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Hans Eckstein research files, 1897-1984 (bulk 1920-1984)

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Finding aid for the Hans Eckstein research files, 1897-1984, bulk 1920-1984

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Series I. Correspondence, 1922-1984 3.0 box(es) ca. 1.5 lin. ft.
Boxes 1-3 contain typescript originals and carbon copies of correspondence arranged alphabetically by sender. The letters to and from editors and publishers deal mostly with Eckstein's proposals for articles and publications. The correspondence with art historians and arts associations refers to Eckstein's publications, requests for photographs, speaking engagements, preservation of historical landmarks, exhibitions and the position of the arts during the political upheaval in Germany. The letters regarding the Neue Sammlung deal primarily with Eckstein's appointment as Director. Most of the correspondence with architects concerns Eckstein in his capacity as editor of Bauen und Wohnen, architects' views on the rebuilding of German cities after World War II, various construction projects, architectural criticism and numerous publications addressing architecture. Correspondence with artists refers to exhibitions and biographical articles about artists. One folder contains 49 photographs of paintings by Josef Scharl and another contains letters with Wilhem Wagenfeld, designer of arts and crafts, which discuss his work and refer to his political views. Many of the letters discuss the role of the art critic. The archive also contains personal and miscellaneous letters, letters from family members and a few letters with illegible signatures.
Published materials received with the archive were separated to the Getty Research Library.
Box Folder
1 1 Correspondence with editors and publishers, A - B, 1936-1977
B. Arthaud, 1 letter (1974) requests for photographs;
Bauen Konkret, 1 letter (1973) comments on Eckstein's article on Knoll International;
Bauen / Wohnen, 2 letters (1977) offer books for sale and 2 letters (1953) to Richard Lohse, editor about critiques of Eckstein's works on architecture;
Bibliographisches Institut Leipzig, 1 letter (1937) rejects Eckstein proposal for a series on art history
F. Bruckmann, 10 letters (1936-1938) comments on proposed and revised books by Eckstein: Schwäbische Fahrten, Die schöne Wohnung, proposal for autobahn guides;
letters to Alfred Bruckmann, Hannover and F. Bruckmann, Munich about a book on romantic French architecture and sculpture which is rejected in Bruckmann's last letter.
1 2 Correspondence with editors and publishers, D, , 1935-1938 1978
Deutscher Kunstverlag, 105 letters and 11 postcards (1935-1938) include a proposal by Eckstein for a book series Deutsche Lande -Deutsche Kunst with subsequent letters concerning content and photographs for such a series. Other books are also discussed.
Documents Revue des Questions Allemandes, 1 letter (1978) offers to publish an Eckstein article on aesthetic industrialization.
Dehio-Gall, Handbuch der deutschen Kunstdenkmälerr, 3 letters to and from Ernst Gall (1940-1941) about Eckstein contributing to this series.
1 3 Correspondence with editors and publishers, E-K, 1931-1973
Edition Leipzig, 2 letters (1973) request Eckstein contribute an article for Geschichte des Industrial Design;
Der Eiserne Hammer, 7 letters (1936-1938) reject 4 essays proposed by Eckstein;
Form, 1 letter (1978) about a commemorative event honoring Ferdinand Kramer;
Heitz & Co., 16 letters (1938) address Eckstein's request for a French publisher to collaborate with F. Bruckmann on the book Romanische Architektur und Plastik Frankreichs, also includes 3 letters (1938) to Ernest Frey, the French Generalkonsulat, about the book;
August Hopfer, 2 letters (1935) about Eckstein's proposal to write volumes for the series Deutsche Bauten;
Insel Verlag, 2 letters (1937) with proposal by Eckstein and rejection of proposal for a volume on Bavarian sculpture and architecture;
Knorr & Hirth, 1 letter (1931) refers to an article Eckstein is writing.
1 4 Correspondence with editors and publishers, L, , 1936-1938 1972
Robert Langewiesche and Wilhelm Langewiesche-Brandt Verlag, 64 letters and 5 postcards (1936-bulk 1938) about two Eckstein proposals, writing the volume Geschichte der Hohenstaufen for the series Bücher der Bildung and writing a book Künstler über Kunst. Included is the contract for the latter book dated Jun 2, 1938;
Martin Lurz, 1 letter (1972) refers to entries Eckstein wrote for Dauer und Wandel der Form.
1 5 Correspondence with editors and publishers, P-R, 1936-1978
Die Neue Zeitung, 1 letter (1950) written by Bruno Werner about meeting Eckstein;
Redaktion Pantheon, 1 letter (1978) rejects Eckstein's proposal to write a review for "Rezension Wilhelm Schlink...";
R. Piper & Co., 3 letters (1970-1973) asks for a preview of Eckstein's planned book on architecture;
Planen bauen wohnen [part of the Süddeutschen Zeitung, editor Hans Eckstein], 2 letters (1952), with Louise Kornmann and her comments about a book on Gustav Britsch;
Rembrandt Verlag, 38 letters and 8 postcards (1936-1941) reject a book on Marées, discuss a proposal for a book on South German baroque sculpture and a volume Vierzehnheiligen for the series Kunstbücher des Volkes.
1 6 Correspondence with editors and publishers, S-Z, 1922-1978
Schweizer Bauzeitung [editor, Hans Marti], 2 letters (1953-1954), with responses by Eckstein to critiques of his architectural theories;
E.A. Seemann, 11 letters and 3 postcards (1922-1923, 1938-1939) comments in the early letters refer to the volume Attische Vasenmalerei for the book series Bibliothek der Kunstgeschichte and include the contract between Eckstein and Seemann. The letters from 1938-1939 refer to Eckstein's proposed work on French roman sculpture and architecture;
Süddeutsche Zeitung Feuilleton, 1 letter to the editor (1978) with enclosed response by Eckstein to a letter written by Herr Steingräber about an article written by art critic, Herr Gloszer;
Zodiaque, 1 letter (1974) refers to reproduction rights.
