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Nekes Collection of Optical Devices, Prints, and Games, 1700-1996 (bulk 1740-1920)

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Nekes Collection of Optical Devices, Prints, and Games
Series I. Prints, circa 1700-1996
Series IA. Prints depicting optical devices and optical phenomena, 1700-1996
Anamorphosis is represented in two documentary images that illustrate how to design anamorphic projections. A print by Hogarth depicts the result of misinterpreting the rules of perspective; several prints show an early 20th-century fictional vision of scientific progress and inventions in the year 2000 (from the series En l'an 2000). One print shows the manufacture of glass, and others show various optical devices (such as the zograscope, the camera lucida, and the magic lantern) and electricity. Twelve printed items show the use of the magic lantern. In one example the magic lantern is used as a slide projector in strategic military planning. Another (oversize) print, by J.E. Shénan, illustrates the atmosphere of a magic lantern entertainment show in the late 18th century (La laterne magique). One print shows dendrites and mineral abstract compositions (see also Series III for a florentine stone whose patterns resemble a Tuscan city skyline). Other oversize prints include two prints after paintings by L. Boilly, L'Amour couronnée and L'Optique, (the latter depicts the zograscope used for entertainment at home) and three posters advertise Werner Nekes'exhibition, Schatten Projektionen (held in Germany in Spring 1993), and his film series, Was geschah wirklich zwischen den Bilder? in which Nekes shows artifacts from his collection, many of which are now in the Getty collection.
Southwark Fair (after Hogarth) and four other prints illustrate various types of peepshow boxes and depict itinerant showmen carrying peepshows on their backs. The optical phenomenon known as persistence of vision is represented in a technical print which depicts a praxinoscope, and in a small advertising image for a zoetrope. A Lavater engraving shows how profiles may be traced by means of projected shadows. A manual contains instructions on how to cast shadows on a wall.
Also included are prints with moveable or foldable parts (such as the cutout forms from the Imagerie d'Épinal, designed to turn in the wind, and a satirical image depicting a couple whose heads revolve). Other printed items for children are meant to be cutup and reassembled.
box folder
1* 1 [Engraving about anamorphosis after J. Holbein painting], circa 1850
Paris; chez Chereau et Joubert, rue des Mathurins aux deux Pilliers d'Or; J. A. Piérron Sculp.
1* 1 [2 prints about anamorphosis], 1753
From Alexandre Savérien, Dictionnaire Universal de Mathematique et de Physique. Paris. Tome I, plate XXXV and plate XXXVII.
1* 2 Le Verre, 1850s-1870s
Paris; Typographie E. Meyer, 22 rue de Verneuil; From: Delbrück, Jules. Les récréations instructives. Paris: G. Borrani. circa 1860-62. Vol. I. Illustrates glass manufacturing and a magic lantern and a peepshow; Colored engraving; 30x39cm.
1* 2 Das Ballongespenst, 1889?
Germany; Gebrüder Kröner; Original-zeichnung von C.G.Robech. Date handwritten on verso. Wood engraving depicting reflection; 32x24cm.
1* 3 [Color wood engraving with 12 scenes], 1800s
Printed in The Netherlands. One of the scenes depicts the zograscope; 30x37cm.
1* 3 [Camera lucida], 1800s
Printed image from a German magazine.
1* 4 Catoptrics: plate CXXVIII, circa 1800
A Bell Prin. Wal. sculptor fecit. Engraving; 26.5x20cm.
1* 4 El progreso científico; El Fotófono : Aparatos Para "oir la luz" y "ver el sonido, 1890
Spain. Engraving from unidentifed printed source; 15x24cm.
1* 5 Whoever makes a design without the knowledge of perspective will be liable to such obscurities as are shown in the print, 1700s
England, W. Hogarth, J. Moore Sculp. Engraving; 14.5x12 cm.
1* 5 L' Electricité, undated
Paris. Showing uses of electricity. Colored wood engraving; 26x37.5cm.
