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Heinrich Schwarz papers, 1894-1974

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Finding aid for the Heinrich Schwarz papers, 1928-1988
Series I. Heinrich Schwarz Research Files, ca. 1928-1970 23 boxes
Series I.B. Art and Photography, ca. 1940-1960 3 boxes
Art and Photography files include correspondence, notes, and a notebook of photography. Correspondents include Beaumont Newhall, André Weil, Meyer Shapiro, Edward Steichen, Charles Sheeler, Ansel Adams, and others, most dating from the 1940's and 1950's. Notes, correspondence, and occasional photographs relate to particular topics in this subject area, such as "early photography and the camera obscura," "photography and technology," and "photosculpture." Schwarz also collected articles on photography by colleagues, relevant clippings, and exhibition catalogues, all of which are housed here.
Box Folder
2 1 General Correspondence on Photography 1941-1950
Most are photo requests and letters of thanks, although some do discuss photographic concerns. Correspondents include: Walter Clark (1941-5); Meyer Shapiro, handwritten (1942, 1944); Edward Steichen (1944); Charles Sheeler, handwritten (1944); Ansel Adams (1944); Walter Arensberg (1944); Monroe Wheeler (1947); and others.
2 2 Beaumont Newhall/H.S. Correspondence 1941-1950
Letters to and from Beaumont Newhall (MoMA) regarding photo requests, research interests and projects. Subjects include art and photography, camera obscura prints, Stieglitz letters, Talbot's Sun pictures, and recent discoveries. [32 items]
2 3 Andrá Weil/H.S. Correspondence 1944
Letter from Weil discusses photographs by Degas he sent to H.S. Other brief letters regard Weil's "Carmontelle" exhibition. [4 pp.] See also "Diorama," Box 6, f.4 for A. Weil correspondence.
2 4 General Correspondence on Photography, in German
Includes letter from Carl Schniewind, Art Institute of Chicago, requesting a loan of Schwarz photographs (1941); Erica Tietze, discussing Mantegna and the camera obscura (1948); Correspondence with Lotte Schönitzer-Külm and Hermann Speer, regarding her father's, Heinrich Kühn's, estate (1948, 1950); A. Baillou (1949); Hans Roth, regarding D.O. Hill (1965); Süddeutsche Zeitung photo of Soviet fortifications in the forefront of Moscow University (1957). [29 items]
2 5 Photography Notebook
H.S. notes on various issues pertaining to the history of photography and divided as follows:
(1) Bibliographies of early photography; Early illustrated books and photomagazines
(2) Photographic Clubs and Societies (cf. also "Exhibitions")
(3) Precursors of Photography
(4) Early Photography in the U.S., Germany, and Italy
(5) Austrian (Viennese), French and English Photographers, Franz Antoine, and Ludwig Angerer
(6) Photographic Museums and Exhibitions; Collections
(7) Photo literature
(8) Notes on photographs of which reproductions are in existence
2 6 Photography Notebook
(9) Notes on individual photographers (arranged in alphabetical order), including Atget, Denis-Baldus, Delaroche, Cameron, Carroll, Daguerre, Delamotte, Nadar, Petit, Stieglitz (obit.), Talbot, Weston, and others.
Box Folder
3 1 History of Photography
Thirteen index cards with notes on the role of photography in the history of art; printed materials (1957, n.d.); notes; photo of early photographic objects. [65 items]
3 2 John Ruskin
Photographs of the Ruskin drawing, "The Towers of Fribourg"; notes on Ruskin's writing and art. [18 items]
3 3 Early Photography and the Camera Obscura
Notes with annotations, primarily bibliographic; book orders; catalogue. [72 items]
3 4 Catalogues and Articles on Early Photography
1967. [9 items]
3 5 Clichés-verre
Notes on technique and practitioners; photos of etchings on glass; printed matter. [35 items]
3 6 Cartoons of Photography
Notes, primarily from 19th-century publications; copies and clippings of cartoons. [47 items]
3 7 Photographic Conventions in Painting
Schwarz' title for a collection of gallery catalogues of trompe l'oeil, portrait, and still life painting (1948-49, 1951-52, 1957, 1961); c. 30 pages of clippings dealing with the above topics, most from the The New York Times. [c. 47 items]
3 8 Photosculpture
Notes on photosculpture in the 1860's; articles (1864, 1958). photographs. [c. 36 items]
3 9 Photography's Escape from Painting, 1946-1962
Schwarz's title for a group of exhibition catalogues, photos, and clippings, most from The New York Times (1946-1947, 1959, 1962), on contemporary art movements. [18 items]
3 10 Abstract Art, 1948
Photographs, two newspaper articles (1948 and n.d.). [12 items]
3 11 Art and Technology, 1944-1963
Notes, gallery announcements, clippings (1944-5, 1958-60, 1963); photographs. [38 items]
3 12 Photography and Technology, 1948-1963
Clippings (1948, 1950, 1956-63), photographs and notes collected to illustrate uses of photography in advanced technology, esp. in naval and space programs. [29 items]
3 13 Photography and Travel
Brief correspondence, clippings, and photographs. [14 items]
3 14 Art and Travel
Exhibition catalogues, photograph. [6 items]
Box Folder
4 1 Miscellaneous Notes on Art and Photography
[18 items]
4 2 Bibliographic Notes on Art and Photography
References to art, photography, and symbolism. [103 pp.]
4 3 Articles by Colleagues, 1944-1967
Beaumont Newhall (1944, 1967); Helmut Gernsheim (1950-1952); A. Hyatt Mayor (1959) and others. [26 items]
4 4 Exhibition Invitations and Catalogues, Photography, 1960-1963
4 5 Exhibition Invitations and Catalogues, Painting, Sculpture, and Graphics
[20 items]
4 6 Magazine Clippings, 1944-1954
Popular articles relating to art and photography, many from Life, (1944, 1950-54).
4 7 Newspaper Clippings
Popular articles relating to art and photography.

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