1 7 Correspondence requesting photographs for publication, 1935-1939
Robert Itten-Staub, 1 letter (1936);
Fritz Mayer, 4 letters (1936-1937);
Hugo Meyer & Co., 2 letters (1938);
Walter Müller-Grah, 1 letter (1939);
Verkehrs-Verband, 13 letters (1935-1938);
Grete Vester, 9 letters (1936-1937);
Zwerg-Ziegelei Richter & Koch, 1 letter and 1 postcard (1936);
various German churches, 11 letters (1936-1938).
1 8 Correspondence with art historians and arts associations, A-E, 1938-1976
Aica, 2 letters (1974) regard an invitation to a speaking engagement;
Maurice Besset [art history professor in Besançon, Grenoble and Geneva, and director of the Musée de peinture et de sculpture, Grenoble], 5 letters (1968, 1971, n.d.) regard speaking engagements for Eckstein and photographic permissions;
O. Bihalji-Merin, 3 letters (1969-1971) about his books and writings;
Walter Boll, 2 letters (1976) about the "Bamberger Turm" and "Goldene Turm" in Regensburg;
Jacques Bousquet, 2 letters (1975) about Eckstein's book;
Gustaf Britsch Institut, 1 postcard (1938), congratulates Eckstein on his book;
Herbert von Buttlar [director, Staatliche Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg], 2 letters (1965) regard a speaking engagement in Hamburg;
Centre international d'études romanes, Paris, 2 letters (1975) about photographs;
Jean Charier, 3 letters (1945, 1946, 1948) about personal travels;
Der deutsche Kulturtag Bundesrepublik, 1 petition signed by art historians (1958) calls for an end to a separated Germany;
Dieter Doepfner [director, Werkkunstschule, Offenbach am Main], 2 letters (1966, 1967) refer to future lectures by Eckstein;
Rudolf Esterer [president of the Bayer. Verwaltung d. staatl. Schlösser, Gärten u. Seen], 4 letters (1949) refer to Eckstein's articles about the preservation of historical landmarks.
1 9 Correspondence with art historians and arts associations F-I, 1929-1974
Dr. Fellmann, 8 letters and 3 postcards (1941) discuss art historical topics and book series on artists;
Peter Frank [secretary, Kunstgewerbemuseum der Stadt Köln] 1 letter (1974), refers to exhibition Sehen und Hören Design und Kommunikation;
Ernst Gall [editor, Dehio-Gall, Handbuch der deutschen Kunstdenkmäler], 3 letters (1940-1941) about Eckstein contributing to the series;
H. Giesau [conservator, Denkmale der Provinz Sachsen], 6 letters (1929-1939), discuss monuments in Bavaria and writing several volumes about them for the series Deutschen Bauten;
Otto Graef, 1 postcard (1941) with personal invitation;
Dr. Grohmann, 1 letter and 1 postcard (1967) with birthday congratulations;
W. Gross, 1 postcard (1964) congratulates Eckstein on his book;
G.F. Hartlaub, 15 letters and 5 postcards (1947-1949) with comments about other art historians and articles in the Neue Zeitung written by Hartlaub;
Carl Heise [director, Kunsthalle Hamburg], 1 letter (1947) refers to the disposition of entarte (degenerate art) works from the Kunsthalle;
Ludwig Herz, 1 letter (1938) about Eckstein's essay on Cezanne;
G. Hofmann [general director, Bayer. Staatlichen Bibliotheken], 1 letter (1952) about a lecture on landmark preservation;
E. Holzinger [Bayer. Staatsgemäldesammlungen], 1 letter (1936) about publication of postcards;
Walter Hotz, 2 letters (1939, 1941) comment on Eckstein's book Vierzehnheiligen;
Ch. Igounet de Villers [secretary-general, Société des artistes indépendants], 1 letter (1932), about an exhibition of German art in Paris.
1 10 Correspondence with art historians and arts associations, J-O, 1924-1977
Ernest Jackh [former president Deutscher Werkbund], 1 letter (1959) about Eckstein's work on the Werkbund;
Herr Jancke, 1 letter (1942) refers to Jancke's two books;
Carl Jatho, 2 letters (1948) refer to restoration in the Cologne Cathedral;
Wladyslawa Jaworka, 1 letter (1976) refers to her book on Makowski;
Hans Kinkel, 3 letters (1955) about two works by Eckstein;
Karl Knappe, 1 letter (1951);
Egon Kornmann, 3 letters and 1 postcard (1938-1941) discuss an Altdorfer exhibition and ideas about Gothic architecture;
Friedrich Krauss, [architectural historian], 1 letter (1929) refers to the Danzig Marienkirche;
D. Krencker, 1 postcard (1940) about an Eckstein article;
Hans Erich Kuback, 4 letters (1954-1977) critique Eckstein's essay Frühroman. Baukunst da Maaslandes and comment on his works on landmark preservation;
Barbara Miller Lane, 1 letter (1970) about her work;
Ernst Langlotz [Deutsche Archaeologisches Institut], 3 letters (1924, 1929) primarily about Eckstein's work on Rohde;
Alfred Leithäuser, 2 letters and 1 postcard (1940-1941);
Dieter Mahlow, 1 letter (1965) about a collaboration with Eckstein;
François de Martyn, 1 letter (1932) comments about an exhibition of Munich artists;
Erich Meyer, 2 letters (1964) about Eckstein's work at the Neuen Sammlung;
G. Maurice Moullet, Cordelier, 2 letters (1938) refer to brochure Le retable des Cordeliers and their works on the Basel Galluspforte;
Theodor Müller [director, Bayerisches Nationalmuseum], 3 letters (1964, 1968), refer to Wend Fischer assuming leadership for the Neuen Sammlung and Müller's upcoming retirement;
Karl Otto, 5 letters (1955, 1964-1966) primarily about several Eckstein lectures on architectural criticism.
