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Heinrich Schwarz papers, 1894-1974

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Finding aid for the Heinrich Schwarz papers, 1928-1988
Series I. Heinrich Schwarz Research Files, ca. 1928-1970 23 boxes
Schwarz' working files for teaching, reference, and idea development contain primarily unpublished materials, including handwritten and typed notes, correspondence, manuscripts, and a voluminous photograph collection. The series is organized in eight subseries, each of which represents a primary field of research.
Series I.A. History of the Graphic Arts, ca. 1950-1974 1 box
Files contain his dissertation, Die Anfänge der Lithographie in Österreich, notes on printing techniques, Old Masters, Italian, French, and German Renaissance and Baroque printmaking, a proposal for a book on lithography, and documents from his work as Curator of Prints at Wesleyan.
Box Folder
1 1 History
Notes for a history of printmaking, with outines for "A History of the Graphic Arts." [c. 78 items].
1 2 Techniques
Reproduced pages describing various printmaking techniques. [c. 22 items]
1 3 Intaglio
Most regarding 15th century works, notes on both the process and practitioners of intaglio printmaking, including Dürer, Schongauer, Veit Stoss, and others. [c. 19 items]
1 4 Engraving
A Guide to the Processes and Schools of Engraving, British Museum, 1923; 9 photographs; 6 pp. correspondence. [17 items]
1 5 Masters
Typed copy list of 15th to 18th century graphic artists. [2 pp.]
1 6 Italy 15th/16th Century
Handwritten citations of works consulted. [c. 10 items]
1 7 France 15th/16th Century
Handwritten and typed citation notes concerning French Renaissance printing. [7 items]
1 8 Dürer
"Summary of the Exhibit: 'Dürer Before and After,'" notes on Dürer's art and influence. [c. 31 items]
1 9 Germany 16th Century (Post-Dürer)
Notes, with citations and commentary. [12 items]
1 10 17th Century
Handwritten notes on Rembrandt, Hals, Rubens, Callot and others. [c. 35 items]
1 11 18th Century
Notes regarding work of Tiepolo, Hogarth, and others. [18 items]
1 12 19th Century
Notes, clippings, and very brief correspondence regarding 19th century graphic artists and the process of lithography. [c. 40 items]
1 13 Meryon
Includes 6 pp. of notes on Meryon works, 18 photographs, a letter from Fritz Novotny (1974), and a 16 pp. Knoedler catalogue for a Meryon sale. [26 items]
1 14 Color(ed) Printmaking
Notes, 1 p. on the history of "Clairs-Obscurs." [6 items]
1 15 Proposal for a Book on Lithography
[4 pp. typed]
1 16 Wesleyan Print Collections
lists of prints (1955-1956, n.d.) and book list. [18 items]
1 17 Print Curatorship, 1954
printed materials, 1954, n.d. [11 items]
1 18 Print Council of America, Annual Meeting, 1972
Minutes, 8 pp.; Report on the Bibliography of Oeuvre-Catalogues, 10 pp.; Trustees, 5 pp.; Directors, 1 pp. [24 pp.]
1 19 Oeuvre-Catalogues of Graphic Artists, Index
[6 pp. photocopied]
1 20 Oeuvre-Catalogues of Graphic Artists
Checklist of the oeuvre-catalogues of graphic artists to be included in Print Council publication (1972). [92 pp.]
Series I.B. Art and Photography, ca. 1940-1960 3 boxes
Art and Photography files include correspondence, notes, and a notebook of photography. Correspondents include Beaumont Newhall, André Weil, Meyer Shapiro, Edward Steichen, Charles Sheeler, Ansel Adams, and others, most dating from the 1940's and 1950's. Notes, correspondence, and occasional photographs relate to particular topics in this subject area, such as "early photography and the camera obscura," "photography and technology," and "photosculpture." Schwarz also collected articles on photography by colleagues, relevant clippings, and exhibition catalogues, all of which are housed here.
