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Interviews with art historians, 1991-2002

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Interviews with art historians
II. Computer discs of oral transcripts, 1991-2002
Computer discs exist for most transcripts. UCLA holds the discs for transcripts completed under their aegis. The transcripts are in WordPerfect or Microsoft Word. The discs are restricted and may not be used or circulated. However, most of the bound transcripts have been digitized and are available online, as indicated in the container list.
Arranged alphabetically.
1B Barocchi, Paola 1 disk(s)
1B Baxandall, Michael 1 disk(s)
1B Boardman, John 1 disk(s)
1B Buchthal, Hugo 1 disk(s)
1B Edelstein, J.M. 2 disk(s)
1 disk for partial transcript, and 1 disk for full transcript; full transcript was sealed until April 1, 2001.
2B Englander, Nancy 1 disk(s), sealed
1B Grabar, Oleg 1 disk(s)
1B Harrison, Evelyn 1 disk(s)
1B Haskell, Francis 2 disk(s), sealed
1B Heckscher, Roxanne S. 1 disk(s)
1B Heckscher, William S. 1 disk(s)
1B Himmelmann, Nikolaus 1 disk(s)
1B Kitzinger, Ernst 1 disk(s)
1B Lewis, Samella 2 disk(s)
1B Nochlin, Linda 2 disk(s)
1B Pollock, Griselda 1 disk(s)
1B Proske, Beatrice G. 1 disk(s)
1B Ridgway, Brunilde 1 disk(s)
1B Sekler, Edouard F. 1 disk(s)
1B Steinberg, Leo 1 disk(s)
1B Vermeule, Cornelius 1 disk(s)
2B Von Bothmer, Deitrich 1 disk(s), sealed
1B Williams, Harold Marvin 1 disk(s)
1B Wittkower, Margot 3 disk(s)
1B Wittmann, Otto 2 disk(s)

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