1 11 Correspondence with art historians and arts associations, P-Z and unidentified, 1922-1978
Rudolf Pfister, 1 letter (1938);
Friedrich Podszus, 3 personal letters (1942, 1946);
Walter Riezler, 1 letter (1957) about his entry for the Werkbund Festschrift;
Joseph Ritz [director, Bayer. Landesamt für Denkmalpflege], 1 letter (1951) in which Eckstein states his thoughts about historical landmarks;
Franz Roh, 1 postcard (1940) addressed to Frau Prof. Brüne;
Willy Rotzler, 1 letter and 1 postcard (1957, 1963), he rejects offer to replace Eckstein at the Neuen Sammlung;
Carl Schambeck, 3 letters (1941) about his work;
K. Scheffler, 12 letters (1934-1947) discuss the work of various historians and Eckstein's own writing;
Georg Schmidt [director, Kunstmuseum Basel], 5 letters and 1 postcard (1952-1964), personal letters referring to various art historians;
I. Siercking(?), 1 letter (1922) about some photos of classical objects;
Margit Staber [director of exhibitions, Kunstgewerbemuseum der Stadt Zürich], 1 letter (1978) about sending Eckstein a catalog;
W. Stöbe, 5 letters (1941-1942) about book orders;
Eduard Trier, 1 letter (1951) refers to plans for the Cologne museum;
Mme. Venion-Walter(?), 1 letter (1964);
Robert Vorhoelzer, 2 letters (1931, 1934) about an article Eckstein writes about Vorhoelzer;
Hermann Voss, 1 letter (1948) includes information about the Central Collecting Point;
Hans Wentzel [professor, Institut für Kunstgeschichte Stuttgart], 2 letters (1973);
Max Wiederanders, 2 letters (1949-1950) about speaking on various topics listed in the letters;
Christian Wolters, 1 letter (in duplicate) (1964) about Wolters's new position in Berlin;
1 letter unsigned (n.d.) and 1 postcard, with illegible signature (1940).
1 12 Correspondence regarding the Neue Sammlung, 1948-1976
Michael Andritzky, 1 letter (1976) refers to articles proposed by Eckstein, one being for the anniversary of the Neue Sammlung;
Dieter Bersil(?) 1 letter;
Prof. Dr. Maunz, 1 letter with 8 copies (1958) informing Eckstein of his appointment as Director of the Neue Sammlung;
Günther von Pechmann [director, Die Neue Sammlung], 4 letters (1948-1949) about current conditions of the Sammlung and its exhibitions.
Box Folder
2 1 Correspondence with architects, A-C, 1936-1978
Architektenring Düsseldorf, 2 letters (1952, n.d.) refer to a disagreement between several architects and Prof. Tamms;
Luciano Baldessari, Milan, 5 personal letters (1960-1966);
Hermann Baur, Basel, 1 letter (1936);
Carl August Bembé, New York, 1 letter (1949) discusses the study of architecture at Rensselaer P.I.;
Karl Augustinus Bieber, Graz, 5 personal letters (1970-1978);
Hermann Blomeier, Konstanz, 17 letters and 1 postcard (1960-1977) refer to Eckstein's problems with the Werkbund and Blomeier articles for publication edited by Eckstein;
Walter Bodmer, Zürich, 2 letters (1936) about publication of an article by Bodmer;
Heinz Buff, Nürnberg, 1 letter (1951) refers to an article published in Bauen und Wohnen;
Ulrich Conrads, Berlin, 4 letters (1969) about the proposal for Design Center Berlin and redevelopment in the city;
Han Coray, Lugano, 1 letter (1931).
2 2 Correspondence with architects, D-H, 1934-1970
Deutscher Verband für Wohnungswesen Städtebau und Raumplanung, Frankfurt am Main, 2 letters (1950) refer to "Planen, Bauen, Wohnen," Eckstein's supplement in the Süddeutschen Zeitung;
Richard Döcker, Stuttgart, 3 letters (1950-1957) refer to Eckstein's supplement;
D.C. Döpfner, Offenbach, 1 letter (1970) refers to proceedings at the "van der Velde Gesellschaft";
Egon Eiermann, Karlsruhe, 3 letters (1952, 1963, n.d.) including one from Eiermann's wife and one letter from Eiermann with his views on architecture;
Fagus-Werk Karl Benscheidt, Munich, 2 letters (1957) refer to the shoe industry and Benscheidt's factory built with Gropius' assistance;
Theodor Fischer, 3 postcards (1934, 1937);
Franz Füeg, 1 letter (1954) refers to Eckstein's views on critiquing architecture;
Mrs. Walter Gropius, 2 letters (1969) refer to Eckstein's last meeting with Gropius and a biographical account written about Gropius by S.A. Kurtz;
K. Gruber, Munich, 1 letter (1953) responds to a letter to the editor by Gruber in the Neue Zeitung;
Max Guther, Ulm, 1 letter (1953) refers to architecture in the old city of Ulm;
Hugo Häring, Biberach, 6 letters (1949-1954) which discuss Häring's views on architecture at the Marienplatz, ideas for construction of a museum, and publication of his lecture Vom Geheimnis der Gestalt, and comments about his critics;
Werner Hebebrand, Frankfurt am Main, 4 letters (1949-1953) about his project for an airport, comments on various architects with reference to Bauhaus and Jugendstil;
Peter Hecker, Munich, 1 letter (1953);
Stephan Hirzel, Kassel, 2 letters (1950) refer to project for a railroad station in Kassel;
Wilhelm Hofmann, Hannover, 2 letters (1969) about a search for a successor to Matthias Janssen.
