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Yves Poupard-Lieussou correspondence and collected papers on Dada and Surrealism, 1905-1984 (bulk 1956-1979)

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Finding aid for the Yves Poupard-Lieussou correspondence and collected papers on Dada and Surrealism, 1905-1984 (bulk, 1956-1979)
Series II. Christian (Georges Herbiet) letters and papers, 1917-1971 ca. 75 items
The second series includes correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, books and journals related to Christian, a pseudonym for Georges Herbiet, (1895-1969). Christian was an active writer, publisher and painter during World War I and into the late 1920s. He knew many of the artists and writers of the Parisian avant-garde and was particularly close to Francis Picabia and Ezra Pound. The 48 letters addressed to Poupard from 1966 through 1968 recount Christian's version of the history of Dada - its successes and failures. Along with the letters, this section also includes two books by Christian, Le Pérégrin dans l'ombre (poems, 1917) and Donnés sur André Gide et l'homme moderne (essay, 1918), several journals to which he contributed and two unpublished manuscripts Souvenirs (76 typed pages) and Soliloques d'un mécréant (206 manuscript pages).
Box Folder
7 1 Soliloques d'un mécréant, 1968-1969
Autograph manuscript, 206 pages, dated by Poupard on the folder. A series of short essays or reflections, in which Christian reminisces about his past and current events.
7 2 Souvenirs, 1967
76 pages, typescript (densely typed), numbered and dated in pencil by Poupard (Jan 22 to Jun 15 1967), including a pencil sketch by Christian of Picabia's Chateau de Mai in Mougins.
In these memoirs, Christian discusses many of the topics and personalities that made up the French avant-garde of the teens and twenties. He appears to be responding to specific questions posed by Poupard. The memoirs are written as discrete essays following no particular order; each is titled and treats a particular theme or anecdote. Christian captures the exuberance of a generation that came of age with the invention of the automobile and electricity. Recalling the French tradition of literary portraiture, he paints verbal portraits of many of his friends: Picabia, Crotti, Pound, Man Ray, Suzanne Duchamp, Raymond Roussel and Breton. He discusses, and defends many of the subjects that preoccupied the avant-garde, such as drugs, Freud, Sacher-Masoch, sexuality, Bolshevism, and politics. Acknowledging his predecessors, he lists the books and journals written before World War I that influenced him and his generation. He devotes considerable space to the time spent with Picabia in St. Raphael, describing his studio, trips to the cinema as well as Picabia's work habits and a few of his paintings. He speaks of Jean Crotti and Suzanne Duchamp who lived nearby.
7 3 Letters from Christian to Poupard, 1966-1968
20 autograph letters and 28 typed letters. The correspondence begins 1966 Apr 20 and ends 1968 Dec 18, a few weeks before his death. In his seventies, Christian embraces Poupard's efforts to reconstruct the history of Dada. Sharing personal anecdotes, venting frustrations and explaining his position on various issues, Christian's letters offer an eye-witness account of some of the events and personalities that shaped the avant-garde movement in France. An intimate of Picabia, he recounts how they met in Paris in 1919; he notes that their friendship ended abruptly in 1928. He met Ezra Pound in 1919, introduced him to Picabia and Cocteau, and did the first French translations of Pound's Cantos. He discusses the significance of Dada, its origins and its adherents. He feels that Man Ray, whom he also knew, understood the significance of the movement. Death haunts these letters - the death of his wife and of many friends and acquaintances. Christian movingly narrates his last visit with Marcel Duchamp that took place hours before the latter's death. He also recounts the impact of Breton's death which upset him. Copy of Christian's typed letter from Paris, 1965 Oct 20, to J. Pauvert, who published Sanouillet's book Dada à Paris. He writes three pages of comments about the errors made by the author, setting the record straight about his own biographical data and his involvement in the dadaist movement. This letter, obviously communicated to Poupard, initiated the contact between them that would result in Christian's contribution to the written history of this period. [See folder 4 for original of this letter].
7 4 Letters addressed to Christian
7 4 Barrière, Marcel, 1919
3 autograph letters from Paris, dated from 1919 Nov 19 to 1919 Dec 16. Joined: press-clippings. Barrière thanks Christian for his suggestions concerning Belgian, American and German publishers. He also responds to Christian's inquiry about his pacifist beliefs.
