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Giuseppe Panza papers, 1956-1990

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Panza (Giuseppe) Papers
Series I. General files, 1956-1990 36 lin. ft. 94 boxes
Series I contains correspondence and other material primarily relating to Panza's collection, and also about art and culture in general, filed alphabetically by correspondent or institution. Of particular interest are files pertaining to Panza's attempt to install his collection for the general public in museums and renovated villas and factories throughout Europe and the United States (especially in Mönchengladbach, Düsseldorf, Basel, Castello di Rivoli, Vigevano and his own villa in Varese). These files contain much correspondence with museum directors and curators, architectural drawings, and a very large quantity of installation designs by Panza which record a focused and methodical approach to curating the collection. Concurrent correspondence with Beni Culturali officials, lawyers and others document Panza's legal problems associated with changes in Italian cultural patrimony laws and tax codes, which affected the eventual sale of part of the collection to the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA) in 1984. There is other correspondence with critics, such as Germano Celant and Pierre Restany, and some with collectors, art world personalities and personal friends. Other material documents Panza's affiliations with various cultural associations, institutions and conferences, such as the Amici di Brera and the International Council of Museums (ICOM).
1 AC-AM, includes:
1 2 Academie de France a Rome, 1989
includes letter from Jean-Pierre Criqui commenting on Turrell's Roden Crater, "the milky way as art" (1989, see Box 306 Art misc. for copy of article), 4 items.
1 4 Acquisti Gallerie (gallery purchases) , 1970-1974 1988-1989
detailed list of yearly purchases of Minimal and Conceptual art with date of purchase and prices, mostly written by Panza.
1 6 Allemandi, Umberto & Co., 1983-1990
mostly about Giornale dell'arte, including photocopied corrections for two interviews (1983, 1990) and photocopied Panza responses to "best" and "worst" art events and publications of the year, ca.15 items.
1 7 Ambasciata (Ambassy) USA, 1976-1989
includes substantial corresp. about finding a home for the collection in Italy, ca.35 items.
1 10 American Archives (Archives of American Art) , 1977 1984-1986
includes corresp. with Stella Paul about Christopher Knight's interview and housing the archive at the institution, ca.22 items.
2 1-2 Architetti, , 1976-1979 1981-1988
contains miscellaneous correspondence with architects, announcements, invitations, business cards, ca.80 items.
2 3 Architetto Emilio Battisti, Florence, 1981
photocopied typescript "Il museo d'arte comtemporanea: immagine e filosofia di una istituzione."
2 4 Archivio, 1980-1986
material relating to this archive, such as annotated inventory lists (1980, 1983, 1985), photo order receipts, Giulio Panza's time sheets (1985), some correspondence, ca.55 items.
2 5 Arte Africana, Centro-UIA, , 1980-1982 1984-1990
includes correspondence about meetings and "letter of information," and membership lists, ca.35 items.
2 6 Arte Africana, Franco Monti, 1988
Collection appraisal.
2 7 Arte Africana, 1981-1990
mostly announcements and invitations, and includes photographs of the collection, ca.40 items.
2 8 Arte nei Comuni, 1980-1984
mostly correspondence about public art in peripheral areas of Milan with project descriptions, ca.16 items.
box folder
Substantial quantity of newsletters, and also other material in the form of financial reports, membership lists and correspondence concerning conferences and itineraries, ca.60 items.
4 1 Amici del Poldi Pezzoli, 1972-1990
includes membership cards, program announcements and membership list, ca.45 items. [see also Series V, Box 223 for information on Museo Poldi Pezzoli].
4 2 Italia Nostra, 1972-1990
includes membership cards, correspondence about meetings and visits to Varese, program announcements and 2 newsletters, ca.37 items.
4 3 Japan Art and Culture Association (JACA) 1982-1987
includes correspondence with Nobuo Nakamura and Fumiko Noro regarding Panza visit to Japan, ca.42 items.
4 4 Société des Amis du Musée National d'Art Moderne, , 1981-1982 1988-1990
mostly announcements and invitations to meetings (with schedules) and events, ca.30 items.
5 ASSOCIAZIONI, ca. 1970-1990
much from Associazione Amici del Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnica, Associazione Amici di Arturo Marini and Associazione Amici dei Musei Civici di Varese ca.50 items.
box folder
5 1-3 ASSOCIAZIONI, 1975-1990
miscellaneous material mostly from Italian cultural associations, including a substantial quantity of announcements and correspondence about a variety of topics, such as visits to Varese, lectures, events, invitations, etc.; ca.140 items.
6 AT-AV, includes:
6 1 Attrezzature (outfitters)
includes informational brochures, leaflets, receipts and notes by Panza on various materials for making art.
6 3 Avvocato Erede, , 1983 1985
copies of material contained in Series V, Box 203, and other MOCA files about the sale of the collection, ca.25 items.
6 4 Avvocato Fresa, 1979-1985
letters about legality of long-term loans of Conceptual art, re-importation problems of 2 Serra works, long-term loans to Mönchengladbach, Düsseldorf and Basel and taxation issues surrounding the sale of works to Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA), ca.15 items.
6 5 Avvocato Petretti, 1979-1981
letters regarding legal problems of long-term loans of African art from Italian collectors to Italian museums without the works receiving a cultural heritage designation and being taxed upon removal, and contributions to research on counterfeit art with a report, ca.13 items. [see also Brera, Box 18 for more on this problem and Basilea, Box 11 for more with Petretti].
box folder
7 1-4 AUGURI VARI, BIGLIETTI, greetings, 1970-1987
Christmas and New Years cards, letters and notes from museum directors, collectors and other art world personalities, ca.350 items (Box 8 included).
box folder
8 1-4 AUGURI VARI, BIGLIETTI, greetings, 1987-1990
from museum directors, collectors and other art world personalities. Includes 1988 Christmas card from L.A. Louvre with George Herms print.
9 1 Payment Letters, 1959-1960
photocopies of letters submitting checks for payment on mostly personal matters, some with attached receipts.
9 2-3 Check Stubs and Account Statements, 1961-1983
photocopies of check stubs, many of which are for art purchases; and account statements reflecting money transfers, especially to galleries and artists.
10 1 Banca Popolare di Milano, , 1960-1990 bulk 1977-1978
photocopies of account statements and receipts for art related foreign transactions, such as subscriptions, storage, membership dues, and to a few artists.
10 2 Credito Varesino, 1971-1974
photocopies mostly of check stubs written to gallery owners and artists and account statements.
