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Daniel Libeskind papers, 1968-1992

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Libeskind (Daniel) Papers


The following materials were consulted while cataloging this archive:Betsky, Aaron. "Libeskind Builds - Once the dean of paper architecture, Daniel Libeskind has completed his first buildings. Do they live up to the power of his provocative thinking?" Architecture : the AIA journal, September 1998, p. 103+. Binet, Hélène. A Passage Through Silence and Light: Daniel Libeskind's Jewish Museum Extension to the Berlin Museum. Introduction by Raoul Bunschoten. London: Black Dog Publishing Ltd., 1997. Derrida, Jacques. "Response to Daniel Libeskind." Research in Phenomenology, vol. 22, 1992. Levene, Richard and Márquez Cabanes, Fernando. "Daniel Libeskind, 1987-1996." El Croquis, vol 80, 1996. Libeskind, Daniel. "Berlin Museum with the Jewish Museum." Kenchiku bunka volume 53, no. 621, July 1998, p. 58-83. Libeskind, Daniel. Between Zero and Infinity: Selected Projects in Architecture. New York: Rizzoli Intl. Pub., 1981. Libeskind, Daniel. Chamberworks: Architectural Meditations on Themes from Heraclitus. London: Architectural Association, 1983. Libeskind, Daniel. City Without Plan: Architecture Descends into the Hexagonal Garden. Lisboa: Editorial Blau, 1992. Libeskind, Daniel. Countersign. New York: Rizzoli International Pub., 1992. Libeskind, Daniel. End Space: An Exhibition at the Architectural Association. London: Architectural Association, 1980. Libeskind, Daniel. Erweiterung des Berlin Museums mit Abteilung Jüdisches Museum; Extension to the Berlin Museum with Jewish Museum Department. Berlin: Ernst & Sohn, 1992. Libeskind, Daniel. Line of Fire. Genève: Centre d'art contemporain, 1988. Libeskind, Daniel. Micromegas. Helsinki: Museum of Finnish Architecture, 1980. Libeskind, Daniel. Radix-Matrix: Architekturen und Schriften.Munich: Prestel-Verlag, 1997. Libeskind, Daniel. Symbol and Interpretation.

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