94B AD9_v2_021_recto_4 [View of Tiflis and Mountains]
94B AD9_v2_021_verso_1 Carthage - théâtre de Donime [?]
94B AD9_v2_021_verso_2 Carthage - le grand ampithéâtre
With a French officer standing in the center.
94B AD9_v2_021_verso_3 Carthage - le grand ampithéâtre
94B AD9_v2_021_verso_4 Entre Botoun et Tiflis
Caption continues: : Volontaires géorgiens sur le drapeau en lit "Prolétaires de tous les pays, réunissez-vous."
94B AD9_v2_022_recto_1 [Church from a Distance]
94B AD9_v2_022_recto_2 [Church Dome and Balustraude]
94B AD9_v2_022_recto_3 [Church Stairs and Entrance]
94B AD9_v2_022_recto_4 [Church from a Distance with Large Group Posing in Front]
94B AD9_v2_022_verso_1 [Station of the Cross]
94B AD9_v2_022_verso_2 [Chapel]
94B AD9_v2_022_verso_3 [Station of the Cross - Grottos and Crucifixion]
94B AD9_v2_022_verso_4 [Station of the Cross - Carrying the Crucifix]
94B AD9_v2_023_recto_1 [Station of the Cross]
94B AD9_v2_023_recto_2 [Station of the Cross]
94B AD9_v2_023_recto_3 [Station of the Cross]
94B AD9_v2_023_recto_4 [Station of the Cross]
94B AD9_v2_023_verso_1 [Station of the Cross - Three Crosses and Fence]
94B AD9_v2_023_verso_2 [Station of the Cross]
94B AD9_v2_023_verso_3 [Station of the Cross - in Grotto]
94B AD9_v2_023_verso_4 [Station of the Cross - Three Crosses]
94B AD9_v2_024_recto_1 [Nuns Walking through Arched Gateway]
94B AD9_v2_024_recto_2 [blank]
94B AD9_v2_024_recto_3 [blank]
94B AD9_v2_024_recto_4 [Nuns Walking through Arched Gateway]
96 Lot AD10 Türkei-Kleinasien, 1917-1918

Gray heavy paper string-bound album with handwritten title: Türkei = Kleinasien, 1917-18: Meiner lieben Pauline, zur Erinnerung! One hundred four gelatin silver prints on 18 leaves. Mounts 48 x 32 cm., photographs 14.5 x 9.3 cm. and smaller. Handwritten captions describe photographs, which are glued directly to the page. This album documents the German military presence in Turkey from 1917 to 1918.
96 AD10_001_recto_1 Armenisches Kaufhaus in Schubbin Karahissar
Caption for AD10_001_recto: Kleinasien.
96 AD10_001_recto_2 Griechische Kirche in Kizik
96 AD10_001_recto_3 Einfahrt in den Bosporus
96 AD10_002_recto_1 Griechische Kirche in Kizik
Depicts soldiers standing in the entrance gate. Heading on AD10_002_recto: Kleinasien.
96 AD10_002_recto_2 Während der Armenier Massakres zerstörte Stadt Schubbin Karahissar
96 AD10_002_recto_3 Trapezunt
96 AD10_003_recto_1 Schubbin Karahissar
96 AD10_003_recto_2 Aizik
96 AD10_003_recto_3 Trapezunt: Père Lorand
96 AD10_003_recto_4 Kurassun
96 AD10_004_recto_1 Seilbah: Messdetachement in Ceirmentasch
Caption for AD10_004_recto: Kleinasien.
96 AD10_004_recto_2 Seilbahnvermessung im Winter 1917
96 AD10_004_recto_3 Rastende Kamele: Kizik
96 AD10_004_recto_4 Griechishes Begräbnis: Kizik
96 AD10_005_recto_01 Griechisches Begräbnis
Caption for AD10_005_recto: Kleinasien.
96 AD10_005_recto_02 In der Stube des türkischen Majors Jakub Bey
96 AD10_005_recto_03 Kurden in Alu Kischla
96 AD10_005_recto_04 Alu Kischla (Bagdadbahn)
96 AD10_005_recto_05 Alu Kischla
96 AD10_005_recto_06 Meine Wohnung im Winter 1917 - Kizik
96 AD10_005_recto_07 Meine Stube - Kizik
96 AD10_005_recto_08 Nigde
96 AD10_005_recto_09 Hptm. Linder
Hauptmeister Linder.
96 AD10_005_recto_10 Brunnen im Nigde
96 AD10_005_recto_11 Meine Stube - Kizik
96 AD10_005_recto_12 Kurdenmädchen
96 AD10_005_recto_13 Balschükenfries: Sivas
96 AD10_006_recto_01 Alu Kirschla
96 AD10_006_recto_02 Nigde
96 AD10_006_recto_03 Aus Kizik
96 AD10_006_recto_04 Aus Schubin[sic] Karahissar
96 AD10_006_recto_05 Nigde
96 AD10_006_recto_06 Oase in der Salzwüste
96 AD10_006_recto_07 Schubbin Karahissar
96 AD10_006_recto_08 Kizik
96 AD10_006_recto_09 Ejub
96 AD10_006_recto_10 Schiff "Olga" Batum-Trapezunt
96 AD10_006_recto_11 Mein Haus in Kizik
96 AD10_006_recto_12 Armenische Burg: Schubbin Karahissar
96 AD10_006_recto_13 Kizik - Winter 1917
96 AD10_006_recto_14 Sultan Han - Salzwüste
96 AD10_006_recto_15 Griechisches Haus - Kizik
96 AD10_007_recto_1 Perastrasse
Caption for AD10_007_recto: Konstantinopel.
96 AD10_007_recto_2 Enver Pascha: Audienz September 1917
96 AD10_007_recto_3 Galata Kai
96 AD10_007_recto_4 Moschee Ejub - mit dem Schwerte des Propheten
96 AD10_008_recto_1 Bosporus
Caption for AD10_008_recto: Konstantinopel.
96 AD10_008_recto_2 Moschee Ali Pascha
96 AD10_008_recto_3 Selamnik
96 AD10_009_recto_1 Auf einem Dampfer von Pera nach Haidapascha
Caption for AD10_09_recto: Konstantinopel.
96 AD10_009_recto_2 Blick vom Bosporus auf Kospoli
96 AD10_009_recto_3 Aus Stambul
Depicts knife grinders.
96 AD10_009_recto_4 Perastrasse
96 AD10_009_recto_5 Aus Stambul
Depicts a street barber.
96 AD10_010_recto_1 Blick vom Bosporus auf Kospoli
Caption for AD10_10_recto: Konstantinopel.
96 AD10_010_recto_2 Stambul (türischer Teil)
96 AD10_010_recto_3 Türk - Friedhof in Haidapascha
Depicts the corner wall of the paths in the cemetery.
96 AD10_010_recto_4 Türk - Friedhof in Haidapascha
Depicts a man sitting on a tomb marker in the cemetery.
96 AD10_010_recto_5 Galata Kai
96 AD10_010_recto_6 Türk - Friedhof in Haidapascha
Depicts grave markers and a wrought iron domed enclosure in the cemetery.
96 AD10_010_recto_7 Stambul: Galata Brücke
96 AD10_011_recto_1 Türk - Teil von Stambul
Caption for AD10_11_recto: Konstantinopel.