10 3 BANCHE, miscellaneous, 1962-1990
11 BASILEA (Basel)
11 1 Correspondence, 1974-1977
includes extensive correspondence with Franz Meyer, Jean-Christophe Ammann, Maja Sacher, staff of Christoph Merian Stiftung and Paul Jolles about 15 year loan of the collection for the "Environmental Art Museum" and problems between Panza and Fondation Emanuel Hoffmann about display of works; cost analysis and reports for renovating Alte Papierfabrik Stöcklin & Cie.; building program schedules; proposition for displaying works from Panza's collection, Fondation Hoffmann and the Kunstmuseum; letters with small drawings from architect Wilfrid Steib about renovation schemes; and renovation plans; ca.65 items.
11 2 Correspondence, 1978-1979
contains similar correspondence as above and also letters with various Italian officials and Panza's lawyer Petretti about the Italian government's potential decline of the 15 year loan request, Panza drawings on graph paper for installations and blueprints for a Basel botanical garden; ca.50 items.
11 3 Correspondence, 1980
with Meyer and others mostly regarding the exhibition, ca.40 items.
11 4 Correspondence, 1981
includes correspondence with Christian Geelhaar documenting tension over the issue of how the Panza collection should be shown with works from the museum and Fondation Hoffmann (1/13, 2/12, 7/14, 7/27, 9/9); expanding the museum; Geelhaar typescript "Inaugurazine del Museo d'arte contemporanea, 7 Novembre 1981" (also in German), ca.45 items.
11 5 Correspondence, 1982-1983
includes some correspondence and other material from Goethe-Stiftung, Basel, about Rembrandt and Hans Arp Prizes (see also Box 68 Rembrandt Prize), letter with questions concerning building of museums from Christiane Schreiter and Panza's response, Italian translation of Geelhaar's article "Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Basel" and list of Panza works still in Basel (1983), ca.30 items.
12 BASILEA (Basel)
12 1 Correspondence, 1984-1986
includes copies of lists of works returning from Basel (1983), note from Ammann (9/18/84) about the discordance between political and cultural visions in response to Irene Borger's article in Wall Street Journal (see also Box 164), letter to Meyer with Panza's thoughts on the Fondation Hoffmann's recent acquisitions (1/12/85), loan requests, announcements and invitations, ca.30 items.
12 2 Correspondence, 1988-1990
includes list of works still stored at Basel (3/22/90), 7 items.
12 3 Loan, , 1976-1977 1980
includes correspondence from Meyer with lists of works to be on long-term loan, also copied shipping documents, ca.14 items.
12 4 Loan contracts, , 1978 1980
includes 2 with Panza annotations (1978), 1 signed by the Panzas and Meyer (1980) and list of works, 8 items.
12 5 Export Documents, 1980
12 6 Journals, 1976-1980
includes typescript translation of Annemarie Monteil's "Il suo museo: luogo di piacere, di vita" published in National-Zeitung Basilea (1976), proposal concerning preparations for the Basel project (6/7/77), typescript of "En remerciement" by Panza (1980), Kunst-Bulletin 2 (Feb. 1980) and announcements, ca.15 items.
12 7 Exhibition Studies, 1977
includes 8 architectural drawings, drawings on tracing paper of floorplans, detailed Panza suggestions for lighting, floors, walls, etc., drawings on graph paper of installations and 2 letters to architect Steib.
12 8 Installation Designs, 1977
blueprints of rooms (1977) and installation designs (n.d.), 49 photographs of Kunstmuseum Basel's collection and "Die Sammlung der Emanuel Hoffmann-Stiftung" catalog.
12 9 Installation designs: new drawings, undated
installation designs, some with Panza annotations, and 2 sheets of graph paper with drawings.
13 BASILEA (Basel)
13 1 Successive Arrangement Studies, undated
drawings of building on graph paper, and copies.
13 2 Electrical, undated
11 architectural drawings with location of outlets and wattage.
13 3 Architectural drawings, surroundings, 1979
8 architectural drawings for atelierhaus and another building.
13 4-5 Exhibition 1980
installation designs, checklists and invitations substantial in quantity.
13 6 Appraisal, 1983
list of works on loan to Basel with their then current values.
14 BE-BIB (Basel)
14 1-2 Beni Culturali, law project, 1979-1982
photocopies of "Norme integrative e modificative della disciplina legislativa di tutela dei beni culturali" (1977, 2 copies), "Legge per i beni culturali" (n.d.), law proposals by the organization Italian Nostra (ca.1980), and "Norme aulla tutela dei beni culturali e sulla riorganizzazione del Ministero" (1982).
14 3 Beni Culturali, law project (comments) 1977-1986
photocopies of "Progetto di legge concernente norme integrative e modificative della disciplina legislativa di tutela dei beni culturali" (1977), Panza typescript "Osservazioni al progetto di legge concernente la disciplina legislativa dei beni culturali, limitatamente ai beni mobili di proprieta' privata" (1981) and clipping with short Panza text (1986).
14 4 Beni Culturali, correspondence, 1979-1982
mostly with Guglielmo Triches, Director General, regarding donating works to the National Gallery of Modern Art, Rome, and the legal issues regarding African art loans from various collectors to Palazzo Citterio in Milan, 11 items.
14 5 Beni Culturali, critique, 1985
contains Panza typescript "Critiche alla proposta di legge sui beni culturali," and 3 clippings about government restrictions on exports of Italian cultural heritage.
15 BIUMO (Basel)
15 1 Azienda Autonoma di Soggiorno, Varese, , 1981 1983
correspondence regarding financial support for the proposed museum at the villa, with Panza offering to donate the works and selling or renting out the villa.
15 2 Museum Proposal, 1978-1984
much correspondence with officials about making the villa a museum, ca.55 items.
15 3 Letters from Museums, 1978
various directors sending support for Panza's plans for the villa, ca.30 items.
15 4 Sopraintendenza Monumenti, , 1980 1982
typescript on villa by Gianni Contessi (1980) and photocopy of property registration documents (1982).
15 5 Legal documents regarding donation of villa and artworks, 1978-1983
drafts and photocopies of legal documents and some correspondence.
15 6-7 Foundation Ernesto Panza, 1983
includes documents drawn up by Giorgio Alpeggiani for Panza's creation of a foundation to support the villa as a public museum, Panza notes for donation proposal, correspondence, cost estimates for up-keep on the villa as a study center and description of works.
15 8 Provincial Cultural Commission, 1983
typescripts of meetings discussing the potential of making the villa a museum.
