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Minimal and Conceptual Art Documents, 1969-1989

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Finding aid for the Minimal and Conceptual Art Documents, 1969-1989

Container List

Series I. Letters to Werner Lippert, 1972-1977 7.0 folder(s)
Series contains unpublished questionnaire responses from artists on the role of "chance" in art, 1972, and on "drawing," 1974 to German writer and critic, Werner Lippert (Mönchengladbach) in his capacity as editor of the publication Extra. Other letters to Lippert regard plans for exhibitions and projects, 1974-1977. There is extensive material from David Askevold and Salvo. Filed alphabetically by respondant.
Box Folder
1 1 Questionnaire 1, 1972
Lippert asked the following questions relating to chance in art: 1. What do you think "chance" is? 2. What value has chance in art? 3. What influence has chance on your work? Do you work with it or do you try to eliminate its influence? Respondants are: Otmar Alt, Carl Andre, Joseph Beuys, Max Bill, Chillida, Ruprecht Geiger, Jasper Johns, Edward Kienholz, Lowell Nesbitt, Posen, Nicolas Schöffer, Bernard Schultze, and Paul Wunderlich. Collected for an intended publication.
1 2 Questionnaire 2, 1974
Original questions unknown, however, they seem to relate to Lippert's request for information on the relationship of drawing to the artists' work and their philosophical influences. Respondants are: Carl Andre, Agnes Denes, Ulrich Erben, Hamish Fulton, Joseph Kosuth, Sol LeWitt, Giulio Paolini, Mel Ramsden, and Franz Erhard Walther.
1 2 B - Letters of Conceptual artists to Lippert, 1974-1977
Includes letters to Lippert in his capacity as editor of Extra, and others regarding concepts and plans of exhibitions and projects.
1 3-7 A-Z, and unidentified
Letters to Lippert about exhibition plans and projects.
1 3 Vito Acconci
three letters.
1 3 Mac Adams
one letter.
1 3 Robert Adams
one letter.
1 3 Carl Andre
two postcards.
1 3 Arakawa
one postcard.
1 3 John M. Armleder
two letters.
1 3 Michael Asher
one postcard.
1 3 Terry Atkinson
two postcard and two letters.
1 3 John Baldessari
one postcard.
1 3 Michael Baldwin
two letters.
1 3 Lewis Baltz
three letters.
1 3 Gottfried Bechtold
one letter.
1 3 Lynda Benglis
one letter.
1 3 Joseph Beuys
1 3 Mel Bochner
two letters, one postcard.
1 3 Daniel Buren
one letter.
1 3 Ian Burn
two letters.
1 4 David Askevold
ca.30 items.
1 5 Andre Cadéré
one letter.
1 5 James Collins
four postcards and seven letters.
1 5 Michael Corris
one letter.
1 5 Hanne Darboven
five letters.
1 5 Anges Denes
one letter.
1 5 Antonio Dias
one letter.
1 5 Ludwig Ettl
two letters.
1 5 H.P. Feldmann
three postcards.
1 5 Iole De Freitas
one postcard and one letter.
1 5 Ralph Gibson
one postcard.
1 5 Richard Hamilton
one letter.
1 5 Douglas Huebler
two letters.
1 5 Joseph Kosuth
one letter.
1 5 Darcy Lance
one postcard.
1 5 Jean Le Gac
one letter.
1 5 Sol LeWitt
five postcards and one letter.
1 5 Andrew Menard
one postcard and two letters.
1 5 Mario Merz?
one letter.
1 5 Roman Opalka
one letter.
1 6 Salvo
ca. 20 items.
1 7 Giulio Paolini
one letter.
1 7 Irving Penn
one letter.
1 7 Giuseppe Penone
one postcard, three letters.
1 7 Anne and Patrick Poirier
three letters.
1 7 Lucio Pozzi
four letters.
1 7 Mel Ramsden
one postcard.
1 7 Marcia Resnick
one postcard and two letters.
1 7 Gerhard Richter
one postcard.
1 7 Italo Scanga
two postcards.
1 7 Niele Toroni
2 letters.
1 7 Bernard Venet
one letter.
1 7 Franz Erhard Walther
one letter.
1 7 Lawrence Weiner
one postcard and one letter.
1 7 Gilberti Zorio
two letters.
1 7 Unidentified, (Schede et Alessandro)
one letter.
