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Caricatures of salons and artists, 1785-1910

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Finding aid for Caricatures of salons and artists, 1785-1910

Scope and Content of Collection

This artificial collection, assembled by the repository, contains approximately 720 French caricatures of the Parisian salons and other exhibitions, artists and art world types, literary figures, politicians and current events. Most of the caricatures are from the 19th century.

Most caricatures are on sheets from disbound journals, such as La vie parisianne, Le journal amusant, Le petit journal pour rire , and Le charivari. Caricaturists include Bertall, Cham, Daumier, Gavarni, Gill, Grévin, Mars, Nadar, Stop (pseudonym for Morel-Retz) and others. The collection includes a few prints and 12 original drawings, of which some are sketches by Grévin.

Among the artists caricatured are Carpeaux, Corot, Courbet, the architect Charles Garnier, Gérome, Ingres, Manet, the photographer Nadar, and Seurat. Other caricatures portray art critics, collectors, dealers, and the art viewing public. In addition to caricaturing artists and art events (especially the salons), the drawings also parody French literary figures (including Champfleury and Edmond About), politicans, and events such as the development of photography and construction of the Eiffel Tower. There is also one folder containing caricatures of caricaturists.

The journals in this collection often contain several caricatures relating to a number of subjects. For cataloging purposes, however, the citation for a journal may list only one caricature title. In some cases a listing of additional subjects has been attempted, but these listings are not considered exhaustive. Further investigation on the part of the researcher is therefore strongly encouraged.

(cut) = Indicates that the item has been cut from its original journal, and that pertinent information may therefore be missing. Many of these cut items are mounted on paper.

Arrangement note

The prints are arranged in 3 series:
Series I. Caricatures of salon exhibitions, 1785-1910;
Series II. Caricatures of artists and other subjects, 1821-1910;
Series III. Original drawings, undated

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