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Clement Greenberg papers, 1928-1995

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Greenberg (Clement) Papers
Series I. Correspondence, 1928-1994 5.5 Linear Feet 13 boxes
Series I is organized in chronological order. It includes 295 letters and 20 postcards from Greenberg to his college friend Harold Lazarus. The letters to Lazarus, which begin when the two are still in college and continue for 20 years (1928-1947), offer a rich and detailed record of Greenberg's personal and intellectual development. They include descriptions of his struggles to become a writer, his difficult relationships with women, his extensive reading, and culminate with his triumphant acceptance into the Partisan Review circle. Other correspondence consists of letters from significant individuals in Greenberg's life, such as Marjorie Ferguson, a friend (37 items), John O'Brian, editor of Greenberg's Collected Essays (ca. 50 items), and Helen Frankenthaler, girlfriend and life-long friend (50 items, sealed). Greenberg's correspondence files ( 1984-1994), consisting of letters from artists, colleagues and friends, give a sense of the critic's last decade (ca. 2500 items).
box folder
1 1-7 Letters to college friend Harold Lazarus, 1928-1932 99 items
1 1 Jun-Sep 1928
12 handwritten letters. Discusses summer reading, including ancient Greek lit., Hazlitt, T.S. Eliot, Tennyson, Pope, Browning, Arnold. Complains of work as camp counselor; recounts adventures at neighboring girls' camp.
1 2 Jun-Sep. 1929
12 handwritten letters. Discusses summer reading, including Thackeray, Conan Doyle, Proust, Rimbaud, Laforgue, Herbert, Milton's Paradise Lost, Eliot's The Wasteland. Works at law firm for $12/day; has affair with stenographer; writes poems (enclosed); attends classical music concerts; dreams of a female wolf.
1 3 Apr 1930 Jun-Nov 1930
16 handwritten letters. Discusses reading, including Jane Eyre, Crime and Punishment, Magic Mountain, The Education of Henry Adams, Emily Dickinson, Conrad, Trollope, Gide, Huxley, Nietzche, Valery, Henry James. Visits Far Rockaway; works briefly at Credit Clearing House (is fired); moves with father and stepmother to Brooklyn; visits Modern Art Gallery; sees Daumier-Corot show at "Modern Museum;" searches for job and finally gets one in ad department of "Brooklyn's Atlas;" writes poetry and critiques Lazarus' poetry.
1 4 Jan-May 1931
16 handwritten letters. Discusses reading, including Goethe, Gide, Stramm, Kleist, Faulkner. Is fired from ad job end of Jan.; gets job writing news pieces for Brooklyn Eagle; is fired from Eagle end of Feb; sees Rousseau exhibit; is writing long fiction piece ("Sweet"); writes poetry; sees Klee, Nash, Hartman, Mohr paintings; travels to Virginia with father; sees Toulouse-Lautrec show, African sculpture, the Met's Egyptian room, and "a great show" of Cezannes, Gauguins, Picassos.
1 5 Jun-Dec 1931
20 handwritten letters. Discusses reading, including Joyce, Proust, Spengler, Faulkner, Stefan George, Empson, Melville, Montaigne, Richard Burton, Brecht, Rilke. Writes poetry and fiction; falls in love with Amy ___?; travels to Virginia; sees Marin's watercolors at gallery and sends prices; visits Whitney Museum and doesn't like it; learns Portuguese.
1 6 Jan-Sep 1932
16 handwritten letters. Discusses reading, including Dante, Camões and other Portuguese poets, Doughty, Faust, Hermann Hesse. Sees Diego Rivera show at MAM; sees exhibit of 15th, 16th and 17th c. Italian painting; still writing "Sweet;" sketches African sculpture (incl.); sees movies and comments on their form; visits Virginia with father. 1 clipping regarding Hart Crane's suicide. Note: Jan 14 1932 envelope but no letter.
