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Hans Eckstein research files, 1897-1984 (bulk 1920-1984)

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Finding aid for the Hans Eckstein research files, 1897-1984, bulk 1920-1984
Series III. Deutscher Werkbund (DWB) and Neues Bauen, 1932-1980 2.0 box(es) ca. 1 lin. ft.
Box 4, folders 4-11, contains correspondence, documents, mss. and lectures, and newspaper clippings about the DWB. The material covers such topics as exhibitions, business meetings of the DWB, and publications and historical perspectives of the Werkbund. Box 5, folders 1-6, contains correspondence, official documents, and mss. on the topic of architecture emanating from the organization called Neue Bauen. The mss., written by Eckstein and others, concern a broad array of architectural projects and post- World War II rebuilding.
Box Folder
4 4 Deutscher Werkbund, correspondence and documents regarding DWB business, 1949-1977, n.d.
Hans Eckstein, 41 letters (1949-1977, n.d.) relate primarily to plans for a DWB exhibition during 1969.
4 5 Deutscher Werkbund, correspondence and documents regarding DWB business, , , 1933 1969 1980
General letter to members of the DWB (1933);
Wend Fischer to Gustav Stein, 1 letter (1969) disputes allegations made by Stein against Fischer;
Walter Rossow, chairman of the Rat für Formgebung, 3 letters (1969);
G.B. von Hartmann, general secretary of the DWB, 11 letters (1969) refer primarily to business meeting of the Werkbund;
2 sets of minutes (1969) which refer to the separation of the DWB and the Rat für Formgebung;
response to a proclamation by Herr Fuchs;
booklet (1980) which outlines the accomplishments of the DWB during 1980.
4 6 Deutscher Werkbund, manuscripts regarding exhibitions, , 1969 n.d.
"Anmerkungen zum Exposé," 23 pp., in duplicate, include an introduction and format for the organization of an exhibition based on DWB principles;
"Der Wekbund, Idee und Aufgage," 33 pp., with annotations and a partial duplicate, outlines another version for the format for an exhibition of the DWB;
"Programm einer Werkbund-Ausstellung," 3 pp. (1969), in duplicate with a slightly different third copy, discuss what questions should be addressed when mounting an exhibition;
"Exposé Werkbund Ausstellung, Kontinuität im Wandel," 10 pp. (1969), in duplicate, states reasons for the exhibition and concepts behind its organization.
4 7 Deutscher Werkbund, manuscripts regarding exhibitions ( ) n.d.
"Werkbund Ausstellung," 16 pp. with annotations, describe premise for exhibition and how it should be displayed, some duplicate pages;
"Hauptteil der Ausstellung," 8 pp. with annotations, in duplicate, state how an exhibition should assist the visitor in understanding the goals of the DWB and then outlines the organization of an exhibition;
25 pp. of partial manuscripts on the topic of exhibitions (includes duplicate pages);
untitled 1 p. in duplicate, expresses a statement about exhibitions and the DWB.
4 8 Deutscher Werkbund, manuscripts by Exkstein
Typescripts and carbon copies of essays by Eckstein:
"Reform des Deutschen Werkbunds?," 4 pp. and 5 pp. (1953) versions of a lecture given at two sessions of a conference of the Werkbund Bayern in Frankfurt;
"8 Nadeln für 8 Luftballons," 5 pp. [1953?], written as a caustic dialogue about Gustav Stein and the Rat für Formgebung and on the same topic, "Antworten auf den Informationsbogen," 9 pp.;
"Werkbundtagung in der Ulmer Hochschule," 4 pp. about a Baden-Württemberg Werkbund conference held in Ulm and includes newspaper clipping about Max Bill retiring from the Ulmer Hochschule für Gestaltung;
"Was war der Werkbund?," 6 pp. with an introduction dated Jan 1947 and annotations, in triplicate, and 1 p. newspaper reprint from Neue Zeitung Nr.15, 21.V.47;
"Neugründung des Werkbundes in Deutschland," 4 pp.;
"Deutscher Werkbund," 4 pp. in quadruplicate;
"Was war, was ist, was will der Werbund?," 6 pp. with annotations;
"Was ist und will der Deutsche Werkbund?," 6 pp. with annotations.
4 9 Deutscher Werkbund, manuscripts by Eckstein
Typescripts and carbon copies of essays by Eckstein:
"Deutscher Werkbund, Zu seinem 25 jährigen Bestehen," two essays, 4 pp. and 2 pp. [1932];
"März 1947," 1 p. calls for the rebuilding of Germany after World War II;
untitled, 2 pp. essay about the book 50 Jahre Deutscher Werkbund;
"[Paul] Schultze-Naumburg und das Handwerk," 2 pp., 5 copies, discusses non-progressive views of this architect;
"Werkbundarbeit-heute," 6 pp. lecture delivered at the annual meeting of the DWB (1955), in duplicate;
"Adresse: Deutscher Werkbund," 3 pp. respond to critique written by Carl Georg Heise about the international Lichtbild exhibition in Berlin;
untitled 2 pp.essay discusses principles of the DWB;
untitled 2 pp. text discusses education and pedagogy of the Werkkunstschulen;
untitled 13 pp. intended as a lecture about the history of the DWB;
"Marginalie zu Aufgabe und Ziel des Werkbunds," 1 p. [partial ms.?] describes the DWB.