16 1 Fratelli Panza, 1973-1984
includes report of villa costs from 1973-1983, Panza notes for "considerazioni per respingere la richiesta di divisione della Villa di Biumo," correspondence about shared ownership of villa with his brother and sister (1984).
16 2 Valuations for art works, 1984
list of values from Castelli, John Weber, Christie's, Konrad Fischer, Heiner Friedrich and Gian Enzo Sperone (1984) of those works to be on display at the villa.
16 3 Inventory of works returning, 1983-1984
16 4 Photographs of installations, ca. 1965
78 mostly color photographs of installations, including 6 of 50's and 60's works and of visitors.
16 5-6 Architectural drawings, , , 1966 1977 1982
27 items, some with markings for areas to be demolished and constructed .
16 7-9 Correspondence and other papers, 1986-1989
17 BO-BRERA, includes:
17 1 Bongard, Willy, 1972-1985
includes 3 letters, ca.15 copies of Art Aktuell, photocopy of eulogies from many art world personalities written upon Bongard's death, ca.8 copies of Kunst Kompass and clippings, ca.35 items.
17 3-5 Brera Amici, , 1957-1977 bulk 1977
includes meeting minutes; correspondence with members, Stella Matalon, Secretary, and some with Carlo Bertelli, Sovrintendente, Beni Artistici e Storici; schedules and agendas; financial statements; various reports; and announcements; concerning topics such as renovation of Brera Pinacoteca, acquisitions, exhibitions, officer nominations, publications, fundraising, Panza's tenure as President (1977-1979), organization of a memorial round table discussion for Franco Russoli (1977). Also contains typescript "Patrimonio culturale ed educazione permanente Sensibilizzazione del pubblico al Museo" (1977), ca.110 items [see also Series V].
18 1-7 Brera Amici, 1978-1990
similar material and topics as Box 17, but also Russoli prize (1978), discussion of Palazzo Citterio renovation and laws regarding display of African and Oceanic art there (1978, 1980, see also Box 6, Avvocato Petretti), and monetary dispute over insurance and shipping of "d'après" works to Museé d'Art Decoratif. 1982-1990 files mostly have program listings and reports of activities.
19 CAB-CAS, includes:
Caboto (file missing as of Jan 1995).
box folder
19 1 Capp Street Project, , 1984-1986 1989
8 items.
19 4-7 Casse Biumo, , , 1977 1985 1988
contains photocopies of lists of numbered crates with contents and locations, and also lists of document situation (i.e. certificates) relative to works in the collection.
20 1 Correspondence, , 1971-1989 undated
mostly regarding production of the 1980 catalog of the collection, but also about loans for 1970 Turin show on Conceptual art, requests for photographs for various articles, monographs and lectures, and finding a permanent home for the collection, also contains a photocopy of Celant ms "Dall'alta trainer alla subway," ca.35 items.
20 2-3 Catalog, ca. 1980
contains photocopies of 1980 catalog with corrections by Panza [N.B. Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA) has updated the titles and dimensions of many of the works they now own.]
21 CEN-CER, includes:
21 1 Centri Culturali, 1971-1990
announcements and invitations from various cultural centers, ca.50 items.
21 2 Centre International d'Expèrimentation Artistique Marie-Louise Jeanneret, Boissano, , 1974-1981 1985
correspondence with Jeanneret about choosing artists for the residence program and committee meetings, ca.20 items.
21 3 Circolo Culturale Carlo Perini, Milano, 1978-1990
includes meeting agendas, event announcements and material from Antonio Iosa, President, concerning a public debate "Arte contemporanea ed utilizzazione degli spazi pubblici" (1982), ca.28 items.
21 4 Centro Pio Manzù, 1968-1986
correspondence mostly about monetary contributions, ca.21 items.
22 1 Proposed Sale 1983-1984
notebook of material received November 1983 about dispersement of works now at Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA).
22 2 Papers regarding possible sale, 1982-1990
includes some correspondence with Martha Baer and others regarding possible sale, with price estimates, and many sale announcements, ca.75 items.
box folder
23 1-3 CIMAM (Comité International des Musées d'Art Moderne) , 1977-1982 1987-1990
correspondence, meeting schedules and agendas, membership lists, summary reports of meetings, especially concerning 1979 conference "Pour une architecture des musées d'art moderne," at which Panza contributed a paper, and photocopies of papers given at 1979 and 1990 conferences.
24 COL
24 1 College of Design, Pasadena (i.e. Art Center College of Design) 1985-1986
includes correspondence, 28 photographs and 2 architectural drawings pertaining to loans for sculpture garden.
24 2-5 Collezionisti, , 1966-1969 1972-1983
letters, notes and postcards from collectors, curators and others such as Robert Scull (1966), Seth Siegelaub (1969, 84-85), Joseph and Emily Pulitzer (1973), Franz von Bayern (1976-80), Peter Shelton (1980), Marcia Weisman (1981, 82, 86), Arthur Sackler (1981-82) and Charles Saatchi (1984-85) mostly arranging visits to the villa or sending thank you's, ca.300 items, arranged chronologically (see also Box 25).
25 COL-CONV, includes:
25 1-2 Collezionisti, , , 1984-1988 1990 undated
Letters and printed ephemera from collectors, curators.
25 3-4 Colombo, Giorgio, 1986-1988
mostly invoices for photo reprints, and printout list of negatives with some bibliographic info and many annotations.
25 5 Comune di Milano, 1987-1990
invitations, ca.36 items.
25 8 Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, 1988-1989
material regarding Sweet Arts Ball, and correspondence with Adolfo Nodal.
25 9-11 Convegni-Converenze, , 1967-1968 1975-1981
these three folders and Boxes 26-27 include correspondence, invitations, programs, manuscripts, typescripts and photocopied typescripts of talks given by Panza (many not found in Series III. Writings) and others. Also clippings, most notably of XVI and XVII Convegno Internazionale artisti, critici e studiosi d'arte, Rimini-Urbino (1967-1968), Circolo Turati, Genoa, "Quale Museo" (1980).
box folder
26 1-7 CONVEGNI-CONFERENZE, 1982-1987
Includes 2nd Convegno Internazionale di Museologia, Florence (1982): "Bilancio dell'arte negli anni '60-'70 dall'effimero al museo, Varese (1982); Comune di Varese "La Strutture della visualità" (1983); Le Centre Culturel les Fontaines "Culture et Mecenat" (1987).
box folder
27 1-5 CONVEGNI-CONFERENZE, 1988-1990
Includes World Arts Forum, Geneva (material 1990, event 1991).
