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Åke Åkerström papers, 1853-1991 (bulk 1927-1987)

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Finding aid for the Åke Åkerström papers, 1853-1991

Container List

Series I. Excavations at Larisa am Hermos, 1902-1940 1.0 linear foot (3 boxes)
The site of Larisa on the Hermos, near Buruncuk in western Turkey, was initially excavated by Lennart Kjellberg and Johannes Boehlau in 1902. The pair conducted further joint Swedish and German excavations at the site from 1932-1934. These excavations revealed structures from three main building phases, dating from the sixth through the fourth centuries B.C. Of special interest to scholars were the many fragments of architectural terracottas.
This series contains a limited amount of general documentation about Kjellberg's excavations and substantial visual documentation of the terracottas. Akerstrom received this material after Kjellberg died during the preparation of the final Larisa excavation report.
Box Folder
1 1 Kjellberg field notes, reports and correspondence, 1902-1935, undated 64 leaves
Typescript copies of entries from Kjellberg's day books of the excavation, for the period from 31 Jan to 24 Apr 1902. The later excavations are represented here with reports on the 1932 season. Also included are financial reports and a small amount of correspondence between Kjellberg and Boehlau, Theodor Wiegand and Åkerström.
1 2 Kjellberg publication materials, undated 6 leaves
Includes an unpublished forward to the excavation report and an early publication plan.
1-3 Architectural terracottas from Larisa, circa 1940
The architectural terracottas from Larisa constitute a large body of material, almost 500 fragments, and include elements of raking and lateral simas, geison revetment plaques, akroteria and waterspouts, bearing both painted and molded, figural and ornamental decoration. The Greek cities of Asia Minor employed a decorative system of roofing with more ornamentation than was standard on the mainland and the Larisa fragments, being amongst the earliest examples of this practice, have helped scholars understand the varying regional roofing styles used by the Greeks.
Kjellberg originally intended to publish this material himself and left a partial manuscript on his death in 1936. Kjellberg's son, Ernst, hoped to finish his father's work but died himself in 1938, at which point the responsibility for the material was handed over to Åke Åkerström. Åkerström revised and completed the manuscript and published Die architektonischen Terrakotten (Stockholm, 1940), as volume II in the excavation report, Larisa am Hermos. Die Ergebnisse der Ausgrabungen 1902-1934.
1-2 Documentation and notes
The documentation of the terracottas preserved in the archive is almost entirely visual. The majority of the images are photographs, generally mounted, either individually or in groups, with occasional drawings added. Only a limited numbers of notes and measurements are included.
1-2 Figural friezes
Box Folder
1 3 II, 45 items
1 4-5 III, 66 items
1 6 IV, 54 items
1 7 V, 23 items
1 8 VI, 12 items
1 9-11 VII, 156 items
Box Folder
2 1-2 VIII, 118 items
2 3 IX, 7 items
2 4 X, 3 items
2 5 Ornamental friezes, 40 items
2 6 Akroteria, 60 items
2 7-8 Waterspouts, 72 items
Box Folder
3 1 High-relief figures, 15 items
3 2 Miscellaneous fragments, 64 items
3 3 Stockholm fragments, 13 items
Two sets of fragments, presumably from Larisa, donated to the Nationalmuseum by Lennart Kjellberg. This material was published in detail by Åkerström in Architektonische Terrakottaplaten in Stockholm (Lund, 1951).
3 4 Proofs (?) of the published plates, 76 leaves
Heavily annotated, with reconstructions of missing elements sketched in.
Series II. Research and publications, 1904-1987, undated 5.6 linear feet (12 boxes)
Åke Åkerström's research materials and publications comprise this series. Both the research and publication material show the breadth of Åkerström's interests, ranging from Bronze Age Greece to Roman Italy and beyond. It should also be noted that some of the materials included here originally came to Åkerström from Lennart Kjellberg and perhaps from Axel Persson. Åkerström's research materials make up the largest portion of his papers. These include general archaeological research materials, such as his photographic archive of sites and antiquities and his extensive note file, as well as more specific research on selected topics. The limited publication material found here relates primarily to the images for his books and articles.
4-13, 17 Research materials, 1904-1984, undated
4-7, 17 Photographic archive, 1928-1947, undated
The majority of the images are photographs or postcards, mounted several to a board, but there is also a sampling of loose photographs and postcards, and an occasional drawing. Many of the photographs have identifying information on the board. The images are organized by medium and culture. The majority of the photographs are undated; only a few have dates along with Åkerström's captions.