96 AD10_011_recto_2 Sultan Achmed Moschee
96 AD10_011_recto_3 Perastrasse
96 AD10_011_recto_4 Aus Stambul
Depicts the cobbled street outside the cemetery.
96 AD10_011_recto_5 Aus Stambul
Depicts a horse-drawn wagon coming through an archway in the street.
96 AD10_011_recto_6 Landungsbrücke: Galata Kai
96 AD10_012_recto_1 Goldenes Horn
Caption for AD10_12_recto: Konstantinopel.
96 AD10_012_recto_2 Kaiser Wilhelm Brunnen - Stambul
96 AD10_012_recto_3 Aus Stambul
Street scene with Turkish women and men.
96 AD10_012_recto_4 Einfahrt vom Marmara Meer
96 AD10_012_recto_5 Galata Kai
Street scene with soldiers. Turkish women and men.
96 AD10_012_recto_6 Galata Kai
Street scene with steamer at docks in the background.
96 AD10_013_recto_1 Leander Turm
Caption for AD10_013_recto: Kospoli.
96 AD10_013_recto_2 Macedonische Mauer
96 AD10_013_recto_3 Explosion Haidapascha
96 AD10_013_recto_4 Prinzen Insel
96 AD10_013_recto_5 Macedonische Mauer
96 AD10_013_recto_6 Explosion Haidapascha
96 AD10_013_recto_7 [Bomb Damaged Building in Haidapascha]
96 AD10_013_recto_8 Haida Pascha
96 AD10_013_recto_9 [Soldiers in the Rubble-filled courtyard of a Bombed Building]
96 AD10_014_recto_1 Schreiber in Stambul
Caption for AD10_014_recto: Konstantinopel.
96 AD10_014_recto_2 Türkische Marineinfanterie - Selamnik
96 AD10_014_recto_3 Empfang Kaiser Karls
Depicts crowd of Turkish dignitaries with flagbearer and guards.
96 AD10_014_recto_4 Empfang Kaiser Karls
Depicts Charles I of Austria shaking hands with an elderly man.
96 AD10_015_recto_1 [Market Vendors Bundled up against the Cold]
Caption for page AD10_015_recto: Typen aus Stambul.
96 AD10_015_recto_2 [Turkish Families Picnicking]
96 AD10_015_recto_3 [Man Seated against Wall, Holding Flat Ceramic Bowl between his Knees]
96 AD10_015_recto_4 [Vendor Squatting on a Bridge]
96 AD10_016_recto_1 [Man in Fez Posing on Street]
Caption for page AD10_016_recto: Typen aus Stambul.
96 AD10_016_recto_2 Bettlerin auf der Galatabrücke
Depicts a woman holding her headscarf over her mouth.
96 AD10_016_recto_3 [Family of Vendors]
96 AD10_016_recto_4 Bettlerin auf der Galatabrücke
Depicts the woman in AD10_016_recto_4, but smiling.
96 AD10_017_recto_1 [Two Men]
Caption for page AD10_017_recto: Aus Kospoli.
96 AD10_017_recto_2 [Public Execution by Hanging]
96 AD10_017_recto_3 [Two Men Talking in the Street]
96 AD10_017_recto_4 Prinkipe
96 AD10_017_recto_5 Galatabrücke
96 AD10_018_recto_1 [Vendors at Outdoor Market]
Caption for page AD10_018_recto: Kospoli.
96 AD10_018_recto_2 [Old Woman Wearing Headscarf]
96 AD10_018_recto_3 [Soldier Eating Street Food]
96 AD10_018_recto_4 [Crowd at Public Execution]
96 AD10_018_recto_5 Goldenes Horn
96 AD10_018_recto_6 Ejub
97 Lot AD11 Istanbul-Bursa 1935, photographed 1930-1935; compiled 1935
Istanbul-Bursa 1935

Red cloth-bound album containing sixty-three gelatin silver prints, 31 of which are pasted on album pages 1 recto through 12 recto, and on pages 28 verso through 32 verso. Pages 12 verso through 28 recto are blank. The remaining 32 photographs were found arranged, but unpasted, between the blank pages of the album (12 verso to 28 recto). Album title from spine. Image titles from French captions written on mounts.
97 Album
97 AD11_001_recto Les navettes sur les bords du Corne d'Or
Caption at top of page: Istanbul et Bursa /1930-1935. Image caption continues: Eminonü / pont de Galata et les "Keayikilan."
97 AD11_001_verso La Corne d'Or
Depicts sailboats.
97 AD11_002_recto Les pecheurs d'Üsküdar [...] vers Kabataz
97 AD11_002_verso La Corne d'Or
View from the water.
97 AD11_003_recto La Corne d'Or
Depicts houses viewed from the water.
97 AD11_003_verso Les "Gaitana," caiques
97 AD11_004_recto La Corne d'Or et les "Catana"
97 AD11_004_verso Le pont du Galata
97 AD11_005_recto Le pont du Galata et mosquée "Yenicamii"
Caption continues:...les bateaus des lignes "Şehir Hatlan" par Bosphore, ils Princes, Üsknandar et Kedyä.
97 AD11_005_verso [Rubble in the Streets]
97 AD11_006_recto Sainte Sophie et le déjeuner des pensionnaires
97 AD11_006_verso Les légumes d'hiver
97 AD11_007_recto Les marchands de légumes et les marchands ambulants
97 AD11_007_verso Marchand de fruits dans le bazar la rue moutant au grand bazar
97 AD11_008_recto Le bazar, l'homme portant un mouton
97 AD11_008_verso Les marchands de tissus "Kumascelar"
97 AD11_009_recto Cieur de soutier et "Muha [...]"
97 AD11_009_verso Marchand de "Baulettes-Koftee"[?]
97 AD11_010_recto Le café "Kahveer"
97 AD11_010_verso Marchand du fruits et légumes "Manar"
97 AD11_011_recto Un rue de marché, Istanbul ou Bursa?
97 AD11_011_verso Les Tuganes
97 AD11_012_recto [Two Women Cooking before a Doorway]
97 AD11_012_verso - AD_028_recto [blank]
97 AD11_028_verso Une rue du Bursa
View looking down street with mosque in distance.
97 AD11_029_recto Une rue du Bursa
Depicts a man walking past a corner house with a wood pile.
97 AD11_029_verso Bursa
View of Bursa from the cemeterey.
97 AD11_030_recto Vue générale Bursa
97 AD11_030_verso Bursa
Depicts the back of houses built on a hill.
97 AD11_031_recto Bursa
Street scene with a minaret in the background.
97 AD11_031_verso Bursa
View of a bridge over a river with houses and mountains beyond.
97 AD11_032_recto Vue "Uludag"
Depicts a shepherd and his flock.
97 Loose prints
97 AD11_s01 [Bursa Docks]
Found between pages 12 verso and 13 recto.
97 AD11_s02 [Female Steet Vendor Sitting near her Wares]
Found between pages 12 verso and 13 recto.
97 AD11_s03 [Old Man Sitting on Stony Slope]
Found between pages 12 verso and 13 recto.
97 AD11_s04 [Men and Boys with a Donkey and Baskets]
Found between pages 13 verso and 15 recto.
97 AD11_s05 [Sailboats on Shoreline]
Found between pages 14 verso and 15 recto.
97 AD11_s06 [Sailboats and Rowboats on Shoreline]
Found between pages 14 verso and 15 recto.
