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Heinrich Schwarz papers, 1894-1974

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Finding aid for the Heinrich Schwarz papers, 1928-1988
Series V. Elisabeth Schwarz Correspondence, 1973-1985 2 boxes
Elisabeth Schwarz's correspondence concerns her efforts to publish the large body of unpublished research left by her husband upon his death in 1974. The letters range in date from 1973 to 1985 and involve many of his former colleagues. The correspondence also concerns the disposition of Schwarz' calotype collection. Correspondents include Weston Naef, Fritz Novotny, Alan Shestack, and Jugend und Volk Verlag, publisher of Johann Nestroy im Bild.
Box Folder
40 1 Miscellaneous Personal Correspondence, 1973
Letters to Elisabeth Schwarz of personal content, i.e. health, interests, and travel, from friends and colleagues of H.S., including Kneeland McNulty, John Szarkowski, Walter Hugelhofer. [16 pp.]
40 2 Colin Campbell and William Kerr, Wesleyan University, Correspondence, 1974-1981
These letters document Elisabeth Schwarz's ongoing relationship with Wesleyan after her husband's death, including invitations to events, financial arrangements, and the removal of Schwarz's personal affects. [c. 50+ pp.]
40 3 Heinrich Schwarz Archive Disposition
Correspondence between Elisabeth Schwarz and peers, scholars, and friends regarding her attempts to place Schwarz's archive of photographs and research materials with a gallery or academic institution; letters to Julius Held (1978); to and from Everett Fahy (1976), Otto Kurz (1974-76), Alan Shestack (1977), Harold Joachim (1980), and many others; letters often include financial, aesthetic, and scholarly evaluations of the archive. [c. 100 pp.]
40 4 Fritz Novotny Correspondence, 1975-1978
Letters to and from Fritz Novotny, Kunsthistorisches Institut der Universität Wien, regarding recent academic and intellectual developments on the Continent; publishing prospects for Schwarz's works; contacts and friends, including Meyer Shapiro (entirely in German). [c. 75 pp.]
40 5 Weston Naef Correspondence, , 1975-1978 1985
Correspondence with Weston Naef, Metropolitan Musuem of Art, New York, and subsequently the J. Paul Getty Museum, concerning primarily the storage and disposition of Schwarz's archive. calotype collection of H.S. stored at MMA and valued at $250,000.00 in a preliminary receipt (1975); further correspondence on preparation of a second edition of the D.O. Hill monograph (1975-1978); W.Naef resigns as collaborator on second edition (1978); letters as Curator of Photographs at Getty Museum expresses Naef's interest in the collection for the Getty Research Library (1985). [c. 100 items]
40 6 Douglas Druick Correspondence, 1975-1980
Letters to and from Douglas Druick, Curator of Prints, The National Gallery of Canada, who agrees to edit and complete Schwarz's "Bibliography of Lithography" for publication (1975); D.D. later must resign from the project due to other obligations (1979). [c. 60 pp.]
40 7 Nestroy Collection Correspondence, 1976-1977
Correspondence with Jeanne Newlin, Harvard Theatre Collection, concerning the possible placement of Schwarz's Nestroy materials there; no resolution in this collection. [12 pp.]
40 8 Johann Nestroy im Bild: eine Ikonographie, 1977
Original contract between Jugend und Volk Verlag and Elisabeth Schwarz (8/1976); correspondence concerning editing of the text, royalties and honorarium, and release (1974-77); correspondence between Elisabeth Schwarz and the Institut für Theaterwissenschaft, Universität Wien, in cooperation with whom the book was released; announcement from The Germanic Review of the 175th anniversary of Nestroy's birthday, including a note about the festival and H.S. book (Summer 1979); accounting printouts of sales and revenue from the book in 1981 and 1983 with Elisabeth Schwarz's royalties. [c. 150 items]
40 9 Hans Boudouin Correspondence, 1977-1978
Correspondence concerning a "Crucifixion" owned by Elisabeth Schwarz, identified as a Gillis Mostaert by Boudouin, Keeper, Kunsthistorische Musea, Stad Antwerpen (1978); reprint of Boudouin article. [10 pp.]
40 10 Hans Aurenhammer Correspondence, 1977-1983
Letters to and from Hans Aurenhammer, Direktor der Österreichischen Galerie, concerning publication opportunites for Schwarz's materials, happenings in Austria, and personal sentiments. [17 pp.]
40 11 Alan Shestack Correspondence, 1977-1983
Correspondence between Elisabeth Schwarz and Alan Shestack, Curator, Yale University Art Gallery, most often concerning publication of Schwarz's work and disposition of his archive, for which Elisabeth Schwarz sought Shestack's advice; Shestack letter of 1977 describes his last-minute decision to reject The Art Institute of Chicago, which left Shestack "persona non grata" there; Shestack writes also to arrange a viewing of the collection for himself and a student; other topics include the Hill book revision, the library, and possible contacts. [c. 40 pp.]
40 12 D.O. Hill, Second Edition, proposed
Correspondence generated by Elisabeth Schwarz's search for an editor and publisher of a second edition of H.S. first book; correspondents include Michael Hoffman, Aperture; The Royal Photographic Society; Peter Galassi, MoMA; letters to and from several prospective editors. [21 pp.]
40 13 Insel-Verlag Correspondence, 1978
Correspondence between Elisabeth Schwarz's legal representatives and the publishing firm regarding Elisabeth Schwarz's rights to publish the content of the D.O. Hill book in a second edition. [7 pp.]
40 14 Keith Andrews Correspondence, 1978-1979
Letters attempting to schedule a meeting between Andrews, National Gallery of Scotland, and Elisabeth Schwarz concerning Schwarz's work. [11 pp.]
40 15 H.S. Calotype Collection - Research Correspondence, 1979
Letters from a student of Beaumont Newhall's requesting the opportunity to view Schwarz's collection in New York; photocopy of a list of H.S. calotypes compiled by Beaumont Newhall in 1941. [22 pp.]
40 16 H.K. Heinisch Correspondence, 1983-1985
Correspondence regarding publication of Schwarz's "Before 1839" lecture on the History of Photography. [14 pp.]
Box Folder
41 1 Art and Photography Correspondence, 1985
Correspondence between various galleries and museums regarding reproduction fees; lists of illustrations with photocopies; extensive correspondence between Elisabeth Schwarz and Nathan Lyons; transcript of "Before 1839: Symptoms and Trends" lecture. [c. 200 pp.]
41 2 Die Anfänge der Lithographie in Österreich Correspondence, 1983-1985
Letters to and from Professor Walter Koschatzky, Direktor der Albertina, concerning the publication of H.S. dissertation (1921) by the Albertina, realized 1988. [17 pp.]
41 3 Newspaper Clippings
Three large newspaper sections. [3 items]

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