1 7 Sep-Dec 1932
7 handwritten letters. Discusses reading, including Gide, E.T.A. Hoffman stories, Joyce, a book on ancient scripts. Through Danny Fuchs meets New Republic writers; votes Socialist; sees paintings by Alexander Smith and Coleman; writes article on Brecht; asks why Lazarus keeps his letters and complains he'll never be able to live them down. Note: 1st letter missing page.
box folder
2 1-5 Letters to Harold Lazarus, 1933-1937 94 items
2 1 Jan-Dec 1933
28 handwritten letters and 1 postcard. Discusses reading, including Isaac Babel, Corneille's Cid, Brothers Karamozov, Vita Nuova, The Autobiography of Gertrude Stein, Perse, J. Collier's His Monkey's Wife, the German translation of Gilgamesh. Sees Maillot and Pisarro exhibit; continues writing "Sweet;" finishes Brecht piece; sees Karfiol show; complains about the Whitney; moves to St. Louis to manage one of his father's wholesale necktie stores; writes very detailed descriptions of St. Louis, including the museum and zoo; looks at pictures of Epstein's sculpture; moves to Cleveland to manage another of his father's stores; does very well in the tie business but feels lonely and alienated; explains sex to Lazarus; stops in Ogden, Utah on way to Calif. (includes drawing); lives in SF and describes its scenery; sees Potemkin; sees Langston Hughes reading. Note: envelope dated 1933 Jan 9 has no letter.
2 2 Jan-Dec 1934
21 handwritten and typewritten letters and 1 postcard. Discusses reading, including Beowulf, Stephen Spender, Martin Chuzzlewit, Auden, Washington Irving, Svevo, Malraux, Communist pamphlets, Henry James. Is unhappy in SF; goes to concerts; goes to Chinese theater; falls in love with "Toady" Ewing and marries her; moves with wife to LA, which he describes at length; visits Huntington Library; moves with wife to Carmel, where they live with wife's mother and he writes short stories; wife gets pregnant and he leaves for East; gets story accepted at Esquire; moves to St. Louis (for business).
2 3 Jan-Dec 1935
12 handwritten and typewritten letters and 2 postcards. Discusses reading, including Celine, Passage to India, German translations of Greek classics. Goes to Washington D.C. to look for job; son Danny is born; edits textbook for money; gets second story accepted at Esquire; gets poem accepted at New Masses; returns to Carmel for 6 days in Aug.; seeks divorce; misses son.
2 4 Jan-Dec 1936
22 handwritten and typewritten letters and 4 postcards. Gets civil service job; translates anti-Nazi book and Goya book; misses son Danny; sees Odets play; goes horseback riding frequently.
2 5 Jan-Dec 1937
11 handwritten letters. Discusses reading, including Spengler, German authors. Sees Orson Welles' Dr. Faustus; kills a rattlesnake in the country; writes poetry and short stories.
box folder
3 1-6 Letters to Lazarus, 1938-1947 102 items
3 1 Feb-Nov 1938
13 handwritten letters and 1 postcard. Discusses reading, including Kafka's Amerika, Kierkegaard, Rilke. Moves out of father's house and into NYC apt; writes stories and poems; works for customs service; meets abstract artists; publishes Brecht piece in Partisan Review; corresponds with H. Rosenberg; paints his first picture; takes drawing class; ex-wife (Toady) re-marries; hears Orson Welles' Invaders from Mars broadcast.
3 2 Jan-Dec 1939
19 handwritten letters and 8 postcards. Discusses reading, including Cahiers d'Arts double issue with Picasso's work in it, Pope and Dryden, Auden, Nietzche, Kafka's short stories, Kierkegaard, Lorca, Yeats. Writes poems and a play; re-writes Brecht piece; sees Paul Owen Carroll play; associates with H. Rosenberg and Lionel Abel; continues in customs job; maneuvers within Partisan Review circle; submits poems to Partisan Review (rejected); travels to Europe, where he meets Arp, Eluard, Man Ray, et al; interviews Silone for Partisan Review; sends Finnegan's Wake to Lazarus and H. Rosenberg; publishes "Avant-garde and Kitsch" in Partisan Review, to great acclaim.
3 3 Mar-Dec 1940
18 handwritten letters. Discusses reading, including Forster's Where Angels Fear to Tread, Elizabeth Bowen. Listens to Bach; gets T.S. Eliot piece accepted at Partisan Review; seeks "a good woman;" has affair with Jeanie, wife of Cyril Connolly, through whom he meets Auden and others; develops ambition to be a great (powerful) man; meets Margaret Marshall, Nation editor; finishes piece on Brecht's poetry; persistently exorts Lazarus to write a novel; publishes in Horizon; sees World's Fair art show; writes piece on Klee; becomes Partisan Review editor; develops passion for Vlamnick's work.
