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Views of Belém, Brazil, circa 1870-1879

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Views of Belém, Brazil

Container List

1 95.R.51-1a [Pará. Harbor with Ships]
1 95.R.51-1b [Pará. Rua do Conselheiro João Alfredo]
Looking towards cathedral.
1 95.R.51-2a Pará, View from River Amazon
1 95.R.51-2b Pará, Landing Pier
1 95.R.51-3a [Pará. View towards Docks]
1 95.R.51-3b Pará, Convent
1 95.R.51-4a [Pará. View towards Docks]
1 95.R.51-4b Pará, Portuguese Hospital
1 95.R.51-5a Pará, Fish Market
1 95.R.51-5b [Pará. Convent]
1 95.R.51-6a Pará, Rua do Imperador
1 95.R.51-6b [Pará. Commercial Street]
1 95.R.51-7a [Pará. View]
Possibly view with largo.
1 95.R.51-7b Pará, Commercial Bank
1 95.R.51-8a Pará, Theatre
Teatro da Paz, Largo da Pólvara.
1 95.R.51-8b Pará, a Bathhouse

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