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Georges Pélissier Photographs and Papers, ca. 1872-1925

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Finding Aid for the George Pélissier Photographs and Papers, 1872-1925
Series II. Personal photoprints, ca. 1900-1925 90 items
The majority of prints depict intimate settings with family and friends. Included are self-portraits of Georges Pélissier, portraits of his wife Marthe and his daughter, and one photograph of two colleagues in a studio at Tiffany & Co. The photoprints are arranged by subject matter and format of the image.
Additional images of family and friends also can be found in other series.
Box Folder
1 11 Personal photographs (3), ca. 1900-1925
Photograph of Pélissier in studio at Tiffany and Co., dated "Mai 1901"
Photograph of Marthe with a dog
Self-portrait of Georges Pélissier
2 Photoprints of Objects (12), ca. 1900-1925
4 Interior of a house, decorative objects
3 Cathedral
2 Auto driving on a dirt road
2 Floral arrangements outside
Front gates of a house
2 Portraits of Individuals (12), ca. 1900-1925
6 Portraits of women
Includes one with floral arrangement, one on a donkey, and one at a farmhouse with chickens.
2 Self portraits of G. Pélissier
Includes one of Pélissier standing on a boat.
4 Various portraits
Includes two of men on a boat and two of women.
2 Group Portraits (33), ca. 1900-1925
6 Group sitting to eat and drink at picnics, dinner, etc.
Includes G.P, family, and friends.
6 Group in various gardens
Includes Pélissier, family, and friends.
5 Group climbing hill
Includes Pélissier, family and friends.
3 Couple standing on steps
Pélissier and wife?
3 Woman kneeling behind a small child
Group after fishing
Includes Pélissier and family with fish.
Children at a fair
6 Miscellaneous
Includes children.
2 Prints of Stereo Views (14), ca. 1900-1925
Prints of the marriage of Suzanne and the marriage of Germaine Bertin (8)
Check also Series III, Box 7.
Prints of a couple in a park (6)
Pélissier's daughter?
2 Postcards (11), ca. 1900-1925
3 Pélissier family and friends at beach
Includes 1 labelled: "Villerville-La Plage", and 1 of wife and daughter.
Portrait of Pélissier's wife
Portrait of Pélissier's daughter
Portrait of Pélissier's wife and daughter
Family in garden
School photo includes Pélissier's daughters
Couple in front of airplane
Pélissier and wife
Large group including Pélissier family and friends
2 Miscellaneous (6), ca. 1900-1925
6 not identifiable

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