4 10 Deutscher Werkbund, manuscripts by others
Typescripts and carbon copies of essays by various authors:
Fritz Gotthelf, "Kontinuität im Wandel," 2 pp. and 8 pp. in duplicate, (1969) outline the themes of the exhibition;
Hermann Muthesius and Henry van de Velde, "Typus und Gestaltung," 4 pp. of key points covered in a discussion at the Cologne DWB congress of 1914, published in 50 Jahre Deutscher Werkbund, (1958) pp. 32-33;
60 pp. of statements made by multiple authors, dated 1906-1955, and published in 50 Jahre Deutscher Werkbund, (1958) pp. 44-46;
Rudolf Schwarz, " untitled 1 p. introduction(?) to the catalog for the DWB exhibition Neues Wohnen held in Cologne 1949 [ written as 1948 on the page];
A. T-t, "Das Ende des Deutschen Werkbundes," 2 pp. in duplicate, published in Werk, (1935) XXII, Heft 2, S. xvii f.;
Dr. Müller, 1 p. proposal offering a definition for the word Werkbund;
Lamey, untitled 8 pp. (transcription from a tape) lecture delivered at the DWB's 75th anniversary in 1982.
4 11 Deutscher Werkbund, notes and clippings
Six pages of handwritten notes, primarily about DWB exhibitions;
8 newspaper clippings (1933-1972, n.d.) with various articles relating to the DWB and one about the Charente-Maritime area of France;
1 magazine(?) clipping depicting a typical artist's room reconstructed in the Munich Town Museum;
1 printed article by Eckstein, "Formgebung, Deutscher Werkbund 1969," published in Bauen und Wohnen (1970), Heft 1;
1 brochure which addresses questions about the existence and purpose of the DWB.
Box Folder
5 1 Neue Bauen, Correspondence and documents 1949-1954
General letters regarding the Neue Bauen, 4 letters (1951-1952);
5 sets of minutes from meetings of the Freunde des Neuen Bauens (Oct 25, 1949, Feb 14, 1951, Mar 5, 1951, Nov 4, 1954, n.d.);
handwritten first page for a set of minutes (n.d.);
3 sets of signatures from attendees at discussion evenings of the Freunde des Neuen Bauens (Oct 15, 1951, May 5, 1952, Nov 9, 1953);
list of publications borrowed by Richard Riemerschmid (2 pp.);
bibliographic citations for newspaper articles [many included in this archive], 4 pp.
5 2 Neue Bauen, manuscripts and lectures by Eckstein
Typescripts and carbon copies of essays by Eckstein:
"Architektur im 19. Jahrhundert," 8 pp. in duplicate, with annotations; untitled, 6 pp. with annotations;
"Absolute Architektur?," 7 pp. with annotations;
"Erziehung und Bildung des Architekten," 2pp. lecture with annotations;
"Eine kritische Epistel zu seiner Verteidigung," 9 pp. essay and 4 pp. of captions for photographs, with annotations, published in the book, Brutalismus in der Architektur by Reyner Banham;
"Berliner Bauwochen," 3 pp. critique with the program brochure for the exhibition held Nov 1-9, 16, 1962;
"Fragen des neuen Bauens," 2 pp. with annotations; "Die Front aus Glass," 14 pp.;
"Nekrolog auf den Glaspalast," 5 pp.;
untitled 4 pp. in duplicate, about architecture of apartment buildings;
"Der künftige Völkerbundspalast," 3pp. in duplicate, with annotations;
"Der Völkerbund will sich einen Palast bauen," 3 pp. in triplicate;
"München: Reaktion gegen die moderne Bauweise," 1 p. in triplicate;
"Was du ererbt von deinen Vätern hast ...," 1 p.
