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Clement Greenberg papers, 1928-1995

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Greenberg (Clement) Papers
Series IV. Work Files: clippings and manuscripts, 1939-1994 3 Linear Feet 7 boxes
Series IV consists of clippings by or about Greenberg, sometimes grouped with related manuscripts. There are clippings of virtually all reviews published in The Nation in the 1940s (ca. 150 items), but only a few of those published in Partisan Review or Commentary. There are also Greenberg clippings (ca. 100) from art magazines and New York Times in the 1950s and 1960s and 26 catalogs and programs containing Greenberg contributions. Files on Pollock, Morris Louis, David Smith, and Jack Bush contain assorted materials, including photographs and slides of art work, transcripts of interviews, and estate papers. Pollock material includes drafts of an intended introduction to a book on Pollock that Greenberg never completed. David Smith material includes clippings and correspondence (ca. 50 pp.) about the Smith paint stripping controversy. There are clippings and manuscripts of interviews with Greenberg, some never published, clippings of articles about Greenberg, and reviews of books about him.
box folder
32 1-11 Clippings of pieces by Greenberg, 1939-1949
Many of these were taped or glued onto paper, making the sequence of pages somewhat idiosyncratic.
32 1 1939-1940
Uncorrected galley of "Avant-garde and Kitsch;" offprint of "Toward a Newer Laocoon."
32 2 1941
5 clippings: reviews of art book, exhibition, poetry, for The Nation (and other publications?)
32 3 1942
16 clippings: reviews of poetry and an art book for New Republic; "Art Notes" and longer reviews of exhibitions (include Joseph Cornell), art books and poetry for The Nation; one clipping fragment.
32 4 1943
17 clippings: reviews of art exhibitions, art books, poetry and fiction for The Nation; 2 clippings from The Nation and Common Sense dealing with Greenberg's army experience.
32 5 1944
27 clippings: letter to editor of Politics; reviews of art exhibitions and books for The Nation; 1 poetry review.
32 6 1945
20 clippings: reviews of art exhibitions and books for The Nation.
32 7 1946
19 clippings and 1 photocopy duplicate: 1 letter to the editor regarding Greenberg's Edward Weston review; reviews of art exhibitions and books for The Nation.
32 8 1946
22 offprints of "At the Building of the Great Wall of China," Commentary, 1946.
32 9 1947
24 clippings: reviews of art exhibitions and books for The Nation and New York Times; piece on the American Jewish writer for Contemporary Jewish Record.
32 10 1948
30 clippings: 1 photocopy of French translation of Pollock review for The Nation; 1 review of Valery translation for New York Times; 1 article from Combat, Paris, not by Greenberg; reviews of art exhibitions and books for The Nation and New York Times.
32 11 1949
19 clippings: reviews of art exhibitions and books for The Nation, Partisan Review, Magazine of Art.
box folder
33 1-7 Clippings of pieces by Greenberg, 1950-1989
Including articles and exhibition catalog essays.
33 1 1950
12 clippings: reviews of art exhibitions and books for Partisan Review, The Nation, New York Times; 2 letter exchanges with reader's critical of Greenberg's views.
33 2 1951-1954
8 clippings, 2 photocopies, 1 galley: articles about art and reviews of art books published in Harper's Bazaar, American Mercury, Art News, Arts Digest, New York Times, Arts Magazine. French translation of Partisan Review article, in ms.
33 3 1955-1959
10 clippings, 4 offprints, 2 photocopies: articles on art published in Art News, New York Times, Arts, Perspective, New Leader, Saturday Evening Post. Photocopy of "American-type Painting" and French translation of it in ms.
33 4 1942-1957
34 clippings: articles from The Nation, Partisan Review, Art News, Art Digest, The New Leader, Art in America, Arts, Commentary, assembled for inclusion in Art and Culture.
33 5 1960-1964
15 clippings, 3 photocopies: articles on art published in Art International, Arts, Voice of America Forum Lectures, New York Times, Country Beautiful, Encounter, Second Coming, Art and Literature, New York Review of Books, Preuves.
33 6 1965-1869
16 clippings, 1 photocopy: articles published in Vogue, Artforum, Arts Yearbook, Art International, Art in America, BookWeek, New York Times. Monograph of Avant-garde attitudes, 1968; photocopy of French translation of Pollock article from Vogue.
33 7 1947-1989
26 catalogs or programs. Many catalogs contain essays by Greenberg and/or describe exhibitions he curated. Typewritten drafts of 5 essays.
box folder
34 1-7 Jackson Pollock and Morris Louis files, 1952-1984
Including book and article mss., background materials, clippings.