Series II. Letters to Franco Toselli (Galleria Toselli), 1917-1989 4.0 folder(s)
Series contains letters, drawings, and typescripts from artists concerning projects for installations, books and conceptual works sent to Franco Toselli at Galleria Toselli. Most date from 1971-1975. Notable are substantial materials from Ian Wilson regarding his "Discussion" series, purchased in part by Toselli, including correspondence, contracts, and three typescript versions of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design "Discussion," October 1971. Also letters, annotated typescripts, and drawings from Dan Graham.
Box Folder
1 8 Michael Asher, 1973
one letter and folded pencil drawing for a project.
1 8 John Baldessari, 1973-1974
five letters, a book design for "Choosing: Green Beans," a certificate of authenticity for "Ingres and other Parables," and seven original photographs of old master painting details.
1 8 Robert Barry, ca. 1971-1972
two handwritten letters, one refering to Count Giuseppe Panza di Biumo, and four typescripted works.
1 8 Mel Bochner, 1971
two letters, with references to Panza.
1 8 Daniel Buren, 1974
one letter and a drawing for a room installation.
1 8 Alan Charlton, 1971, 1974
one letter, 1974 and a drawing for a painting Toselli purchased, 1971.
1 8 Jan Dibbets, 1971
one letter.
1 8 Hamish Fulton, 1972-1974
nine letters and drawings regarding book and exhibition projects, including "Mankinholes - On the Pennine Way.".
1 8 Douglas Heubler, 1972
four letters, one relating to the trading of "Viable Piece #44."
1 9 Dan Graham, 1972-1975
letters, manuscripts, including "Intention Intentionality Sequence," photographs, and drawings for various projects. ca.75 items.
1 10 Barry Le Va, ca. 1974
three letters.
1 10 Richard Long, 1975
three letters regarding the artist's Cancer Congress poster.
1 10 Robert Mangold, 1972
three letters regarding a group exhibition.
1 10 Giulio Paolini, 1969, 1989
one letter, 1969, and one postcard, 1989.
1 10 Richard Serra, 1973
three page letter, handwritten on Leo Castelli Stationary, and a blueprint for an unrealized "Tower Sculpture," planned for the city of Rome, 1973; letter regarding another project; typescripted conceptual text for "Television Delivers People," with annotations by the artist [Produced by Fay Schoolman March 20, 1973].
1 10 Richard Tuttle, 1975
one letter.
1 10 Lawrence Weiner, 1971-1974
four letters with drawings for installations.
1 11 Ian Wilson Material, ca. 1971-1972
concerning Ian Wilson's "Discussion" series conducted in Milan in 1972, subsequently purchased by Count Giuseppe Panza di Biumo and Franco Toselli. The folder contains correspondence, mostly from Wilson to Tosani, contracts and three manuscript versions of Wilsons' "Discussion" held at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, October 1971 [one transcribed into Italian], ca.45 items.
Series III. "Prospect 69" 1968-1978 2.0 folder(s)
Series contains letters to Konrad Fischer, one of the organizers of the "Prospect 69" exhibition ("Internationale Vorschau auf die Kunst in den Galerien der Avantgarde," Herausgeber Städtische Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, 1969), from artists and gallery owners, primarily regarding catalog production. Other materials includes photographs, drawings, checklists and artist biographies, and a separate folder of Fluxus printed ephemera, 1968-1978.
Box Folder
2 1-2 Letters, papers, drawings, photographs, 1968-1978
Letters, photographs, drawings, checklists, biographies, other papers, relating to "Prospect 69" ("Internationale Vorschau auf die Kunst in den Galerien der Avantgarde," Herausgeber Städtische Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, 1969. Konzeption und Organisation: Konrad Fischer, Düsseldorf und Hans Strelow, New York). Correspondence is mainly from artists and gallery owners to Fischer and Strelow regarding the catalogue production, including Daniel Buren, Douglas Christmas, Nigel Greenwood, Gian Enzo Sperone, M.J. Martínez Seiquer, Marilyn Fischbach, Yvon Lambert and Ileana Sonnabend. Other material includes typescripted interviews with Douglas Huebler, Robert Barry, Joseph Kosuth and Lawrence Weiner. Folders also contain printed Fluxus ephemera, such as issues one and two of Le Petit Colosse de Simi, the Nothing Else Review. See oversize Box 3, folders 1-3 for more photographs, project and installation drawings and Fluxus ephemera (ca. 1965-79), such as 14 Daniel Spoerri "Eat Art" posters, 1970-1973, 5 pieces of felt "stationary" signed by Joseph Beuys and Jürg, and a "John Cage a Geneve" poster, 1978.
