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Minimal and Conceptual Art Documents, 1969-1989

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Finding aid for the Minimal and Conceptual Art Documents, 1969-1989
Series V. Miscellaneous Photographs, 1969-1981 ca. 115 items
Series contains three folders of photographs of Minimal and Conceptual art pieces and of performances, some signed and/or annotated. .
Box Folder
2 5 Vito Acconci, ca. 1969-1970
photographs of several performance works including, "Overtaking Piece," 1970 "Performance Test," 1969 "Rubbing Piece," 1970 "Room Piece," 1970, ca. 30 photographs.
2 5 Joseph Beuys, 1969
photo Ute Klophaus.
2 5 Daniel Buren, n.d.
twelve color photographs from an installation.
2 5 Pier Paolo Calzolari, 1969
2 6 Hanne Darboven, n.d.
three photographs of an installation.
2 6 Hamish Fulton, late 1960s
five photographs of earthworks.
2 6 Dan Graham, n.d.
photo of a video installation.
2 6 Dan Graham and Richard Tuttle, Zürich, 1979
2 6 Gordon Matta-Clark, late 1960s
three original photographs for an installation.
2 6 Jannis Kounellis, 1969, 1981
two photographs of artist.
2 6 Robert Mangold, 1972
six photographs of paintings.
2 6 Marion Merz, 1968
five photographs of works and installations, one with script by the artist.
2 6 Robert Morris, 1973
twelve images of an installation and exhibition of "Imaginary Extension of Copper Beam," one with Ileana Sonnabend.
2 7 Dennis Oppenheim, n.d.
two photographs of "Forest Floor Removal-Transplant."
2 7 Giulio Paolini, 1980
2 7 Giuseppe Penone, 1969
original photo for an earthwork with text/caption by artist.
2 7 Emilio Prini
5 photo works, signed on verso with thumbprint.
2 7 Robert Ryman, 1971
two photographs of an installation.
2 7 Michael Sauer, 1978, 1987
two photographs of installations, both signed by the artist.
2 7 Robert Smithson, 1969
"Mirror Displacement," earthwork. Seven original photographs and a map with measurements on the back and notes by the artist on the front.
2 7 Niele Toroni, 1969
2 7 Wolf Vostell, 1976
four photographs of installation of "Miss Vietnam," displayed with works by Chamberlain, Rauschenberg, Segal and Warhol.
2 7 Lawrence Weiner, 1973
photo of an Italian subway station with posters for Galleria Toselli exhibition.
2 7 Unidentified
three photographs of works.

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