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E. L. T. Mesens papers, 1917-1976 (bulk 1920-1971)

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Mesens (E. L. T.) papers
Series IV. Exhibitions and other art activities, 1931-1964 2.25 Linear Feet
Series comprises papers relating to other exhibits, gallery business, publishing activities, lists of Mesens's own art work and collection of art, and a few personal documents. The 1951 exhibit "75 oeuvres de demi-siècle," held at the 4th annual Festival Belge d'Eté, is documented by ca. 160 items. Other exhibition materials in the files include those for Picasso, Max Ernst, Magritte and several group exhibits of surrealist artists. Various Belgian artist groups, many political, are documented with small files of printed materials, including L'Association Revolutionnarie Culturelle (A.R.C.). The liquidation of P.G. van Hecke's Galerie L'Epoque is represented in several lists of stock. Address books and official documents relate to Mesens's personal life and work. A few files contain papers about the London Gallery. Unpublished manuscripts, comprising 1 linear ft. were sent to Mesens when he was publisher and editor of the London Bulletin. Other small files relate to a journal issue he edited, Documents 34, and the disposition of copies of his collaboration with Paul Eluard, Alphabet sourd aveugle.
box folder
11 8 Correspondence "75 oeuvres de demi-siècle exhibition," 1951 50 items
Items regard lending artworks for this exhibition, part of the 4th Festival Belge d'ete. Includes correspondence with Ludo Van Bogaert (2 items), Jean Casson (2 items), Leon Degand (7 items), Sonia Delauney (3 items), Madame Petro van Doesburg (2 items), Philippe Dotremont (11 items), Eric Estorick (2 items), Carlo van den Bosch (1 item), Van Geluwe (5 items), Robert Giron (2 items), Benedict Goldschmitt (3 items), Fernand Graindorge (4 items), Jean Grimar (5 items). [See also Series I. Correspondence, files for 1951.]
11 9 Correspondence "75 oeuvres de demi-siècle" exhibition 1951 48 items
Regarding lending artworks for the exhibition. Includes correspondence with Madeleine Ittner (4 items), Max Janlet (15 items), La Baronne Lambert (4 items), Emile Langui (7 items), Roland Letten (4 items), Musée des Beaux-arts de Liège (10 items), Yvonne Lyon (2 items).
11 10 Correspondence 75 oeuvres de demi-siècle exhibition, 1951
51 items regard lending artworks for the exhibition. Includes correspondence with Marcel Mabille (4 items), Albert Marteaux (3 items). Letters from Mesens to Brancusi, van Bruaene, Giacometti, and letters to Mesens from Seligman, Louis Camu and Van Bruaene; Roland Penrose (2 items), Gilbert Perier (4 items), André de Ridder (5 items), Henri Pierre Roché (3 items), Musée de Tel Aviv (4 items), J. B. Urvater (5 items), W. Vanbeselaere (7 items), J. M. de Vlieger (5 items) and Georges Vriamont (3 items).
11 11 "75 oeuvres du demi-siècle" publicity 1951 12 items
Publicity for Festival Belge d'Eté and exhibit at Knokke. Includes several invitations, catalogs and programs of the different national sections.
box folder
12 1 P.G. van Hecke (Galerie L'epoque) liquidation ca. 1932
Includes: Ventes faites (1932), Collection de tableaux, lists 42 paintings of van Hecke liquidation (3 copies) and Collection de livres, listing 1162 books.
12 2 L'Association Revolutionnaire Culturelle (A. R. C. ) & Groupe surrealiste en Belgique, ca. 1934-1935
Includes: printed ephemera, letters and mss. Letter to members of Belgian surrealist group, about A. R. C. (1936), 7 pp letter to Belgian surrealists after the publication of the Bulletin International du Surrealisme in 1935, expulsion of André Souris from the Belgian group (1934), A.R.C. manifesto against the Nazis. [Some correspondence from A. R. C. members also in correspondence, Series I.]
12 3 Documents 34 ca. 1934 5 items
Text by Mesens for Documents 34 (11 pp), two poems by Gisèle Prassinos published in Documents 34 (Nov. 1934).
12 4 Issue of Documents 34 1934
12 5 "Mouvement de pensée dans la révolution" (several pages missing), by Marcel Lecomte and Mesens; Billet (for Paul Nougé) by Irène Hamoir, published in Documents 35 1935
12 6 Max Ernst exhibit 1939
2 typed pp., list of works and prices for the catalog.
12 7 Picasso exhibit at Knokke, 1950
Printed ephemera for this exhibit curated by Mesens, then director of the London Gallery.