Series IV. Miscellaneous drawings and typescripts, 1975 2.0 folder(s)
Series holds original drawings by artists of Minimal and Conceptual works and installations. With a small quantity of typescripts.
Box Folder
2 3 Arcelli & Comini, 1975
"Melopea," typescript, 2 pages, Milan.
2 3 Robert Barry, 1967
original work, "One Piece."
2 3 James Lee Byars, ca. 1987
two letters to Egidio Marzona with fancy gold crayon script on black paper, one with confetti.
2 3 Nancy Graves, ca. early 1970s
original drawing for "Fossil Shadow Cast" and note.
2 3 Barry Le Va, ca. 1980
drawing for Galerie Ricke, Cologne.
2 3 Sol LeWitt, n.d.
four original drawings for a sculpture on one sheet.
2 3 Mario Merz, 1973
letter regarding Fibonacci work.
2 3 Arduino Nardella, 1972
2 4 Jürgen Partenheimer, 1981
clipping with annotations by the artist in ballpoint, signed and dated.
2 4 David Rabinowitch, 1970s, n.d.
ballpoint-pen drawing of sculpture, 1970s; drawing for an installation, undated; original drawing for a sculpture on an invitation card, 1975.
2 4 Keith Sonnier, early 1970s, 1989, n.d.
two colored drawings for neon sculpture, ca. early 1970s; copy of an installation in Galerie Ricke, Cologne with handwritten remarks, undated; drawing for a light installation, 1989; two installation drawings for "Standing Spinx," 1989.
2 4 Lawrence Weiner, 1972
handwritten postcard with original photo on front.
2 4 Unidentified, n.d.
two minimal prints of graphs by an artist with monogram W.M.
Series V. Miscellaneous Photographs, 1969-1981 ca. 115 items
Series contains three folders of photographs of Minimal and Conceptual art pieces and of performances, some signed and/or annotated. .
Box Folder
2 5 Vito Acconci, ca. 1969-1970
photographs of several performance works including, "Overtaking Piece," 1970 "Performance Test," 1969 "Rubbing Piece," 1970 "Room Piece," 1970, ca. 30 photographs.
2 5 Joseph Beuys, 1969
photo Ute Klophaus.
2 5 Daniel Buren, n.d.
twelve color photographs from an installation.
2 5 Pier Paolo Calzolari, 1969
2 6 Hanne Darboven, n.d.
three photographs of an installation.
2 6 Hamish Fulton, late 1960s
five photographs of earthworks.
2 6 Dan Graham, n.d.
photo of a video installation.
2 6 Dan Graham and Richard Tuttle, Zürich, 1979
2 6 Gordon Matta-Clark, late 1960s
three original photographs for an installation.
2 6 Jannis Kounellis, 1969, 1981
two photographs of artist.
2 6 Robert Mangold, 1972
six photographs of paintings.
2 6 Marion Merz, 1968
five photographs of works and installations, one with script by the artist.
2 6 Robert Morris, 1973
twelve images of an installation and exhibition of "Imaginary Extension of Copper Beam," one with Ileana Sonnabend.
2 7 Dennis Oppenheim, n.d.
two photographs of "Forest Floor Removal-Transplant."
2 7 Giulio Paolini, 1980
2 7 Giuseppe Penone, 1969
original photo for an earthwork with text/caption by artist.
2 7 Emilio Prini
5 photo works, signed on verso with thumbprint.
2 7 Robert Ryman, 1971
two photographs of an installation.
2 7 Michael Sauer, 1978, 1987
two photographs of installations, both signed by the artist.
2 7 Robert Smithson, 1969
"Mirror Displacement," earthwork. Seven original photographs and a map with measurements on the back and notes by the artist on the front.
2 7 Niele Toroni, 1969
2 7 Wolf Vostell, 1976
four photographs of installation of "Miss Vietnam," displayed with works by Chamberlain, Rauschenberg, Segal and Warhol.
2 7 Lawrence Weiner, 1973
photo of an Italian subway station with posters for Galleria Toselli exhibition.
2 7 Unidentified
three photographs of works.

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