28 1 Costi - Valori, , 1976 1987
list of works purchased prior to 1976 with prices paid and Sotheby's appraisal list 1987.
28 2 CRA, Los Angeles (Community Redevelopment Agency), 1985
material about installing the collection downtown, such as correspondence with Marc Pally, discussion draft and photocopied plans of downtown, 1985.
28 3-6 Critici, 1962-1988
includes correspondence with critics and authors, such as Andrew Forge (1965), Bruce Kurtz (1971-72, 74), Lawrence Alloway (1973), Achille Bonito Oliva (1974), Tommaso Trini (1975, 81-82), Edgar Kaufmann, Jr (1976), Robert Rosenblum (1976), Marcia Tucker (1977, touching on her departure from the Whitney and plans for the New Museum), Peter Iden (1978) and Palma Bucarelli (1982) regarding article and monograph developments, photo permission requests, visits to the villa, Panza's museum programs, etc., ca.150 items.
28 7 Curriculum Giuseppe Panza, ca. 1984-1985
written chronology of Panza's collecting activities.
28 8 Daco Verlag, , 1974-1975 1984-1985
contains mostly correspondence with Günter Bläse and contracts regarding unpublished book "Hommage to Panza.".
Dediche (file missing as of Jan 1995).
29 1 De Menil, Christophe and Dominique, 1975-1987
ca.12 items.
29 2 Depositi, 1975, , 1978 1982
lists of works in storage, and their values, at Züst Ambrosetti (1975) and Punto Franco (1978, 1982).
29 3 Documenta, Kassel, 1983
includes photocopied "concept papers" and artistic director proposals by Celant, Wulf Herzogenrath, Kasper Koenig, Edy de Wilde, Armin Zweite, Michael Compton, among others, for Documenta VIII (1987), discussed in two separate meeting sessions, both held in 1983.
29 4 Drawings Situation 11 Aug 1985
photocopies of lists of drawings in the collection divided into categories of certificates, executive and complementary, and for sale and not for sale.
30 1-3 Werner Schmalenbach correspondence (Director of Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen) , 1973 1976-1984
very extensive, mostly about negotiations with Düsseldorf and Mönchengladbach for long-term loans of those works now at Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA) with many discussions of Panza's legal troubles; and 1980 exhibition; ca.110 items (see also Box 58, Mönchengladbach).
30 4-7 Stadt correspondence, 1973-1986
with Bernd Dieckmann, Beigeordneter Oberstadtdirektor Landeshauptstadt, Jürgen Harten, Director of Städtische Kunsthalle, Wend von Kalnein, Director of Kunstmuseum, and others, regarding long-term loans of Minimal and Conceptual art, installation designs, 1980 exhibition and catalog, and also contains transcriptions of meetings with some of the above about Panza's "Modern Painting Trust" and other loan issues (1976-77), and contract copies (1976-1978), ca.140 items.
30 8 Exhibition 1980
mostly checklists and installation designs.
31 DÜSSELDORF, includes:
31 1-3 Studies and installation designs
mostly architectural drawings (ca.30) and Panza drawings on graph paper for Stadt museum and Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen.
31 4-5 Contracts, 1975-1978
copies, drafts and modifications with the Stadt (ca.1977-1978) and Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen (1975, 1978).
31 6 Expense receipts, 1980-1981
with paid statements from Banca Popolare di Milano for various expenses.
box folder
32 1-10 EDITORI, 1967-1988
correspondence with publishers, magazine editors and authors, about various editorial topics, such as photograph permission requests, journal articles on Panza, subscriptions, etc. Also includes a small quantity of Panza mss., catalogs and other printed ephemera.
box folder
33 1-4 EDITORI, , 1989-1990 undated
Correspondence with publishers, editors.
34 EN-ES, includes:
34 3 Environmental Art Museum, correspondence, 1970-1979
letters from Carter Brown, Lawrence Alloway, Pontus Hulten, Robert Murdock, Maurice Tuchman, Franz Meyer, Martin Friedman, Brydon Smith, Palma Bucarelli, John Pulitzer, Jr., and others responding to Panza's offer of long-term loans, ca.40 items.
34 4 Environmental Art Museum, plans
10 architectural drawings, 4 installation designs and photocopied clippings on Panza's plans.
34 5-6 Environmental Art, clippings
photocopies of articles on environmental art and artists, with many about Meg Webster, Larry Bell, Robert Irwin and James Turrell.
34 7 Esportazione Temporanea, 1978-1979
photocopied correspondence with Italian officials concerning exportation of works for 15 year loans to Mönchengladbach and Basel.
35 1 Eustorgio, San, 1970-1972
meeting reports, 6 architectural drawings and Milan city maps concerning the renovation of San Eustorgio for a contemporary art museum.
35 2 Evaluation Nov 1985
approximate value of minimal and conceptual works.
35 3-4 FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano) , , 1977 1979-1990 undated
includes correspondence, some concerning proposed Biumo museum, newsletters, meeting agendas, announcements, invitations, etc., ca.80 items.
36 1-4 Fair (Int'l Contemp. Art Fair, L.A.) 1987-1990
includes substantial quantity of announcements, invitations, event schedules, advisory board meeting minutes and agendas (Panza was a member), correspondence with and memos from Brian Angel and other organizers, photocopied press clippings, press releases, and some material from Art London.
36 5 Fatture Personali, 1976-1990
photocopies of receipts and invoices for money exchanges, doctor visits, hotel stays, etc.
36 6 Fatture miscellaneous, 1959-1990
includes photocopies of receipts and invoices for photographers, postal service and shipping, electric appliances and lighting fixtures, life insurance, etc.
box folder
Includes correspondence with Arthur Chester regarding visit to Hughes Aircraft Spacecraft Integration and Test Laboratories (with 24 photographs) and others regarding trips, meetings and membership, and also contains trip schedules and journals, meeting notices, project and event updates.
box folder
38 1-3 FIDAM (Federazione Italiana Amici dei Musei) 1978-1990
Extensive material includes meeting agendas, reports and minutes; conference schedules; letters from President Raffaello Torricelli; programs; project updates; etc.
39 FIDE-FONDAZIONI, includes:
39 1 Fidejussione (suretyship) , 1972-1974 1978-1979
loan documents.
39 2 Fiere (fairs) 1979-1990
mostly material from Arte Contemporáneo (ARCO), Madrid, 1987, where Panza gave a lecture.
