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Man Ray letters and album, 1922-1976

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Finding aid for the Man Ray letters and album, 1922-1976
Series I. Letters from Man Ray, 1922-1976 ca. 400 items
Series contains letters and postcards to Siegler and Savage. The letters to his sister date from shortly after he arrived in Paris in 1921 (letters begin in 1922) to her death in 1957. Siegler acted as his New York agent and thus handled many of his business affairs and set prices for some of his works. By the 1950s she was his exclusive U.S. representative. Letters cover these and other matters including tracking, storing and shipping of his works in New York; exhibitions throughout his career; paucity of sales in the early Paris and the Hollywood years; requests for camera equipment and clothing; the war and property he abandoned in France; travels; creation, sale and inventory of chess sets; his preference for painting over photography (see especially letter dated 15 April 1936); the "Sade" painting; and his parent's finances and other family matters.
The letters to his niece begin in 1945 and end in 1976, the year he died. These letters record Savage's vigilance in caring for his works stored in New York. They include topics such as, his encouragement and advice on her photographic work; problems with gallery representation in Europe during his later Paris period; book publications, especially Self Portrait; success and recognition obtained in the 1960s; and his failing health from the mid-1960s onward. This series also includes a small quantity of letters received by Siegler and Savage from galleries and museums concerning loans and shipping, and correspondence with Adrienne Fidelin, Man Ray's lover in France prior to his departure for the U.S. in 1940.
Box Folder
1 1 Elsie Ray Siegler, 1922-1929 23.0 items
1 2 1930-1939 44.0 items
1 3 1940-1941 33.0 items
1 4 1942-1944 24.0 items
1 5 1945-1949 40.0 items
1 6 1950-1952 17.0 items
1 7 1953-1954 35.0 items
1 8 1956-1958, n.d. 33.0 items
1 9 Naomi Savage, 1945-1959 31.0 items
1 10 1960-1964 48.0 items
Box Folder
2 1 Naomi Savage, 1965-1969 39.0 items
2 2 1970-1976 39.0 items
2 3 Letters to Siegler and Savage concerning Man Ray, 1936-1958 25.0 items
Letters, mostly from museums and galleries, pertain to loans and shipping. Includes 2 letters from Hans Richter (27 Oct 1952, 24 Jun 1958).
2 4 Adrienne Fidelin, 1940 6.0 items
Love letters in which they request news of each other. Man Ray's letters to Fidelin never reached her and were returned to Siegler. Fidelin's letters reached Siegler after Man Ray left for Hollywood.

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