3 4 Jan-Dec 1941
18 handwritten letters and 2 postcards. Reads Kenneth Burke; is denounced by H. Rosenberg to other Partisan Review editors; writes book review for Nation; writes Goethe piece; meets frequently with M. Marshall; has dinner with the Edmund Wilson and Auden; Rahv and Dupee quit Partisan Review; writes editorial on politics; has party with Partisan Review circle, Carson McCullers, Nigel Dennis, et al; Lazarus writes lit. reviews, which Greenberg praises; has further encounters with Auden, "a petty dictator;" reviews Wheelwright's poems for Nation; reviews a bio of Rosa Luxembourg for Partisan Review; wants to live with Jeanie; meets Isherwood; reviews Marianne Moore and other poets; asks Lazarus to review D. Schwartz for Partisan Review.
3 5 Jan-Dec 1942
13 handwritten letters and 1 postcard. Discusses reading, including Dryden, Poe, Goncourts' journal, New Testament, St. Augustine, Spender. Tries to convince Jeanie "he's the boss;" writes Jeffers review; translates Kafka; does short art reviews for Nation; is disturbed that he writes only reviews; quits his customs service job (Oct).
3 6 Jan 1943-Aug 1947
21 handwritten and typewritten letters. Reads The American and Anna Karenina; worries he'll be drafted; his art reviews are well-received; is drafted and stationed at Miami, where he is miserable but adjusting; corresponds with Brodsky; works on George review; is assigned to Oklahoma for clerical training; is sent to Michigan, awaiting assignment; has nervous breakdown (1943 Nov 8); is discharged from Army; Margaret recommends him for managing editorship of Contemporary Jewish Record; returns to NYC to find Jeanie involved with Laurence Vail; Lazarus is drafted; tells Lazarus he didn't reject him (1947 July 7).
box folder
4 1-6 Correspondence, 1932-1993 158 items
4 1 1932-1936
14 letters and 1 postcard. Several letters addressed to an August Trombley (pseud. of Greenberg?) from FDR, expressing gratitude for tokens of support; several more addressed to R.H. Torres (pseud. of Greenberg), author of "Jalisco Mutiny," story published in Esquire, regarding story syndication and requests for more material of the same sort; 1 draft of letter to poet who submitted to Partisan Review.
4 2 1939
5 letters and 9 postcards to family from Europe, including descriptions of England, France and Italy, and of the cruise ship. Note: 1939 Apr 23 letter has missing page.
4 3 1933-1984
46 items. Includes Greenberg's transcript from Syracuse; a letter from Greenberg to his first wife (Toady); a letter from Cyril Connolly regarding his wife Jeanie, with whom Greenberg had affair; letter from Greenberg to Clyfford Still, several letters from Frank Hamilton; letter from William Phillips and response; correspondence with Eugene Victor Thaw.
4 4 1949-1983
37 items. Primarily love letters from Marjorie Ferguson, who was working in Florence and then in Israel for USIS.
4 5 1966-1968
9 items. Letters from John and Vera Russell discussing the dissolution of their marriage.
4 6 1982-1984
20 items. Letters and other materials from John O'Brian regarding his efforts to publish Greenberg's collected writings. Includes draft of book introduction with Greenberg's corrections.
4 7 1985-1993
26 items. Letters from John O'Brian, including one expressing dismay that Greenberg agrees with Kramer's attack on the Intro to Collected Essays.
box folder
5 1 Correspondence, 1950-1959
5 1 Letters from Helen Frankenthaler, 1950-1969
Sealed until 13 September 2030. 50 items. Love letters from Helen Frankenthaler to Clement Greenberg, sent from Provincetown in summer 1950, and from Europe in summer 1953. Few later letters.
6-13 Greenberg's correspondence files, 1984-1994
These files are arranged alphabetically by the correspondent's last name. They are comprised of letters from artists asking Greenberg for advice and help, or thanking him for having already given it. There are numerous requests for essays, commentary, interviews or lectures, including those from scholars writing about the 1950s Partisan Review or The New York School. Greeting cards or postcards from friends are included. The most prolific and/or important correspondents are noted below. Approximately 2500 items.
box folder
6 1-9 1984
6 1 ABC
Peter Blaine photographs; David Carrier letters; Tony Caro cards; items from Canadian galleries and artists.
