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Yves Poupard-Lieussou correspondence and collected papers on Dada and Surrealism, 1905-1984 (bulk 1956-1979)

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Finding aid for the Yves Poupard-Lieussou correspondence and collected papers on Dada and Surrealism, 1905-1984 (bulk, 1956-1979)
Series I. Letters from artists and writers, 1912-1984 6 boxes 2.5 lin. ft.
The letters from artists and writers read as a veritable who's who of the artistic and literary avant-garde of early and mid-twentieth century Europe. Poupard receives letters from Hans Richter, Philippe Soupault, Walter Mehring, Georges Hugnet, Marcel Janco and Michel Sanouillet, to name only a few. The letters frequently include bio-bibliographical information about their authors as well as their opinions on topics concerning Dada and Surrealism. Viewing the avant-garde as an international movement, Poupard documents European Dada from Portugal to Russia, and from Sweden to Eastern Europe, including members of the Romanian group of Tristan Tzara, a founder of the dadaist movement. The correspondence also covers the expansion of Dada and Surrealism to the American continents, from Canada and New York, to Chile.
Box Folder
1 1 Albert-Birot, Pierre, 1956 Oct 3
1 letter.
1 1 Alexander, Maxime, 1971 May
1 letter.
1 1 Altmann, Roberto, 1971 Dec 26
1 letter.
1 1 Anselmino, Luciano, Galleria il Fauno, Torino, 1971
2 letters of May 28 and June 11, asking Poupard for materials about Picabia, to be published in his magazine.
1 1 Arnaud, Noël, 1978 Apr 27
condolence card for the death of Annick Lieussou.
1 1 Arnel, Thomas, 1956 Jun 13
letter in Danish with autobiographical note and its French translation.
1 1 Arp-Hagenbach, Marguerite, 1966, 1970
one card of June 1966 acknowledging Poupard's condolences for the death of her husband. Another card of 1970 Jan 8 sent along with recent publications about Jean Arp (not included).
1 1 Association pour l'étude de dada et du surréalisme, 1972 Jun 19
two roneotyped sheets regarding the association's projects.
1 1 Augustin, Ronald, 1968
3 letters and a card .
1 1 Auric, Georges, 1962 Apr 10
1 letter.
1 1 Baj, Enrico, 1956 May 29 - 1970 Apr 24
8 letters and one card. As a promotor of the Italian group Arte Nucleare, Baj writes about his projects and asks for Poupard's advice. Joined: handwritten notes by Poupard on Baj's and Dangelo's activities in the Nuclear Art Movement.
1 1 Baron, Jacques, 1972 Mar 7
1 card.
1 1 Bédouin, Jean-Louis, 1962 Nov 26
1 letter with bio-bibliographical notice.
1 2 Béhar, Henri, 1974
8 typescript pages of a "Chronology of Tristan Tzara," along with letter dated 1974 Sep 28 in which Béhar asks Poupard to correct it. An offprint of Annales de l'université d'Abidjan. 90 typescript pages of an "Annotated bibliography of Tristan Tzara writings" with handwritten annotations, to be published in 1975. In the introduction, Béhar explains the ideological misadventures of Tzara that led to his being labeled a "nihilist" and to his ostracism.
1 3 Benayoun, Robert, 1962 Nov 15
1 letter with bio-bibliographical information.
1 3 Benoît, Pierre-André (PAB), writer and publisher, 1940s, 1956, 1958, n.d.
39 letters undated, except one card postmarked 1956 Jun 28, and the next to last letter dated by Poupard 1958 Jul 1, but possibly dating from the end of the 1940s. Comprise an exchange of literary opinions, and information about efforts to retrieve and identify dadaist unpublished manuscripts and rare texts printed in small editions.
1 3 Berlewi, Henryk, 1958 Feb - 1964 Jul
3 letters and 2 pneumatique letters from 2/1958 to 7/1964. A three-page roneotyped circular on letterhead of the Archives de l'art abstrait et de l'avant-garde internationale (the AAAA), describes the organization's goals and solicits collaboration from other like-minded artists.
1 3 Biasi, Guido, 1969 Nov 19, 1969 Dec 19
2 letters.
1 3 Blavier, André, 1966 Jul 25
1 letter.
1 3 Blumenfeld, Erwin (known in the Dutch Dada movement as Jan Blomfield) 1957 Dec 8
one letter in two original copies. Discussion of Dutch Dada - according to Blumenfeld it was a joke - and who actually invented photomontage.
1 3 Bonnefoy, Yves, 1946 Dec 26 - 1951 Jun 15
4 letters and one announcement of Surrealist publications listing his name, to be published January 1948.
1 4 Bounouré, Vincent, 1962 Dec 24, 1963 Jan 8
2 letters with bio-bibliographical information.
1 4 Breton, André, 1929?
"Declaration du 27 Janvier 1925" with 9 points. Copy of his introduction to an exhibition catalogue of 1929 in Poupard's hand.
1 4 Brunius, Jacques, 1957 Jun 16
letter with bio-bibliographical information.
1 4 Budik, Arnost, 1971 Feb 19 - 1973 Apr 24
7 letters and 3 cards. Joined: a roneotyped announcement of the first issue of the quarterly Gradiva, and a registration form for the international exhibition organized by Gradiva in 1972 in Brussels. Gradiva wants to publish facsimile editions of all dadaists and Budik, the editor, turns to Poupard, asking him to play an intermediary role with certain artists, writers and scholars.
1 4 Cabanel, Guy, 1962 Dec 18
1 letter with autobiographical information.
1 4 Cellier, Jean, 1942 May 18, 1945
1 letter and one card announcing a mass in memory of Cellier after his death on August 27, 1945.
