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Félix Moulin views of Algeria, 1856-1857

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Moulin, Views of Algeria

Scope and Content of Collection

The collection includes mounted albumen photographs from the three northern Algerian provinces of Algiers, Constantine, and Oran which Moulin toured in 1856-1857. The photographs in this collection were most likely printed in the 1860s.

The lone image from the province of Algiers is a view of Kbur er Roumia (Kbor er Roumia; also known as the Royal Mausoleum of Mauretania or Tomb of the Christian Woman), the mausoleum built near Tipasa in 3 BC by Juba II, the last King of Numidia, and his wife, Cleopatra Selene II. It was one of the first sites Moulin visited. Images from the province of Constantine include: four photographs of the oasis of Biskra, including one of the remains of the twelfth-century mosque of Sidi ben Fedhal and one of the ruins of the ancient casbah; a view of the oasis of El Kantara; a view of the city of Miliana; and three photographs of the city of Constantine, two of which show the city as it is situated on the dramatic gorges of the Rummel river, and one depicting the lower gallery of the palace of Ahmed Bey (Ahmed Bey ben Mohamed Chérif), the last bey of Constantine. There are two photographs of medieval ruins in Tlemcen, Oran: one of the Aghadir Gate, and one of the Djemma El-Afra. There are also two photographs of unidentified locales, one showing an encampment of a desert tribe, and one of a village showing signs of recent construction and a large palm grove on its outskirts.

Printed labels in French with identification and numbers are affixed to the lower right corner of most mounts. Unless otherwise noted these have been used as image titles.


Arranged in a single series:
Series I. Félix Moulin views of Algeria, 1856-1857.

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