2 3 Correspondence with architects, J-L, 1935-1976
Jürgen Joedicke, Stuttgart, 8 letters (1955-1969) refer primarily to articles in Bauen und Wohnen and also mention architecture of the planned Sydney opera house;
Karl Kieffer, Passau, 7 letters and 1 postcard (1935-1936) discuss publication of an article about the Nibelungenhalle, Passau in the Baugilde;
Friedrich Koenigsfeld, Tel Aviv, 2 letters (1976) discuss romanesque architecture in France;
Otto Kolb, Chicago, 1 letter (1950);
Aris Konstantinidis, Athens, 27 letters (1966-1975, n.d.) about his exhibition "Anonyme Architektur," various articles written for Bauen und Wohnen, his book on architecture Elements for self knowledge towards a true architecture and personal anecdotes;
Heinrich Lauterbach, Kassel, 10 letters (1951-1966, bulk 1958) express his views on architecture, especially current buildings, and refer to his lecture "50 Jahre Neues Bauen selbst erlebt";
Herr Lehmbrock, 2 letters from Eckstein (1969), in which Eckstein details how he became an architectural critic and discusses his articles written in the 1930s;
Alfons Leitl, Rheydt, 2 letters (1949) about contributing articles to Bauen und Wohnen;
Horst Linde, Freiburg im Briesau, 1 letter (1957) about architectural considerations in the construction of a church;
Eduard von der Lippe, Munich, 1 letter (1952) refers to articles on architecture.
2 4 Correspondence with architects, M-R, 1934-1972
Peter Meyer, Zürich, 14 letters and 1 postcard (1934-1949) and 1 article published in Das Werk about Alexander von Senger, letters discuss artists and politics in Germany, Eckstein's book on romanesque architecture, and opinions from both on Ernst Barlach;
Richard and Dione Neutra, Los Angeles, 10 letters (1954-1972) most written by Dione about traveling in Europe and Neutra's lectures there, also includes 2 typescripts from Dione after Neutra's death with commentary about his life and a diagram and description of Ecology Park in LA dedicated to the memory of Neutra;
Richard Rian...?, 1 greeting card (1953);
Heinrich Richartz, Düren, 1 letter (1953) expresses ideas on architecture;
Walter Rossow, Berlin, 1 letter (1954) gives Eckstein's thoughts on reform of the German Werkbund.
2 5 Correspondence with Julius Posener, 1964-1984
Julius Posener, architect and architectural historian, correspondence contains lengthy discourses about architecture, fellow architects, lectures, critiques and manuscripts, especially Eckstein's book on French romanesque architecture; includes document written by Posener about a meeting of the Deutscher Werkbund with government agencies, Dec 17, 1974, which seeks their support.
2 6 Correspondence with architects, S-Z, 1935-1973
Carl Sattler, Munich, 2 letters (1949) about Eckstein's critique of monument by Koelle;
Gustav Schleicher, Stuttgart, 2 letters (1950) refer to article by Eckstein about Adolf Loos;
H. Schmeissner, Nürnberg, 2 letters (1949, 1950) about the reconstruction of Bavaria;
Walther Schmidt, Lindau, 5 letters (1949-1950) about lecture and article by Schmidt on architecture;
Walter Schwagenscheidt, Kronberg, 4 letters (1949, 1966) refer to Eckstein's reviewing Schwagenscheidt's books Raumstadt and Die Nordweststadt;
Rudolf Schwarz, Frankfurt am Main, 3 letters (1951-1957);
Otto Ernst Schweizer, Karlsruhe, 9 letters (1948-1949, n.d.) about a competition for the reconstruction of Karlsruhe;
Hans Schwippert, Düsseldorf, 11 letters (1949-1973) include a document about the Bundeshaus Bonn and a speech given at the 200th jubilee of the Akademie Stuttgart, also a letter from Schwippert's wife after his death;
Friedel Steinmeyer, Offenbach am Main, 1 letter (1956);
E.G. Streiff, Zürich, 2 letters (1935, 1939);
Henry van de Velde, Oberägeri, 10 letters (1 in triplicate) (1957) refer to van de Velde's manuscript (taken from his book Récit de ma vie) for a Festschrift about the German Werkbund, sent in French with annotations, and two letters between Eckstein and van de Velde's daughter after his death;
J. Vienot, Paris, 1 letter (1954);
Otto Völckers, Munich, 5 letters (1949-1950) about Völckers' contributing to Bauen und Wohnen and the critiques in the issue "Maier in Ravensburg";
Werner, Augsburg, 1 letter (1950);
Bruno Wiesinger, Würzburg, 2 letters (1955) about the construction of school buildings;
Hans Zinzen, Farchach bei Aufkirchen, 2 letters (1950) about Zinzen writing for Planen, Bauen, Wohnen and Pfister criticizing Eckstein.
