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Clement Greenberg papers, 1928-1995

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Greenberg (Clement) Papers
Series II. Personal, 1928-1994 4 Linear Feet 9 boxes
Series II consists of Greenberg's journals (1928-1993), Diaries (1952-1993), Appointment Books and Address Books and occupies 4.5 linear feet. These 124 volumes, to which Greenberg devoted a great deal of attention, document his experience at various levels, from the most simple record of who he met where, to more detailed accounts of his daily habits, to extraordinarily intimate revelations about relationships, obsessions, aspirations, and convictions. Due to the intimate nature of the journals and diaries, some have been sealed for the time periods indicated.
14-15 Journals, 1928-1991
These boxes contain 18 journals, with varying, often overlapping date ranges. Early notebooks feature quotations, drawings, and drafts of poems and stories. Beginning around 1940, entries are often provocative reflections on art and literature, including comparisons between specific artists and writers. Increasingly, these aesthetic concerns become intertwined with personal ones, especially after Greenberg begins psychoanalysis in the mid-1950s. Greenberg's relationships with members of the Partisan Review circle occupy a great deal of his attention, even long after he has broken with them or they have died. Clippings, drawings and writings found loose in the journals have been either organized in the file folders along with journals or, where there is a generous amount of material, stored in a separate file folder.
16-17 Journals, 1943-1993
These boxes contain 14 journals, with varying, often overlapping date ranges. Of a much more private character than the journals in Boxes 14-15, these record many obsessive thoughts and raw emotional responses to events in Greenberg's life and psychoanalysis. Two are poetry journals, containing personal, even confessional poems. One is in part an army journal. In the later journals, entries about women and colleagues are interspersed with intellectual and political material, but the balance of entries remain highly personal. Many of these journals include critical comments about well-known people and other sensitive material.
18 Appointment, Address and Bank Books, 1945-1950, 1943-1955, 1938-1939
This box contains 6 Appointment Books (1945-1950), containing relatively few entries, 1 Address Book (1943, 1944 & 1955) and 1 Bank Deposit Book (1938-1939).
19 Clement Greenberg's Appointment Books and Address Books, 1950-1993
Arranged chronologically. This box contains 44 small leather appointment books featuring entries of varying detail. Entries in books from 1950-1957 are just a few lines long. Books from 1958-1964 contain daily entries occupying a full page and record books read, work done, people met with, openings attended, and so on. These were apparently employed as both date keeping and record keeping tools, as some entries are retrospective. After 1965 entries are more spare, with detail reserved for the diaries. While appointment books generally contain some addresses in the front section, there are separate thin, black address books for the following years: 1970-1971, 1972, 1973, 1974-1975, 1976, 1977, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1984, 1985. One black book, probably from 1964, contains a few daily entries plus addresses in South America, with calling cards inserted.
box folder
20 1-2 2 Travel diaries, 1952-1954
Sealed until 13 September 2030.
20 1 Nova Scotia diary, 1952
Sealed until 13 September 2030. This is a photocopy of the diary kept by Helen Frankenthaler and Greenberg during their four week vacation in Nova Scotia. They take turns describing meals and how they prepared them, landscape paintings they worked on, locals they consorted with, car troubles, their moods and other features of the vacation.
20 2 Italy diary, 1954
Sealed until 13 September 2030. This is a photocopy of the diary Greenberg and Helen Frankenthaler kept during their three month trip to Italy, Paris and London. It contains daily entries detailing where they ate, how they slept, art seen, people met, car repairs and some general impressions.
21-22 Diaries, 1965-1993
These boxes contain 29 diaries which, like the Appointment Books from 1958-1964, and like the travel diaries, offer a detailed daily record of activities. Each entry includes what time Greenberg got up and went to bed, books and journals read, articles or talks worked on, galleries visited, people met with, opening or parties attended, restaurants frequented, and quantity of drink and medication consumed. These diaries do not describe responses, thoughts or reflections, though they occasionally include comments such as "sat and mused," or "brooded." Greenberg's state of mind is, nonetheless, surprisingly discernible through these simple objective records.

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