34 1 1952-1967
ca. 50 pp. clippings, mss. and notes by Greenberg on Pollock. Catalog note for first Pollock retrospective; "Jackson Pollock's New Style," Harper's Bazaar; "Jackson Pollock," Evergreen Review; "Jackson Pollock Market Soar," New York Times Magazine; Pollock memories dictated to Francine and Cleve Gray; bio. notes; de Kooning interview.
34 2 n.d.
ca. 40 pp. mss. drafts of book introduction and articles, including an 18 pp. autobiographical essay about Greenberg's friendship with Pollock.
34 3 1957-1984
ca. 60 pp. clippings, interviews, and correspondence about Pollock and others, including copies of letters from Pollock to his family; transcript of Greenberg's interview of Pollock's brother; H. Rosenberg article on Pollock; and account of Pollock's last weeks by his former lover, New York, 1973.
34 4 1964-?
36 reproductions, mostly black and white photographs, with several color transparencies and 1 color print. Paintings by Pollock, with a few by Kline and others. Some related correspondence.
34 5 1958, 1964
Pollock catalogs from Whitechapel Gallery and Marlborough-Gerson; program from Griffin Gallery.
34 6 1960-1964
ca. 50 pp. Morris Louis material, including correspondence, lists of paintings, programs. Letters between Marcella Bernstein (Louis' widow) and Greenberg regarding estate matters, and between Greenberg and dealers or curators, chronologically organized.
34 7 1964-1967
ca. 50 pp. More of the above Morris Louis material, along with clippings of obituaries and reviews. Deteriorated photocopies.
box folder
35 1-7 David Smith, Kenneth Noland and Freidl Dzubas files, 1965-1991
Including correspondence, brief manuscripts, photographs, and clippings.
35 1 1966, 1969
36 pp. photographs and photocopied photographs of David Smith's work with accompanying 1 p. comments by Greenberg, published as "David Smith: Comments on His Latest Works," in Art in America, 1966. 8 clippings about Smith, not by Greenberg, 1969.
35 2 1965-1972
ca. 100 pp. Estate papers and correspondence between Greenberg (an executor) and others, i.e., Archives of American Art, Marlborough Gallery, Museum of Modern Art. Lists of Smith's work. Marlborough catalogue, 1968.
35 3 n.d.
28 photographs of Smith's work at Bolton Landing; 1 postcard of Smith's work in the Spoleto Roman Theater.
35 4 1970
100+ pp. transcript of estate appeal before tax court, bound. pp. 63a-71a Greenberg's testimony.
35 5 1974-1978
ca. 50 pp. correspondence and clippings. Articles about the stripping of primer from some Smith pieces, including Krauss article from Art in America and Kramer piece from New York Times. Letters to the Editors of publications regarding the controversy. Interesting feature article ms. about Greenberg for Art News, never published.
35 6 1971
50 pp. transcript of interview with Kenneth Noland; 10 photographs of Noland's early works.
35 7 1982, 1991
30 pp. transcript of interview with Friedl Dzubas; 18 pp. ms. of article on Dzubas in German.
box folder
36 1-10 Jack Bush estate related papers; Slides and photographs, 1963-1979
36 1 1963, n.d.
18 small photographs of Jack Bush paintings; 14 8 1/2 x 11 photographs of 1963 Bush exhibition.
36 2 1966
Clipping about Bush and Greenberg in Toronto magazine.
36 3 1975
Jack Bush Trust Agreement
36 4 1977 Jan-Sep
ca. 100 pp. correspondence regarding Bush estate with attorneys and galleries. Includes lists of paintings, financial statements.
36 5 1977 Oct-Dec
ca. 50 pp. correspondence regarding Bush estate with attorneys and galleries. Includes 26 color photographs and 12 pp. proposal for film about Bush.
36 6 1978
ca. 100 pp. correspondence regarding Bush estate. Includes 8 color slides.
36 7 1978, n.d.
1 announcement for film about Bush with color photo; 1 poster; 16 color slides of Bush paintings, 1975-1977; catalog of Bush exhibition, 1978.
36 8 1979
ca. 100 pp. correspondence regarding Bush estate, including Greenberg's letter of resignation as trustee.
36 9 n.d.
16 slides, some bordered with tape (in small box).
36 10 n.d.
9 glass transparencies (in small box).
box folder
37 1-20 Clippings and mss. of interviews or panel discussions with Greenberg, 1948-1994
37 1 1956
49 typewritten pp. with correspondence. Transcript of panel discussion on Plastic Arts and Film with Rudolf Arnheim, Meyer Schapiro, Maya Deren, Greenberg, et. al.
37 2 1970-1972
8 pp. transcript of interview with John Gruen for book on The Fifties; 2 pp. statement by Greenberg; 2 pp. correspondence, including angry letter by Greenberg.