2 7 Correspondence with artists, A-N, 1932-1978
Rudolf Belling, sculptor, 4 letters (1963-1972);
Heinrich Brüne, artist, 14 letters and 10 postcards (1940-1941) primarily refer to writing a monograph about Brüne and an exhibition of his work, and including correspondence from Ferdinand Denk on behalf of Brüne;
Casper, printmaker, 1 letter (1948);
Oskar Coester, artist, 2 letters (1950);
Walter Dexel, artist, 3 letters and 1 postcard (1960-1970) refer to his published works and critiques;
Fritz Hellmut Ehmcke, printmaker and professor of architecture, 2 letters (1948, 1953) one commenting on article Eckstein wrote about architecture in Munich;
Frank El Punto, artist, 4 letters (1963-1964) refer to the artist's work and exhibitions;
Ernst Geitlinger, artist, 1 letter (1972) from Geitlinger's wife after his death with enclosed text about his life;
Thomas Gleb, weaver, 4 letters (1977-1978);
Olaf Gulbransson, artist, 1 letter and 1 card (sent by his wife) with photo of Gulbransson work (n.d.) refers to Eckstein article about Heine and includes pencil sketch by Gulbransson;
Adolf Hartmann, 1 letter (1948) refers to critique about Hartmann;
Kükelhaus, 1 letter (1956) with ink sketches;
Hans Leistikow, artist, 1 letter (1958);
Alfred Mahlau, artist, 2 letters (1947, 1949) refer to book he is writing;
Lucia Moholy, photographer, 1 letter (1973) about sending a gift to Eckstein;
Elisabeth Nay, wife of Ernst Wilhelm Nay, artist, 2 letters (1968) about his death;
Remigius Netzer, artist, 1 letter (1941) refers to Eckstein's essay about Fiedler;
Otto Nückel, artist, 1 letter (1932).
2 8 Correspondence with artists, O-Z, 1930-1974
Emil Orlik, artist, 1 letter to Heinrich Brüne (1930);
Hans Purrmann, artist, 3 letters to Heinrich Brüne (1942, n.d.);
Anton Sailer, artist, 1 letter (1948) with ink sketch;
Tut Schlemmer, wife of Oskar Schlemmer, 7 letters and 3 postcards (1958-1974, n.d.) refer to Bauhaus artist Marianne Brandt and other Bauhaus history, and includes a list of signatures from well-wishers at her 75th birthday celebration;
Eberhard Schlotter, artist, 7 letters (1959-1971);
Max Schwimmer, artist, 2 letters (1948-1949) with pen sketches;
Toni Stadler, sculptor, 6 letters (1946, 1958) refer primarily to writing an essay about the sculptor Ludwig Kasper;
Günther Strupp, artist, 1 letter (1946) refers to Eckstein's critique of the exhibition "Augsburger Maler";
Joseph Wackerle, sculptor, 2 letters (1948);
Woty Werner, artist, 1 postcard (1962);
Conrad Westphal, artist, 2 letters (1945, 1946);
Hermann Wilhelm, artist, 1 letter (1946).
2 9 Correspondence about, Josef Scharl, 1930, 1967-1971
Eckstein letter from 1930 discusses Scharl's paintings and includes an essay about the artist. The correspondence from 1967-1971 is between Eckstein and Aloys Greither, a collector of Scharl's works, and refers to exhibitions and a monograph about Scharl. File includes 49 photographs of Scharl paintings from the late 1920s and from 1930 taken at Atelier Lotte Jacobi, Berlin, and J.B. Neumann and Guenther Franke, Munich.
2 10 Correspondence with Wilhelm Wagenfeld, 1951-1982
Letters describe Wagenfeld's designs for glass and metal objects, his political position in the 1930s, his participation in an exhibition, and a Festschrift planned by Eckstein for the Neuen Sammlung to celebrate the accomplishments of the German Werkbund.
2 11 Correspondence with designers, A-Z, 1955-1977
Jan Bontjes van Beek, ceramicist, 6 letters (1964-1977) refer to his work and exhibitions;
François Burkhardt, head of Internationales Design Zentrum Berlin (IDZ), 4 letters (1975-1976) refer to Eckstein's participation at the exhibition "Zwischen Kunst und Industrie -der Deutsche Werkbund im IDZ Berlin";
Deutscher Designertag, 1 letter (1977) from vice-president, Wanner; Manfred Eisenbeis and Hans-Peter Niebuhr, Offenbach am Main, 1 letter (1977) with suggested topics for Eckstein to include in his lecture on the topic Ästhetik im Alltag;
Wend Fischer, director (succeeding Eckstein) of the Neue Sammlung Munich, 4 letters (1963-1964, 1975) two of which, addressed to Herbert Ohl, state his reasons for declining an invitation to sit on a jury for "Gute Form";
H. Lindinger, president Verband Deutscher Industrie-Designer, 2 letters (1976) one instating Eckstein as an honorary member of the Society;
Andreas Moritz, silversmith, 16 letters (1962-1976) includes lengthy discussions about fellow arts and crafts designers and Moritz's own work as well as a letter to Minoru Nambara on aesthetics;
Saale-Glas Jena, 2 letters (1974) request by Eckstein for photos of Ilse Decho tea service;
Mia Seeger, 10 letters and 1 postcard (1955-1975) refer to her position at the Rat für Formgebung and the organization's work.
Box Folder
3 1 Correspondence, personal and miscellaneous, A-G, 1932-1976
François Arp, 1 letter (1972) about Lucien Billy;
Hans Baier, 1 letter (1932);
Alice Berenthal(?), 2 letters (1945, 1962);
Marianne Beyer, 1 letter (1971);
Georg Biermann, 1 postcard (1941);
Olga Böhme, 1 letter (1941);
Hans and Gerda v. Braunbehrens, 1 postcard (1973) about Olaf Gulbransson;
A.E. Brinckmann, 1 letter (1945);
Hermann Bünemann, 1 letter (1970);
Nuccio Cinquegrani, 2 letters (1974) about an exhibition and monograph of Christian Hess' works;
Jutta Curten(?), 1 letter (1944);
Andreas Dorit, 1 letter (1973);
Dr. Edrich, 1 letter (1941);
Herr Ernst, 1 letter (1969) about his retirement from the Werkkunstschule Kassel;
Prof. Esterer, 1 letter (1938? or 1948?);
Paul Fechter, 1 letter (1940);
Fritzi Fendel(?), 1 letter (1973);
Günther Franke and wife, 2 letters (1970, 1976);
Max Frisch, 1 letter (1955);
H.O. Gallus, 1 letter (1948) about Eckstein's book on romanesque architecture;
Frau Giehse, [actress], 1 letter (1968);
Erika and Helga Glassner, 2 letters (1938);
Aloys Goergen, 1 letter (1976).
