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E. L. T. Mesens papers, 1917-1976 (bulk 1920-1971)

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Mesens (E. L. T.) papers
Series VII. Printed matter, ca. 1925-1976 4 Linear Feet
Series contains printed catalogues, brochures, other exhibition ephemera and clippings relating to Mesens's art and exhibits of his work (ca. 1955-1976), and the art and exhibitions of other artists in whom Mesens was interested (ca. 1925-1972, undated). Also included are fragile issues of art journals, among them several issues of NEON and a copy of the rare Czech surrealist journal, Styx - bulletin skupiny Lacoste (issue 1/66). One box contains five pieces of printed and original art work, another contains 13 zinc or copper plates for reproductions of work by various artists, including Mesens, perhaps used to create exhibition announcements.
23 Ephemera and printed matter related to Mesens
23 1 ephemera for Mesens exhibitions ca. 1963 ca. 30 items
mockups, proofs, annotated catalogue for Mesens's exhibit 1963 at Knokke, handwritten and typed lists, some correspondence.
23 2 Printed ephemera for Mesens's exhibits ca. 40 items
Mostly exhibition announcements
23 3 Catalogues and gallery brochures of works by Mesens, 1955-1961
23 4 Catalogues and gallery brochures of works by Mesens, 1961-1962
23 5 Catalogues for 5 Belgian Painters exhibits 1961, 1968
Included work by Mesens
23 6 Catalogues Mesens exhibit 1963
23 7 Catalogues and brochures of works by Mesens, 1965-1966
23 8 Gallery brochures with work by Mesens, 6 issues from Galerie Isy Brachet, 1970-1974
23 9 Catalogues and brochures with work by Mesens, 1970-1976
23 10 Reviews, articles about Mesens
23 11 Journals with articles about Mesens
24 Printed ephemera, clippings and catalogues about other artists
[See also Box 30* for oversize items.]
24 1 1925-1948 ca. 40 items
tickets, broadsides and announcements for concerts, exhibits and publications, various artists, some annotated by Mesens
24 2 1948-1950
announcements and other printed ephemera, including for Hans Richter's film "Dreams that money can buy."
24 3 1950s
24 4 1960-1962 ca. 30 items
24 5 1963-1972 ca. 20 items
24 6 undated ephemera ca. 12 items
24 7 undated ephemera, including printed manifestos on surrealism and revolutionary art ca. 20 items
24 8 undated ephemera about surrealism and literature ca. 20 items
24 9 undated ephemera on artists items ca. 15 items
24 10 undated ephemera on artists items ca. 25
24 11 Styx - bulletin skupiny Lacoste 1/66
Czech surrealist journal made by reprographic process and originally stapled, now dis-bound. Inscribed to Mesens. Handpainted design on cover, some original photos of art works and photomechanical reproductions are pasted on two pages, c. 40 pp.
Clippings, 1930-1970
25, 25A, 26-27, 30* Newspaper clippings and photocopies
1** Advertisements
28 Assorted drawings and prints
Examples of art works, originals and printed
3 unidentified, 1 Vitali, plus printed menu with art by P. Delvaux
29 13 zinc or copper plates (on wooden blocks)
For works of art by Mesens (5), Gris (1), Picasso (3), Weston ? (1), De Chirico ? and unidentified.
30* Oversize manuscripts, ephemera and publications
box folder
30* 1 Mesens's manuscript and musical scores
30* 1 Handwritten essay on new music, 4 pp
box folder
30* 1 3 scores
"Le petit docteur" handwritten in red ink on staff paper, 1 p., "Knecht Ruprecht" handwritten on staff paper, and score for Radio Belgique, with typed text of song by Victor de Lavelage.
box folder
30* 2 NEON, no. 1 (fragile)
30* 3 NEON, no. 2 (2 copies, fragile)
30* 4 NEON, no. 3 (2 copies, fragile)
30* 5 NEON, no. 5 (2 copies, fragile)
30* 6 Two tabloid publications, 1934, after 1953
Le Coopateur, Dec 1934 (1 large sheet, folded), and Le Surrealism dans le temps et l'espace, ARTS special issue, n.d. (after 1953).
box folder
30* 7 Ephemera 1957-1958
Exhibition announcement from Gallery J, Paris, "A 40 au dessus de DADA." Broadside in 3 languages "Contre le Style" a manifesto dated Milan, Sept 1957 with names of artists, including Armand, Baj, Yves Klein, and others. Two printed pieces from gruppo 58, Napoli. One is a manifesto statement dated 5 giugno 1958, one an exhibition announcement.

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