Box Folder
2 1 General Correspondence on Photography 1941-1950
Most are photo requests and letters of thanks, although some do discuss photographic concerns. Correspondents include: Walter Clark (1941-5); Meyer Shapiro, handwritten (1942, 1944); Edward Steichen (1944); Charles Sheeler, handwritten (1944); Ansel Adams (1944); Walter Arensberg (1944); Monroe Wheeler (1947); and others.
2 2 Beaumont Newhall/H.S. Correspondence 1941-1950
Letters to and from Beaumont Newhall (MoMA) regarding photo requests, research interests and projects. Subjects include art and photography, camera obscura prints, Stieglitz letters, Talbot's Sun pictures, and recent discoveries. [32 items]
2 3 Andrá Weil/H.S. Correspondence 1944
Letter from Weil discusses photographs by Degas he sent to H.S. Other brief letters regard Weil's "Carmontelle" exhibition. [4 pp.] See also "Diorama," Box 6, f.4 for A. Weil correspondence.
2 4 General Correspondence on Photography, in German
Includes letter from Carl Schniewind, Art Institute of Chicago, requesting a loan of Schwarz photographs (1941); Erica Tietze, discussing Mantegna and the camera obscura (1948); Correspondence with Lotte Schönitzer-Külm and Hermann Speer, regarding her father's, Heinrich Kühn's, estate (1948, 1950); A. Baillou (1949); Hans Roth, regarding D.O. Hill (1965); Süddeutsche Zeitung photo of Soviet fortifications in the forefront of Moscow University (1957). [29 items]
2 5 Photography Notebook
H.S. notes on various issues pertaining to the history of photography and divided as follows:
(1) Bibliographies of early photography; Early illustrated books and photomagazines
(2) Photographic Clubs and Societies (cf. also "Exhibitions")
(3) Precursors of Photography
(4) Early Photography in the U.S., Germany, and Italy
(5) Austrian (Viennese), French and English Photographers, Franz Antoine, and Ludwig Angerer
(6) Photographic Museums and Exhibitions; Collections
(7) Photo literature
(8) Notes on photographs of which reproductions are in existence
2 6 Photography Notebook
(9) Notes on individual photographers (arranged in alphabetical order), including Atget, Denis-Baldus, Delaroche, Cameron, Carroll, Daguerre, Delamotte, Nadar, Petit, Stieglitz (obit.), Talbot, Weston, and others.
Box Folder
3 1 History of Photography
Thirteen index cards with notes on the role of photography in the history of art; printed materials (1957, n.d.); notes; photo of early photographic objects. [65 items]
3 2 John Ruskin
Photographs of the Ruskin drawing, "The Towers of Fribourg"; notes on Ruskin's writing and art. [18 items]
3 3 Early Photography and the Camera Obscura
Notes with annotations, primarily bibliographic; book orders; catalogue. [72 items]
3 4 Catalogues and Articles on Early Photography
1967. [9 items]
3 5 Clichés-verre
Notes on technique and practitioners; photos of etchings on glass; printed matter. [35 items]
3 6 Cartoons of Photography
Notes, primarily from 19th-century publications; copies and clippings of cartoons. [47 items]
3 7 Photographic Conventions in Painting
Schwarz' title for a collection of gallery catalogues of trompe l'oeil, portrait, and still life painting (1948-49, 1951-52, 1957, 1961); c. 30 pages of clippings dealing with the above topics, most from the The New York Times. [c. 47 items]
3 8 Photosculpture
Notes on photosculpture in the 1860's; articles (1864, 1958). photographs. [c. 36 items]
3 9 Photography's Escape from Painting, 1946-1962
Schwarz's title for a group of exhibition catalogues, photos, and clippings, most from The New York Times (1946-1947, 1959, 1962), on contemporary art movements. [18 items]
3 10 Abstract Art, 1948
Photographs, two newspaper articles (1948 and n.d.). [12 items]
3 11 Art and Technology, 1944-1963
Notes, gallery announcements, clippings (1944-5, 1958-60, 1963); photographs. [38 items]
3 12 Photography and Technology, 1948-1963
Clippings (1948, 1950, 1956-63), photographs and notes collected to illustrate uses of photography in advanced technology, esp. in naval and space programs. [29 items]
3 13 Photography and Travel
Brief correspondence, clippings, and photographs. [14 items]
3 14 Art and Travel
Exhibition catalogues, photograph. [6 items]
Box Folder
4 1 Miscellaneous Notes on Art and Photography
[18 items]
4 2 Bibliographic Notes on Art and Photography
References to art, photography, and symbolism. [103 pp.]