1 4 Centre culturel allemand/Goethe Institut (Paris), 1967 Mar 20 - 1970 Sep 3
3 letters from 3/20/67 to 9/3/70 and 2 invitation cards. The center solicits Poupard's help in compiling a bibliography on Arp, and organizing an exhibition on Hans Richter. Two invitation cards, and a printed program of the Dada international exhibition and related cultural events organized by the Goethe Institut of Paris in February 1978.
1 4 Il Centro Galleria in Naples, 1970 Jan 27
1 letter signed Dina Carola.
1 4 Chagor, François, 1968
2 letters about a portrait by Picabia to be lent by Poupard to Musée Bourdelle for an exhibition. One invitation card for an exhibition opening at the museum on 1968 Oct 30.
1 4 Chavée, Achille, 1956 Feb 14 - 1959 Mar 17
3 letters and one card . Joined: Chavée's bio-bibliographical notice and that of Fernand Dumont (Fernand Demoustier), co-founder with Chavée of Rupture.
1 4 Citroen, Paul, 1957 Dec, 1958 Jan 26
letter in German of Dec 1957 (French translation included), and a postcard. Citroen offers autobiographical information and claims to have invented the photomontage technique as a "véritable composition." Grosz and Herzfeld inspired his work.
1 5 Cravan, Arthur, 1912-1915
4 issues of Maintenant, revue litéraire, handwritten copies (by Poupard?) in capital letters - no. 1, Apr. 1912; no. 2, July 1913; no. 4, supplement, March-Apr.; 1914, no. 5, March-Apr. 1915.
1 6 Dada ephemera, 1920s
card catalog of Dada manifestos, programs, posters, etc. from the 1920s in various countries (147 cards). Included: a list of Dada letterhead from the same year.
1 7 Dada 50th anniversary exhibition, 1966/1967
508 contact prints (4 x 5 cm) mounted on cardboard, showing artifacts displayed at the 1966-1967 Paris-Zurich exhibition organized with Poupard's contribution; the photographs were probably taken by his son. The numbers refer to the entries in the exhibition catalogue.
1 8 Dada 50th anniversary exhibition and celebration, 1966, Dec 1970
clippings and a few pages from a December 1970 magazine (unidentified).
1 9 Dada miscellaneous papers, 1920-1962
copies of correspondence mostly from 1920-1936, sent to Guillermo de Torre by Tristan Tzara, Paul Eluard, André Breton, and Marcel Duchamp. Joined: papers related to the exhibition Paul Eluard at Ville Saint-Denis in 1962. A handwritten chronology of Dada and Surrealist movements from 1910 to 1936.
1 10 Dada shows, 1960s
a ten-page script in its original hand-binding (with a 25 cent coin attached) for a "Spectacle Dada." Flier advertising a "Spectacle Dada" organized by the Association pour l'étude du mouvement Dada.
1 11 Dada photographs and negatives, undated, ca. 1920s-1930s?
photograph of the initial group, Contimporanul, of Romanian dadaists (Tristan Tzara, Maxy, Ion Vinea, Jacques Costine) taken in Bucharest. One photograph and 8 negatives representing Christian Schad, Archipenko, Serner and other Dada artists. 47 photographs of fliers and posters announcing dadaist activities in France, Germany, and Russia.
Box Folder
2 1 Colding, Steen, 1956
letter of 1956 Dec 12 with biographical information about the painter Erik Ortvad, 5 b/w photographs of his works, and a clipping about his first exhibition in a Copenhagen restaurant in Dec 1956.
2 1 Copley, Mrs., [Claire Copley?], 1964 Apr 7
1 letter sent in her name along with a catalogue (not included).
2 1 Costes, Philippe, 1977-1978
two b/w photographs signed by their author, with best wishes for 1977 and 1978.
2 1 Crotti, Jean, 1959
3 letters signed from March to September.
2 1 Crowet, Pierre-E., 1956 Mar 29
1 letter with information about the periodical Le Soupirail published in 1928-1929.
2 1 Dax, Adrien, 1962 Dec 28
1 letter including a list of his graphic and written works published in Surrealist publications from 1949 to 1961.
2 1 De Ridder, André, 1956 May 11
1 letter with information about the periodical Sélection, published 1920 to 1933.
2 1 Dhainaut, Pierre, 1963 Apr 3 - 1973 Jan 8
15 letters and 18 cards including a bio-bibliographical notice. Dhainaut and Poupard exchange articles, catalogs and books concerning Surrealism and Dada. Since Poupard lives in Paris, he willingly locates and sends books and documentation to his provincial friend. By way of compensation, Dhainaut writes poems for Poupard that are included with the letters.
2 1 Domela, Cesar, 1966 Dec 1, 1970 Mar 6
2 letters.
2 2 Duhamel, Marcel, 1957 Apr 12
1 letter.
2 2 Dumas, Marie-Claire, 1972 Nov 24
1 letter.
2 2 Evola, Julius, 1964 Dec 7, 1965 Feb 3
2 letters.
2 2 Fata Morgana Editions, 1966
one letter from 1966, a note and a card signed Geraud. Apologies to Poupard for having mistakenly claimed that their edition of Monsieur Morphée by Leconte was "original" [it appeared originally in 1929 in Bifur].
2 2 Ferry, Jean, 1957 Feb 20, 1957 Mar 5
2 letters. Ferry provides bio-bibliographical information, and explains his break with Surrealism is because of its religious turn.
2 2 Flamand, Elie-Charles, 1963 Jan 6
1 letter with autobiographical information.
2 2 Flammarion Editions, 1975 Jun 13
1 letter about an edition of Marcel Duchamp writings.