6 2 DEF
Interview with Clement Greenberg by Virginia Dorazio with Greenberg's corrections; items regarding Jack Bush exhibition.
6 3 GHI
Several long letters from Charles Harrison; several from Inge Hoesterey, art historian.
6 4 JKL
Robert Jensen lecture with Greenberg's corrections; items from Victor Koshkin-Youritzen; invitation to memorium for Lee Krasner with interesting photo of her; letters from Mark Krupnik regarding Trilling book; letters from the Lansdales, friends; letters from John Link, Chair of Kalamazoo Art Dept.
6 5 MNO
Letters from artists Barbara McKay, Yvonne Muller, Mali Morris.
6 6 PQR
Correspondence and ms. from Susan Noyes Platt, art historian.
6 7 STU
Richard Shiff, Deborah Soloman, Derek Southall, Francine Tint, Anne Truitt.
6 8 VW
2 items from Cora Ward; several letters from Karen Wilkin, artist.
6 9 XYZ
Letters regarding interviews.
box folder
7 1-8 1985
7 1 ABC
Correspondence between Greenberg and Alexander Bloom, author of Prodigal Sons: The New York Intellectuals and Their World; letters from David Carrier; postcards from Tony Caro.
7 2 DEF
Postcard from H. Frankenthaler thanking Greenberg for his comments on her work; several letters from Piero Dorazio, artist; cards from Dominique Fourcade.
7 3 GHI
Letters from Prof. Ann Gibson; letter from Marty Greenberg, brother; letters from Inge Hoesterey; Andrew Hudson.
7 4 JKL
John Link essay and letters; letters from Mrs. Jacob Kainen and Phil Lansdale.
7 5 MNO
Items from Maria Manning, Ken Moffett; Yvonne Muller; Jules Olitski.
7 6 PQR
Letters from Sidney Phillips and William Phillips.
7 7 STU
Graham Burke interview of Tim Scott; letters from Ann and Mary Truitt.
Cards from Cora Ward; Paul Williams book proposal.
8 1-8 1986
8 1 ABC
Walter Darby Bannard letters regarding current art critics and thanking Greenberg for criticism; Tom Barron, artist, discussing his work and thanking Greenberg for his criticism; Esmé Berman, South African art historian; Frank Bowling, artist; Tony Caro, artist, letter from Greece about his travels and his work; Ann Clarke, artist, discussing problems with her job; Frances Colpitt, art historian.
8 2 DEF
Theirry de Duve, art historian; Jim Dinerstein, artist; Piero Dorazio; Friedl Dzubas; The Edwards; Lawrence Eisler, artist, requesting studio visit; Gabriele Ellertson, artist; Andre Emmerich; Nel Erasmus, painter; Terry Fenton, curator; H. Frankenthaler; Peter Fuller, artist, regarding derogatory remarks he heard Greenberg made about him.
8 3 GHI
Marty Greenberg, regarding publication of his Kleist translations; Piri Halasz, scholar; Inge Hoesterey, regarding art criticism; Jay Hutchinson, artist, thanking Greenberg for criticism.
8 4 JKL
Harold Jonas, college friend getting back in touch; Neil Jumonville, Harvard instructor writing on Partisan Review circle, writing in response to Greenberg's corrections; Tim Kelly, artist; Hilton Kramer; Mark Krupnick; John Link, regarding his paintings and writings.
8 5 MN
Charles Millard, curator, about changes in his life; Ken Moffett; Mali Morris, artist; Yvonne Muller, regarding her work.
8 6 OPQ
John Ogburn, regarding his work and art world; Larry Poons.
8 7 RST
Tim Scott, regarding his work, his father; Richard Shiff; Derreck Southall, artist and writer; Pat Sutton, artist; Anne Truitt, artist, about her family and her work.
8 8 UVW
Von Wentzel, gallery owner; Karen Wilken; Arthur Count Yanoff, artist; Victor Youritzen.
box folder
9 1-9 1987
9 1 ABC
Walter Darby Bannard, with reviews of Greenberg's book of essays and questions about his own work; Esmé Berman, regarding efforts to relocate in LA; Thomas Barron, thanking Greenberg for critique; Tony Caro, regarding Triangle Workshop and Greenberg's impression there; David Cast, regarding his father, Giotto, Vasari.