4 3 Articles by Colleagues, 1944-1967
Beaumont Newhall (1944, 1967); Helmut Gernsheim (1950-1952); A. Hyatt Mayor (1959) and others. [26 items]
4 4 Exhibition Invitations and Catalogues, Photography, 1960-1963
4 5 Exhibition Invitations and Catalogues, Painting, Sculpture, and Graphics
[20 items]
4 6 Magazine Clippings, 1944-1954
Popular articles relating to art and photography, many from Life, (1944, 1950-54).
4 7 Newspaper Clippings
Popular articles relating to art and photography.
Series I.C. Optical Phenomena and Instruments, 1933-1970 2 boxes
Files contain materials concerned with the evolution of optical devices before photography. There are files on anamorphosis, camera obscura, diorama, magic lantern, microcope, and peepshow, among others. Contents include copious notes, photos of devices and of original documents describing instrument use, cartoons, and clippings.
Box Folder
5 1 Bibliography
Heavily annotated in preparation for proposed publication; citations for glass plate negatives, machine à dessiner, and artists who utilized optical technology in the production of their art. [100+ pp.]
5 2 Anamorphosis
Notes on its history and literature. [21 pp.]
5 3 Anamorphosis - Letters and Clippings
[15 items]
5 4 Wahren Christianthum - Correspondence
Requesting editions at U.S. libraries for Schwarz's optical inquiries; images discussed. [11 pp.]
5 5 Wahren Christianthum - Notes
On Arndt's work and photocopies of several of the images. [c. 32 items]
5 6 Camera Obscura - Correspondence
Also references to other optical phenomena; Correspondence with Meyer Shapiro (1944), A. Hyatt Mayor (1944), Walter Clark (1944), H.V.S. Ogden (1947), Beaumont Newhall (1948-49, 1966), Gaston Bensimon (1950); letters discuss references to the camera obscura in art, literature, and history; several in-depth discussions of artists' technique with the camera obscura, such as Canaletto, Guardi, Vermeer, and others. [c. 49 items]
5 7 Camera Obscura - Research Notes
A chronological history of the camera obscura, beginning in 350 B.C. with sources and bibliographic citations; [c. 150+ pp.]
5 8 Camera Obscura - Research Notes
A log of references to the camera obscura. [c. 150+ pp.]
5 9 Camera Obscura - Primary Sources I
Photocopies and photographs of books and manuscripts discussing the camera obscura, most c. 1950. [c. 75 pp.]
5 10 Camera Obscura - Primary Sources II
[c. 70 pp.]
Box Folder
6 1 Camera Obscura - Catalogues and Clippings
Harvard Exhibition of Scientific Instruments (1949); E.P. Goldschmidt & Co. catalog; magazine article. [5 items]
6 2 Camera Lucida - Research Notes
Typed notes recording references to the camera lucida and descriptions of artists who used the apparatus. [c. 30 pp.]
6 3 Camera Lucida - Source Materials
Photocopies of letters, treatises, and articles that document the history. [c.50 pp.]
6 4 Diorama - Correspondence and Notes
A letter and a page of notes, "Notes on the Carmontelle Exhibition held at the Galerie André Weil, from André Weil (1944); Schwarz' notes on diorama exhibition; Bibliography of the Diorama (1933). [20 pp.]