2 2 França, J.-Augusto, 1957
3 letters from 1957, and a typescript four page article in Portuguese on surrealism in Portugal.
2 3 Freddie, Wilhelm, Exhibition catalogs:
2 3 Freddie 1931. Copenhagen: Folmer Bonnen Studio: 1931
2 3 Surrealistik Intervention, Freddie and Harry Carlsson. Copenhagen: 1939
with two b/w photographs.
2 3 Surrealism, Freddie. Copenhagen: 1940
with b/w illustration.
2 3 Surrealisme. Copenhagen: Galerie Salby, 1940
2 3 Odense. Copenhagen: 1941
14 pages with 7 b/w illustrations, text by Freddie and Bjerke-Peterson.
2 3 Wilhelm Freddie. Stockholm: Galerie St. Lucas, 1945
16 pages with three b/w illustrations, text by Per Olof Palme and Göta Andian-Nilsson.
2 3 Wilhelm Freddie, Malmö: Nessimhallen, 1951
8 pages with three b/w illustrations, text by Steen Colding.
2 3 Wilhelm Freddie: malerier og skulpturer. Copenhagen: Duckerts Kunsthandel, 1951
Three pages with text by Steen Colding.
2 3 Freddie. Copenhagen: Galerie Brich, 1959
12 pages with four b/w illustrations, text by Edouard Jaguer.
2 3 Wilhelm Freddie: Peintures et Objets. Paris: Galérie de l'Université, 1965
16 pages with two b/w illustrations and one in color, text by Edouard Jaguer.
2 3 Poster for the Surrealistik Demonstrationer held in Copenhagen at Gallerie Salby, 1940
2 3 10 original b/w photographs of works by Freddie, 1937-1947
Each bears the stamp of the Danish Surrealist, critic and editor, Steen Colding. All are annotated with titles and dates from 1937 to 1947.
2 4 Gaffé, René, 1956
letter from Jun 19 and a card from Jul 29.
2 4 Gagnaire Aline, 1965 May 14
1 letter.
2 4 Gérard (Rosenthal), Francis, 1963 Oct 19
1 letter with biographical note.
2 4 Gignoux, A., 1971 Jan 13
1 letter.
2 4 Giguère, Roland, 1956
2 letters from May and September include lists of Canadian Surrealist publications, and an autobiographical note.
2 4 Goldfayn, Georges, 1962 Dec 4
1 letter with autobiographical notice.
2 4 Goriély, Benjamin, 1965-1967
letter of 1965 May 7, and two calling cards from 1966-1967.
2 4 Goujon, J.-P., 1981 May 5 - 1984 Feb 12
15 letters sent from Seville, Spain. Working on his thesis about the French poet Renée Viven, Goujon seeks additional information from Poupard who proves to be extremely helpful.
2 5 Götz, K. O., 1956 Jun 18
1 long and intense letter in which Götz discusses various writers and artists from the first period of Surrealism in Germany, including, Hausmann, Schwitters, and Klee, and considers the time is ripe to publish an important book on Dada.
2 5 Gourdet, Michel, 1973, 1977
1 letter and a card. He asks Poupard's help for the thesis he is writing about Claude Sernet. Joined: two page list of Sernet's publications handwritten by Poupard, and two clippings from Europe with texts by Sernet.
2 5 Graverol, Jane, 1965 Nov 10
1 letter.
2 5 Gronier, Georges, 1971 Sep 29
1 letter.
2 5 G...(signature indecipherable), Mar 1956
1 letter from Cairo with bio-bibliographical information.
2 5 Hamilton, Richard, 1960 Oct 30
1 letter.
2 5 Havrenne, Marcel / Henein, Georges, 1956
1 letter of 1956 Feb 28 from Havrenne. Joined: a bio-bibliographical note by Poupard.
Henein, Georges letter of 1956 Mar 6.
2 5 Hérold, Jacques, 1981
typed bio-bibliographical information (no date), with handwritten additions including the date 1981 Jan 11 (?).
2 5 Hubert, Etienne-Alain, 1975 May 3 - 1978 Feb 7
8 letters. Another scholar turning to Poupard for information - in this case about Pierre Reverdy.
2 5 Huelsenbeck, Richard (aka Hulbeck Charles, R. after settling in New York), 1955 Jan - Nov 1959
13 letters in English and German. Include a two-page autobiographical notice, and a two page list of his publications.
2 6 Höch, Hannah, 1920
portrait dated on the back "Berlin 1920." On the photograph's borders, the words: "firenze/ verona/ mille saluti d'italia/ 1920 roma/"
2 7 Hugnet, Georges, 1955 Jul 9 - 1966 Jul 18
10 letters and 9 cards; 15 pages of notes and bio-bibliographical and chronological lists written by Poupard. He and Hugnet spent Sundays together discussing Surrealism and Dada while Hugnet assembled materials for his dictionary on Dada. Hugnet fondly recalls these meetings and insists that they make time to continue them.
2 7 Hunt, Ronald, librarian at the University of Newcastle, England, 1967 Jan 23
1 letter asking for Dada publications.
2 7 Investart, May 1973
letter of May 23 from Poupard returning 80,000 Fr. to the company because he could not buy for them the painting they wanted, followed by a thank you letter of May 25 from Investart.
2 7 Jaguer, Edouard, 1958 Dec 9 - 1966 Oct 10
7 letters, one card, and one original collage. Asks for Poupard's help in locating materials such as an article by Breton and photographs of Tanguy and Ernst. One original collage dated 1958, sent as a greeting card.