7 4 Contel, Jean-Charles, 1920 Mar 3
1 letter.
7 4 Daragnès, undated
1 letter.
7 4 Delen, Ary J. J., 1920 Jul 25
1 letter from Antwerp. Joined: invitation card.
7 4 Demeure, Fernand, 1918 Sep 2
1 letter on letterhead: Casino Municipal Cannes.
7 4 Doucet, Jacques (1853-1929, clothes designer, famous collector and patron of the arts) 1917
2 pneumatiques of 1917 Aug 27 and 1917 Oct 8.
7 4 Dujardin, Edouard, 1922 Aug 15
1 letter.
7 4 Fabre, Emile, 1928 Mar 21
1 letter. He published a letter from Christian in Cannes L'Hiver without the latter's consent.
7 4 Gabory, Georges, undated
1 letter of 7/19.
7 4 Kopf, E.C. Mrs., 1969-1971
3 letters from addressed to Poupard announcing the death of Christian and the fate of his personal papers.
7 4 Pauvert, Jean-Jacques, 1965 Oct 20
typed three-page letter. Pauvert published Sanouillet's Dada à Paris. Christian wants to rectify many of Sanouillet's errors concerning himself and his involvement in the dadaist movement. [See folder 3 for copy of this letter, apparently sent to Poupard].
7 4 Prins, Sonja (Dutch writer, editor of the literary magazine Front) 1930-1931
13 letters from Amsterdam. The letters concern the journal's commitment to left-wing politics, modern art and literature. Christian contributed three articles to Front which are included in this collection.
7 4 Raynaud, Ernest, 1919 Sep 14
1 letter.
7 4 Réval, Gabriëlle, undated
letter of 1/9, no year. Mme Réval introduces Christian to Raoul Dufy, giving him Dufy's address.
7 4 Ribère-Carcy, Gaston, 1918-1919
2 letters and a card.
7 4 Vérane, Léon, undated
1 letter. He agrees to publish Christian's sonnets.
7 4 Walter, Jeanne, 1930 Jul 6
copy of letter sent to Christian, copied by Poupard.
7 5 Photographs (b/w) and photocopies, ca. 1920-1940
Two photographs (1921) of Christian and one (1920) of his bookstore "Au Bel Exemplaire." Two photographed copies (1921) of a poster-pamphlet written and drawn by Christian with an annotation on verso. Three photographs (1947) of a portrait of Jacques Villon by Christian, annotated on verso. Photograph (1933) of Jacques Villon taken by Christian. Two photographs (1940) of Jacques Villon, his wife Gaby and Christian's wife Geneviève. Photograph of a Villon landscape, annotated by Christian on verso. Two photographed copies of a letter (1922, two pages) from Cocteau to Christian. Photograph of letter (two pages) from Germaine Everling to Christian, illustrated presumably by Picabia. Photographed copy of a page of The Little Review with reproductions of three of Christian's paintings. Photographed letter (1921) from Gilbert Seldes, managing editor of The Dial. Photographed copy of a short poem by Picabia. Photograph of sketch of a woman's head - possibly from Picabia. Negative of the Villon portrait.
7 6 Poster-Pamphlets
7 6 "De la calomnie"
2 handwritten copies (one in Poupard's hand) of the text of a poster-pamphlet by Christian (not included in this collection), entitled "De la calomnie", and addressed "aux auteurs des lettres anonymes". On the top of each copy is inscribed: "Affiche en vitrine du Bel Exemplaire en 1922" (which was Christian's bookstore).
7 6 Plus de Cubisme. Saint-Raphaël, 1922
Published by Christian and Picabia on thin red stock.
7 6 Précisions, 1922
Text for a poster-pamphlet by Christian against slander (copy in Poupard's hand). Notation at the end of the two-page text: "Affiche à la vitrine du Bel Exemplaire à St. Raphaël en Février 1922."
7 6 "Traité d'harmonie," 1918-1960
A file on a treatise of harmony on which Christian worked from 1918 to 1940. Typescript, 2 pages, "Notes sur la Pyramide de Chéops"; 12 drawings; 1 page of calculations. Includes a two page typescript about the fundamentally anti-natural character of art, dated 1958/1960.