12 8 Magritte exhibitions, 1936-1959
Letters, lists of works, drafts for catalog entries, printed ephemera. Includes two letters from P.G. van Hecke, one 5pp letter from Mesens to Magritte, 1938, draft of protest letter on Magritte letterhead written by Mesens and Magritte, letter from George Melly to Magritte c.1946, and document related to affair Schwarzenberg/ Magritte. Includes warning letter from Mesens and Magritte to Herman Closson, Vanderborght, Ramaekers. "Word and Image" about the text written in 1929. Two copies of the draft of the catalog for the Magritte show, ca. 1952. Letter from George Melly to Magritte, two letters from van Hecke to Mesens. "Documentation Oeuvres de Magritte," list of works by Magritte, list of works by Magritte sent to MOMA. Invitation from Iolas Gallery for Magritte show. 5 pp letter from Mesens to Magritte (May 1938). List of three works of Magritte's on exhibition at Galerie de Seine, 1955. Text "René Magritte ou la revelation objective" contains explanations of several Magritte paintings. [See also Magritte correspondence files, Series I.]
12 9 De vier hoofdpunten van het Surrealism (catalog), Antwerp, 1956
Catalogue drafts, mock-up, proof and other documents related to this catalog (included Magritte, Ernst, Miro and Tanguy) 4 items. Includes the catalogue of the exhibition, the mockup of the catalogue, the text for the catalogue and the first proofs for the catalogue.
12 10 Free Painters Group Bulletin 1959, 1961
2 issues. Correspondence from members of this group (FPS), called Free Painters and Sculptors Group at one point, also in Series I. Correspondence.
12 11 London Gallery papers, ca. 1945? 23 pp
Lists of art works with prices, sales receipts, misc. notes, artwork/mock-up for printed card.
12 12 London Gallery papers, ca. 1936-1947
Schedule of exhibitions 1936-1937 and notes about planned publications, 5 pp. London Gallery news, Dec 1946 issue; handwritten text of Mesens's lecture (c.25 pp.) for the opening of Exposition des jeunes Belges, 1937.
12 13 Bulletins de vente, for works sold by Mesens 1931-1936 2 items
20 Nov 1935 to Feb 1935; 2 Dec 1935 to 4 May 1936.
12 14 Documents related to the Prix Marzotto 1964 29 items
Includes several letters from the secretary of the foundation and from Emile Langui who supported Mesens's contribution. Mesens sent 3 collages but did not win any prize.
box folder
13 1 List of disposition of Mesens/Eluard collaboration, Alphabet Sourd Aveugle ca.15 pp
500 copies, only nrs. 323-500 extant
13 2 Papers relating to Permeke
Lists and texts for Permeke exhibit Les Paroles et les actes, ca. 11 pp; "Affaire Permeke/Van de Woestijne contre 'L'Art Vivant'" (31 pp).
13 3 Le Surréalisme en plein soleil
mock-up of manifesto no. 1, Oct. 1946. Letter from Mesens to Magritte, Marien, Nougé in which he states that he refuses to sign the manifesto. Text, "5 receipes" by A. Breton, T. Tzara.
13 4 Andre Breton, "Black Light"
mss, 8 pp corrected for printing and printed proof (Engl. transl. by Simon Watson Taylor)
13 5 Assorted documents about exhibitions, n.d.
Includes list of painters and sculptors represented in Catalysis and Four projects, lists of paintings in storage at the Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels, list of critics invited to respond to Living Italian artists, London Surrealist Group post-war reunion.
13 6 Assorted documents about shipping and lending paintings, 1934-1959 14 items
Includes invoices, lists.
13 7 Autobiographical documents 16 pp
Includes three autobiographical sketches and a text on Mesens by P.G. van Hecke. Also letterhead.
13 8 Address lists 12 items
One address list from the 1930s; one of galleries in Paris, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland; one of journals and reviews in Europe; one of Belgian publications; one of people in England; one of photographers in Paris; one for sending invitations for a show in Turin.
13 9 Mesens's address book, perhaps from 1920s
13 10 Personal documents 8 items
Includes authorisation from the English government for Mesens to remain in England (1940). List of things to do. A citation that states that Mesens disrupted a 1926 presentation of a theaterpiece by Cocteau.
13 11 Inventories of Mesens's art work ca. 1939-1970 20 pp
Inventory of collages before 1939; inventory of collages 1955-1958; inventory of collages 1961-1962; inventory of collages in collections in Belgium; list of collages for the exhibit at the museum in Arnhem; 1970 list of Mesens's works in catalogs; list (5 works) of collages bought by Renato Cardazzo in Venice.
14 London Bulletin manuscripts
14 1 London Bulletin printed broadsides 3 items
14 2 Manuscripts 32 items
Includes poems and prose by Charles Henri Ford (1), George Melly (7 poems), Saki, i.e.,H. H. Munro (3 mss), Gisèle Prassinos, Camille Bryen (4 poems), Ainslee Ellis (3), F. J. Brown (2), Simon Watson Taylor, Morris Gilbert, Edith Remmington, Conroy Maddox.
14 3 Manuscripts 40 items
Includes 33 poems by Sadi Cherkeshi. Also prose by Fernand Demoustier (1934, 13 pp). Poems by Nicholas Moore, Frederick Holst, Edgar Foxall.