2 8 Janco, Marcel, 1965-1971
23 letters, 14 postcards, and 3 pneumatiques from Tel-Aviv. Included: a biographical text on Janco in Poupard's hand-writing, a printed poem by Michel Seuphor dedicated to Janco, and a poster for the exhibition "Janco, 1918-1968" in Milan, 1969, with two invitations. Ensuring that "la vraie histoire de Dada" be written and remembered is Janco's principal concern in his letters to Poupard. As an indefatigable promoter of Dada, he recounts the early days of the movement, organizes exhibitions, is concerned with the preservation of its legacy, and repudiates its "destructive" elements. Janco insists on the significance of Zurich in the Dada movement, asserting that when Dada moved to Paris, it was eclipsed by Surrealism. He also discusses Jean Arp and Hans Richter.
2 9 Marcel Janco Créait en 1916, 1916, 1967
9 b/w photographs of artwork exhibited in 1967 in Tel Aviv, laid into an original folder with painted additions by Janco and an appreciative dedication to Poupard.
Box Folder
3 1 Jean, Marcel, 1955-1979
9 letters and 5 cards. Jean supplies Poupard with bio-bibliographical information, and gives a detailed list of Hungarian avant-garde journals. He also asks Poupard for assistance with his book Histoire de la peinture surréaliste.
3 2 Joosten, Paul, 1935, 1953-1958
13 letters and 32 postcards, one embellished with an original collage. All items are in Flemish, addressed to Raoul Thyriad in Antwerp from 1953 to 1958. Joosten shares with his friend Thyriad his health problems, artistic aspirations and many of the mundane details of everyday life. He mentions his paintings "Endoxie" and "Der Tod." Joined: a card with picture of Greta Garbo; on verso a short note addressed to an unknown woman, dated 1935 Feb 4. One b/w photograph of the staircase in Joosten's house taken by Jan Kockx (no date).
3 3 Joosten, Paul publications, 1969 1923, 1964,
Three publications: 1. Histoire de Mérinof et Mérédoc ou les Hérodes salon le genre humain. Avec Deux Dessins de l'auteur, by Joosten. Bruxelles, Les Lèvres nues, 1969, first edition. One of 26 copies on verge. An eight page erotic fairy tale in which the story of Herod, set in Riedijk, Anvers, is salaciously parodied.
2. Le Retour...Des Choses, poster; Bruxelles, Galerie Saint-Laurent, 1964, Concertina, 6 pages with b/w illustrations.
3. L'Oeuvre Plastique de Paul Joostens, by Georges Marlier, Anvers, Ça-ira, 1923, first edition, 28 pages with 24 b/w plates.
Box Folder
12* 1 Joosten, Paul. Les Mollusques 1925 Antwerp: Ronny Van de Velde, 1981
Portfolio with 6 screenprints of an erotic and satirical nature. Two of these images also appear in the Histoire de Mérinof et Mérédoc. One of 100. Each stamped.
Box Folder
3 4 Karpel, Bernard, 1974 Oct 15 - 1975 Apr 7
3 letters. He asks Poupard's permission for the publication of the Tanguy bibliography by De Rache in Brussels, and to act as intermediary between him and Pierre Matisse for establishing satisfactory conditions.
3 4 Kapidzic-Osmanagic, Hanifa, 1964, 1968
2 letters from 1968 Oct 6 and 1968 Oct 16 about her visit to Paris. A letter from the University library of Dijon from 1964 Apr 27 informing Poupard that he may use their copy of Kapidzic's thesis [ Le Surréalisme serbe et ses rapports avec le surréalisme français] only through interlibrary loan at the Sorbonne library's request.
3 4 Kaye, Eldon, 1971 Oct 10
letter about a book she published at Librarie Droz in Genova.
3 4 Koenig, Théodore, 1968 May 5
3 4 Kundera, Ludvik, 1971-1975
3 letters in German, and 2 cards.
3 4 Lacomblez, Jacques, 1963 Mar 23
letter with bio-bibliograpical information.
3 4 Le Boulanger, Jean-Yves, 1968-1972
3 letters. Joined: b/w photograph of a drawing by Le Boulanger, and a poster for his retrospective at Nantes in 1969.
3 5 Lebel, Jean-Jacques, 1958
2 letters from 1958 on letterhead "Qui est Medium?" accompanying issues of the periodical Front Unique (not included).
3 5 Lecomte, Marcel, 1956 Apr 4
letter with information about his writings.
3 5 Legrand, Gérard, 1955-1956
2 letters containing bio- biographical information.
3 5 Leiris, Michel, 1954 Oct 23
letter with information about a book: The prints of Joan Miró, New York, 1947.
3 5 Lély, Gilbert, 1955
calling card and a bio-bibliographical notice compiled by Poupard 1955 May 8 then corrected and annotated by Lély.
3 5 Lemaître, Maurice, 1962-1964
2 letters from 1962 Mar 13, and 1964 Feb 8 about his plans of future publications in the lettriste spirit. A copy of his letter of 1962 Apr 4 to Michel Conil Lacoste comments on an article about Picabia's retrospective in Marseille.
3 5 Llinas, Julio, 1958 Sep 13
letter with information about the short-lived Argentinian publications, A Partir de Cero (1952-1956) and Boa (1958).
3 6 Losfeld, Eric, 1952, 1955-1971
letter of 1952 Aug 24 informing Poupard about recent Arcanes publications in 1952. Included: 27 ephemeral pieces, such as Arcanes, Le Terrain Vague, and other bulletins and leaflets advertising avant-garde and erotic literature published by Losfeld between 1955 and 1971.
3 7 Lyle, John, editor and bookseller, 1969-1971
2 letters and one card about future issues of his journal TRANSFORMAcTION. Joined: an open letter (1971), and two photocopies of articles by Lyle from Arts & Artists (1969).