97 AD11_s07 [Beached Sailboat]
Found between pages 15 verso and 16 recto.
97 AD11_s08 [Four Beached Sailboats]
Found between pages 15 verso and 16 recto.
97 AD11_s09 [Bird's-eye View Looking over Roofs to Harbor]
Found between pages 16 verso and 17 recto.
97 AD11_s10 [Women and Children in a Yard Full of Rubble]
Found between pages 16 verso and 17 recto.
97 AD11_s11 [View of Houses]
Found between pages 17 verso and 18 recto.
97 AD11_s12 [Cobbled Street Leading to the Waterfront]
Found between pages 17 verso and 18 recto.
97 AD11_s13 [Waves Crashing against Houses on Shoreline]
Found between pages 18 verso and 19 recto.
97 AD11_s14 [Woman on Shore with Crashing Waves]
Found between pages 18 verso and 19 recto.
97 AD11_s15 [Men in Boats on Shoreline]
Found between pages 19 verso and 20 recto.
97 AD11_s16 [Waterfront Fort or Warehouse]
Found between pages 19 verso and 20 recto.
97 AD11_s17 [Construction in Street with Santa Sophia in Background]
Found between pages 20 verso and 21 recto.
97 AD11_s18 [Trees on Shoreline with City across Water]
Found between pages 20 verso and 21 recto.
97 AD11_s19 [Woman with Basket over her Shoulder]
Found between pages 21 verso and 22 recto.
97 AD11_s20 [Worker]
Found between pages 21 verso and 22 recto.
97 AD11_s21 [Woman Carrying Water down Path, Santa Sophia in Distance]
Found between pages 22 verso and 23 recto.
97 AD11_s22 [View from Alley looking down over Rooftops]
Found between pages 22 verso and 23 recto.
97 AD11_s23 [Seated Man with one Fist on Top of the Other]
Found between pages 23 verso and 24 recto.
97 AD11_s24 [Food Vendor with Glass Box of Wares]
Found between pages 23 verso and 24 recto.
97 AD11_s25 [Market Square]
Found between pages 24 verso and 25 recto.
97 AD11_s26 [Man with Laden Donkey]
Found between pages 24 verso and 25 recto.
97 AD11_s27 [Old Man with Cane]
Found between pages 25 verso and 26 recto.
97 AD11_s28 [Street Scene with Men and Horse-drawn Wagons]
Found between pages 25 verso and 26 recto.
97 AD11_s29 [Crowed Street]
Found between pages 26 verso and 27 recto.
97 AD11_s30 [Woman with Sacks]
Found between pages 26 verso and 27 recto.
97 AD11_s31 [Horse-drawn Wagon in Residential Street]
Found between pages 27 verso and 28 recto.
97 AD11_s33 [Street Scene with Man Carrying Large Basket]
Found between pages 27 verso and 28 recto.
97A Lot AD12 Photographer unknown, Constantinople, 1919
Photographer unknown, Constantinople

Paper-bound album containing 113 gelatin silver prints by a pilot in the French army. Album 33 x 11 cm; photographs 16.3 x11 cm. and smaller. Printed cover with title on upper (front) cover: Constantinople. Photograph titles written in caption cartouches on mounts. Inscribed on first mount: Souvenir affecteux du camarade d'aviation française de l'ármée d'Orient / Constantinople 15/10/1919 / Gérard.
97A AD12_001_recto Stamboul Galata
Aerial view.
97A AD12_002_recto Pointe du Sérail
Aerial view.
97A AD12_003_recto Pointe du Sérail
Aerial view.
97A AD12_004_recto Corne d'Or
Aerial view.
97A AD12_005_recto Pont de Galata
Aerial view.
97A AD12_006_recto Scutari
Aerial view.
97A AD12_007_recto San Stephano Aviation
Aerial view.
97A AD12_008_recto Galata en le nouveau pont
97A AD12_009_recto Top Hané
97A AD12_010_recto Sortie du Bosphore
97A AD12_011_recto Panoramas vue Stamboul
97A AD12_012_recto Eaux douces d'Asie
97A AD12_013_recto Corne d'Or
97A AD12_014_recto Corne d'Or
97A AD12_015_recto_1 Mosquée Ahmed
97A AD12_015_recto_2 Mosquée Sainte-Sophie
97A AD12_016_recto Intérieur de Sainte-Sophie
97A AD12_017_recto Mosquée Ahmed - chapiteau
97A AD12_018_recto Mosquée Ahmed - le member
97A AD12_019_recto_1 Cour de la mosquée Bayazid
97A AD12_019_recto_2 Coin de Stamboul
97A AD12_019_recto_3 Mosquée Sainte Sophie - le maksoura
97A AD12_019_recto_4 Muezzins
97A AD12_020_recto_1 Femmes turques
97A AD12_020_recto_2 Vieux turc
97A AD12_021_recto_1 Vieux Stamboul
97A AD12_021_recto_2 Stamboul
97A AD12_022_recto_1 Porte de la mosquée Fatih
97A AD12_022_recto_2 Mosquée Suleïmanié
97A AD12_023_recto_1 Vieux sérail
Group of dignitaries walking down road.
97A AD12_022_recto_2 Vieux sérail
Group of dignitaries coming out a door onto a balcony.
97A AD12_024_recto_1 Vieux sérail
A balcony.
97A AD12_024_recto_2 Vieux sérail
A passageway.
97A AD12_025_recto_1 Vieux sérail
97A AD12_025_recto_2 Vieux sérail
97A AD12_026_recto_1 Vieux sérail
97A AD12_026_recto_2 Vieux sérail
Tiled exterior walls.
97A AD12_027_recto_1 Vieux sérail
Under a portico.
97A AD12_027_recto_2 Vieux sérail
View of a portico.
97A AD12_028_recto_1 Vieux sérail
Porch and building.
97A AD12_028_recto_2 Vieux sérail
Balcony overlooking the city.
97A AD12_029_recto_1 Vieux sérail
Reflecting pool.
97A AD12_029_recto_2 [blank]
Caption reads: Vieux sérail.
97A AD12_030_recto Aqueduc de Valens
97A AD12_031_recto_1 Mosquée à Stamboul
97A AD12_031_recto_2 Horloge Dolma-Bagtché
97A AD12_032_recto_1 Porte Dolma-Bagtché
97A AD12_032_recto_2 Cimetière à Bébek
97A AD12_033_recto_1 Top-Hané
97A AD12_033_recto_2 Le port - vue sur Galata
97A AD12_033_recto_3 Les pierres
97A AD12_033_recto_4 Jardin du Vieux sérail
97A AD12_034_recto_1 Cimetière à Top-Kapou
97A AD12_034_recto_2 Cimetière à Stamboul
97A AD12_034_recto_3 Sortie de Stamboul
97A AD12_034_recto_4 Vue sur le Bosphore
97A AD12_035_recto_1 Hammals ou colporteurs
97A AD12_035_recto_2 Panorama sur les bazars
97A AD12_035_recto_3 Coucher de soleil
97A AD12_035_recto_4 Lever de soleil
97A AD12_036_recto_1 Turbes
97A AD12_036_recto_2 Mosquée Bayazid
97A AD12_036_recto_3 Place du Seriskerat
97A AD12_036_recto_4 Aqueduc de Valens
97A AD12_037_recto_1 Fontaine Guillaume
97A AD12_037_recto_2 Fontaine Ahmed
97A AD12_037_recto_3 L'entrée du vieux sérail
97A AD12_037_recto_4 Église des Janissaires
97A AD12_038_recto_1 Colonne de Byzance
97A AD12_038_recto_2 Porte du bazar
97A AD12_038_recto_3 Mosquée Validé
97A AD12_038_recto_4 Porte du bazar
97A AD12_039_recto_1 Le port - vue sur Galata
97A AD12_039_recto_2 Le port
97A AD12_040_recto_1 Mosquée Fatih
97A AD12_040_recto_2 Mosquée Ahmed
97A AD12_040_recto_3 Bosphore devant Bébek
97A AD12_040_recto_4 Vue du Musée Impérial
97A AD12_041_recto_1 Vieux remparts
97A AD12_041_recto_2 Tour de Jésus-Christ
97A AD12_042_recto_1 Cimetière à Yedi-Koulé
Grave markers and trees in dark shadow.