3 2 Correspondence, personal and miscellaneous, H-L, 1937-1977
Frau Hamm-Brüchner, 1 letter (in duplicate), (1966) about her loss in the Parliamentary election;
Eberhard Hanfstaengl, director Bayerischen Staatsgemäldesammlungen and active in Verlag F. Bruckmann, 4 letters, (1951-1966, 1971);
Renate Heise, 1 letter (1941);
Theodor Heuss, [former president and secretary to the Deutscher Werkbund], 31 letters (1957-1958), one references an entry written by Heuss for the Werkbund Festschrift;
Heyden, 1 letter (1945);
Oskar Holer, 1 letter (1937);
Ilka(?), 1 postcard (1963);
Erich Kästner, [author], 2 letters (1964, 1969);
Kestner Gesellschaft, 1 letter (1975); Herr Klöcker, 1 letter (1965);
Wilhelm Kuchenmüller, 1 letter (1940) about Eckstein's son;
Hans Kullmann, 1 postcard (1974);
F.E. Lamprecht, 1 letter with newspaper clipping (1947) refers to the critique of a lecture given by Eckstein;
N. Langer(?), 1 letter (1946);
Klaus Lauber, 1 letter [partial] (1967) with Lauber's opinion of a lecture given by Prof. Nestler;
Herr Lommel, 1 letter (1977);
Hellmut von Lube, 1 postcard (1968).
3 3 Correspondence, personal and miscellaneous, M-Z, 1930-1980
Mireille and Charles Magot, 1 letter with photograph (1976);
K. Martin, director, Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen, 3 letters (1960, n.d.);
Franz Mayer, 1 letter (1955);
Muschalkalk, 1 letter (1961);
Josef Karl Neoud, 1 letter (1937);
Irwin Nunzl(?), 2 letters (1940, 1941);
Lotte Otto, 1 letter (1969);
A. Rucker, 1 letter (1955) about the Neuen Sammlung;
Otto Rückert, 1 letter (1958);
Oda Schaefer, 1 letter (1970) about Eckstein's book of his memoirs;
Walter Schulz, 1 letter (1980) refers to his current writing;
Paul Schütz, 1 letter (1965);
Hubert Sigros, 1 letter (1974);
Hermann Sorge, 2 letters (1941);
Micaela Szekely, 1 letter (1975);
H.C. Teeza P.(?), 2 letters (1965);
Max Wiederanders, 1 letter (1930) refers to a film about the Werkbund;
Sofi and Ramza Wissa Wassef, 3 letters (1962-1964);
Hans Joachim Ziersch, 2 letters (1974, 1976).
3 4 Correspondence to and from family members, and letters with illegible signatures, , 1929-1975 n.d.
16 letters and note cards, and 4 postcards. 6 letters are carbon copies of those sent by Eckstein to family members.
Series II. Manuscripts and lectures, ca. 1930-ca. 1950 2.0 box(es) ca. 1 lin. ft.
Typescripts and carbon copies of reviews, articles and lectures, most written by Hans Eckstein. Some printed material is included. The series is organized in four groupings: Manuscripts about artists, architects, philosophers and collectors, consists of biographical essays. Manuscripts regarding art under the Third Reich discuss the place of art and exhibitions in the political arena. Reviews of exhibitions and books, and manuscripts by other authors complete the series.
Box Folder
3 5 Manuscripts about artists, architects, philosophers and collectors, by Eckstein
2 mss on Josef Scharl: "Josef Scharl," 2 pp.; "Josef Scharl," 4 pp. with annotations, in duplicate, Kunst und Künstler, 3, 10 Jan. 1931;
5 mss. on Max Beckmann: "Max Beckmann," 7 pp.; "Max Beckmann," 5 pp. in duplicate; "Max Beckmann, Zu einter Ausstellung seiner Gemälde...," 4 pp.; "Max Beckmann zu seinem Schaffen," 2 pp. from an exhibition catalog in the Mannheim Kunsthalle, 1928; "Der Maler Max Beckmann," 8 pp.;
"Stefan George: Werk und Wirkung," 5 pp. for the poet's 60th birthday, in duplicate;
"Josef Israels," 2 pp.;
"Albert Schweizer," 2 pp.;
"Spinoza," 4 pp. for the 250th anniversary of his death;
4 mss. on Adolf Loos: "Adolf Loos," 4 pp. in triplicate with annotations; "Adolf Loos," 3 pp. in duplicate; "Adolf Loos," 6 pp.; "Adolf Loos," 2 pp.;
2 mss. on Mies: "Ludwig Mies van der Rohe," 3 pp. in duplicate; "Ludwig Mies van der Rohe: Vom Material über die Zwecke zur Gestaltung," 3 pp.;
"Heinrich Tessenow," 3 pp. in duplicate, with annotations;
2 mss. on August Mayer: "Kunstwissenschaft und Expertise, ein Wort zu Aug. L. Mayers Rücktritt," 3 pp. with annotations, in duplicate; "Ein Schritt zur Klärung, August L. Mayer seiner amtlichen Pflichten entbunden," 2 pp. with annotations;
2 mss. on Karl Fohr: "Karl Philipp Fohr,"7 pp. with annotations; "Karl Philipp Fohr, ein Meister deutscher Landschaftskunst," 5 pp.;
"Hans Eckstein," 2pp. autobiographical essay.