3 7 Malkine, Fern, 1976
3 letters and one card from 1976 Nov 15 to 1976 Dec 7. She is looking for information on her father's work, and is grateful for Poupard's help. Included: a list of biographical information about the painter Georges Malkine, his exhibitions, and published works in Poupard's handwriting.
3 7 Mandiargues, Pierre de, 1956 Feb 18
letter containing a list of his published works.
3 7 Marembert, Jean, undated
note on calling card with editorial information about Aventure Celeste.
3 8 Mariën, Marcel, Feb 1956-Apr 1970
12 letters and 18 cards sent from February 1956 to April 1970. Included: photocopies of two pages from a manuscript ( Pélleas et Mélisande), attributed by Mariën to Picabia. The correspondence is mainly an exchange of information, publications and photocopies of rare items, meant to help Poupard prepare his avant-garde encyclopedia, and help Mariën edit Paul Nougé's writings, and publish the quarterly Les lèvres nues.
3 9 Mariën, Marcel, undated
51 typed cards with detailed bibliographical information on periodicals, ephemera, and brochures of Belgian Surrealism.
3 10 Matarasso, H., 1956-1957
16 letters and one card from 1956 Feb 8 to 1957 Dec 12. Included: copies of two letters sent by Matarasso to Louis Aragon and Raymond Queneau. Most of the letters concern the project to produce an illustrated dictionary on Dada and Surrealism. However, due to ill health, Matarasso is forced to renounce his participation in the project.
3 11 Mayoux, Jehan, 1954-1963
3 letters. Mayoux corrects a list of his publications sent to him by Poupard and provides biographical information.
3 11 Mehring, Walter, 1956
2 letters from May 15 and June 1, 1956 and a holograph draft of a speech ( Mais où sont les neiges DADA...) given in 1966 Oct 25 at the Goethe Institut in Paris. Mehring writes in detail of his Dada activities, his publications and the aftermath of Dada, giving precise biographical information. He also mentions a drawing of himself made by Robert Delaunay.
3 11 Mueller-Kraus, 1956-1957
3 letters in German (with handwritten translation in French), each embellished with a colored graphic work. Joined: 3 typed sheets with bibliographical information about Heinrich Hoerle, and Dada books and publications.
3 11 Naumann, Francis M, 1979
3 letters. At work on his dissertation at the University in New York, Naumann solicits information from Poupard concerning Walter Conrad Arensberg.
3 11 Neuhuys, Paul, 1956, 1969
4 letters, two from 1956, and two from 1969. He provides information on the journals Ça Ira, Sélection, Correspondence, Le Centaure and Cahiers Dada-Surréalisme as well as the people who collaborated in their production.
3 11 Oppenheim, Meret, 1957
2 letters and a postcard containing detailed autobiographical information.
Box Folder
4 1 Pana, Sasa, 1965-1979
4 letters and 11 cards - four of them photographs of Pana's collages. Pana, a driving force of Romanian Surrealism, is very willing to help Poupard with his research on Dada and Surrealism. Joined: a diagram of Romanian journals on or about the avant-garde between the two wars. Typescript entitled A Propos de "Entracte." B/w photograph of a Pana collage: inscribed on verso best wishes 1971. B/w photographic reproductions of two letters sent to Pana by Tristan Tzara. A homemade booklet comprised of small photographic reproductions of the title pages of the Romanian journal UNU from 1928-1932. A few clippings from Romanian newspapers with contributions by Pana.
4 2 Parmée (Clarke), Margaret, 1971-1981
3 letters and 13 cards. At work on her dissertation, Parmée solicits Poupard's help in gathering information about Yvan Goll. In most of the cards, she thanks Poupard for his assistance.
4 2 Paschal-Lejeune, Didier, 1971 Dec 30
letter sent to Poupard with the first issues of his publication Cheval d'Attaque (not included).
4 2 Perilli, Achille, ca. 1958-1961
2 pneumatique letters and a New Year's card with signed drawing.
4 2 Pierre, José, 1964-1967
3 letters with detailed information about his activity as a Surrealist writer and scholar of avant-garde.
4 2 Piqueray, Marcel, 1956-1959
3 letters. Joined: bio-bibliographical notices about the brothers, Gabriel and Marcel Piqueray.
4 3 Péret, Benjamin (documents assembled by Poupard) 1935, 1959, 1963, undated
a copy of the Proces Verbal of the general meeting for founding the Association des Amis de Benjamin Péret in May 1963; a copy of René Char's defamatory "open letter to Péret" of December 1935; five photocopies of Péret's letters to André Breton (undated), and press clippings following Péret's death in September 1959.
4 4 Picabia, Francis, 1921-1947
original texts copied by Poupard (40 pages in his handwriting, 10 pages typescript) include poems, short essays and other pieces in prose from. Among these, an autobiographical presentation Francis Picabia et Dada (1921), Profession de foi (1927), and Manifeste Dada. Several texts are marked "inedit," such as the group of poems Ennanzus Cerf-Volant, which was to be published in the periodical Les quatre vents, no. X of 1947, but never appeared.
4 5 Picabia, Francis, undated
40 pages of documentation gathered or copied by Poupard for his essay about the artist, including: biographical notes, genealogical tree of Picabia family, chronology of Picabia's writings, paintings, and exhibitions; lists of paintings in his collection, lists of photographs of, or including Picabia, and materials published about him.
4 6 Picabia, Francis, undated
30 pages copied by Poupard from short notes, presentations, introductions published by contemporary writers and artists about Picabia.
4 7 Picabia, Francis, undated
7 photographs and 2 negatives after manuscript pages of Picabia. Newspapers clippings about the artists and his art. 8 letters and forms from museums organizing Picabia exhibitions, soliciting paintings in Poupard's possession to be lent for the occasion.