39 3 Fischer, Hervé (stamp artist) , 1976 1980-1981
includes letter with questionnaire on verso concerning "La Mort des Avant-Gardes," photocopy of Panza's 3 page response and mail art postcard, 8 items.
39 5 William Keck Foundation, 1985-1988
mostly correspondence with William Banks and Mrs. Keck and contract drafts concerning potential purchase of the minimal and conceptual works (1986).
39 7 Fundació Joan Miró, , 1983 1987-1990
mostly announcements and invitations, but also some pieces of correspondence regarding exhibiting the collection, ca.50 items.
40 1-2 Fundacio Caixa de Pensions, 1986-1990
announcements, invitations and newsletter "Informatiu," ca.45 items.
40 3-5 Assorted foundations, bulk 1987-1990
mostly announcements and invitations, but some correspondence from various foundations, ca.85 items.
41 GE, includes:
41 1 Gemelli Imballaggi (packers) 1978
photocopies of invoices and lists of crated works.
41 3 J. Paul Getty Trust correspondence, , 1983-1986 1988-1990
mostly with Harold Williams and Mel Edelstein about sale of archive to the Getty.
41 4 Getty Center Relazione, undated
preliminary archive inventory.
42 GINEVRA (Geneva)
42 1 Correspondence, 1975-1984
with Charles Goerg and others regarding loans and visits to Varese.
42 2-6 Palais Wilson, 1987
installation designs, 16 architectural drawings, ca.31 photocopies of architectural drawings and exhibition checklist.
42 7-8 Museé Rath, 1988
correspondence about exhibition of Panza's collection there, clippings about the show, installation designs and checklist.
43 GIO-H, includes:
43 1 Giornalisti, 1978-1989
correspondence with journalists, such as Barbara Isenberg and JoAnn Lewis, mostly about articles on the collection, ca.40 items.
43 2-4 Gondrand, , 1974-1975 1977-1983
photocopies of shipping invoices, insurance certificates, import/export documents and crate lists, showing movement of works to and from storage.
43 6-7 Hangar Santa Monica, 1989-1990
correspondence, installation designs and 3 photographs.
Henselmann, Caspar
moved to Box 183.
box folder
43 8 Hollein, Hans, correspondence, 1977-1987
includes 3 letters from and 2 letters to reflecting an attempt to collaborate in the creation of a contemporary art museum, 6 Christmas and New Years cards, note from and announcements, ca.24 items (see also Box 58 Mönchengladbach).
43 9 Hollein, Hans, Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt
4 photographs of models and 5 blueprint sections and plans with many copies of each.
box folder
44 2-5 IB-ICOM1977-81, (International Council of Museums), includes:
very substantial material includes correspondence with Presidents, Secretaries and members; meeting itineraries, schedules and minutes; secretariat activity reports; announcements and newsletters; membership lists; and financial reports from ICOM, ICOM Foundation, and Comitat Nazionale Italiano documenting in particular fundraising and also conferences and projects, such as the Museum Exchange Program (MUSEP) (see also Box 45-46 and CIMAM).
box folder
45 1-7 ICOM, 1982-1987
Corespondence and announcements.
box folder
46 1-4 ICOM, 1987-1990
Correspondence and announcements.
47 IL-IN
47 1-4 Illuminazione (lighting)
brochures and catalogs for lighting fixtures.
47 5 Illuminazione Studi
drawings on graph paper.
47 6-7 Indirizzi (addresses)
large quantity of Panza notes and business cards with very miscellaneous names and addresses (see Box 48 for more).
1 Indirizzi (addresses)
Panza's notes with names and addresses, plus business cards.
box folder
48 2-3 Indirizzi - elenchi (address lists)
photocopies of computer printout and handwritten address lists, as well as handwritten on graph paper.
48 4-5 Industriale Museo, 1981-1982
includes correspondence and 5 photographs regarding potential renovation of Carl Funke steel mill, Essen and other sites for housing Panza's collection, ca.35 items (see also Celant).
48 6 INK (Halle für internationale neue Kunst) 1978-1984
ca.14 items.
49 INSTITUTI, includes:
49 2 Institute of Contemporary Art (I.C.A.), London, 1985-1990
announcements and some invitations, ca.46 items.
49 3 Institute for Art and Urban Resources, The Clocktower (New York) 1973-1982
includes correspondence about donations and exhibition of works from Panza's collection (1976), announcements, invitations and checklist of exhibitions "Sound: Scores, Notations, and Visual Representations of Music," "Sound Works" and "Contemporary Musical Instruments" (1979, the last held at LAICA), ca.30 items.
49 4 Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art (LAICA) 1980-1985
correspondence with Robert Smith regarding "Il Modo Italiano" exhibition and announcements, ca.14 items.
49 7 Institutions miscellaneous, , 1984 1988-1990
includes loan requests from Pontus Hulten for Institut des Hautes Etudes en arts Plastiques, ca.22 items.
box folder
50 1-3 INVENTARIO, , 1968 1970-1972
Lists of works in the collection with dimensions, valuations, provenance and annotations.
box folder
51 1-2 INVITI, 1979-1988
Substantial quantity of miscellaneous invitations to attend functions such as dinners, cocktail parties, exhibition openings, weddings, etc., ca.340 items total, including Box 52.
box folder
52 1-4 INVITI, 1989-1990
53 INT-IP, includes:
53 1-3 Interview with Christopher Knight
annotated transcript and 2 photocopies (see also Box 54 Jaca and Knight files, and Boxes 169-172 for considerable material on publication of Art of the Sixties and Seventies).
54 J-KN
54 1-4 Jaca Book
contains caption lists, caption corrections, illustrations layout, contract, correspondence and copy of Knight's proposal for Art of the Sixties and Seventies, and also Jaca catalogs (see also Boxes 53, 169-72).
54 5 Kantor Tadeusz, 1975-1988
includes correspondence which makes a few mentions of "Circot 2," copy of "The Theatre of Death" (Warsaw, 1975) and announcements, 16 items.
54 6 Kline, Franz
photocopies of illustrations from various Kline catalogs.
54 7 Knight, Christopher, , , 1983 1985-1986 1988
correspondence mostly regarding publishing of Art of the Sixties and Seventies with list of notes and questions about interview, ca.15 items.
55 1 Krüger, Gert, 1980
correspondence regarding legal matters of long-term loans to German museums (see also Box 58, Mönchengladbach).
