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Daniel Libeskind papers, 1968-1992

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Libeskind (Daniel) Papers
Series I. Design projects: drawings, notebooks and models, 1979-1992 ca. 1,331 items
Series 1L. Marking the City Boundaries, Groningen, 1989-1991 113 drawing(s)
Subseries comprises 112 drawings (blueprints, photocopies and originals), ranging from sketches to working drawings. Also included is a reproduction of H.P. Berlage's 1928 site plan. Series 3 and 4 also contain material about this project.
16** 9 plans, 1989
Original and reproduction; informational and working plans, site plans indicating heights, building, or levels of buildings, enlargements of specific areas, reverse prints; blueprints, copies of blueprints with pencil, color pencil, highlighter and/or ink notations; ink on vellum, color pencil, ink on paper, blueprint on paper with pencil and ink notations; 120 x 174 cm. and smaller; several items date-stamped various dates in 1989; n.s.; Dutch:
[reverse print has spray adhesive on back]
original master transparency (1 item), edition no. 100/160;
color pencil, ink on paper (1 item);
reproduction of plans of Groningen (7 items).
17** 1 site plan (copy), Dec 1928
Reproduction of H.P. Berlage's 1928 site plan (1 item); litho/silkscreen on paper [?]; 82 x 80 cm.
18** 10 ink drawings, ca. Summer 1989
Original; all drawings have erasures, some have inked equations and lettering "Cruoninga"; ink on vellum; 101 x 190 cm., 110 x 180 cm., and smaller; summer 1989 on housing:
[tears and tape on several pieces, ragged edges]
ink drawings on ivory vellum, including matrix drawing (5 items);
ink drawings on tan vellum (5 items).
19** 7 drawings, 19-25 July 1989
Original and reproduction; ink and pencil on vellum, blueprint on paper; 90 x 150 cm. and smaller; scale M1:10.000; n.s.; dated upper right in pencil; English:
sketches in pencil and ink on vellum (6 items);
blueprint of working plan without any notation (1 item), n.d.
20** 4 preliminary sketches, 25 July 1989
Original; preliminary sketches with pencil notations for project no. 7; pencil and ink drawings on vellum; 110 x 164 cm. and smaller; n.s.
[small rips and tears, ragged edges, tape on one edge of larger drawing]
21** 13 blueprints of plans, ca. 1989
Reproduction; site plans/plans of Groningen on green vellum; enlargements of surveyor's maps (?); scale M1:1000 scale; blueprint on green vellum; 100 x 100 cm.; n.s.; Dutch.
[tears and ragged edges throughout]
22** 7 blueprints of site plans, ca. ca. 1989
Reproduction; site plans/plans of Groningen; enlargements of surveyor's maps [?]; blueprint on green vellum; 100 x 100 cm.; scale M1:500; n.s.
[tears and ragged edges]
23** 6 blueprints of plans of Area M13, ca. 1989
Reproduction; aspects of the specific Area M13; possibly enlargements of microfiche/film; blueprints on sepia vellum; 100 x 100 cm.
[tears and ragged edges]
1 Design projects: drawings and documents
1 1 Groningen, street level views, ca. 1989
Reproduction; street level views of various sites; 17 color photocopies; 15 x 10.5 cm. and smaller; n.s.; n.d.
[small orange stickers on front with possibly site number indications]
box folder
31* 1 Groningen: aerial views, ca. 1989
Reproductions; color and b/w photocopies; 30 x 42 cm.; n.s.
color photocopies of aerial views (18 items) [tears and rips, cutout sections, creases due to folding]
b/w photocopy of matrix drawing (1 item) [badly creased due to folding]
24** 4 drawings, ca. 1989
Original and reproduction; various media; 110 x 190 cm. and smaller; n.s.
[tape and tears on few pieces]
original large master plan (1 item), abstract site plan [drainage ditches?], ink on vellum;
site plans (3 items), blackprints, one is copy of matrix drawing.
10** 1 reproduction of text, ca. 1989
Reproduction; text from the Book of Groningen on mylar (1 item); first line reads: "The books of Groningen are the emblems"; photoset on mylar; 57 x 53 cm.; English.
25** 1 drawing, ca. Spring 1990
Original; drawing (1 item); first design of bookshelf; plan with elevation and section; ink on vellum; 66 x 144 cm.; n.s.
11** 4 drawings, 20 Sept. 1990
Original and reproduction; ink and pencil on paper, photocopy attached; 51 x 90 cm. and smaller; stamped "Studio Libeskind" in pencil, lower right; English:
connections, location of columns on basis (1 item)
photocopy, taped together (1 item)
pencil sketch on vellum (1 item)
photocopy with red ink (1 item), labeled with firm's logo identification, "Groningen Project / Checkmark."
26** 2 drawings, ca. May 1991
Original and reproduction; 91 x 212 cm. and smaller; n.s.:
original, plan with elevation (1 item), ink drawing of second design on vellum, scale M1:100 [erasures];
blackprint on paper of the above (1 item).

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