97A AD12_042_recto_2 Yedi-Koulé
Grave markers and trees.
97A AD12_043_recto_1 Yedi-Koulé
Exterior view showing tower, walls, and entrance.
97A AD12_043_recto_2 Yedi-Koulé
View towards arched entrance gate.
97A AD12_044_recto_1 Vieux remparts
Wall with arches.
97A AD12_044_recto_2 Vieux remparts
Crenellated walls.
97A AD12_045_recto_1 Remparts de mer
97A AD12_045_recto_2 Les îles de Prinkipo
97A AD12_046_recto_1 Bébek
97A AD12_046_recto_2 Bateau-Mouche
97A AD12_047_recto_1 Eyoub
Bird's-eye view of domes and minaret.
97A AD12_047_recto_2 Eyoub
View towards water.
97A AD12_048_recto_1 La Corne d'Or
97A AD12_048_recto_2 Mosquée d'Eyoub
97A AD12_049_recto_1 [Eyoub ?]
97A AD12_049_recto_2 [Woman in Courtyard]
97A AD12_050_recto_1 Scutari
97A AD12_050_recto_2 Scutari
Street scene.
97A AD12_050_recto_3 Scutari
Woman on cemetery road.
97A AD12_050_recto_4 Scutari
View from road towards water, with tents in middleground.
97A AD12_051_recto_1 Tombeau du cheval - Scutari
97B Lot AD13 Photographer unknown, [Aviation Views], 1919
Photographer unknown, [Aviation Views]

Brown cardboard string-bound album containing 56 gelatin silver prints on eight leaves. Front cover decorated with an embossed art deco design. Mounts 30.2 x 24.2 cm., photographs 10.8 x 8.1 cm and smaller. Captions written on mounts. The album documents the French military presence in Turkey in 1919, focusing on aviation.
97B AD13_001_recto_1 Galata
97B AD13_001_recto_2 Stamboul - le port
97B AD13_001_recto_3 Le port
View looking towards a steamboat.
97B AD13_001_recto_4 Le port
Shows a steamboat in the distance with the masts of many sailboats behind it.
97B AD13_001_verso_1 Le port
Depicts small sailboats near a larger sailboat.
97B AD13_001_verso_2 Stamboul - marchand de soupe
97B AD13_001_verso_3 Le port
Depicts several steamboats.
97B AD13_001_verso_4 [Two Turkish Men Sitting in front of the Russian Post Office]
97B AD13_002_recto_1 San Stephano
View of the bay.
97B AD13_002_recto_2 San Stephano sous la neige
97B AD13_002_recto_3 San Stephano - le camp
97B AD13_002_recto_4 San Stephano
Depicts a steamboat headed towards a dock.
97B AD13_002_verso_1 San Stephano - marchand de poissons
97B AD13_002_verso_2 San Stephano - la place
97B AD13_002_verso_3 San Stephano - corvée d'eau
97B AD13_002_verso_4 Un arabadji ...] portant [...]
97B AD13_003_recto_1 San Stephano un bivouosc[?] sous le neige
97B AD13_003_recto_2 Ravitaillement
Unloading carts of hay in the street.
97B AD13_003_recto_3 Ravitaillement
Haycarts and military activities in a square.
97B AD13_003_recto_4 Ravitaillement
Tending horses and cattle in the street.
97B AD13_003_verso_1 Un groupe de soldats au service d'aáeronautique
97B AD13_003_verso_2 Ravitaillement
Group of soldiers and hay wagon.
97B AD13_003_verso_3 3 gendarmes
97B AD13_003_verso_4 Un officier aviateur
97B AD13_004_recto_1 L'aérodrome
97B AD13_004_recto_2 Un répare le Gnome du Bristol [?]
97B AD13_004_recto_3 Le ourabadje [...]
Two soliders pulling a horse-drawn cart.
97B AD13_004_recto_4 Un [...] d'essence [...]
Depicts a horse pulling an airplane.
97B AD13_004_verso_1 [San Stephano Railroad Station with Cholera Victims]
Caption for AD13_004_verso_1 and AD13_004_verso_2: Choleriques à la gare de San Stephano
97B AD13_004_verso_2 [Cholera Victims on the Tracks at San Stepahano Station]
97B AD13_004_verso_3 Transport de cholériques
97B AD13_004_verso_4 Une cholérique
97B AD13_005_recto_1 Désinfection
Worker spraying cholera disinfectant and three other men.
97B AD13_005_recto_2 Désinfection
Depicts a man in an overcoat being sprayed with cholera disinfectant.
97B AD13_005_recto_3 Arriver du [...] transport de la gare à l'aérodrome
97B AD13_005_recto_4 Un répare un Gnome
97B AD13_005_verso_1 [Line of Immigrant Wagons Headed by Cavalry]
Caption for page AD13_005_verso: Les émigres.
97B AD13_005_verso_2 [Line of Immigrant Wagons]
97B AD13_005_verso_3 [Immigrant Wagons]
97B AD13_005_verso_4 [Group of People alongside a Wagon]
97B AD13_006_recto_1 Rédile [?] de garde
97B AD13_006_recto_2 Rédile [?]
97B AD13_006_recto_3 Le R.E.P.
97B AD13_006_recto_4 Guerriers kurdes
97B AD13_006_verso_1 Sparta Koulé - Corvée de vives
97B AD13_006_verso_2 Sparta Koulé - on prepare le dejeuner
97B AD13_006_verso_3 Artillerie allant à Tchalaldja
97B AD13_006_verso_4 San Stephano sous le neige
97B AD13_007_recto_1 Un pilot et le Bristol
97B AD13_007_recto_2 Un mécanicien
97B AD13_007_recto_3 L'aviateur Mridhat[?]
97B AD13_007_recto_4 L'aviateur Refik
97B AD13_007_verso_1 L'aviateur Capt. Salim
97B AD13_007_verso_2 L'aviateur Lieut. Salim
97B AD13_008_recto_1 L'aviateur Capt. Tezy
97B AD13_008_recto_2 L'aviateur Granel
97C Lot AD14 Photographer unknown, 1919 Constantinople, 1919
Photographer unknown, 1919 Constantinople

String-bound paper album covered in glassine containing twenty-four gelatin silver prints. Title from cover. Also on cover in Ottoman Turkish: Dersaadet. "Dersaadet" (Abode of Felicity) was one of the Ottoman names for Istanbul. Pages are hand-decorated in brown ink with decorative borders; some pages contain a cartouche and spaces for two photographs. French captions inked below images. Translation of the Ottoman title and identifications of some of the views were provided by Dr. Nancy Micklewright.