9 2 DEF
De Duve, Diebenkorn; Dorazio, regarding his life in Italy; Edwards, regarding Greenberg's essays and health; Erasmus, regarding Greenberg's essays; Terry Fenton, regarding Greenberg's essays, his work, Canadian art scene; Frankenthaler, regarding dinner date.
9 3 GHI
Inge Hoesterey, her essays, etc.; Tim Hilton regarding Emma Lake.
9 4 JKL
Mark Krupnik, regarding reviews of Greenberg's essays; Jim Link, regarding Olitski, Susan Roth; Richard Love, thanking Greenberg for his interview.
9 5 MN
McChesney regarding art shows, requests for crits; Charles Millard, regarding reviews of Greenberg's essays; Ken Moffett, regarding Greenberg's essays; R. Motherwell, regarding Greenberg's essays; Y. Muller, regarding recomendations, gratitude.
9 6 OPQ
Larry Poons.
9 7 RST
Rosalie Rossi, regarding her work; David Shapiro, artist, with photo of piece; Derreck Southall, regarding his novel, novels he's reading, Bacon, Caro, his paintings; Anne Truitt, regarding her financial issues.
9 8 UVW
Von Wentzel, regarding Triangle, Bannard.
9 9 XYZ
Arthur Yanoff, regarding his work, Greenberg's criticism; Victor Youritzin.
10-11 1988-1990
box folder
10 1 ABC
American Academy of Arts and Sciences, letter announcing Greenberg had been elected fellow; Greenberg's angry reply to Dore Ashton's article on Guston that cites him; Walter Darby Bannard, copy of letter to editor defending Greenberg; Betsy Brown, Director of Nat'l Museum of American Art; David Carrier, inquiring how Greenberg liked his book Artwriting; Caro, about his work and vacation; color photographs of possible Pollock.
10 2 DEF
H. Frankenthaler, affectionate postcards; Gary Fountain, regarding information for his biography of Elizabeth Bishop; Thiery de Duve, regarding Clement Greenberg talk; Darozio postcards; Jennifer Durrant, artist, regarding her work; André Emmerich, Peter Fuller regarding Modern Painters, his magazine.
10 3 GHI
Clive Getty, Prof. at Miami Univ.; Marty Greenberg, announcing he won 2 translation awards; Paul Hart, letter and review of Collected Essays; Janet Heath, proposing telephone interview; Inge Hoesterey, regarding her articles, book dedication, with photo of her; Richard Howard, letter about mutual friends.
10 4 JKL
Ruth Kainen regarding Adorno and Greenberg; Jacob Kainen regarding his work and Noland's show; Mark Krupnik regarding Irvin Howe with bibliography; Jim Link regarding writings and paintings, mss. enclosed.
box folder
11 1 MNO
Clif McChesney regarding his work, the art scene; Barbara McKay, color slides; Charles Millard; Colette Morey de Morand, London art scene; Barrie Mowatt regarding Greenberg's contribution to Olitski catalog; Yvonne Muller, asking for recommendations; Colette Nilsen, thanking Greenberg for the critique; Jules Olitski, asking Greenberg to check catalog for his show.
11 2 PQR
Sidney Phillips, asking Greenberg to look at slides of his paintings; Wm. Phillips, asking if Greenberg would be willing to have Elizabeth Frank interview him for Partisan Review; Joachim Pisarro, regarding his book on Pisarro; Poons, wanting response to his show; Katharina von Rohden regarding her thesis on Frankenthaler; Rubenfeld regarding interviews with Greenberg for book; Robert Storr, regarding Greenberg's conflict of interest (financial interest in artists he supported); Catherine Tatge, thanking Greenberg for PBS interview on Motherwell; Anne Truitt, regarding losing her job, family illness; Adam Stein, letter with abstract painting "score" (piece included).
11 3 STU
Tim Scott, regarding his new studio and work; Richard Shiff, regarding essay for Art Journal on Greenberg's "Modernist Painting" (essay included); Derreck Southall regarding his work, his life; Gail Stavitsky, interview with Greenberg regarding Gallatin.