6 5 Diorama - Articles and Photographs
[8 items]
6 6 Magic Lantern (see also Camera Obscura) - Correspondence and Notes
[33 pp.]
6 7 Magic Lantern (see also Camera Obscura) - Primary sources and clippings
photocopies of "La Physique Occulte" (1696) and "Philosophical Transactions" (1668) on the magic lantern; contemporary articles on magic lantern. [16 items]
6 8 Mechanical Musical Instruments
notes on the history of mechanical musical instruments; photographs of cartoons; print dealer's catalogue (1956). [13 items]
6 9 Microscope
2 letters; typed notes, photostat, "La Philosophie du Microcosme," Jaques Callot, pp. 135-145; photographs. [23 items]
6 10 Peepshows - Correspondence and Notes
"Fürmitziger Curiositet-Narr." 1 p. from Abraham a Sancta Clara Centifolium Stultorum in Quarto, Wien 1709; "Die Rarekiek" 1 p. lithograph taken from book; 2 pp. correspondence (plus 2 photos) from Frick Collection, regarding a Drouais portrait (1966); typed research notes on the history of the peepshow. [62 items]
6 11 Peepshows - Primary Sources
Photocopies of original sources for Schwarz' history of the peepshow, including Valenciennes, "Élémens de Perspective Pratique..." and Moritz von Rohr; "Peep-show or Case?" in Kunsthistorische Mededeelingen (1949); two photographs. [23 items]
6 12 Perspective - Primary Sources
Documents on the use of perspective and the pentograph, including "Della Perspectiva" and an 18th century travel diary. [24 pp.]
6 13 Physionotrace - Notes
[54 pp.]
6 14 Physionotrace - Primary sources and Catalogues
Photocopies, catalogues and clippings. [17 items]
6 15 Silhouette - Notes
Notes on the history and technique. [21 pp.]
6 16 Silhouette - Articles
[8 items]
Series I.D. The Mirror, ca. 1940-1966 1 box
The Mirror files contain materials collected in preparation for a book on the iconology of the mirror in art. Correspondents include H.W. Janson, Julius Held, Creighton Gilbert, and Erwin Panofsky. Note topics include the various attributes of the mirror, "Bonum," "Malum," and "Speculum sine Macula," the Claude glass or black mirror, and primary sources consulted.
Box Folder
7 1 Correspondence
Copy letter from Erwin Panofsky to John E. McCall regarding Brunelleschi's use of a perspective device and Ivin's "garbled account;" (1941); letters to and from Julius Held; many letters to Schwarz requesting advice/critique on the use of the mirror in art, attributions, and photo requests (bulk 1950's). [75 pp.]
7 2 Research Notes
Typed notes on Schwarz's research into the role of the mirror in art, with bibliographic references, quotations from the consulted texts, and commentary. [c. 100-150 pp.]
7 3 Notes
Typed and handwritten notes, many on notepaper or library call slips, recording Schwarz's research into the role of the mirror in art; a continuation of the previous folder, although the latter notes contain less quotation and commentary in general. [c. 100 items]
7 4 The Black Mirror (or Claude Glass) - Notes
Typed and handwritten notes recording Schwarz's research into the use of the Black Mirror in art and literature. [c. 50-75 pp.]
7 5 "Speculum sine Macula" - Notes and Sources
Typed notes on the iconography of the mirror as a symbol of the Virgin; photocopies from the Pancarpium Marianum. [9 pp.]
7 6 Iconography of the Mirror in Art - Notes
Typed notes, with citations and commentary arranged with the respective attribute, including Visus, Luxuria, Vanitas, Sirens, Prudentia, Superba, Venus, and Truth. [41 pp.]
7 7 Parmigianino's Self-Portrait, Wien
Correspondence; three pp. of calculations and graphs pertaining to the use of the mirror in Parmigianino's work; photographs of the "Self-Portrait," one with labelled axes which refer to the graphs. [10 pp.]