55 2-3 Legge 159 and 512, 1977-1984
much material on the passage of laws 159 and 512 governing cultural property, includes correspondence with lawyers and others, and photocopies of legislative documents. 159 (passed 1976, correspondence dated 1977-1980, 1982) changed capital exportation and tax laws, which greatly effected the Panza's negotiations with the German museums and led eventually to the sale of 80 works to Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA). 512 (passed 1982, correspondence dated 1982-1984) gave tax breaks to those renovating historical buildings.
55 4-8 Legge Valutaria
includes correspondence and photocopies of legislation and lists of works pertaining to values of works that were imported/exported.
55 10 Legge, Legislazione Beni Culturali, 1980-1981
mostly clippings and photocopied texts.
55 11 Legge, Parlamento Interpellanza
photocopy of summary of Parlement's questions to Panza regarding the exportation of the collection.
56 LA-LO, includes:
56 1 Lannan Foundation, 1988-1990
photocopies of fax correspondence with Patrick Lannan, Jr. and Lisa Lyons mostly regarding acquisition of a small portion of the California light and space works to be installed at the Santa Monica Airport, ca.40 items (see also LA City Cultural Affairs).
56 2 Lapis Press, , 1981 1987-1990
mostly letters from Jerry Sohn arranging meetings in Los Angeles, ca.25 items.
56 3 List of unrealized works, 1985
56 4 Long-term loans of collection, , 1972-1973 1976-1977
correspondence with various museum directors and curators, such as Franz Meyer, Henry Geldzahler, Brydon Smith, Franco Russoli, J. Carter Brown (with 12 photographs of models and drawings of the National Gallery of Art), J. Leering and E. de Wilde about long-term loans of the collection, ca.35 items.
Los Angeles: Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA) and Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) [see Series V]
box folder
56 5 Los Angeles - Ari Sikora [see also Los Angeles, Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA)] 1985-1986
includes 2 long letters from Sikora about redevelopment plans in downtown Los Angeles, ca.10 items.
56 6 Los Angeles City Cultural Affairs, , 1984 1989-1990
correspondence with Henry Korn and Mayor Tom Bradley primarily about Santa Monica hangar project, ca.14 items (see also Lannan).
56 8 Citicorp Plaza, Los Angeles
1 architectural drawing, installation designs, 19 photographs of works in the collection.
57 MA-MOB, includes:
57 3 Meccanica Romana, 1980
includes 2 items of correspondence with Lauretta Vinciarelli, 10 slides of factory and 4 architectural drawings.
57 5 Ministero degli Esteri (foreign affairs ministry) 1981
correspondence with Sergio Romano about Panza's museum programs and a conference, ca.10 items.
57 6-9 Miscellanea, , 1973-1990 undated
2 folders of very miscellaneous letters and announcements, folder of Panza notes which includes NY schedules (ca.1975), phone lists, catalog comp. list, and works purchased listed by gallery with amount tallies, and a folder of clippings and photocopied articles.
57 10 Mobili Antichi
includes ca.28 photographs of antique furniture.
58 1 Correspondence, , 1973-1974 1976-1977
with Johannes Cladders regarding long-term loan of the collection, disagreement with Hans Hollein's building plans, Cladders thoughts on revising the original plan, Panza's design ideas and contract negotiations, which were called off in 1976, ca.48 items.
58 2 Correspondence, 1978-1981
with Cladders, Schmalenbach and various German city officials about Panza terminating the contract, but loaning his early works instead to Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen and his legal problems associated with exporting the works which were stored in Zürich, ca.40 items (see also Box 30, Düsseldorf).
58 3 Contracts, , 1974-1975 1978-1979
photocopies of contract versions and some correspondence about them (see also Box 55, Krüger).
58 4 Hollein, Hans correspondence, 1973-1982
ca.18 items(see also Box 43, Hollein).
58 5 Hollein project
many sections and plans.
58 6 Plans
photocopies of architectural drawings and installation designs, and 1 architectural drawing of Humanistishches Gymnasium.
58 7 Articles
clippings and photocopies of German articles about proposed loan and Hollein project, including 2 versions of a long rebuttal from Panza with German translation (original article not in file).
58 8 Announcements and other printed matter, bulk 1988-1990
mostly announcements.
59 MOS, includes:
59 2 Mostra Panza, Galleria Nazionale, Rome (Andre, Judd, and Morris exhibition) 1980
3 architectural drawings of gallery, Panza installation designs, valuation list, 2 letters to Dr. Panicelli and loan forms.
59 3 Mostre Collezione, , 1968 1970-1984
mostly contains loan requests and forms, and shipping documents for various exhibitions, some of which are not documented in Series IIA, ca.55 items.
59 4 Mostre Collezione, , 1985-1990 undated
includes loan requests and miscellaneous exhibition material (sort of a continuation of the previous folder, except Panza was not lending the collection piece-meal anymore, so most requests were declined), ca.75 items.
60 1 Mostra Ugo Mulas, Varese Biumo, 1978
includes Panza notes and typescript for exhibition brochure, and some correspondence
60 3 Murphy, Franklin, 1980s
3 letters to Murphy, 1 from.
60 4 Musei, lettere di proposta, 1984
correspondence various individuals, such as Peter Iden, Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt, regarding the acquisition of the collection by a museum, ca.20 items.
60 6 New York University, early 1980s
ca.8 items from John Brademas.
60 7 Nicholas, Fred and Joan, 1984-1990
mostly correspondence about their friendship, but some relating to Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA), ca.30 items.
60 9 Norton, Peter, 1989
polite correspondence about visits, ca.11 items.
60 10 Olivetti, , 1981-1983 1988
correspondence in which Panza expresses his thoughts about Olivetti financing exhibitions of traditional vs. contemporary art, 8 items.
61 OR
61 1-5 Orbat, 1970-1989
photocopies, mostly of financial documents for Panza's distillery business, such as monthly accounting statements, budget forecasts and reports on loans.
Ordre de La Grande Gidouille (file missing as of Jan 1995)
box folder
61 6 Orizzonte Turin (Modern Art for Turin Committee, Panza was General Coordinator) 1988
includes correspondence with Bruno Villois, General Secretary, and others primarily about "Chagall '89" (with exhibition checklists) and meetings, ca.75 items.
62 1-2 Palazzo Reale, Milan
correspondence with various people about lending works to proposed contemporary art museum (1978-79, see especially photocopy of letter to Clyfford Still and letter from Jean Dubuffet), Panza installation designs, and 8 architectural drawings and some photocopies of same.