4 8 Picabia-Everling, Germaine, 1958-1974
56 letters and 6 cards. Picabia's companion from 1917 to 1927, Germaine is a friend of Poupard, sending him news about her work for a gallery in Cannes, about some common acquaintances, and her health. She gives information about Picabia's life. She asks Poupard's help in finding a publisher for her memoirs, and for advice about selling the Picabia paintings in her possession.
4 9 Poupard-Lieussou, Yves, about Picabia, undated
Essai de bibliographie générale, manuscript (48 p.), typescript (39 p.), and notes (6 p.), listing Picabia's works as a writer, a publisher, a poet, a critic, and an artist, including lists of his exhibitions, of books with his illustrations, and books and texts published in praise of Picabia.
4 10 Poupard-Lieussou, Yves, petites revues, undated
a 96-page manuscript of bibliographical lists of petites revues (small avant-garde publications) from 1900 to the present, arranged alphabetically, including foreign publications.
4 11 Protest movements, 1967-1968
manifestos, open letters, etc. from Front des Artistes Revolutionnaires and other groups and persons.
4 12 Publications, 1924, 1971-1972
Presence Poétique, from Centre d' Information et de Coordination des revues de poésie, Nice, two issues (1971 and 1972); photocopy of Belles-Lettres, Paris, no. 622-66, Dec. 1924.
Box Folder
5 1 Quinta Parete documenti del surrealismo, 1971-1973
3 letters signed Janus. He is grateful for the information sent by Poupard, and speaks about his plans for the future of the Turin journal and his own research.
5 2 Richter, Hans (1888-1976), 1956-1971
20 letters and 2 cards. This correspondence gives a glimpse of Richter as both a practicing artist and an interpreter of Dada. In the first few letters, he answers Poupard's questions about Dada and its surviving members, particularly Schwitters. Richter discusses the film, 8 x 8, that he is currently making. In later letters, he discusses the Dada exhibition that traveled to Zurich and Paris. He feels that, as a member of the original group, he, and not some scholar, should be in control of it. Richter also collaborates on the portfolio in homage to Duchamp, organized by Poupard in 1968.
5 2 Texts
typescript, 4 pages in German, entitled Kurt Schwitters, "from a book in progress, The Time of G by Hans Richter," with corrections and annotations by the author. Typescript, 2 pages, partial French translation of the above-described text by Richter on Schwitters, entitled "La Colonne Schwitters," and a manuscript copy by Poupard of the remaining text translated into French. Two typescripts, one page each, entitled Hannah Hoech/Hannah l'Habile [i.e. Höch]. Roneotyped bio-filmography describes Richter's scroll paintings and films from 1919 to 1946. Manuscript copy, 6 pages by Poupard of the chapter on Dada from George Grosz's autobiography.
5 2 Letters from Schwitters to Richter, 1946
Photographs of two letters sent by Schwitters to Richter in March and November 1946. He tells Richter that he no longer speaks or writes in German except for his poetry. Photograph of an article by Richter entitled "Gegen Ohne Für Dada," accompanied by a typed French translation.
5 2 Richter article about "Dreams that money can buy"
Photocopy of an article by Richter in which he describes making his new film "Dreams that Money Can Buy," in collaboration with Calder, Duchamp, Ernst, Léger, and Man Ray.
5 3 Ribemont-Dessaignes, G., 1957
3 letters regarding his possible contribution to the illustrated dictionary on Dada and Surrealism under the direction of H. Matarasso.
5 3 Riegen, Nancy, (reference librarian at the New York Museum of Modern Art) 1955 Jan 11
letter giving Poupard the requested information about the publication of Camera Work, New York dada, and TNT.
5 3 Rumney, Pegeen, 1963 Sep 27
note asking for the return of a catalogue.
5 4 Rigot, Leonce, undated, 1972
documentation partly handwritten, partly typed, completed with clippings about twelve Belgian avant-garde poets: Chavée, Dotremont, Dumont, Eemans, Goemans, Havrenne, Hooreman, Joostens, Pansaers, Souris, Van Ostaijen, and Lecomte. Included: a letter to Poupard from Miette Rigot, dated 1972 Oct 21, about the death of her husband, and a thank-you card to the same, for condolences.
5 5 Ristic, Marko, 1963-1965
2 letters and 2 cards, including nine pages of bio-bibliographical information on the Yugoslavian Dada and Surrealist artists, writers, and publications.
5 6 Rosey, Guy, ca. 1960-1976
letter from 1971 Dec 24, 3 calling cards with notes, and 2 other cards from 1960 into the 1970s. Included: a list of Rosey's publications, and copies of his poems "Les moyens d'existence," "Violette Nozières," and "Cinq bonnets de fantaisie."
5 7 Sanouillet, Michel, 1956-1968
42 letters to Poupard from 1956 to 1968. Important correspondence documenting twelve years of activity of the Association pour l'étude de Dada et du Surréalisme, and the creation of its American section during a period of intense interest for Dada, both in Europe and in Northern America. Sanouillet discusses various events, negotiations and decisions of the Paris Bureau (mainly of its president, Henri Béhar, and its vice president Poupard), such as the future of the archive Tzara, the retrospective Dada, the collaboration with the Musée d'art moderne, the Fonds Doucet, the Bulletin of the Association, various exhibitions and publications, etc. Sanouillet also sends18 letters received from various people, mostly indignant protests against the addition of Surrealism to the initial name of the Association for the studies on Dada. Included: 8 pages of documents related to the Festival International du Livre at Nice [Sanouillet was the organizer and the lecturer for a public course at Nice in 1971-72]. Joined: clippings from Toronto Daily Star of 1959 Nov 2 showing Sanouillet and his wife Anna running the French monthly newspaper in Toronto, and the Librairie Française in Toronto.