7 8 Primary Sources
Photocopies of original documents dealing with the mirror; two photographs of the mirror in art too large to be housed in the appropriate binder. [23 pp.]
7 9 Scholarly Articles
Erling Eng 1962 ("With best wishes, E.E."); Gustav Künstler 1959 (also inscribed to H.S.); Bruno Schweig 1940; trans. of William Suida, "The History of Mirrors" 1954; Carla Gottlieb 1960 (with inscription to H.S.), 1966; and others.
7 10 Scholarly Articles
Jean Boullet, "Le Monde des Miroirs," 1962; David G. Carter 1954 (inscribed, "For your mirror file"); two MMA Bulletins; and others. [13 items]
7 11 Newspaper Clippings
[18 items].
Series I.E. The Symbolic Owl, ca. 1944-1974 2 boxes
The Symbolic Owl files contain Schwarz' extensive research into the iconology of the owl in art, and includes correspondence with colleagues, notes, articles by scholars in this area, zoological references, and abundant ephemera collected both by H.S. and received as gifts from amused friends.
Box Folder
8 1 Bollingen Grant Correspondence, 1962
Communications regarding the application process for a Bollingen grant, which H.S. hoped to receive for his project on the symbolism of the owl. [39 pp.]
8 2 Herbert Friedman/ H.S. Correspondence, 1965-1973
Letters regarding Schwarz's review of Friedman's manuscript The Symbolic Goldfinch (1945) and articles and lectures on the symbolism of the owl. [22 pp.]
8 3 General Correspondence, 1954-1964
Letters to and from H.S. regarding his research on owl symbolism, including letters to other scholars, galleries and libraries regarding citations, photo requests and publications.
8 4 General Correspondence, 1965-1973
[58 pp.]
8 5 Research Notes
Primarily bibliographic or reference notes on the history of owl symbolism, with some brief correspondence and clippings. Subjects and groupings have been maintained as they were arranged by H.S: natural history and folklore, church fathers, prints and miniatures, devices, signatures, stamps, synagogue, ape and owl. [c. 100 items]
8 6 Research Notes
On night, decoy, solitude, virtues, death, owl persecuted, jeux de la chouette, Greco-Roman and Celtic, misc. paintings, sculptures, prints. [c. 100 items]
8 7 Research Notes
On scriptures, Shakespeare, A.A. Milne, bestiaries, physiologies, medieval poems. [c. 75 items]
8 8 Research Notes
Pages of typed notes listing references and works consulted on the owl and owl symbolism, with quotations of text, descriptions, and brief annotations. [c. 50 items]
Box Folder
9 1 Articles by Colleagues and Scholars
Wolfgang Wegner (1957); Karl-August Wirth (1968); several zoological articles on avian nomenclature and animal design in art; "The Owl of Athena," Louis Halle. [11 items]
9 2 Source Materials
Photocopies of early documents relevant to the history of owl symbolism, including "La Chouette," The Physiologus, Johnson's Natural History, excerpt from Der Reformationsteppich in Weimarer Schloßmuseum und sein Meister Seger Bombeck; photographs. [81 pp.]
9 3 Catalogues
Depictions of owls in art and literature. [18 items]
9 4 Catalogues
Continuation of folder 3, above. [16 items]
9 5-6 Newspaper Clippings.
9 7 Ephemera
Ticket stubs, cocktail napkins, greeting cards, and advertisements illustrating owl symbolism in contemporary society.
Series I.F. Inventories of Research Materials, ca. 1942-1974 1 box
Inventories of Research Materials includes inventories of the research materials in Schwarz' offices and homes, personal inventories such as his curriculum vitae and miscellaneous articles and catalogues not originally filed with any particular research area.
Box Folder
10 1 Curriculum Vitae of Dr. Heinrich Schwarz
First drafted around 1942, the C.V. was later revised, presumably by his wife; lists most important publications and appointments. [20 pp. including photocopied duplicates]
10 2 Inventories - Wesleyan Office
Photocopy of a card catalogue recording lecture and research materials collected by H.S. and arranged at Wesleyan University. [c. 50-75 pp.]