3 6 Manuscripts about artists, architects, philosophers and collectors, by Eckstein and others
Typescripts and carbon copies of essays, most by Eckstein, initials indicate those by other authors:
"Egon Kornmann, Wege zum Bildverständnis -Gänge in der alten Pinakothek in München," 1 p. review of Kornmann's book published in 1933;
"Zum sechzigsten Geburtstag Max Slevogts," 5 pp. in triplicate;
"George Dehio," 1 p.;
"Die Sammlung M. von Nemes," 4 pp., Kunst und Künstler Mai 1931;
"Moholy-Nagy," 2 pp.;
"Das Theater-Werk," 7 pp. introduction to an exhibition of works by Oskar Schlemmer held at the Berlin Akademie der Künste in 1963;
Three mss. about Rodin: "Auguste Rodin (1840-1918)," 3 pp.; "Auguste Rodin: Skulptur," 4 pp.; "Auguste Rodin: Testament," 5 pp.;
"Anton Kerschbaumer," 2 pp.;
"Otto Nückel," 3 pp.;
"Christian Rohlfs wird achtzig Jahre (am 22. Dez.1929)," 4 pp. in duplicate;
Two mss. about Munch: "Edvard Munchs Graphik," 2 pp. in duplicate [initials ck at end of essay]; "Edvard Munch Ausstellung in München," 2 pp. in duplicate;
"Menzel Ausstellung," 1 p.;
"James Ensor," 5 pp.;
"Für den deutschen Maler Emil Nolde," 3 pp.;
Two mss. about Schultze-Naumburg: "Schultze-Naumburg zu seinem 60 Geburtstag," 3 pp. in duplicate; "Schultze-Naumburg," 3 pp.
3 7 Manuscripts about artists, architects, philosophers and collectors, by Eckstein and others
Typescripts and carbon copies of essays, most by Eckstein, initials indicate other authors:
Two mss. about Bonatz: " Paul Bonatz 70 Jahre," 2 pp.; "Zum Tode von Paul Bonatz," 2 pp.;
"Gustav Hassenpflug," 5 pp. with annotations;
"Friedrich Wilhelm von Erdmannsdorff," newspaper clipping (1936);
"Hugo Häring," 5 pp. with annotations;
"Eduard Ludwig," 4 pp. obituary;
"Zum Tode von Otto Völckers," 2 pp.;
"Der Städteplaner Werner Hebebrand," 2 pp.;
"Clemens Holzmeister über seine Bauten," 2 pp. in duplicate;
"Der Architekt des Chile-Hauses in Hamburg, Fritz Höger," 1 p.;
2 mss. about Ernst Neufert: "Ernst Neufert 60 Jahre," 3 pp.; "Ein ungewöhnlischer Architekt [Ernst Neufert]," 2 pp., essay for his 60th birthday;
"Bauten von Otto Haesler," 5 pp. and 4 pp. offprint;
Two mss. about Max Taut: "Max Taut, der Namenlos," obituary, newspaper clipping Süddeutsche Zeitung, 1 März 1967, [initials pmb at end of essay]; "Max Taut," 3 pp.;
"Zum Tode des Architekten Fritz Höger," 2 pp.;
"Hendrik Petrus Berlage: Begründer und Wegbereiter der modernen Architektur," 2 pp.;
"Alfred Fischer-Essen," 6 pp. obituary;
"Walter Gropius, sein Werk und seine Ziele," 5 pp. with annotations.
3 8 Manuscripts regarding art under the Third Reich, by others and Eckstein, ca. 1930-ca. 1945
Typescripts and carbon copies of 7 essays, 3 by Eckstein. Other authors indicated by initials:
"Münchner Notizen," 3 pp. in duplicate, with newspaper clipping, about an exhibition which demonstrates how the Nazis interpret art, Nationalzeitung Basel (1934) Nr. 508, 2 Nov. 34, [initials kz at end of essay];
"Die Kunststadt des Dritten Reiches," 5 pp. with newspaper clipping, Nationalzeitung Basel (1934) Nr. 269, 15 Juni 3, [initials mn at end of essay];
"Brief über die Lage der Kunst im Dritten Reich," 6 pp. in triplicate, Das Werk Septemberheft 1934 [initals att after part II, and tz after part III of the essay];
"Zur Entwirrung der Begriffe: Kulturbolschewismus," 1 p. in duplicate;
"Der Stand der deutschen Revolution auf dem Gebiet der bildenden Künste," 3 pp. in duplicate, Das Werk, May 1934, [initials tz at end of essay];
"Zur Entwirrung der Begriffe: Parlamentarismus," 2 pp. with annotations, discusses Parliament in conjunction with the Nazi movement;
"Zur Entwirrung der Begriffe: Intellektueller," 2 pp. in triplicate, refer to intellectualism and Naziism;
"Kulturbolschewismus?," 4 pp. with annotations dated 1932. .