1* 6-9 En l'an 2000, circa 1900
8 color lithograph sheets with 82 cards whose images envision life in the year 2000 (including one with caption, Correspondance Cinéma-Phono-Télégraphique); 10.5 x 12.5 cm. and smaller. 2 prints per folder.
1* 10 Mr. & Mrs. Caudle during the various curtain lectures, 1800s
London, published by William Spooner, 377 Strand; Kohler & L'Enfant lith. Printers. Two prints with moving parts, with revolving heads. Color lithograph; 32x25 cm. Fragile.
1* 10 Carriage at pleasure, 1860
France. With fold-up window. Colored engraving; 23x28 cm.
1* 11 Naturspiele: Dendriten and Florentiner Ruinen-Marmor, 1700s
Germany, J.H. Schnuzer. Color engraving with three figures showing dendrites and the Florentine stone; with related text (Miscellanea, Vol IX, No. 28) in German, French, Latin, and Hungarian (?); 25x20cm.
See also Box 30 for a Florentine / Tuscany stone.
1* 11 Constructions Petit, 1870s?
Imagerie de P. Didion, à Metz, Delhalt Successeur; Déposé à Metz et à Nancy. Format Transformations no. 71. Transformation pictures for children on one sheet meant to be cut up in order to form new pictures. Color wood engraving; 38x26cm.
1* 12 [Cut-out shapes for children] undated
French; Imagerie d'Épinal; Pellerin & Cie. To create mechanical forms animated by wind. 3 color wood engravings.
1* 12 Moulin à vent 2 sheets, No 1001, 1024.
1* 12 Scierie No. 1006.
1* 12 La Maison du Forgeron No. 1002. 29.5 x 40 cm.
1* 13 Decoraciones de Teatro, 1840 3 items
Barcelona; Lit. de hijos de Paluzíe. Color wood engravings; 37x46 cm.
1* 13 Decoraciones de teatro de casa rustica #1007
1* 13 Decoraciones de teatro: Bastidores #1020
1* 13 Decoraciones de teatro de sala #1020
1* 14 Galerie Militaire Française Rébus Images, circa 1800
Lyon; chez Giraud freres et Gayet; rue Bonneveau. Engraving with 36 scenes. No 16. 28.5x38.5cm.
1* 15 [Robertson Lantern], 1840
France. Printed image from unidentifed French journal.
1* 15 3 color greeting cards that depict magic lanterns, circa 1900
France. La lanterne magique; Amitié sincère; [Children watching a magic lantern show].
1* 15 [Magic lantern show and turning pictures], 1900s
Cop. by C. Delattre No. 9; Lilla Nygatan; 9 Stock-holm, Sweden No. 4028. Color greeting card / postcard; 15.5x10.5cm.
1* 16 Geistererscheinung auf der Bühne, 1864
Phantasmagoria. Wood engraving, torn from unidentified German publication.
1* 16 Reproduction photographischer Depeschen durch die Laterna magica während der Belagerung von Paris, 1877
Germany; from: Das Buch der Erfind., 7 Aufl., II Bd., p.32. On the use of the magic lantern for educational / military / strategic purposes; 16.5x24.5cm. Cut from publication.
1* 17 La Lanterne Magique : Diogène faisant voir la lanterne magique à Alexandre, circa 1850
No. 1; Chez Aubert & Cie. Pl. de la Bourse; Imp. d'Aubert & Cie. 23x30.5cm.
1* 18 Laterna magica : zauberbilder, circa 1900
Germany, Munich; Mün-chener Bilderbogen; Hof. und Universitätis Buch-druckerei von Dr. C. Wolf & Sohn in München; Herausgegeben und verlagt von Braun & Schneider. No. 128 and No. 129; 2 sheets, 4 pictures each; 44.5x35.5cm.