11 4 VWXYZ
Nora Wainer, regarding bio about her grandfather, Dr. Cahim Zhitlowsky, Yiddish philosopher; Norman Wasserman regarding New York Times story on Pollock fraud with copy of clipping citing Greenberg; Wentzel regarding advice for Greenberg's daughter on becoming art dealer; Jeanne Wilkinson, thanking Greenbert for critique; Susan Wadsworth regarding Greenberg's work on Stella and Smith; Yanoff regarding his work; Youritzen regarding his writings.
box folder
12 1-8 1991-1992
12 1 ABC
K. Agena, letters to Wm. Phillips (cc: Greenberg) regarding PBS documentary on NY intellectuals; D. Bentham, letter regarding teaching position with slide of recent work; Debra Balken regarding George L.K. Morris and his rivalry with Greenberg at Partisan Review; Robert Belton with question regarding William Ronald; Douglas Carnegie color photographs; Tony Caro regarding exhibition in Rome.
12 2 DEF
Dallas Museum, invitation to speak; Arthur Danto, regarding Hume; Thierry de Duve, regarding his new art school and writings; Piero Dorazio, regarding his work; Frankenthaler postcard; Univ. of Iowa regarding Weldon Kees.
12 3 GHI
Andrea Gabor, regarding Lee Krasner for book on gifted women and their marriages; Iqbal Geoffrey, collage and bio from Pakistani writer/artist/activist. J. P. George with ms. on Watteau and Greenberg's comments; Tom Grimsy postcards of work; Andrew Hudson.
12 4 JKL
Barbara Jaffee, regarding Julien Benda; Arthur Jones, regarding Greenberg's talk at Pollock/Krasner house; Ruth Kainen, regarding her husband's career and retrospective; Gertrude Kasday, color photographs; invitation to Lee Krasner show with reproduction of a work; Harold Lehman, friend and collaborator with Pollock; Laurel Lyman, letters and copy of thesis on pottery.
12 5 MNO
Charles Millard, postcards from travels; Kim Morgan, regarding interview with copy of 1963 article on Emma Lake Artist's workshop; Colette Nilsen with color photographs of her work; Ken Noland, requesting money to oppose S. Africa apartheid; Elizabeth O'Neil, regarding Marcia Nardi.
12 6 PQR
Pollock/Krasner house and study center regarding Greenberg's visit and talk; Anne Poor's color photographs; Anee Purcell, color photographs; J. Reidel regarding Weldon Kees.
12 7 STU
Richard Schem; Pat Service; Will South, regarding Stanton McDonald-Wright; Pat Sutton; Anne Truitt, thanking Greenberg for all his help.
12 8 VWXYZ
Norman Wasserman, letters and clippings regarding the authenticity of his Pollock and Greenberg's opinions; Wentzel; Jeanne Wilkinson; Toss Woollaston, autobiographical ms; Yale Univ. Press regarding opinion on Bernard Smith's work on Modernism and Postmodernism, with ms; Arthur Yanoff.
box folder
13 1-6 1993-1994
13 1 ABCD
Doug Bentham regarding Canadian art scene; Frank Bowling regarding immigration issues and catalog of a show; Mary Busch, cards and poems; Martin Bush, ACA Galleries president; Tony Caro postcards from travels; David Cateforis regarding dissertation on De Kooning's women; many comments about Collected Essays.
13 2 EFGH
Paul Georges' daughter asking advice; Terry Fenton regarding Noland and L. Freud; Gary Fountain, announcing his book on Elizabeth Bishop will be published; David Goldstein, asking Greenberg for crit; Piri Halasz; Andrew Hudson regarding his book on Morris Louis and other projects.
13 3 IJKL
Jacob Kainen regarding Greenberg's comments on his work, his upcoming show, asking more criticism on new slides, etc; Mark Krupnik regarding Mary McCarthy.
13 4 MNOP
Colette Nilsen, regarding her visit, her work; Bill Noland, thanks; Jules Olitski regarding Robert Hughes; Sidney Phillips, returning the $12,000.00 Greenberg lent him many years before; Peter Plagens, enclosing interview.
13 5 QRST
Nora Ransenberg slides; Derrick Southall, regarding family and work; Anne Truitt, with citation from Greenberg's encouraging letter to her many years before.
Norman Wasserman, regarding his Pollock; Emyr Wyn Williams, with color photographs of her work; Univ. of Chicago Press regarding Collected Essays.

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