4-6, 17 Site views, architecture and architectural sculpture, 1928-1947, undated
4-5, 17 Etruria, 1928-1947, undated
Includes images of maps and plans of Etruria and Etruscan sites, tomb plans and elevations. Also included are images of artifacts: architectural elements, pottery, metalwork, painting, terracottas, sculpture. There is strong coverage of Etruscan tomb architecture, reflecting Åkerström's dissertation. Many of the mounting boards found here were reused from work at Berbati and still carry Berbati negative numbers and captions on the verso.
4-5 Photographs, 1928-1947, undated 209 items
Box Folder
17 1 Negatives, undated 30 frames
Box Folder
6 1-4 Greece, 1936, undated 71 items
The sites documented include the major sites of Athens, Delos, Delphi, Olympia, as well as smaller sites like Aegina, Asine, Bassai, Isthmia, Kalauria, Knossos, Livadia, Mycenae, Mystra, Nauplion, Perachora, Pylos, Rhodes, Sparta, Sunion and Tiryns. Also included are early excavation photographs of Asine and Rhodes, which may have come from the Persson material (See Series IV).
6 5-8 Magna Grecia and Roman Italy, 1931-1936, undated 63 items
The Greek sites in Italy documented here include Agrigento, Selinus, Segesta and Paestum. The major Roman sites of the city of Rome and Pompeii are included, as well as smaller sites like Alatri, Elba, Frascati, Naples, Nemi, Rieti, Subiaco and Tivoli. Also included are two clippings with photographs of the Nemi ships.
6 9 Turkey, undated 11 items
The sites documented include Istanbul, Izmir, Pamukkale, Belevi and Pergamon.
6 10 Great Britain, undated 14 items
Includes images of the Roman remains at Chedworth and Bath, as well as later monuments in Salisbury and Caerleon.
6 11 Miscellaneous and unidentified sites, 1928-1931, undated 6 items
Includes panorama of excavations at Cyrene in 1928.
Box Folder
7 1-4 Sculpture, 1936, undated 131 items
Greek, Hellenistic and Roman works.
7 5-6 Vase-painting, undated 62 items
Primarily Attic black-figure and red-figure pottery, but also includes Geometric and Cypriot wares.
7 7 Mosaics, stucco and metalwork, undated 8 items
8-10 Note file, undated 4523 leaves
Extensive note file constructed from slips of paper cut or folded to a standard size; the file retains Åkerström's arrangement by topic. Those topics, based on both topographical and typological divisions, reflect Åkerström's wide-ranging research interests. The file covers the standard Greek, Roman and Etruscan cultures, but also includes Mycenaean, Cypriot and Hallstatt culture. Artistic media covered in the file include general art, architecture, sculpture, vase-painting and terracottas, as well as broad topics such as religion, topography and history. The slips carry notes, bibliography and drawings of artifacts. The extensive coverage of Caeretan hydriae and Klazomenian sarcophagi found here is related to Åkerström's work on the architectural terracottas in Asia Minor.
11 Map of Greece, undated 1 item
Oversize map of Greece at 1:400,000 constructed from smaller map segments.
12-13, 17 Topical research materials, 1904-1984, undated
Box Folder
12 1 Antiquities in the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm, undated 29 items
Photographs of sculpture and vases attached to inventory cards.
12 2 Cypriot inscriptions, undated 7 photographs
12 3-6 Greek Geometric and Orientalizing pottery, undated 511 leaves
Contents of a loose-leaf notebook assembled by Åkerström; includes research notes and drawings.
12 7-8 Klazomenian vases, 1904, undated 85 items
Contents of a loose-leaf notebook assembled by Åkerström, including mounted photographs, notes and manuscripts. Part of the material, especially the mounted photographs, appears to have been created by Åkerström. However, other material found here including a brief manuscript and a letter, comes from Lennart Kjellberg, a portion of whose scholarly estate came to Åkerström in connection with the Larisa material (See Series I). Also included are notes and photographs of Klazomenian sarcophagi.
12, 17 Mycenaean pottery, 1972-1974, undated
Box Folder
12 9 Notes and research, 1972-1974, undated 10 items
Includes heavily annotated copies of articles on the chronology of Late Helladic pottery by Oliver Dickinson, paste-ups for figures in unidentified publication (?) and photocopies of tomb plans.
Box Folder
17 2 Negatives, undated 5 frames
Box Folder
12 10 Mycenaean pottery in Egypt, 1977-1984, 9 items
Materials documenting Åkerström's exchanges with Vronwy Hankey regarding Mycenaean pottery found in Egypt; includes offprints, copies of talks given by Hankey, and a letter from Hankey to Åkerström.