37 3 1979
6 pp. interview with Ann Stubbs for Flash Art; 1 letter.
37 4 1984
9 printed pp. with copies. "A conversation with Greenberg," a three part interview published in Art Monthly.
37 5 1984
2 copies of Art Monthly, April 1984, containing third interview.
37 6 1985
4 printed pp. interview with Greenberg in Il giornale dell'arte
37 7 1984-1985
Glass Art Society Journal, containing 6 pp. interview with Greenberg and brief essay by him.
37 8 1988
3 printed pp. "L'Ecole de New York," reprint of interview with Greenberg published in catalog Les Annees 50.
37 9 1984, 1988
5 typewritten pp. interview with Ann Hindry for de Kooning catalog; 2 pp. interview with Ann Hindry, edited by Greenberg, published in Art Studio. Clipping included.
37 10 1990
36 pp. transcript of interview with Marc Israel, edited by Greenberg; 39 pp. corrected version (?). For TV documentary.
37 11 1990
25 typewritten pp. Transcript of interview with Florence Rubenfeld regarding Partisan Review circle, Jackson Pollock, Greenberg's family, etc. With Greenberg's corrections. Personal material.
37 12 1990
Vogue magazine issue containing 8 pp. interview-based feature with photographs about Greenberg and his art collection.
37 13 1981-1991
5 clippings. Interview-based articles about Greenberg in New York Times, Village Voice and other newspapers.
37 14 1991
6 pp. clipping with correspondence. Interview with Peter Fuller for Modern Painters, with Greenberg's corrections.
37 15 1992
5 typewritten pp. "Memories of Jackson Pollock," an interview with Teruo Fujieda. 3 Japanese journals.
37 16 1992
3 pp. photocopy of interview published in Icelandic journal. 1 letter.
37 17 1989, 1993
17 typewritten pp. "The Last interview with Clement Greenberg," with Saul Ostrow, 1993; 3 printed pp., "Avant-Garde and Kitsch, Fifty Years Later," interview with Saul Ostrow, pub. Arts magazine.
37 18 1993
11 typewritten pp. interview with Peter Plagens for Newsweek; 2 clippings of published interview.
37 19 1994
6 printed pp. interview in Kunstforum International; 1 letter.
37 20 n.d.
8 typewritten pp. "Wohin Geht Die Avantgarde?" seminar in Germany, Christian Gneuss moderator.
Note: LIFE Magazine, 1948, "A Round Table on Modern Art." Article about discussion at Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) among art experts, including Greenberg, stored for reasons of size in Box 43.
box folder
38 1-16 Reviews of books by or about Greenberg; other articles about Greenberg, 1961-1992
38 1 1961-1962
11 clippings with some duplicates. Reviews of Art and Culture.
38 2 1962, 198?
2 clippings. Reviews of Art and Culture from a Japanese? journal (1962) and a French one.
38 3 n.d.
8 typewritten pp. translation of Soviet review of Art and Culture, primarily a denunciation of "Avant-Garde and Kitsch." with photocopy of Russian original.
38 4 1964
10 pp. clippings and photographs glued to blue tissue paper. Greenberg's South American appearances reviewed in newspapers.
38 5 1975, 1980
2 clippings. Reviews of books about Greenberg: New York Review of Books review of Wolfe's The Painted Word; Village Voice review of Kuspit's Clement Greenberg, Art Critic.
38 6 1976
ca. 100 pp. ms. and clippings. Charles Millard's file of material for book on Greenberg, including correspondence, book proposal, photocopies of his and Greenberg's articles.
38 7 1961-1982
6 clippings. brief articles about Greenberg, primarily regarding his appearances around the country.
38 8 1973, n.d.
2 posters advertising Greenberg's appearances.
38 9 1983
3 clippings. 3 part article by Piri Halasz, "Art Criticism (and Art History) in New York," Arts Magazine, with letter from the author.
38 10 1984
1 offprint essay comparing Habermas' and Greenberg's aesthetics. Ingeborg Hoesterey, "Die Moderne am ende?"
38 11 1988
9 clippings (photocopies). Reviews of Collected Essays and Criticism, Vol I and II.
38 12 1990
1 photocopied article. John O'Brian, "Greenberg's Matisse and the Problem of Avant-garde Hedonism."
38 13 1991
New York Woman containing 1 p. photo and article about Greenberg.
38 14 1993
4 clippings. Reviews of Collected Essays and Criticism, Vols I-IV.
38 15 1993
24 pp. program for Colloque Clement Greenberg, including photocopied clips of interviews and articles.
38 16 1994
2 clippings. New York Times obituaries.

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