1** "Précisions," 1922
Large poster-pamphlet penciled by Christian, entitled "Précisions," 2/1922, and a one page autograph manuscript of the text on the poster. The poster was hung in the window of his bookstore as a reaction to anonymous letters he had received.
Box Folder
7 7 Books
7 7 Christian. Données sur André Gide et l'Homme Moderne (St. Raphaël, Librairie Les Tablettes, 1918), exemplar No. 173
7 7 Christian. Le Pérégrin dans l'ombre (Saint Raphaël, Edition des Tablettes, 1917)
Joined: publicity leaflet of Les Tablettes, 4 pages, and a review of these poems by A.M. Gossez (copied by Poupard) from Les Pionniers de la Normandie, first year, no. 4-5, September-December 1918.
7 7 Christian. Livret d'heures. Douze sonnets précieux. (Christian, 1960)
One of two typed copies of an original version in 25 exemplars that Christian prepared in 1918 and distributed personally.
7 7 Frick, Louis de Gonzague. Girandes (Paris, Edition du "Carnet Critique," 1919)
Inscribed by Frick to Christian. Joined: three review articles of the poems and 7 autograph letters from Frick to Christian.
7 8 Essays
7 8 "Le Mortel Ennui"
Copy in Poupard's handwriting, 8 pages. Christian discusses the role of Surrealism in cultural history.
7 8 "Une visite à André Suarès, rue Cassette, le 23 Octobre 1919"
A five page typescript.
7 8 "De l'immoralisme"
15 pages manuscript, signed, about Oscar Wilde and his play "Salomé," including a discussion of the 'historical necessity of immorality.'
7 8 Notes regarding Dada à Paris, 1967?
Notes (typescript, 3 pages), correcting Sanouillet's text about Christian in his book Dada à Paris. They were included in the letter to Sanouillet from 1967 Jan 8.
8 1 Article excerpts
8 1 Excerpts from Les Tablettes, 1917
Nine articles by Christian and a letter from Jean de Gourmont to Christian, annotated by Poupard and assembled into pamphlet form.
8 1 Etudes Critiques, 1919-1920
articles by Christian from La Revue de l'Epoque and La Mêlée-Un and a letter from Marcel Sauvage to Christian,1920 Sep 11. Assembled into pamphlet form and entitled Etudes Critiques.
8 1 Articles by Christian and letter from Mm. Tailhade, 1919-1920, 1961
from L'Horizon, 1919, L'Ordre Naturel, 1920, Etudes Critiques and Mercure de France, 1961, assembled into pamphlet form and annotated by Poupard. Articles discuss Laurent Tailhade. The pamphlet includes a letter from Mme Tailhade.
8 1 Photocopies of articles by Christian, 1917-1919
from Les Tablettes, 1917, La Nouvelle Revue Wallone, 1919 and Les Pionniers de Normandie, 1918 given to Poupard by J. Marchand in 1983. Marchand also includes photocopied tables of content from two journals.
8 1 Bibliographical and biographical notices on Christian by Poupard
6 pages manuscript.
8 1 Catalogue des ouvrages en vente chez De Porter
Including several notes by Christian on Dadaist style.
8 1 Inventory of Christian's "books in poor condition of conservation"
8 2-4 Journals
8 2 Les Pionniers de Normandie: Revue de Littérature et d'Art, Nos. 1-8, 1918-1919
8 issues: Jan/Feb 1918 - May/June 1919
8 3 Front: Anthologie du groupe moderne d'art de Liège, 4. 1930-1931
3 issues: Dec 1930 (vol. 1), Feb 1931 (vol. 2), July 1931 (vol. 4).
8 4 Les Tablettes littéraires et artistiques, Saint-Raphael, 1917, 1919
3 issues: 1917 Nov 15, 1919 Feb 15 and 1919 Sep 15. Joined: copy in Poupard's hand of two poems by Benjamin Péret published in Les Tablettes.
8 4 La nouvelle revue Wallonne, Paris, 1918 April-May
Includes an article by Christian.

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