10 3 Inventories - New York Apartment
List of research materials and articles stored in New York (c. 1973). [5 pp.]
10 4 Inventories - H.S. Articles
Photocopy of card catalogue of H.S. articles. [c. 40 pp.]
10 5 Inventories - Files on Art and Photography
List of major subject areas for Schwarz's research files on art and photography. [7 pp.]
10 6 Inventories - H.S. Library
Photocopy of a card catalogue of Schwarz's personal library. [c. 75-100 pp.]
10 7 Miscellaneous - Photo requests
Several miscellaneous letter; notes. [6 pp.]
10 8 Miscellaneous - Articles
Art News from 1942 and 1943; sele arte 1958; New Yorker. [9 items]
10 9 Miscellaneous - Catalogues
. [7 items]
10 10 Miscellaneous
Notes, clippings. [4 items]
Series I.G. Photographs, ca. 1940-1970 11 binders
The photographs are arranged by topic paralleling the earlier research files, from "Art and Photography" through the "Owl." These photographs and glass negatives were collected for research, for the illustration of articles, and for teaching purposes.
11 binders contain color and black-and-white photographic prints collected by H.S. from museums and libraries in the U.S. and in Europe. This subseries provides a visual companion to the notes, correspondence, and other textual research materials housed in Series I, Subseries A to F.
11 Research Files - Art and Photography
Research photographs relevant to Schwarz's investigation of the relationship between art and photography in general; more specific or focused collections of photographs follow the general collection of photographs on art and photography (in binders 13 and 14).
12 Research Files - Art and Photography
Research photographs on Art and Photography, General files (continued).
13 Research Files - Art and Photography
Research photographs on Art and Photography, General (continued); Early Photography; Cartoons on Photography.
14 Research Files - Art and Photography; Optical Phenomena
Research photographs on Photographic Conventions in Painting; Photography and Painting; and Optical Phenomena, General.
15 Research Files - Optical Phenomena
Photographs concerning Optical Phenomena, General (continued); Anamorphosis; Bird's Eye View; and the Camera Obscura.
16 Research Files - Optical Phenomena
Photographs concerning the Camera Obscura (continued); Camera Lucida; and the Magic Lantern.
17 Research Files - Optical Phenomena
Photographs concerning Peepshows; Physionotrace; and Silhouette.
18 Research Files - The Mirror in Art
Photographs collected in the course of Schwarz's investigation of the iconography of the mirror in art; the photos in this binder illustrate the history of the mirror as a positive element, "Bonum."
19 Research Files - The Mirror in Art
Photographs for Schwarz's study of the mirror as a negative element, or the mirror "Malum," in art.
20 Research Files - The Symbolic Owl
Photographs for Schwarz's proposed study and publication, "The Symbolic Owl."
21 Research Files - The Symbolic Owl
A continuation of photographs for "The Symbolic Owl."
22* Research Files - Oversize Photographs
22* 1 Research Files - Art and Photography - Early Photography
Reproductions of portrait photographs of writers, politicians, etc. taken by Nadar, Carjat, and other 19th century photographers. [30 items]
22* 2 Research Files - Art and Photography - Photography and Painting
Oversized photographs from Schwarz's Art and Photography research files. [6 items]
22* 3 Research Files - Art and Photography - Newspaper Clippings
Life, 26 April 1954 and December 1966. [2 items]
22* 4 Research Files - Optical Phenomena - Machines pour dessiner
Oversize photographs. [8 items]
22* 5 Research Files - The Mirror
Oversize photos from Schwarz's collection of research material on the symbolism of the mirror in art; artists include van Eyck, Parmigianino, Metsys, Artemesia Gentilleschi, and others. [20 items]
22* 6 Research Files - The Mirror - Clippings
Oversize clippings from Life and other sources; catalogue from the Aachen celebration and pilgrimage, 1958. [6 items]
22* 7 Research Files - The Owl
Oversize photographs considered for the "Eule" article. [6 items]
22* 8 Research Files - The Owl - Newspaper Clippings
. [6 pp.]