5 8 Schad, Christian, 1965-1971
17 letters and 2 cards. Included: photocopies of 3 letters from Picabia to Schad. This correspondence is an exchange of information, publications and photographs of artworks with Poupard. The letters of 1965 express Schad's interest in the retrospective Dada exhibit, and the choice of his works to be included in the exhibition. He accepts Poupard's choices, but insists that some "Schadographies" should be shown too. Included: bio-bibliographical notes of Schad and Walter Serner, both signed by Christian Schad, along with a "Definition of Schadographies" 1965 May 28, photocopies of 5 press clippings from 1920, and of a "Movement Dada" manifesto signed by Picabia, Tzara, Serner and Ribemont-Dessaignes from 1920. A group photograph represents Schad, Archipenko, Serner and others in Geneva. Also included: an offprint of Zurich/Genf: DADA by Christian Schad published in Imprimatur, III, 1962/63, 11 photographs of paintings and colored relief by Schad with titles and dates penciled on the versos.
5 9 Sacco-Ruest, H, 1919, 1961
2 letters. Joined: partial table of contents to the periodical Der Einzige, nos. 1 to 27/28 from 1919, and detailed summaries of nos. 14 to 20, in Poupard's hand.
5 9 Sauwen, Rik, 1967-1969
10 letters. Sauwen is writing a dissertation on Beligian Dada and solicits information and assistance from Poupard, while keeping him updated with his findings about that lesser known area of dadaist manifestations.
5 9 Schuster, Jean, 1962 Nov 17
letter with autobiographical note.
5 9 Schwarz, Arturo, 1977 Jan 14
letter about his new book Almanacco Dada, thanking Poupard for his collaboration. A second volume, L'Afilosofia Dada should follow soon, containing an essay on Dada, a biographical dictionary of more than 300 names, and a bibliography of more than 3000 titles.
5 9 Segal, Marianne, 1966 Jul 22
letter with information about Dada publications requested by Poupard.
5 9 Seligmann, Kurt, 1957 Mar 25
letter with information about Surrealist publications.
5 9 Sernet, Claude, 1964-1968
10 letters, 2 calling cards, and one card from 1964 Nov 25 to 1967 Dec 1; an invitation card to a commemorative evening for Sernet, held in Paris on 1968 Mar 15. The Franco-Romanian poet tells Poupard that he would like to publish some of Tzara's early poems, fondly recalls his dadaist past and discusses his ill health. Three pages of bio-bibliographical information about Sernet in Poupard's handwriting.
5 9 Seuphor, Michel, 1955 Nov 11
letter signed by his wife and dated, includes a four page typed bio-bibliography of her husband.
5 9 Sheppard, Richard, 1974-1975
4 letters from 1974 Oct 1 - 1975 Jan 2, asking for information about some Dada publications, and sending Poupard bibliographical data on unknown articles and letters of Hugo Ball and Raoul Hausmann.
5 9 Soupault, Philippe, 1955, 1957
2 short letters from 1955 Apr 27 and 1957 Mar 27 with a bio-bibliographical notice that includes his meetings with Breton and Apollinaire in 1917, his activity within the group L'Aventure Dada and his decision to leave it, his acquaintance with Rimbaud, and his travels.
5 9 Stern, Anatol, 1966-1967
2 letters, one page of bio-bibliographical data, and 2 cards from 1966 Sep 26 - 1967 Nov 6.
5 9 Sullerot, François, 1979
one letter of 1979 Jan 23 and six pages of bio-bibliographical data about various writers (Hausmann, Rey-Dussuel, etc.)
5 9 Survage, Leopold (Cubist painter)
biographical note.
Box Folder
6 1 Surrealism, biobibliographic notes
notes on Surrealist writers and artists from various countries: the Chileans: Braulio Arenas, Jorge Cáceres, Enrique Gómez-Correa, and a list of Chilean periodicals and ephemera. Also the Russian Velimir Khlebnikov, and the Yugoslav, Radovan Ivsic.
6 2 Surrealism, clippings about, 1925-1968
clippings about writers, artists, ideas and attitudes from newspapers and journals, such as: Gazette des Lettres, Paris-Express, Les Nouvelles littéraires, Arts, Le Monde. Included: a roneotyped copy of Déclaration du 27 Janvier 1925, signed by all the members of the Bureau de Recherches Surréalistes (Aragon, Breton, Desnos, Eluard, Péret, etc.)
6 3 Surrealism, photographs
contact prints and negatives of three issues of the serial Der Mistral (Zhrich, 1915). Four negatives of the portrait of a man, and the same man with a boy. Photographs of three medals: one with the commemorative portrait of Benjamin Péret, 1899-1959; one with the names Joan Miró, Yves Tanguy, Max Morise, Man Ray inscribed within the contour of a profile on the obverse, and the inscription "Hommage au Surréalisme" under the same profile on the reverse; one with a seated nude female and the inscription: "Dormir, dormir dans les pierres." A strip of six negatives of a painted portrait. An envelope for photographs from Studio Mac-Mahon in Paris.
6 4 Tanguy, Kay Sage, 1956-1972
54 letters, two cards, one telegram and four envelopes with little games for the New Year sent to Poupard from Woodbury, Conn. 1956 Jun 6 - 1962 Dec 23. She describes her efforts to locate and gather information about her husband's works, and to obtain photographic reproductions for the complete catalogue to be published with Poupard's help. A small clipping pasted on her last and very happy letter of Dec. 23, 1962 announces that the Catalogue of the Paintings of Yves Tanguy, with over 350 illustrations and bibliography by B. Karpel and Yves Poupard, will be published in spring 1963. [Kay dies two weeks later, in January 1963; see telegram from Pierre Matisse in folder 5].