62 3-5 Pamphilji Doria Villa, Rome, 1980-1981
some correspondence, Panza notes and typescript for restoration proposal, 7 architectural drawings, and Panza installation designs.
63 PAR-PER, includes:
Parlemento Interpellanza
moved to Box 55.
box folder
63 1-2 PDC (Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles) 1984-1988
much material includes symposium programs and schedules, correspondence and other material relating to Panza's talk (1985) and announcements.
63 3-4 Personale Panza, bulk 1988-1990
folder about old master reproductions purchased by Panza 1936-1938 between the ages of 13-15, and a folder of miscellaneous personal items, mostly correspondence, postcards and Panza notes, ca.75 items (see Box 93 for more material prior to 1988).
64 PO, includes:
64 1-5 Poggio a Caiano, , 1979 1980-1982
4 photographs by Giovanni Panza (1979) correspondence with Mario Leone, President of the Region of Tuscany, and others regarding installation of the collection there (1980-1982), mss. by Lara-Vinca Masini and Francesco Gurrieri with corrections, Panza installation designs and 18 architectural drawings.
64 6 Politicians, , , 1974 1979-1985 undated
mostly photocopies of letters about the collection sent to a variety of persons involved with cultural policy decisions, ca.50 items [bulk 1983-1982].
64 8 Poster Originals Limited, , 1966 1968-1970
65 PROG, includes:
65 1-3 Progetti Ambienti by Giuseppe Panza
substantial quantity of designs with photocopies.
65 5 Progetti Scotland, Donaldsons Hospital
6 photographs, 4 architectural drawings and a report.
66 PROG-PROV, includes:
66 1-3 Progetti Scotland, , , 1976-1980 1982-1984 bulk 1982
substantial material includes correspondence with Richard Demarco and others regarding installation of the collection in Scottish castles, photographs of castles, 4 architectural drawings and informational brochures and reports on many different structures. Also includes an engraving of Duff House by W. Faithorn after a drawing by J.P. Neale, 1831 (see also Box 242).
box folder
Much material about installing the collection there includes donation drafts, many project proposals, some correspondence with Carlo Tognoli, Mayor of Milan, and others, 28 architectural drawings, and Panza designs for exterior.
68 QUI-RIC, includes:
68 1 Quintavalle, A.C., 1981
includes 6 page letter to ACQ, ca.5 items.
68 5 Reich, Steve, 1987
includes 2 photographs and 2 letters from Betty Freeman concerning a concert in Milan, 9 items.
68 6 Rembrandt Prix, , 1973 1977-1986
includes much correspondence with Alfred Hentzen about jury activities, of which Panza was a member, and the award selection process (especially problems with A.R. Penck's prize, 1980), meeting minutes and photocopied clippings, ca.120 items (see also Box 11, Basel correspondence 1982-1983).
68 7 Restany, Pierre, ca. 1959-1990
friendly letters about meetings, Panza's article for Cimaise (1959), Restany giving collecting advice, especially on Fautrier (11/19) and Rothko (5/31/60), the public reaction to abstract expressionism (2/11/59) and an especially important letter about Restany's thoughts on the L.A. and New York art scenes and the art of Oldenburg and other Pop artists (1/5/63). Also includes 2 typescripts on "Nature integrale" (1978), ca.50 items (see also Box 48, Industriale Museo file).
Ricevute varie [file missing as of Jan 1995]
69 1-7 Meeting per l'amicizia fra i popoli, , 1981 1983-1990
includes correspondence with Antonio Smurro, President, many copies of Notiziario and other printed matter, installation designs and notes for 1983 exhibition, and designs for an exhibition (1987).
70 RIVOLI, includes:
70 1 Correspondence about Castello di Rivoli, 1979-1983
substantial material about restoring the Castello di Rivoli and installing the collection there with gifts and loans, including photocopies of letters to architect Roberto Gabetti, Dr. Gianluigi Gabetti, architect Andrea Bruno and others, contract copies and notes.
70 2 Turin loan, , 1978-1980 1982-1985
includes photocopies of letters to Avvocato Agnelli and Dr. Gabetti, correspondence with Piero Gilardi, notes, original agreement (1980) and report by Umberto Allemandi (1984), ca.40 items, 1978-80, 82-85.
70 3-4 Rivoli Loan and Donation, 1980-1984
includes photocopies of letters sent, contracts, lists of works and artists bios.
70 5 Restoration, 1979
photocopies of articles and report of restoration project.
70 6 Castelli valuations, 1984
list of works and their values.
70 8 Photocopies of restoration photographs, ca. 1982
box folder
71 1-11 RIVOLI, Installation designs, ca. 1980-1983
mostly Panza drawings on graph paper and ca.51 architectural drawings with installation designs.
72 RIVOLI-ROC, includes:
72 1-7 Rivoli renovation, , , 1984 1986-1988 1990
7 plans for lighting and alarm system, 14 architectural drawings of renovation, building estimates, 3 architectural drawings for Manica Lunga (adjoining gallery).
box folder
substantial quantity of Panza building studies and projects consisting of drawings on graph paper, and 11 architectural drawings.
74 1 Rosc, 1982-1984
correspondence with Rosemarie Mulcahy and Patrick Murphy regarding artist and work selections for 1984 exhibition, problems which led to Frits Becht's resignation from the jury (and potentially Panza's as well) and 4 architectural drawings of Hop Store, ca.50 items.
74 2 Rotary Club (Panza was president of south-east Milan chapter in 1978) 1972-1990
includes membership cards, lists and nominations, correspondence and two cassette tapes of Panza talks (ca.1973-1974), ca.70 items.
74 3 Saatchi, Charles, , 1984-1985 1988-1989
ca.17 items.
74 4 Saccardo, Padre Alessio
4 letters, 1 postcard and 10 long travel letters (see also Box 77, San Fedele).
box folder
75 1-5 SAN DIEGO
installation designs and list of works for 10th Ave. Marine Terminal Transit Shed No. 1.
76 1-5 San Diego, 1985
installation designs for Cruiser Terminal, 10 lists of works for B Street Pier Warehouse exhibitions, Art Center correspondence with Sebastian (Lefty) Adler, Director, with clippings, and renovation estimate.
76 6 Scritti Panza
photocopies of miscellaneous notes by Panza and others.
76 7 Sinigaglia, Gian Enzo
mostly notes of photo orders.