23 Research Files - Lantern Slides
23 1 "Végétation aux Iles Sons-le-Vent," 1880
23 2 Paul Gauguin, "Pape Moe," 1893
23 3 Wife of Gauguin's Cook in Atuana, Marquesas Islands, 1902
23 4 Paul Gauguin, "Woman with Fan," 1902.
23 5 Paul Gauguin, "Ancestors of Tehaman," 1893
23 6 "Les Lutteurs Marseilles Frères"
23 7 Gustave Courbet, "Les Letteurs," 1853
23 8 Honore Daumier, "Wrestlers"
23 9 Edouard Manet, "Course au Bois de Boulogne"
23 10 Edouard Muybridge, "Galopping Horses," 1902
23 11 Edgar Degas, Horse, Bronze
23 12 Gauguin, "Nude Javanese," 1893
23 13 Edgar Degas, "Courses en Provence," 1873
23 14 Georges Roualt, "Charles Baudelaire," 1927
23 15 Carjat, "Portrait of Charles Baudelaire," 1927
23 16 Paul Cezanne, "The Bather," 1885-1890
23 17 Photograph of the Model Used for "The Bather," 1885-1890
23 18 Harold E. Edgarton, "Bobby Jones with Driver," 1933
23 19 Thomas Eakins, "Pole Vaulter," 1885
23 20 "2/5 of U.S. Land Area composed of 310 prints," U.S. Navy, 1954
23 21 Gustav Courbet, "P.J. Proudhon and his Family," 1853 1865
23 22 Reutlinger, after Carjat, after Amedie Bourson, "Portrait of P.-J. Proudhon," before 1865
23 23 Werner Graeff
23 24 Nadar, "Portrait of Charles Baudelaire"
23 25 Manet, "Portrait of Charles Baudelaire"
23 26 Canaletto, "Sta. Maria della Salute"
23 27 R. de la Nezíère, "La Photographie and l'histoire naturelle," 1901
23 28 Goya, "The Bull Fight"
23 29 Aimé-Nicholas Morot, "Rézonville 16 août 1870"
23 30 French, Instantaneous photograph, c. 1900
23 31 Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, "Poster for Paul Sescau," 1894
32 Paul Sescau, "A La Mie," 1891
Box Folder
23 33 Punch cartoon, 1953
23 34 George Cruikshank, Sun Drawing, 1841
23 35 Nadar, "Ingratitude de la peinture, qui refuse la plus petite place de son exposition à la photographie, à qui elle doit tant," 17 Jan 1857
23 36 New Hampshire License Plate 1963
23 37 Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, "A La Mie," 1891
23 38 Franz V. Lenbach, "The Artist and his Family," 1903
23 39 Alfred Stevens, "Parisian Celebrities," 1900?
23 40 Nadar, "Painting offering to photography a place at the exposition," 1957
23 41 Nadar, "La Photographie solicitant une toute petite place a l'exposition des beaux-arts," 1857
23 42 Jean-Louis Meissonier, "Portrait of Leland Stanford," 1881
23 43 Anton V. Werner, Moltke near Paris," 1873
23 44 Abel Damourette, "Daguerrotype Cartoons," 1858
23 45 James Ensor, "Mon portrait Squeletisé," 1889
23 46 "Portrait of James Ensor," 1889
23 47 General Count Moltke on a horse dummy, 1871
23 48 Edvard Munch, "Death in a Sickroom," 1893
23 49 X-ray photo, Shell of the pearly nautilus
23 50 H. Fantin-Latour, "Mrs. Edwin Edwards"
23 51 Between Acts, 1958
23 52 Degas, Horse, Bronze.
52 glass plates housed in original wooden case.

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