97C AD14_01_verso_1 Souleïmané
Sülemaniye Mosque is in the background, seen through boat sails.
97C AD14_01_verso_2 Tour de Galata
Image depicts beached boats with a view across the water to the tower.
97C AD14_02_recto [blank]
97C AD14_02_verso_1 Tcharchi-Capou
While the caption translates as "Market Gate", the photograph depicts the Koca Sinan Paşa complex, consisting of a madrasa, tomb, sebil (fountain), dershane (study hall) and cemetery.
97C AD14_02_verso_2 Fontaine de Ste. Sophie
97C AD14_03_recto [blank]
97C AD14_03_verso_1 Cour d'Eyoub
Depicts the ablution fountain in the exterior courtyard of the mosque.
97C AD14_03_verso_2 Fontaine
Depicts a closer view of the fountain in the exterior courtyard of the mosque.
97C AD14_04_recto [blank]
97C AD14_04_verso_1 Types turcs
Depicts an elderly couple seated in a carpet shop.
97C AD14_04_verso_2 La cour de Ste. Sophie
View of the fountain taken from the south side of the enclosure; the exterior wall of the primary school constructed by Mahmud I borders the right edge of the photograph.
97C AD14_05_recto [blank]
97C AD14_05_verso_1 Eyoub Djaché Bajtan
View of Sultan Reşad Cadesi showing part of the funerary complex of Mihrishah Sultan, mother of Selim III.
97C AD14_05_verso_2 Cimetière d'Eyoub
Depicts women and a child walking along the cypress-lined path between tombs.
97C AD14_06_recto [blank]
97C AD14_06_verso_1 Cimetière de Scutari
Depicts avenue of cypress trees.
97C AD14_06_verso_2 Entrée des tombeaux à Eyoub
Depicts the exterior courtyard of the Eyüp Sultan Camii looking towards the entrance to the mosque courtyard.
97C AD14_07_recto [blank]
97C AD14_07_verso_1 Fontaine du Sultan Ahmed
97C AD14_07_verso_2 Mosquée du Sultan Ahmed
View taken from the southwest side of the Hippodrome.
97C AD14_08_recto [blank]
97C AD14_08_verso_1 Mosquée Ste. Sophie
97C AD14_08_verso_2 Mosquée Yeni-Djami
View of the mosque across the mouth of the Golden Horn with a boat with raised sail in the foreground.
97C AD14_09_recto Vieillard turc
97C AD14_09_verso [blank]
97C AD14_10_recto Cimetière turc
97C AD14_10_verso [blank]
97C AD14_11_recto Tombeau d'Eyoub
View of the wall of the mosque portico and the tiled wall of the tomb enclosure.
97C AD14_11_verso [blank]
97C AD14_12_recto La Corne de'or, vue d'Eyoub
View is from the cemetery.
97C AD14_12_verso [blank]
97C AD14_13_recto Intérieur de la mosquée du Sultan Ahmed
97C AD14_13_verso [blank]
97C AD14_14_recto Sultan Ahmed, la couple
97C AD14_14_verso [blank]
97C AD14_15_recto Cimitiére de Scutari
View of the At Mezari (Tomb of the Horse). Said to be the tomb of Karaca Ahmet's favorite horse, it is also identified as the tomb of the late-sixteenth to early-seventeenth century official Rum Paşazade Nişanci Hamza Paşa.
97C AD14_15_verso [blank]
97C AD14_16_recto Panorama du Bosphore et de la Corne d'Or
97C AD14_16_verso [blank]
97D Lot AD15 Photographer unknown, Corps d'occupation français de Constantinople: 415me régiment d'infanterie, 1ème bataillon, 1920
Photographer unknown, Corps d'occupation français de Constantinople: 415me régiment d'infanterie, 1ème bataillon

Cream cardboard string-bound album containing 12 gelatin silver prints on 12 leaves. Letterpress title on cover. Title page reads: Souvenir du passage au bataillon en orient, de [blank] du [blank] au [blank]. Edité par Photographie "Française" "Vianey" à San Stefano. Mounts 27.5 x 20.1 cm., photographs 16.8 x 11.9 cm. and smaller. Photographs mounted on cream album pages with navy decorative borders and descriptive text.
97D AD15_001_recto Le Lt. Colonel Laqueux et le drapeau
97D AD15_002_recto Officiers du régiment
97D AD15_003_recto Sous-officiers du 1ème bataillon
97D AD15_004_recto 1ème compagnie
97D AD15_005_recto Constantinople - Galata - le Bosphore - Scutari
97D AD15_006_recto Akhir Kapou - Caserne Gouraud, Sultan Ahmed, Palais de Justice
97D AD15_007_recto Ste. Sophie
97D AD15_008_recto Grande porte du palais du sultan
97B AD15_009_recto Les pigeons de Bayazid, Caserne Gallieni
97D AD15_010_recto Vue générale du cimetière Edirné Kapou, Eyoub et fond de la Corne d'Or
97D AD15_011_recto Coucher de soleil sur la Corne d'Or - les mahonnes
97D AD15_012_recto Galata - la pointe du Sérail
98 Lot AD16 Photographer unknown, [Views of Turkey and the Caucasus], 1900
Photographer unknown, [Views of Turkey and the Caucasus]

Burgundy percaline album half-bound in brown leather, containing 157 gelatin silver prints by an unknown amateur photographer. Album consists of 25 leaves, each with four carte-de-visite-sized openings per side. Twenty-one leaves contain photographs; occasionally a leaf has one or more empty openings. Leaves 28 x 21 cm., photographs 8.5 x 6 cm.
