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E. L. T. Mesens papers, 1917-1976 (bulk 1920-1971)

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Mesens (E. L. T.) papers
Series VI. Photographs, ca. 1917-1976 ca. 800 items
Series contains photographs of Mesens, the artists in his circle, snapshots of friends, exhibition installations, and the art work of artists carried by Mesens's galleries and presented in exhibits he organized elsewhere.
19 Photographs
19 1 Photographs of Mesens (17)
19 2 Photographs of family and friends (10)
19 3 Photographs by Martha Rocher & Thiry of Mesens at art openings, exhibitions
19 4 Photographs of Mesens and colleagues in Brussels, 1962 (6)
19 5 Photographs, most at exhibitions ca. 1934-1962
Penrose at the Mayor Gallery (1), Mesens at 5 Belgian Painters exhibition (3) and 1 installation view of exhibit, Aspects 62. Plus 5 other views of exhibitions (1 at MoMA, N.Y.?)
19-20 Photographs of art works sold or exhibited by Mesens
Many have artist, title, date written on the reverse. A few also have ownership information. Organized alphabetically. Also photographs of artists, exhibitions.
box folder
19 6 A, (Arp, Archipenko, Atlan, Agar, Albers, others) 14 items
19 7 Ba (Baj, Banting, Baxter, Herbert Bayer, Henry Bartlett) 34 items
19 8 B (Bemporad, Benno, P.Boolen, Braque, Brown, Brauner, Burra) 19 items
19 9 C (Candido, Carrington, Chagall, R.Chastel, Cooper, Contaud, Crampton, Craxton, Crispin) 21 items
19 10 D (Dali, Delvaux, Derain, Dox (?), Duchamp) 28 items
19 11 E (Eemans, Ensor, Ernst) 33 items
19 12 F-G (Fantin-Latour, Feininger, Hans Fischli, Esteban Francis, Lucian Freud, Otto Freundlich(?), Gaddis?, Gaillard, plus 1 letter) 17 items
19 13 G (Gleeson, Grannell, Gris, Guiette, Greek fragment, Grosc) 22 items
19 14 H-I (Hayter, Henghes, J. Herold, Hodgkins, F. Hopkins, C. Howard, Haida Indian totem, other Indian (N. American) items) 23 items
19 15 J-K (H. Jennings, Joostens, Kali, Kandinsky, Klee) 23 items
19 16 unidentified photos of art works, 36 items
19 17 unidentified photos of art works, 24 items
19 18 unidentified photos of art works, 18 items
box folder
20 1 W. Lam: 25 photos of art, 5 snapshots of Mesens and Lam and others in London
20 2 L (Laurencin, Leger, Lye, Lapicque) 11 items
20 3 M (Maddox, Maglione, Magnelli, Maillot, Masson, Matisse, Matta, Loren McIver, McWilliam, John Melville, Milner, Miro) 35 items
20 4 M (Modigliani, Mondrian, Moore, J. Mooy, Desmond Morris, Munch) 33 items
20 5 N-O (Nash, Ben Nicholson, Gordon and Elizabeth Onslow-Ford, Ozenfant) 27 items
20 6 P (Paalen, Pascin, Penrose, Picabia, Picard, Picasso) 17 items
20 7 P (Pignon, Piper, Pippin, Pizsarro, Pomodoro, P. Rose-Pulham) 23 items
20 8 R-S (Rattner, E. Remington, Rimmington, van Roymersuraele(?), Kate Sage, Salvatore, Schwitters, Sonja Sekula, Severini, Scarrelli) 25 items
20 9 T-W (Tanguy, Tanning, Tunnard, Van Damme, Vitali, Vordemberge-Gildewart, Fritz Winter, Mary Wyricham) 26 items
20 10 Photographs of exhibitions, London? 16 photos
20 11 Photographs of exhibition, Bruxelles, Palais des Beaux Arts? 9 photos
20 12 Photographs of Mesens exhibition at Mariglio, Venice, 1960. 8 photos
20 13 Photographs of an exhibit of Mesens work, 24 photos
20 14 Photographs of Mesens arts works [see also Box 22] 8 photos
20 15 Photographs of people: Paul Eluard, Mesens, Miro, Arp, P.G. van Hecke with Man Ray (1931), photos of Toorop (1923). 9 photos
20 16 Photographs of Mesens with people: Marc Eemans, André Masson, Ernst, Duchamp, Peyke Koch, Francis Hodgkins (1930, n.d.) 24 photos
21 Photographs, snapshots of people
22 Photographs of Mesens's art work
31 Negatives

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