Box Folder
13 1 Urartian bronzes from Altin Tepe, undated 19 photographs, 7 leaves
Photographs, notes, and drawing.
13 2 Miscellaneous research, 1929-1973 20 items
Includes material on the tumulus at Belevi, lion imagery in Homer, Persian history, photographic documentation of unidentified metal finds, notes from a trip to Yugoslavia.
13, 17-18 Publications and writings, circa 1940-1987, undated
13, 17-18 Der geometrische Stil in Italien, circa 1940-1943
Images, primarily copy photography, of pottery and metalwork; associated with Åkerström's research for Der geometrische Stil in Italien (Lund, 1943).
Box Folder
13 3 Photographs, 9 items
Box Folder
17 3 Negatives, 29 items
Box Folder
18 1 Glass negatives, 37 items
13, 17-18 Architektonische Terrakottaplatten in Stockholm, circa 1947-1951
Images related to the figures in the publication and to research for Architektonische Terrakottaplatten in Stockholm (Lund, 1951).
Box Folder
13 4 Photographs, 3 items
Box Folder
17 4 Negatives, 87 items
Box Folder
18 2 Glass negatives, 5 items
Box Folder
13 5 Die architektonischen Terracotten Kleinasiens, circa 1965-1967 62 items
Multiple copies of selected plates including terracottas from Larisa am Hermos, Gordion and Akalan from Die architektonischen Terracotten Kleinasiens (Lund, 1966); also includes early version of map.
13 6 "More Canaanite jars from Greece," circa 1974-1975 12 items
Production materials for the illustrations in the article published in Opuscula Atheniensia 11 (1975): 185-192, including photographs of pottery at varying exposures, as well as mechanicals.
13 7-8 Berbati II: The Pictorial Pottery, 1985-1987, undated
Materials related to the preparation and publication of Berbati II: The Pictorial Pottery (Stockholm, 1987)
13 7 Notes and preliminary drafts, 1987, undated 113 leaves
13 8 Correspondence with Berit Wells, 1985 6 leaves
13 9 Linear B inscriptions at Knossos, undated 17 leaves
Unpublished (?) typescript.
13 10 Miscellaneous writings, undated 5 items
Unidentified fragments of manuscripts.
Series III. Miscellaneous professional papers, 1927-1991 3.5 linear feet (1 box, 2 flatfile folders)
This series contains a variety of Åkerström's miscellaneous professional papers. The largest and most significant element in this series is the group of reports and minutes related to the workings of the Swedish Institute in Athens during the time Åkerström was director.
Box Folder
14 1-2 Swedish Institute in Athens, 1951-1958 139 leaves
Various institutional reports and minutes of meetings from Åkerström's time as Director.
FF1**-FF2** Plans for a Yugoslavian legation building in Athens, 1938 15 items
Reprographic copies of plans for the construction or renovation of a building for the Yugoslavian legation in Athens.
Box Folder
14 3 Photographs of colleagues, 1957, undated 4 items
Includes Martin Nilsson, Ludwig Curtius and Carl Blegen.
14 4-5 Various printed matter, 1927-1991 6 items
Includes newspaper clippings and fascicles of serials and newsletters on archaeological topics.
Series IV. Axel W. Persson papers, 1853-1941, undated 1.5 linear feet (3 boxes)
Axel W. Persson (1888-1951) was a pioneering Swedish classical archaeologist. Serving as Professor of Classical Archaeology and Ancient History at Uppsala University from 1924-1951, after a mid-career shift from Greek philology, Persson trained a generation of Swedish archaeologists, including Einar Gjerstad and Åke Åkerström. Persson excavated at Asine, Dendra, Midea and Berbati in Greece and at Milas and Labraunda in Turkey.
This series contains a small collection of Axel W. Persson's papers, which had come into the possession of Åke Åkerström. Included here are several manuscripts and typescripts, as well as photographic documentation of Persson's excavations at Dendra and Berbati. The manuscripts and typescripts, which are arranged chronologically, appear to represent both lectures delivered by Persson and published articles. The bracketed English translations of titles are taken from the dealer's inventory.
15-16 Publications and writings, 1853-1857, 1903-1941, undated
Box Folder
15 1 "Inscriptions de Carie," circa 1903-1922 80 leaves
Drafts of sections of text, as well as notes and research, for article on the inscriptions from Mylasa, published in BCH 46 (1922): 394-426. Also includes brief manuscript on cults of Mylasa, as well as two signatures removed from A. Hellwig, Das Asylrecht der Naturvölker (Berlin, 1903) and annotated.