98 AD16_001_recto_1 [Boats on the Bosporus]
98 AD16_001_recto_2 [Tree-lined Avenue near the Bosporus]
98 AD16_001_recto_3 [Boats on the Bosporus]
98 AD16_001_recto_4 [View of the Bosporus Taken from a Carriage]
98 AD16_001_verso_1 [View of the Bosporus Taken from a Carriage]
98 AD16_001_verso_2 [View of the Bosporus Taken from a Carriage]
98 AD16_001_verso_3 [Palm Trees by the Bosporus]
98 AD16_001_verso_4 [European Man and Woman Walking by the Bosporus]
98 AD16_002_recto_1 [Wooded Area by the Bosporus]
98 AD16_002_recto_2 [Tree Growing near the Bosporus]
98 AD16_002_recto_3 [Street Scene with Children in Istanbul]
98 AD16_002_recto_4 [Street Scene in Istanbul]
98 AD16_002_verso_1 [Woman Crossing the Street in Istanbul]
98 AD16_002_verso_2 [Panoramic View of Istanbul]
98 AD16_002_verso_3 [Farm near the Base of the Caucasus]
98 AD16_002_verso_4 [View of the Bosporus]
98 AD16_003_recto_1 [View from a Boat on the Bosporus]
98 AD16_003_recto_2 [Boats and Port on the Bosporus]
98 AD16_003_recto_3 [Boats on the Bosporus]
98 AD16_003_recto_4 [Boats on the Bosporus]
98 AD16_003_verso_1 [View of the Istanbul Shoreline from the Bosporus]
98 AD16_003_verso_2 [View of the Istanbul Shoreline from the Bosporus]
98 AD16_003_verso_3 [Boats on the Bosporus]
98 AD16_003_verso_4 [View of Dolmabahçe Sarayı from the Bosporus]
98 AD16_004_recto_1 [View of the Istanbul Shoreline from the Bosporus]
98 AD16_004_recto_2 [Distorted View of the Istanbul Shoreline from the Bosporus]
98 AD16_004_recto_3 [View of Rumeli Hisarı from the Bosporus]
98 AD16_004_recto_4 [View of the Istanbul Shoreline from the Bosporus]
98 AD16_004_verso_1 [View of the Istanbul Shoreline from the Bosporus]
98 AD16_004_verso_2 [View of the Istanbul Shoreline from the Bosporus]
98 AD16_004_verso_3 [Small Boats Docking on the Bosporus]
98 AD16_004_verso_4 [View of Mosque from Street in Istanbul]
98 AD16_005_recto_1 [Fountain of Ablutions in a Mosque Courtyard]
98 AD16_005_recto_2 [Small Boat on a River]
98 AD16_005_recto_3 [Small Boat on a River]
98 AD16_005_recto_4 [Small Boat Docking on a River]
98 AD16_005_verso_1 [View of Istanbul and Historic Walls]
98 AD16_005_verso_2 [Street View of Istanbul with Mosque in Background]
98 AD16_005_verso_3 [Man Posing by Rumeli Hisarı]
98 AD16_005_verso_4 [Man Walking towards Rumeli Hisarı]
98 AD16_006_recto_1 [Roman Column]
98 AD16_006_recto_2 [View of Roman Fortress from Field]
98 AD16_006_recto_3 [Roman Column]
98 AD16_006_recto_4 [Roman Ruins]
98 AD16_006_verso_1 [Cemetery]
98 AD16_006_verso_2 [Horse and Rider on Cemetery Road]
98 AD16_006_verso_3 [Grave Markers]
98 AD16_006_verso_4 [Cobbled Street]
98 AD16_007_recto_1 [Obelisk of Theodosius]
98 AD16_007_recto_2 [Imperial Gate at Topkapı Sarayı]
98 AD16_007_recto_3 [Entrance Gate,Topkapı Sarayı]
98 AD16_007_recto_4 [Courtyard of Topkapı Sarayı?]
98 AD16_007_verso_1 [Fountain in Courtyard]
98 AD16_007_verso_2 [Mosque Courtyard and Covered Porches?]
98 AD16_007_verso_3 [Mosque Entrance]
98 AD16_007_verso_4 [Street Scene, Istanbul]
98 AD16_008_recto_1 [Street Dogs]
98 AD16_008_recto_2 [On the Waterfront]
98 AD16_008_recto_3 [Cemetery]
98 AD16_008_recto_4 [blank]
98 AD16_008_verso [blank]
98 AD16_009_recto_1 [Bird's-eye View of the Bosporus]
98 AD16_009_recto_2 [Construction in Istanbul]
98 AD16_009_recto_3 [Streetlight and Stairs in Istanbul]
98 AD16_009_recto_4 [Pavilion and Cannon Overlooking Istanbul]
98 AD16_009_verso_1 [Cart and Driver]
98 AD16_009_verso_2 [Small Boat on a River]
98 AD16_009_verso_3 [View of a Field]
98 AD16_009_verso_4 [Dirt Road and House]
98 AD16_010_recto_1 [House near Ridge on the Caucasus]
98 AD16_010_recto_2 [Two People Looking out at the Caucasus Range]
98 AD16_010_recto_3 [Six Men on the Caucasus Range]
98 AD16_010_recto_4 [Tree on the Caucasus Range]
98 AD16_010_verso_1 [View of the Caucasus Range]
98 AD16_010_verso_2 [Gate on the Caucasus Range]
98 AD16_010_verso_3 [Outdoor Restaurant, Caucasus]
98 AD16_010_verso_4 [Outdoor Restaurant, Caucasus]
98 AD16_011_recto_1 [View of the Caucasus Range]
98 AD16_011_recto_2 [View of a Home and the Caucasus Range]
98 AD16_011_recto_3 [View of the Caucasus Range]
98 AD16_011_recto_4 [View of the Caucasus Range]
98 AD16_011_verso_1 [View of the Bosporus and the Caucasus]
98 AD16_011_verso_2 [View of the Bosporus and the Caucasus]
98 AD16_011_verso_3 [View of the Bosporus and the Caucasus]
98 AD16_011_verso_4 [View of the Bosporus and the Caucasus]
98 AD16_012_recto_1 [View of the Bosporus and the Caucasus]
98 AD16_012_recto_2 [Man in Astrakhan Hat on Railroad Platform]
98 AD16_012_recto_3 [Turkish Dignitaries and Veiled Woman]
98 AD16_012_recto_4 [European Woman with Parasol Seated on Grass in front of Camera]
98 AD16_012_verso_1 [Europeans Gathering by Carriage]
98 AD16_012_verso_2 [Europeans Gathering by Carriages]
98 AD16_012_verso_3 [Men Standing at Edge of Promontory Overlooking Caucasus Range]
98 AD16_012_verso_4 [View of the Caucasus Range]
98 AD16_013_recto_1 [Turkish Soldier]
98 AD16_012_recto_2 [Cooking around Campfire]
98 AD16_012_recto_3 [Turkish Soldier Showing Something to a European Man]
98 AD16_012_recto_4 [Campfire Cooking]
98 AD16_013_verso_1 [Woman with Parasol Overlooking Caucasus Range]
98 AD16_013_verso_2 [People on Promontory Overlooking Caucasus Range]
98 AD16_013_verso_3 [European Woman Riding Donkey with Assistance]
98 AD16_013_verso_4 [People and Cart on Promontory Overlooking Caucasus Range]
98 AD16_014_recto_1 [Panoramic View of Valley in Caucasus Range]
98 AD16_014_recto_2 [Valley in Caucasus Range]
98 AD16_014_recto_3 [Carts in Valley of Caucasus Range]
98 AD16_014_recto_4 [Europeans Gathered with Carriages in Valley of Caucasus Range]
98 AD16_014_verso_1 [Camel in Valley of Caucasus Range]
98 AD16_014_verso_2 [Caucasus Range]
98 AD16_014_verso_3 [View towards Tunnel in the Caucasus Range]
98 AD16_014_verso_4 [Train of Pack Animals Crossing Caucasus]
98 AD16_015_recto_1 [View of Caucasus Mountains]
98 AD16_015_recto_2 [Boy Crouched in Back of Cart in Caucasus Region]
98 AD16_015_recto_3 [At the Foot of the Caucasus Mountains]
98 AD16_015_recto_4 [Carts at the Foot of Caucasus Mountains]
98 AD16_015_verso_1 [Man Walking near Cart]
98 AD16_015_verso_2 [Church in the Caucasus]