5 3 Neue Bauen, manuscripts by Eckstein
Typescripts and carbon copies of essays by Eckstein:
"Die Regierung von Unterfranken verbietet," 3 pp.;
"Moderne Nürnberger Baukunst," 1 p.;
"Wieder ein neuer Architektenbund!" 2 pp.;
"Architekt und Ingenieur," 2 pp. of statements made by various architects from Sigfried Giedion's book, Bauen in Frankreich / Eisen / Eisenbeton;
"Erweiterungsbau der Heidelberger Universität," 6 pp. in duplicate, with annotations;
"Traditionelle Bindung oder klare technische Lösung im Brückenbau," 7 pp. in duplicate, with annotations commemorates the building of the Rhine bridge Mannheim-Ludwigshafen;
"München will neue Ausstellungsräume schaffen," 3 pp.;
"Ewige Wahrheiten und verjährte Polemik gegen ein neues Bauen," 3 pp.;
"Wettbewerb Langwassergebiet Nürnberg," 5 pp. [unclear whether written by Eckstein].
untitled 2 pp. essay on the history of city planning in Hamburg which names the persons involved in the 1948 rebuilding;
Four untitled pieces, some duplicate pages, some annotations, 33 pp.
5 4 Neue Bauen, manuscripts by Eckstein
Typescripts and carbon copies of essays by Eckstein:
"Entwirrung der Begriffe III, ein Verleumdungsfeldzug gegen die moderne Architektur," 7 pp. in triplicate;
"Bedenkliche Intendanz des Bauwesens," 3 pp. with annotations;
"Restaurative Baupolitik in Düsseldorf," and "NS Schulungsburg Architekt zum Oberbaudirekto von Düsseldorf berufen," 7 pp.;
untitled, 2 pp. about the rebuilding of cities after World War II;
"Guido Harbers, Der Wohngarten," 2 pp. review of Harbers book;
"Die Münchner Postbauten," 3 pp. with annotations;
"Neue Wohnbauten in der Schweiz," 5 pp.;
"Neue Wohnbauten, ein Querschnitt durch die Wohnarchitektur in Deutschland," offprint of title page and introduction to Eckstein's book published in 1932, with annotations;
"Der neue Kursaal in Berchtesgaden," 3 pp.;
"Der neue Berchtesgadener Kursaal," 4 pp.;
"Haus Schulz in Recklinghausen," 2 pp.;
"Die Kunststadt München und das Neue Bauen," 6 pp. with annotations, published in Kunst und Künstler, Mai 1931;
"Man plant, am Glaspalast ...," 1 p. with annotations;
"Beschreibung des Neubaues Postdienstgebäude an der Fraunhoferstr.," 3 pp.;
"München will neue Ausstellungsräume schaffen," 3 pp. with annotations;
"Zu einem neuen Bauen vom guten Bauen," 4 pp. with annotations;
"Planen und Bauen aus der Nostalgie nach dem Vorgestern," 2 pp. of a partial mss.;
"Architektur im 19./20. Jahrhundert," 1 p. outline for a book(?) with names of several architects to be included and how many pages written for each one, in duplicate.
5 5 Neue Bauen, manuscripts by Eckstein
Typescripts and carbon copies of essays by Eckstein:
"Le Corbusier: Verteidigung der Architektur (1929)," 14 pp.;
"Le Corbusier an den Herausgeber des Studio," 5 pp.;
"Ende des Bauhauses," 3 pp. published in the Stuttgarter Neues Tageblatt, 28 Sept. 1932;
"Erläuterung zur Veröffentlichung Steinberg in Celle," 3 pp.;
"Oberschwaben ehrt in Hugo Häring einen Pionier des Neuen Bauen," 3 pp. with annotations;
"Alfred Rath: Wiederaufbau zerstörter Städte im Ausland," 2 pp.;
"Zum neuen Bauen," offprint with 3 lectures given by Theodor Fischer, R. v. Schöfer and Peter Meyer at the Künstlerhaus, Munich on Feb 26, 1931;
"Bedenkliche Intendanz des Bauwesens," 3 pp.
5 6 Neue Bauen, manuscripts by others
Typescripts and carbon copies of essays by various authors:
"Auch der Bund Deutscher Architekten BDA gleichgeschaltet," 3 pp. [initials ld at end of essay];
"Der BDA aufgelöst!," 2 pp. [initials pm at end of essay];
untitled 2 pp. article in duplicate, about Alexander von Senger's appointment to Munich, Technischen Hochschule, published in the Nationalzeitung (Basel) (1934), Nr.502, 30 Oktober 34, [initials rz at end of essay];
Michaela Stauch, "Der Wiederaufbau Münchens und das Neue Bauens," 7 pp. reprint with references;
Gerhard Langmaack, "Die Aufgabe der deutschen Baukunst in der Gegenwart," 4 pp. in triplicate, for a lecture held at a session of the BDA in Hamburg;
"Berlin Plant," 7 pp. [initials ri at end of essay];
Hans Poelzig, "Architekturfragen," 17 pp. in duplicate, from a lecture held in Wertheim, Künstlerkenntnisse;
"Neuere Postbauten in Bayern," 2 pp. in duplicate, [initial n at end of essay];
"Rudolf Schwarz: Unsere neue Baukunst," 5 pp. in triplicate; "Rudolf Schwarz: Städtebau," 2 pp. in triplicate.

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