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Man Ray letters and album, 1922-1976

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Finding aid for the Man Ray letters and album, 1922-1976
Series III. Hollywood album, 1940-1948 3 boxes
The Hollywood album holds handwritten and typescript writings, most of one page, on art and aesthetics, written and assembled by Man Ray, 1940-1948. The album pages have been re-housed in boxes 3-4.
Loose items, including handwritten notes, photographs, drawings, a manuscript, and a catalog, originally accompanied the notebook but are now housed separately, with the original notebook binder, in box 5.
3-4 Album
Hollywood album is composed of 12 sections of manuscripts, by topic.
3 Music and Cinema
On the cinema, ideas for films, the superiority of painting and drawing over film.
3 Painting and Photography (P&P)
3 Art and Science (A&S)
3 Objects
3 In Time
On the subject of time.
3 Sade
About the marquis de Sade.
3 Influences
Influences in art.
3 Words
On the study of words, writing and writers. Includes "Portraits" or "Men I have Known."
4 Nature and the Man
On the human form, imitation and nature.
4 Dream
Significance of dreams as subjects in art. Includes "Apprentices and pupils."
4 Image
4 Calm Diatribe
Poem in handwritten and typed form.
5 Material accompanying the Album
Materials originally inside cover of a Julian Levy Gallery catalog.
5 1 Manuscripts
5 1 "Revolving Doors"
5 1 "Math & Butterflies"
5 1 "A Note on the Shakespearean Equations"
5 1 "Equations for Shakespear [sic]"
5 1 "Photography in Reverse"
5 1 "Statement on Surrealism"
5 1 "Inevitability of Modern Art"
5 1 "The World We Make Believe"
5 1 Drawings 3.0 items
Ink drawing of a camera; 2 pencil drawings.
5 1 Photograph of group, Hollywood, 1948
Alfred Lewin, Millie Lewin, Juliet Man Ray, Hans Richter, Man Ray, Florence Homulka in front of poster for Dreams that Money can Buy (film opening?).
5 1 Astrological chart for Man Ray
5 1 Julian Levy Gallery catalog, 1945
5 2 Original notebook for Album
Cover includes photograph of Man Ray signed by Man Ray and Savage, 1948.

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