98 AD16_015_verso_3 [Farmhouse in the Caucasus]
98 AD16_015_verso_4 [Woman Holding Parasol in front of Church]
98 AD16_016_recto_1 [Wharves? on River]
98 AD16_016_recto_2 [Lumber on River]
98 AD16_016_recto_3 [River Bend and Town]
98 AD16_016_recto_4 [River Boat?]
98 AD16_016_verso_1 [People on Wooden Sidewalk in Town in the Caucasus]
98 AD16_016_verso_2 [Man in Street with Houses]
98 AD16_016_verso_3 [Market in Town in the Caucasus]
98 AD16_016_verso_4 [Tower with Caucasus Mountains in Background]
98 AD16_017_recto_1 [Ducks in Market Square]
98 AD16_017_recto_2 [Market Square in Caucasus Town]
98 AD16_017_recto_3 [River Winding through Countryside]
98 AD16_017_recto_4 [Street with Houses and Pedestrians]
98 AD16_017_verso [blank]
98 AD16_018_recto_1 [Construction Project on the Bank of a River]
98 AD16_018_recto_2 [Construction Project Materials]
98 AD16_018_recto_3 [View of Construction Project]
98 AD16_018_recto_4 [Carriage with Passengers]
98 AD16_018_verso_1 [Two Men in High Cart]
98 AD16_018_verso_2 [Warehouse Loading Dock]
98 AD16_018_verso_3 [Street Market]
98 AD16_018_verso_4 [Street with People and Covered Wagon]
98 AD16_019_recto_1 [Street Crowded with Workers]
98 AD16_019_recto_2 [Oxen and Cargo at Rest in Street]
98 AD16_019_recto_3 [Workers inside a Warehouse]
98 AD16_019_recto_4 [Woman with Parasol on Cobbled Street]
98 AD16_019_verso_1 [Rowboats Near Ship]
98 AD16_019_verso_2 [View of a Bay]
98 AD16_019_verso_3 [View of a Bay with House Roofs]
98 AD16_019_verso_4 [House and Tree Overlooking Bay]
98 AD16_020_recto_1 [Panoramic View of a Town]
98 AD16_020_recto_2 [View of Town through Trees]
98 AD16_020_recto_3 [Men, Boys and Donkey at Street Corner]
98 AD16_020_recto_4 [Beach and Waves]
98 AD16_020_verso_1 [View of a Town]
98 AD16_020_verso_2 [Women and Children on Steps]
98 AD16_020_verso_3 [Church]
98 AD16_020_verso_4 [Small Fountain]
98 AD16_021_recto_1 [Soldiers in Courtyard]
98 AD16_021_recto_2 [Circle of Men in Courtyard]
98 AD16_021_recto_3 [Duel in Courtyard]
98 AD16_021_recto_4 [Circle of Cheering Men in Courtyard]
98 AD16_021_verso_1 [Men Circling in Courtyard]
98 AD16_021_verso_2 [Man and Woman on Deck of Ship]
98 AD16_021_verso_3 [blank]
98 AD16_021_verso_4 [blank]
99 Lot AD17 Photographer unknown, [Views of Albania], 1900
Photographer unknown, [Views of Albania]

Brown percaline accordion-bound album with gilt detailing on front cover containing 23 gelatin silver prints by an amateur photographer on seven cream cardboard leaves, each with spaces for four photographs. Twenty-eight handwritten captions describe the photographs (seven photographs were apparently never pasted in). Mounts 39.6 x 33 cm., photographs 15.2 x 11.2 cm.
99 AD17_001_recto_1 Village de Lacatoune avec les magasins
99 AD17_001_recto_2 Village de Méka
99 AD17_001_recto_3 Vue du village de Bonavy
99 AD17_001_recto_4 Vue de village de Grubiun
99 AD17_002_recto_1 [blank]
Caption reads: Vue du Village de Tcherveni.
99 AD17_002_recto_2 [blank]
Caption reads: Vue de la Villa Fracoula.
99 AD17_002_recto_3 Moulin à Eau de Gréminitza
99 AD17_002_recto_4 Vue de l'école de Fracula
99 AD17_003_recto_1 Vue de Sirolotina
99 AD17_003_recto_2 Vue pittoresque de Gruka
99 AD17_003_recto_3 [blank]
Caption reads: Vue de la Villa Ferris.
99 AD17_003_recto_4 Vue de Sirolotina - Chamoguila
99 AD17_004_recto_1 [Blank]
Caption reads: Vue du village de Poro.
99 AD17_004_recto_2 Vue du village de Marina
99 AD17_004_recto_3 Vue du Jouka
99 AD17_004_recto_4 Vue du village de Chelké et l'ancienne cour de Viassa
99 AD17_005_recto_1 Vue de la cour de Bichan
99 AD17_005_recto_2 Villa Bichan (Partie du Sélamlik)
99 AD17_005_recto_3 Passage du Fleuve Viossa (Village d'Idris)
99 AD17_005_recto_4 Vue du village de Novo-Sella
99 AD17_006_recto_1 Vue de l'Auberge de Valona
99 AAD17_006_recto_2 Intérieur de l'usine
99 AD17_006_recto_3 Villa Bichan (Partie du harem)
99 AD17_006_recto_4 Vue de la Régie de Valona
99 AD17_007_recto_1 [blank]
Caption reads: Vue de la maison de Valona (Partie du Sélamlik)
99 AD17_007_recto_2 Vue de la maison de Valona. Partie du harem
99 AD17_007_recto_3 Vue de ''Usine à vapeur pour l'Huile à Valona
99 AD17_007_recto_4 Vue générale de la maison
98A Lot AD18 Photographer unknown, [Views of Dalmatia, Montenegro, Albania and Corfu], 1891
Photographer unknown, [Views of Dalmatia, Montenegro, Albania and Corfu]

Quarter-bound black leather album containing 76 gelatin silver prints. Captions written on mounts, sometimes referring to all photographs on the mounts. Cataloger's image titles are in square brackets.
98A AD18_001_verso Mercredi, 20 Mai 1891: Traü
98A AD18_002_recto_1 [Men and Women of Traü]
Caption on page AD18_002_recto: Traü.
98A AD18_002_recto_2 [Two Men Raking Street]
98A Ad18_002_verso Traü
View of the city from the water.
98A AD18_003_recto_1 [Two Women Posing in the Street with Men and a Woman to the Side]
Caption on page AD18_003_recto: Traü.
98A AD18_003_recto_2 [Woman Posing in the Street with People Lined up on Both Sides]
98A AD18_003_verso_1 [Traü - Walls, Houses, and Church Steeple]
Caption on page AD18_003_verso: Traü.
98A AD18_003_verso_2 [Houses in Traü]
98A AD18_004_recto_1 [Loggia with Relief Sculpture of a Lion]
Caption on page AD18_004_recto: Traü.
98A AD18_004_recto_2 [Church Interior - Pulpit and Altar]
98A AD18_004_verso_1 [Men, Women and Children outside Church?]
Caption for page AD18_004_verso: Traü.
98A AD18_004_verso_2 [Columns and Lion Sculptures inside Church?]
98A AD18_005_recto_1 Marinkowich
98A AD18_005_recto_2 À Spalato
Depicts four men on the aft deck of a boat.
98A AD18_005_verso Spalato
View from the water, with a boat and a tank in the foreground.
98A AD18_006_recto_1 [Two Men Posing in a Street, One with an Umbrella]
Caption for page AD18_006_recto: À Spalato.
98A AD18_006_recto_2 [A Couple Posing in a Street]
98A AD18_006_verso Route de Salona au fond: Clissa
98A AD18_007_recto_1 Spalato
Depicts a group of aproned women in a yard, with two men in suits walking past them.
98A AD18_007_recto_2 Route de Salona
Depicts a road with a horse-drawn buggy going in one direction, and a group of people with a pair of donkeys going in the other direction.