14 4 Manuscripts 14 items
Includes poems by Norman Mc Caig (4 poems), A. C. Sewter (4 poems, 1937-1938), Ruthven Todd (2 poems), J. D. Britton, Stella Snead (3 poems, 1936-1939).
14 5 Manuscripts 16 items
A poem and a manuscript, titled "Just a Short Story," by Antonio Pedro, and materials by Valentine Penrose, Serge Ninn, Aimé Césaire, Paul Eluard, Hubert Dubois, René Guilly, Jean Grimau, Irène Hamoir, Leo Malet, "Vasari," Frank Baker.
14 6 Manuscripts 12 items
Prose mss by Conroy Maddox, n.d.. Poems and essays (1 dated 1938) by Marcel Mariën include 1 prose poem with drawing of a hand, 10pp. Poem, "an investigation of happiness" is signed Georg with drawing of an eye and includes a note to Mesens. An essay on surrealism, 3 pp, typed with ink corrections, is signed by Cesar Moro and accompanied by a publication announcement for a book of Moro's poems.
14 7 Manuscripts 7 items
"The Paralyzing Apparition of the Honorius Anger Ball of 1884" by Montagu O'Reilly (1939), "Physique amusante" by Paul Nougé (1926), "Pléonasmes vicieux," and "René Magritte ou la Révélation Objective" by Nougé, several letters from Nougé. [See also Series I. Correspondence, for letters from Nougé.]
14 8 Manuscripts 14 items
"Biography of Apollo" by George Barker, two poems by Frederick Brockway, "Art, Artists and Art Critics" by Jaya Deva, two poems by J. F. Hendry, "Dear Sir!!" by Reuben Mednikoff, "Suburban Nights" by Robert Melville, 7 poems by Nicholas Moore, "Apollo" by Kathleen Raine, pages 7, 9, 11, and 13 of text by Jean Scutenaire on automatism, and a text by Laurance Vail.
14 9 Manuscripts of Jacques Brunius 1940s
Poems: "Lendemain d'incendie," "Carrefour Inachevé," 4 poems from 1942-1943: "Hallaliberté" (1943), "In Hoc Gigno Vinces" (1944), "Vois tu?" (1942), "Les Cinq sens" (1943). Prose mss include: "Le Tournoi" (1943), "Danger de Mort"(1940), "Sans Dieu ni diable" (30 pp).
14 10 Manuscripts of Roland Penrose 3 items
Three copies (one typed and two handwritten, translated from English by Mesens) of "La route est plus large que longue" ( Journal d'un voyage dans les Balkans, Juillet-Aout 1938).
15 Manuscripts: London Bulletin
15 1 Manuscripts 22 items
15 poems by Jean Vidal, negative comments on Hayden, Exler, de la Fresnaye, Metzinger, Malevitch, Marcoussis, Gleizes and Delaunay by unidentified author, text by P.G. van Hecke on de Smet, 1953. Five poems by unidentified authors.
15 2 Manuscripts 9 items
Samuel Beckett: "Match Nul ou L'amour Paisible" and a poem, "Oceans..." (1922) by Léonard Pieux, "Le Front Rouge" (1931, 14 pp) by Louis Aragon, draft editorial for Transformation and a letter to the French surrealist group L'Archibras. Text by Fernand Demoustier on a witch, M. L. and J. Majoux: "Sur la Situation faite a l'enseignement en France." "Jeux de Mots" by Arturo Schwarz (11 pp).
15 3 Manuscript: Pablo Picasso's play in six acts: "Desire caught by the tail" 29 pp
15 4 Manuscripts 12 items
Includes: Several poems by unidentified authors, two poems by Dorian Cooke;"Weisst du Schwarzt du" by Hans Arp, "Four Etudes for the eleventh finger" by Sherry Mangan, Parker Tyler's "Dali and Cinema" (1939), "The Human Sundial" (description of a mural by John Banting). One page mock-up for title page of journal, unidentified.
15 5 Manuscripts 8 items
Two patriotic poems (1918) by Gaston Swinne plus "Arme Kleinen" by Swinne. "Champagne" by unidentified author and three texts on painters (Delaunay, Wassily Kandinsky, Hartung, Atlan, Lapicque, Deyrolle, Dewasne, Schneider, Chauvin) by unidentified author.
15 6 Manuscripts 12 items
Nine poems by George Melly, two texts on Mesens and Modern art by George Melly. Mss. on Soviet realism, c. 1938-1939, 10 pp.
15 7 Manuscript 1 item
Roger de Leval, "Lettre pour un Rhetoricien" in galley, 1931, 5 pp.
15 8 Manuscripts 6 items
Philippe Robert-Jones address at the exhibition, Un demi-siecle de mecenat, 1967, 2 versions, French and Dutch. "Archives de l'art contemporain en Belgique," 1962 (typed report by Robert-Jones). "Surrealism Now" by John Lyle and Ian Breakwell, 1970, 7 pp. "Hé : là...rastreins..." 1941, 3 pp war-time speech by ? "Foyes á incendie" for Nicholas Calas, 1939, handwritten appreciation by unidentified author.

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