77 1-2 Saint Paul, Minnesota, the Concourse of Contemporary Art, 1987-1988
includes correspondence with Robert Sain and others, itineraries, 4 architectural drawings, checklist with appraisals by Sotheby's, all relating to the potential installation of a portion of the collection there, ca.65 items.
77 3-5 San Fedele (Centro Culturale) , 1968 1972-1990
substantial material includes correspondence with Eugenio Bruno and others about meetings, exhibitions and contributions; meeting minutes; many photocopied typescripts relating to the meeting "Scienza filosofia arte e fede" and miscellaneous folder with announcements.
78 SE-SOTHEBY'S, includes:
78 2 Seoul, Dong Woo Development, 1985
correspondence with Se Duk Lee and Hee-Ja Chung about visits and potentially installing the collection in Korea, and 2 architectural drawings, ca.45 items.
78 3-6 Sotheby's, , 1973-1980 1982-1987
substantial material includes correspondence with Lucy Havelock-Allan regarding visits, appraisals of the collection and subscriptions, 1983 appraisal, and price and sale results lists.
box folder
79 1-3 SOTHEBY'S, 1988-1990
extensive quantity of announcements, invitations and newsletters, and also contains 1989 appraisal.
80 SP-STUA, includes:
80 1 Spadolini, Giovanni (Senator) , , 1975 1978-1980 1982
correspondence about Panza's museum programs, ca.15 items.
80 4-6 Stuart Collection, 1982-1990
includes correspondence with Mary Beebe, photocopy of a letter from Restany about his and Pontus Hulten's thoughts on the direction of the collection (7/7/84), advisory committee meeting minutes, activities reports, and a file of miscellaneous with mostly photocopied clippings.
80 1-3 Studi, 1979-1980
designs for rooms and installations, and miscellaneous.
80 4 Stuttgart
2 architectural drawings.
80 5 Surface Requirements, 20 Apr 1985
list of works with the amount of space in meters needed for installation.
80 6-7 Sviluppo (development) 1984
substantial quantity of photocopies of Panza letters sent to various influential people in order to drum up support for his museum programs, 1984.
80 8 Tasse di Successione, 1974
3 letters pertaining to taxation of the collection.
box folder
Project descriptions. 22 architectural drawings; handwritten restoration designs on graph paper; Cile S.p.a. plans and estimates; and 21 photographs of site and 55 photographs of model.
83 TEL-TR, includes:
83 1 Televisione, French, 1976
correspondence with Jose Maria Berzosa about making a film on the collection, with photocopied reviews (see Box 244 for photographs).
83 2 Televisione, BBC, , 1982-1984 1988
includes correspondence about Omnibus program on the collection, 13 items.
83 6 Tesi studentesche
3 student papers and some correspondence
83 8 Thyssen Collezione, 1980s
correspondence with Simon de Pury, invitations and photocopied article, 11 items.
83 9 Trasporti
photocopies of miscellaneous transport documents and information.
83 10 Tribunale
group of photocopied letters and their translations used as "exhibits" in court to show the importance of the collection.
84 U-VAN, includes:
84 1-3 University of California, , 1978-1981 1983-1990
correspondence mostly with UCLA personnel about visits to the villa, some with Chancellor Charles Young, Vice Chancellor William Schaefer, Prof. Nathan Shapira and others about making the villa a study center, and with Shapira about 2 light programs in Turin. Also includes some announcements and clippings, ca.100 items.
84 6 Vancouver International Sculpture Purchase, 1984
includes correspondence with Diane Farris and proposals.
84 7 Van de Pas, Annemieke, 1985-1987
mostly correspondence regarding a possible loan for 1 year of light works to Barcelona.
box folder
85 1-6 VARESE, Visitors, 1971-1990
substantial quantity of letters, notes and postcards regarding visits to the villa and thank you notes from art world personalities and art lovers, such as Franklin Murphy (1983), Terry Winters (1983), Judy Fiskin (1985), Martin Friedman (1986, 1990), Fumio Nanjo (1986, 1990), a few with good color photographs of the collection.
86 1-4 Visitors, 1983, 1987-1990
More letters from people who visited, with a souvenir album of a trip made by Gesellschaft der Freunde und Förderer der Landesgalerie, Düsseldorf, 1983.
86 5 History
photocopies of material regarding the history of the villa.
87 1-3 Varese, bulk 1980s
mostly photocopies of miscellaneous correspondence, documents and announcements regarding the city.
87 4-13 Venaria, 1982-1983
includes correspondence, draft of letter to Palma Bucarelli and letters with architects concerning installing part of the collection there, proposals, photocopies of proposal cover letters, Panza building studies, 11 architectural drawings most with installation designs.
box folder
88 1-6 VENARIA
installation designs, ca.41 architectural drawings with installation designs and photocopied text on building.
89 1 Vendita Collezioni, 1985-1987
miscellaneous correspondence regarding the potential sale of the Minimal and Conceptual works, ca.27 items.
89 2 Venice, Arsenale, 1980-1988
includes some correspondence about installing works there (1980-1981), notes on project methodology (1988) and 4 architectural drawings.
89 3-11 Viaggi (travel) 1984-1990
phone messages, schedules and itineraries, notes, airline tickets, maps, photographs, etc., from the Panzas' travels.
box folder
90 1-3 VIENNA, 1979-1981
correspondence with Hertha Firnberg and others about long-term loan of some of the collection to Palais Lichtenstein and Neugebaude; plans and installation designs for Palais Lichtenstein; and 4 photographs, photocopied articles and renovation proposal for Neugebaude.
box folder
91 1-7 VIGEVANO, 1981-1982
includes some correspondence with Carlo Bertelli and others regarding installation of the collection at the castle there, report, contract copies, ca.82 photographs, installation designs and checklists, and ca.16 architectural drawings.
92 W-Z
92 1 Walt Disney Productions, 1986
includes correspondence with Van Romans, 8 items.
92 2 Zimmermann, Bob, ca. 1984
includes 100 slides and 2 proposals=.
92 3-6 Züst Ambrosetti, 1958-1990
photocopies of shipping documents.
93-94 PERSONAL correspondence, , 1940s-1990 bulk 1970-1985
includes much correspondence from Panza's close friends the De Simoni's, such as Erminia Cicogna De Simoni, Vittorio (brother of Erminia) and Beatrice De Simoni, Marco Cicogna (godson) and Tomino De Simoni; some from Panza's immediate family; and miscellaneous personal items, such as an old driver's license and passport, notes, telephone logs, expense lists (1967, 1968, 1970) (see Box 63 for more 1988-1990).

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