98A AD18_007_verso Route de Salona
Depicts a road leading to distant mountians.
98A AD18_008_recto_1 [Woman Standing near a Well]
Caption for page AD18_008_recto: Salona.
98A AD18_008_recto_2 [Woman with a Saddle? on her Head]
98A AD18_008_verso Jeudi, 21 Mai: Lesina
View from the water.
98A AD18_009_recto Lesina
Depicts a group of men standing on the steps of a porch with arched, glazed bays.
98A AD18_009_verso Vendredi, 22 Mai: Gravosa
View from the water with a rowboat full of men in the foreground.
98A AD18_010_recto Samedi, 32 Mai: Kerka, Port de Gravosa
98A AD18_010_verso Lundi, 25 Mai: Kerka, Port de Gravosa
98A AD18_011_recto Kerka: Pour l'arrivée du Gouverneur
98A AD18_011_verso Gravosa
98A AD18_012_recto Raguse
Depicts a walkway and arches.
98A AD18_012_verso Raguse
Pencil annotation on mount: Dubrovnik. View of the city.
98A AD18_013_recto Raguse
View of the town from across the bay.
98A AD18_013_verso Raguse
Depicts the walls of the fort.
98A AD18_014_recto_1 Raguse [Man Posing in Street; Other People nearby]
Caption for page AD18_014_recto: Raguse.
98A AD18_014_recto_2 [Woman Posing in front of a Street Vendor's Cart]
98A AD18_014_verso_1 Raguse
View of the fort.
98A AD18_015_recto_1 Raguse
Caption for page AD18_015_recto: Mardi, 26 Mai. Depicts a street scene with two women in the foreground.
98A AD18_015_recto_2 Route de Cattaro à Cettinjé Njegus
98A AD18_015_verso_1 [Guard Standing in Doorway, Man Sitting on Bench]
Caption for page AD18_015_verso: Route de Cattaro à Cettinjé.
98A AD18_015_verso_2 [Man Riding a Horse with a Man Walking behind Him]
98A AD18_016_recto_1 [Bird's-eye View of Cettinjé]
Caption for page AD18_016_recto: Cettinjé.
98A AD18_016_recto_2 [View of Cettinjé]
98A AD18_016_verso_1 [Man in Tall Boots Posing near Trees]
Caption for page AD18_016_verso: Cettinjé. Pencil annotation on mount: Montenegro.
98A AD18_016_verso_2 [Man Posing]
98A AD18_017_recto_1 [Boy Holding Box and Stick]
Caption for page AD18_017_recto: Mercredi, 27 Mai: Rieka.
98A AD18_017_recto_2 [Woman in a Rowboat Filled with Wood]
98A AD18_017_verso_1 [Three Figures Walking down a Road Carrying Large Bundles]
Caption for page AD18_017_verso: Rieka.
98A AD18_017_verso_2 [View of Homes along the Waterfront]
98A AD18_018_recto_1 Rieka
Depicts men sitting in a cafe window.
98A AD18_018_recto_2 Route de Podgoritza - le pont du Vizir
98A AD18_018_verso_1 [Two Women on a Road with a Donkey Loaded with Wood]
Caption for page AD18_018_verso: Jeudi, 29 Mai: Podgoritza
98A AD18_018_verso_2 [Wooden Cart in a Field]
98A AD18_019_recto_1 [Women Gathering Wood]
Caption for page AD18_019_recto: Podgoritza.
98A AD18_019_recto_2 [Women Resting near Piles of Wood]
98A AD18_019_verso_1 [Two Men outside a House in Podgoritza]
Caption for page AD18_019_verso: Podgoritza. Pencil annotation on mount; = Titograde.
98A AD18_019_verso_2 [A House in Podgoritza]
98A AD18_020_recto_1 [Man Walking towards a Little Boy]
Caption for page AD18_020_recto: Podgoritza.
98A AD18_020_recto_2 [Woman and Walking down a Dirt Street]
98A AD18_020_verso_1 [Profile View of a Man on a Horse]
Caption for page AD18_020_verso: Podgoritza.
98A AD18_020_verso_2 [Horse and Rider Coming up a Street]
98A AD18_021_recto_1 [Children and Men on a Wooden Platform]
Caption for page AD18_021_recto: Podgoritza (Duca)
98A AD18_021_recto_2 [Woman and Man on a Walled Path]
98A AD18_021_verso_1 Podgoritza
98A AD18_021_verso_2 Plawnitza sur la Moraca
98A AD18_022_recto_1 [Two Women with Umbrellas Walking down a Road with a Small Child]
Caption for page AD18_022_recto: Vendredi, 29 Mai. Scutari.
98A AD18_022_recto_2 [Man Holding a Lantern and Rifle]
98A AD18_022_verso_1 [Man Walking next to a Horse Cart]
98A AD18_022_verso_2 Scutari - Vue prise de la tour de Sir Pagget
98A AD18_023_recto_1 [Man with Cane Walking on Sidewalk]
98A AD18_023_recto_2 [Three Men Talking in the Street]
Caption for page AD18_023_recto: Scutari.
98A AD18_023_verso_1 Scutari
Depicts a woman standing near a pond. Caption for page AD18_023_verso: Dimanche, 31 Mai.
98A AD18_023_verso_2 Corfou
Depicts two figures crouching in the grass.
98A AD18_024_recto_1 [Woman Walking with a Basket on her Head]
Caption for page AD18_024_recto: Corfou.
98A AD18_024_recto_2 [Woman Standing by a Stone Wall]
98A AD18_024_verso Corfou (Benitza)
Depicts three men by two large trees near the water.
98A AD18_025_recto Corfou (Benitza)
Depicts two men in a grove of trees.
137 Lot CD10 Photographer unknown, [Views of Istanbul], circa 1870
Photographer unknown, [Views of Istanbul]

Half-bound red leather post-bound album containing 27 albumen prints (album is partially filled). Album 19.4 x 30.4 cm; photographs 11.8 x 17.2 cm. Images are primarily of mosques and fountains.
137 CD10_001 [Santa Sophia]
137 CD10_002 [Mosque]
137 CD10_003 [Fountain, Minaret, and Dome]
137 CD10_004 [Lateral View of Mosque]
137 CD10_005 [Mosque]
137 CD10_006 [Mosque Domes]
137 CD10_007 [Street Scene with Mosque]
137 CD10_008 [Horse-drawn Carriage by Fountain]
137 CD10_009 [Mosque]
137 CD10_010 [Gateway to Mosque]
137 CD10_011 [Column of Constantine (Burnt Column)]
137 CD10_012 [Lateral view of Mosque and Domes]
137 CD10_013 [Kiosk]
137 CD10_014 [Kiosk]
137 CD10_015 [Walled Obelisk]
137 CD10_016 [Steet Scene Looking towards Mosque]
137 CD10_017 [Steps and Portico of Mosque]
137 CD10_018 [Courtyard]
137 CD10_019 [Gate of Domabahçe Palace]
137 CD10_020 [Domabahçe Mosque and Domabahçe Palace]
137 CD10_021 [Domabahçe Mosque]
137 CD10_022 [Vendors by a Tree]
137 CD10_023 [Scene at Fountain]
137 CD10_024 [Rumelihisari]
137 CD10_025 [Galata Tower]
137 CD10_026 [View on the Bosporus]
137 CD10_027 [Shoreline with Boats and Houses]

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