15 2 "Stat och industri i Egypten," 1923 Oct 30 1 clipping
Article published in Svenska Dagbladet no. 295.
15 3 "Industria i det romerska riket," circa 1923 20 leaves
Manuscript of lecture or article, possibly published as "Stat och industri i det romerska riket" in Svenska Dagbladet Oct 31, 192, no. 296.
15 4 Ur antikens liv och kultur, circa 1927 72 leaves
Paste-ups of the figures and captions for Ur antikens liv och kultur (Stockholm, 1927).
15 5 "Grekiska sagor i belysning av fynd från Dendra" [Greek sagas and myths reflected in finds at Dendra], circa 1928 26 leaves
Manuscript of lecture or early draft of article published as "Grekiska sagor och myter i belysning av fynd från Dendrá, " Rig 11 (1928): 59-76.
15 6 "Kostis Palamás," 1929 16 leaves
Typescript of unpublished (?) article.
15 7 Hantverk och industri under antiken, 1929 20 leaves
Incomplete set of corrected proofs and one page of notes.
15 8 "Die spätmykenische Inschrift aus Asine," 1932 2 items
Set of proofs and photograph of inscription with transliteration; for article published in Corolla archaeologica principi heredetario regni Sueciae Gustavo Adolfo dedicata (Lund, 1932): 208-215.
15 9 "En bestigning av Parnassen [The ascent of Parnassus], 1932 7 leaves
Typescript of article published in Jorden Runt 4 (1932): 218-224.
15 10 "Bild, liknelse och legend i det förhistoriska Grekland" [Image, metaphor and myth in prehistoric Greece], 1934 Jan 29 25 leaves
Manuscript of a lecture (?).
15 11 "Grekisk helg" [Greek holidays], 1934 6 leaves
Typescript of article published in Julafton 1934: 17-22.
15 12-13 Med hacka och med spade, 1853-1857, 1929-1934
15 12 Plates, circa 1934 23 leaves
Paste-ups with captions for Plates 1-22 and 25-48.
15 13 Research on Johan Hedenborg, 1853-1857, 1929 80 leaves
Research conducted circa 1929 on Johan Hedenborg, the Swedish naturalist, traveller and antiquarian; includes notes and photocopies of Hedenborg's correspondence.
15 14 Asine, 1938 Jan 31 leaves
Untitled typescript of a lecture.
15 15 Asine: results of the Swedish excavations 1922-1930, circa 1938 54 items
Figure proofs of finds from the excavation.
15 16 "Iatros och medicus," circa 1940 12 items
Figure proofs for article published in Lychnos 1940: 166-199.
15 17 "Mythology and archaeological discoveries," circa 1941 3 leaves
Manuscript describing course taught by Åkerström at Berkeley during his year as the Sather Professor.
15 18 "Asine," undated 13 leaves
Manuscript of unidentified article (?).
15 19 "Tre veckor i Asien, ett litet resebrev" [Three weeks in Asia], undated 95 leaves
Three drafts of typescript of unpublished (?) article.
15 20 "Grekisk sång och saga som historisk källa" [Greek song and saga as historical sources], undated 17 leaves
Manuscript of lecture (?).
15 21 "Griechische Sagen im Licht der Geschichte," undated 10 leaves
Manuscript of a lecture (?).
15 22 "Greklands förhistoriska kulturer i belysning av de stora utgrävningarna" [Prehistoric Greek cultures reflected in the great excavations], undated 23 leaves
Manuscript of lecture.
15 23 "Den kretisk-mykenska kulturen" [Cretan-Mycenaean culture], undated 8 leaves
15 24 "Det antika ödesdramat," undated 8 leaves
15 25 "Frammende religioner i det romerska riket," undated 17 leaves
Box Folder
16 1 Survey of ancient art in Italy, undated 188 leaves
Untitled manuscript.
16 2 Dendra, undated 7 leaves
Untitled typescript.
16 3 Miscellaneous untitled manuscripts, undated 45 leaves
16 4 Miscellaneous untitled typescripts and proofs, undated 61 leaves
16, 18, 19 Photographic documentation of excavations and artifacts, 1927-1935, undated
16, 18, 19 Dendra, 1927
Box Folder
16 5 Photographs, 50 items
Box Folder
18 3 Glass negatives, 11 items
19 Damaged glass negatives, 4 items
Box Folder
16 6 Berbati, 1935 4 photographs
16 7 Miscellaneous photographs of antiquities, undated 17 items
16 8 Miscellaneous material, 1927-1934, undated 7 items
Includes a lecture attendance list and clippings, as well as unidentified notes and images.

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