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Heinrich Schwarz papers, 1894-1974

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Finding aid for the Heinrich Schwarz papers, 1928-1988
Series I. Heinrich Schwarz Research Files, ca. 1928-1970 23 boxes
Series I.C. Optical Phenomena and Instruments, 1933-1970 2 boxes
Files contain materials concerned with the evolution of optical devices before photography. There are files on anamorphosis, camera obscura, diorama, magic lantern, microcope, and peepshow, among others. Contents include copious notes, photos of devices and of original documents describing instrument use, cartoons, and clippings.
Box Folder
5 1 Bibliography
Heavily annotated in preparation for proposed publication; citations for glass plate negatives, machine à dessiner, and artists who utilized optical technology in the production of their art. [100+ pp.]
5 2 Anamorphosis
Notes on its history and literature. [21 pp.]
5 3 Anamorphosis - Letters and Clippings
[15 items]
5 4 Wahren Christianthum - Correspondence
Requesting editions at U.S. libraries for Schwarz's optical inquiries; images discussed. [11 pp.]
5 5 Wahren Christianthum - Notes
On Arndt's work and photocopies of several of the images. [c. 32 items]
5 6 Camera Obscura - Correspondence
Also references to other optical phenomena; Correspondence with Meyer Shapiro (1944), A. Hyatt Mayor (1944), Walter Clark (1944), H.V.S. Ogden (1947), Beaumont Newhall (1948-49, 1966), Gaston Bensimon (1950); letters discuss references to the camera obscura in art, literature, and history; several in-depth discussions of artists' technique with the camera obscura, such as Canaletto, Guardi, Vermeer, and others. [c. 49 items]
5 7 Camera Obscura - Research Notes
A chronological history of the camera obscura, beginning in 350 B.C. with sources and bibliographic citations; [c. 150+ pp.]
5 8 Camera Obscura - Research Notes
A log of references to the camera obscura. [c. 150+ pp.]
5 9 Camera Obscura - Primary Sources I
Photocopies and photographs of books and manuscripts discussing the camera obscura, most c. 1950. [c. 75 pp.]
5 10 Camera Obscura - Primary Sources II
[c. 70 pp.]
Box Folder
6 1 Camera Obscura - Catalogues and Clippings
Harvard Exhibition of Scientific Instruments (1949); E.P. Goldschmidt & Co. catalog; magazine article. [5 items]
6 2 Camera Lucida - Research Notes
Typed notes recording references to the camera lucida and descriptions of artists who used the apparatus. [c. 30 pp.]
6 3 Camera Lucida - Source Materials
Photocopies of letters, treatises, and articles that document the history. [c.50 pp.]
6 4 Diorama - Correspondence and Notes
A letter and a page of notes, "Notes on the Carmontelle Exhibition held at the Galerie André Weil, from André Weil (1944); Schwarz' notes on diorama exhibition; Bibliography of the Diorama (1933). [20 pp.]
6 5 Diorama - Articles and Photographs
[8 items]
6 6 Magic Lantern (see also Camera Obscura) - Correspondence and Notes
[33 pp.]
6 7 Magic Lantern (see also Camera Obscura) - Primary sources and clippings
photocopies of "La Physique Occulte" (1696) and "Philosophical Transactions" (1668) on the magic lantern; contemporary articles on magic lantern. [16 items]
6 8 Mechanical Musical Instruments
notes on the history of mechanical musical instruments; photographs of cartoons; print dealer's catalogue (1956). [13 items]
6 9 Microscope
2 letters; typed notes, photostat, "La Philosophie du Microcosme," Jaques Callot, pp. 135-145; photographs. [23 items]
6 10 Peepshows - Correspondence and Notes
"Fürmitziger Curiositet-Narr." 1 p. from Abraham a Sancta Clara Centifolium Stultorum in Quarto, Wien 1709; "Die Rarekiek" 1 p. lithograph taken from book; 2 pp. correspondence (plus 2 photos) from Frick Collection, regarding a Drouais portrait (1966); typed research notes on the history of the peepshow. [62 items]
6 11 Peepshows - Primary Sources
Photocopies of original sources for Schwarz' history of the peepshow, including Valenciennes, "Élémens de Perspective Pratique..." and Moritz von Rohr; "Peep-show or Case?" in Kunsthistorische Mededeelingen (1949); two photographs. [23 items]
6 12 Perspective - Primary Sources
Documents on the use of perspective and the pentograph, including "Della Perspectiva" and an 18th century travel diary. [24 pp.]
6 13 Physionotrace - Notes
[54 pp.]
6 14 Physionotrace - Primary sources and Catalogues
Photocopies, catalogues and clippings. [17 items]
6 15 Silhouette - Notes
Notes on the history and technique. [21 pp.]
6 16 Silhouette - Articles
[8 items]

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