1* 18 La lanterne magique, 1800s
France; N.o 60; Ces dessins ornent les enveloppes co-miques qu'on trouve chez M. M. Aubert; pictures signed T. Maurisset. 1 sheet, 3 pictures, with captions: La lanterne magique d'Aubert; Le premier jour de l'année; Les indiscrétions. 8x14cm. For framed prints depicting the magic lantern, see also Boxes 71*-72**.
1* 19 La foire = Der Jaarmarkt, 1700s
The Netherlands. No 11; Shows the trades at the fair, including the peepshow Captions in French and Dutch. Hand-colored; 34x36cm.
1* 20 [Trades and occupations including man with a portable peepshow], 1800s
Germany; Nurnberg; bei Fr. Campe. Color engraving; 27x44cm.
1* 20 [Chinese peep box], 1800s
Color engraving.
1* 21 Southwark Fair, 1796
England; engraved by J. Phillibronn. from original by William Hogarth; Jones & Co. Temple of the Muses, Finsbury Square. Published also in Il mondo nuovo as work by T. Cook (c.1744-1818). Etching; 12.5x16.5cm. on mount 20x23.3cm.
1* 21 Oh raree shoe = Rare chose a voir = Chi vuol veder meraviglie, circa 1950
England; Mauron delin.; P. Tempest exc. No. 22. Color engraving.
1* 22 Le Praxinoscope, jouet d'optique, 1879
Framed print; 14x9.5cm. Cut from a French magazine.
1* 22 Kaléidoscope [i.e. Zoetrope], 1880s-1890s
France; Cambrai. Advertisement for la Chicorée Nouvelle, by Casiez-Bourgeois; Titled mistakenly: Kaléidoscope. 10.2x6cm. Shows children playing with a zoetrope. Lithograph.
1* 23 Image Contre-Révolutionnaire: Silhouette de Louis XVI au menton du sans - culotte, 1790s
France. Etching; 20.5x13.5cm.
1* 24 Art of Shadowgraphy : how it is done, 192?
London; By Trewey; Print. Publi.d by Jordison & Co., Ltd., 40 Gerrard St., Shaftesbury Ave., W. and at Middlesbrough. 16pp. booklet; 22cm.
1* 24 Chocolat de Beukelaer, undated 15 card(s)
Advertising cards with silhouette figures, on black sheets of paper. From The Netherlands?
1* 25 Method of taking profiles, undated
Lavater Silhouettier-Stuhl. Engraving; 16.8x9.8cm.
1* 25 Megalographie, 1870
France; Testu & Massin, Paris. 3 chromolithographs showing the use of megalographs. Advertisement cards "Au bon marche;" Aristide Boucicaut; 8x12cm.
71* [Magic Lantern] undated
France; Pegard or Degard. Engraving, framed.
72** La laterne magique, 1790
J.E. Shénan pinx.; J. Ouvrier sculp; A Paris chez l'Auteur Place Maubert, chez Mr Bellot Md Bonnetier au Soleil d'or. "dediée a Son Altesse Sérénissime Monseigneur le Prince Palatin du Rhin Duc régnant des Deux Ponts." Engraving.
73** L'optique, 1790s
French; [Peint par L.Boilly]; [(La Bassée 1761 - Paris 1845)]; [Gravé par F. Cazenave] [(Paris 1770-?)]; [A Paris chez l'Auteur, Rue Jacques N. 13 en face de la rue de la parcheminerie]; [Imprimé par Finot]. Engraving; 55.3 x 45.7 cm.
74** L'Amour couronn, undated
Peint par L. Boilly; Gravé par J. F. Cazenave. Engraving; 55 x 45 cm. in frame 79 x 64.5 cm.
1** Posters advertising an exhibition and a film by Werner Nekes, 1993-1996 3 items
1** Schatten Projektionen : Ausstellung vom 3. April bis 18. Mai 1993
1** Was geschah wirklich zwischen den Bilder? 2 copies

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