6 5 Tanguy, Yves, ca. 1956-1973
assembled correspondence from 1956 to 1958. 29 letters and 5 bills for photographic reproductions from persons owning paintings by Yves Tanguy, sent to Poupard in answer to an announcement published by him in the magazine Arts on Feb. 27, 1957, in which he asked for descriptions and photographs of Tanguy's works for the monograph in preparation. Included also 8 letters from Jacques Cordonnier, who tries to track down some art collectors known to possess such paintings. Letters and telegrams from the art dealer Pierre Matisse regarding the acquisition of a painting by Tanguy. His last telegram to Poupard from Zurich, postdated January 10, 1963, announces the death of the artist's widow, Kay Sage Tanguy.
6 6 Maurice Rapin and Mirabelle Dors papers, 1956-1972
8 letters and 3 cards to Poupard, signed together or only by Maurice Rapin, from May 1962 to December 1972. The letters are rich in information about various kinds of activities of the couple, including 3 photographs of their works, and detailed biographical notes about the painter Pierre Roy and Maurice Rapin himself. Included: 11 ephemera published by Rapin between 1956 and 1964; 3 posters and 4 catalogues of exhibitions in which both Rapin and Mirabelle Dors participated with their works in 1964, 1970, and 1972. A three-page bibliographical note in Poupard's hand listing the Tendance populaire surréaliste issues published from 1955 to 1968.
6 7 La Tendance Populaire Surréaliste, 1957-1973
weekly bulletin published by Maurice Rapin and Mirabelle Dors - 118 issues, Nov 1957 to May 1973.
6 8 La Tendance Populaire Surréaliste, 1965-1970
supplement published by Maurice Rapin and Mirabelle Dors (ca. 15 issues from 1965 to 1970); also mimeographed pamphlets and other texts from the same period.
6 9 Thiercelin, Jean, 1967 Nov 29
letter to Poupard, announcing the shipment of the text Sept lettres pour les amis.
6 9 Toyen, 1971 Apr 18
letter to Mme Poupard excusing himself for not being able to illustrate the poems of her friend, Guy Rosey, because he is busy preparing an exhibition.
6 9 Tschinkel, Augustin, 1952-1956
3 b/w photographs of his paintings dated 1952, 1955, and 1956 sent to Poupard in 1957; one is titled Metamorphose, another represents Laocoon.
6 9 Tzara, Christian, 1965 Feb 21
letter to the Association pour l'étude de Dada, complaining that materials from his father's archive are being published without his approval.
6 9 Valançay, Robert, 1958, 1968-1969
letter of 1958 Jan 10 advising Poupard about choosing the right publishing house for his work. Two postcards from 1968-1969. Joined: a list of his own publications, and three bibliographical lists with summaries and notes on the journal Maintenant.
6 9 Valentin, Albert, 1962 May 27
letter with bio-bibliographical information.
6 9 Valorbe, François (Francois Hurault de Vibraye) 1949-1955
3 letters with bio-bibliographical information provided.
6 9 Vancrevel, Laurens, 1968 Oct 25
card announcing the shipment of the publications of Surrealistich Kabinet.
6 9 Vandercammen, Edmond, 1971 Apr 7
card dated. Joined: a copy of a small anthology of his poems with dedication to Poupard.
6 9 Van Heeckeren, Jean, 1955, 1960
3 letters from May and June 1955 and 1960 Apr 3. He is compiling a bibliography on Picabia, and sends new information about the artist. Notation in Poupard's hand on the 1960 envelope: "last letter of J. Van Heeckeren, died on 7 April 1960."
6 9 Vasseur, André, 1975-1976
one card and one letter with bibliographical notice about Léon Deubel's contributions to Le Beffroi (1901-1913), dated from April - May 1975. Joined: announcement of Vasseur's death on Nov. 10, 1976, and a thank-you card for condolences sent by Poupard.
6 9 Voronca, Colomba, 1969, 1972
card of 1969 Nov 18 asking to be accepted in the Association pour l'étude de Dada et du Surréalisme, and a letter of resignation of her function in that association, signed 1972 Jul 15.
6 9 Vries, Her de, director of the Bureau de recherches surréalistes, 1965-1972
14 letters from 1965 Mar 3 to 1972 Jan 13. Correspondence between specialists on the activities of the Dutch Surrealist group, centered around exhibitions and the publication of the magazine, Brumes Blondes. Vries is annoyed with the "regular" Dutch writers and their "orthodox" interpretation of Surrealism.
6 10 Tzara, Tristan, ca. 1913-1965
a file labeled by Poupard: "HAMLET / Tristan Tzara / Photocopie du manuscrit," contains 21 pages of a manuscript in Romanian, mostly verses with corrections, and small drawings. The latter may be by Tristan Ruia, a name inscribed on the first page, which seems to be a sketch for the title page. Written in the middle, under three verses, are the date 1913 and Tzara's signature; in the lower section, the title HAMLET de Tristan Tzara. 7 other half-page photocopies are mounted on orange paper: one reproduces the upper third of the title page, while the others contain poems and small drawings. Included: 3 clippings about Tzara by Sasa Pana (1947) from a Romanian magazine, clipping from Lettres Françaises, by Lacôte (1965), and from La Tribune de Genève (1968). Also included a rare b/w group photograph of the founders of Romanian Dadaism: Tristan Tzara, Ion Vinea, Marcel Janco and friends, taken in Bucharest in 1914.

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