3 9 Manuscripts regarding art under the Third Reich, by Eckstein and others, ca. 1930-ca. 1950
Typescripts and carbon copies of essays by Eckstein and others (as indicated by initials):
"Brief aus München: Neue Kunstpolitik," 3 pp. Das Werk, August-Heft 1933, [initials sn at end of essay];
"Kunst und Staat," 3 pp. in triplicate, response to an essay by Gustav F. Hartlaub, [initials pm at end of essay];
"Deutsche Jugend kampft für die lebendige Kunst," 3 pp. in duplicate, Das Werk, Augustheft 1933;
"Berichte aus Deutschland: Kunstausstellungen unter staatlicher Zensur," 5 pp. Das Werk, August-Heft 1935, [initials "at" at end of essay];
"Kunstbolschewisten für Adolf Hitler," 2 pp.;
six typescripts re Paul Schmitthenner, architect: "Paul Schmitthenner: Die Baukunst im dritten Reich," 4 pp. in duplicate in Das Werk, Heft 2, 1936 [initials wr at end of essay], "Die Ratio in der Baukunst," 5 pp. lecture by Schmitthenner dated Dec 10, 1943, "Der Fall Schmitthenner," 3 pp. in duplicate, an affidavit in support of him, 6 pp. dated Mar 14, 1947, "Der Fall Schmitthenner," 2 pp., a letter to the Neue Zeitung, 1 p. dated Sep 9, 1950, and biographical data on three architects (Paul Schmitthenner, Tidje, Paul Bonatz) and their involvement in the Third Reich, 3 pp. written by R. Döcker;
four typescripts re Alexander von Senger, architect: "Ist das Bonner Bundeshaus zu schlecht gebaut?," 2 pp. response by Senger to a critique from Eckstein, "Antwort an Herrn Alexander von Senger," 2 pp. written by Eckstein with additional 3 pp. of excerpts from Senger's books (both in duplicate), "Antwort an Herrn Alexander von Senger," 3 pp. in duplicate, "Ein Lehrstuhl für Alexander von Senger," 2 pp. [initials rz at end of essay];
"Deutsche Schrift: Zu einer Ausstellung in München," 5 pp. in duplicate, review the exhibition Deutsche Schrift und ihre Entwicklung, Das Werk, Februarheft 1934, [initials rz at end of essay].
3 10 Manuscripts regarding art under the Third Reich, by Eckstein and others, ca. 1930-ca. 1945
Typescripts and carbon copies of essays by Eckstein and others (as indicated by initials):
"Der italienische Fascismus und die neue Architektur," 2 pp.;
"Die Kunststadt des Dritten Reiches," 5 pp. Nationalzeitung, 1934 Nr.269, 15.Juni, addresses Hitler's naming Munich the city of German art [initials mn at end of essay];
"Kunsthistorische Rhetorik im Dritten Reich," 2 pp. in duplicate Das Werk, Heft 5, May 1935;
"Kunsthistorische Rhetorik II," 2 pp., [initials if at end of essay];
"Bericht aus Deutschland: Noch immer Bildersturm," 2 pp.;
"Ein mitgelaufener Bildhauer," 5 pp. about the sculptor Arno Breker;
"Zur Lage der Kunst in Deutschland," 24 pp. with annotations, Neue Schweizer Rundschau;
"Reichsverband bildender Künstler Deutschlands," 5 pp. document dated Dec 14, 1932 setting forth copyright laws;
critique of an essay by Walter Riezler, "Bildende Kunst als Zeitausdruck," 2 pp. in triplicate;
"Was ist deutsch an der Kunst der Deutschen?" 15 pp. (11-14 in duplicate);
"Nationale Kunstpolitik im Dritten Reich," 4 pp. Das Werk, Heft 9, Sept. 1933, [initials if at end of essay].
3 11 Manuscripts regarding art under the Third Reich, by Eckstein and others, ca. 1930-ca. 1945
Typescripts and carbon copies of essays by Eckstein and others (as indicated by initials):
"Bausünden und Baugeldvergeudung," 3 pp. in triplicate, [initials usw at end of essay];
"Deutsche Siedlungsausstellung München 1934," 7 pp. Das Werk, Heft 9, 1934, critique of an exhibition which describes housing for new settlements, [initials pw at end of essay];
"Beurteilung der wissenschaftl. Haltung durch Parteistellen," 1 p. of three statements made by A.E. Brinckmann;
3 newspaper clippings with articles about the Third Reich;
2 reprints from Geistige Arbeit, 20 August 1940 and 5 September 1940 with articles by Eckstein and others about the politics in the Third Reich;
4 reprints from Kampfbund für deutsche Kultur;
review written by Eckstein of the exhibition, Junge Münchner Kunst, with 12 pp. list of artists and their works and 6 pp. price list, shown at the Munich Juryfreien collective exhibition ca. 1930, (list in triplicate);
lecture given by Eckstein to the artist group Juryfreien on three themes of crisis in art, artists' needs and art preservation, 35 pp. with annotations;
"Wir greifen heraus für Werner Peiner," 2 pp., defends Peiner and his art during the Third Reich regime.
3 12 Manuscripts by Eckstein
"München: Reaktion gegen die moderne Bauweise," 1 p.;
"Über Wert und Unwert der Fotografie," 4 pp. with annotations, in duplicate, Baukunst, Sept. 1930;
"Von Fotografie und ewigen Dingen," 3 pp. with annotations, in duplicate;
"Diskussion über Fotografie," 5 pp. and 1 p. handwritten notes;
"Das japanische Wohnhaus und die moderne Architektur," 2 pp. proof sheets with annotations by Eckstein;
"Mobilmachung gegen den Geist," 4 pp. dated Jan 31, 1931;
"Die Juryfreien," 4 pp. about Munich and political policy on culture;
"Aus der Werkstatt des Künstlers," in quadruplicate (2 copies with 2 pp. and 2 copies with 3 pp.), introduction to an exhibition at the Neue Sammlung;
"Die ausgemalte Apsis des bamberger Georgenchors," 5 pp. in duplicate;
"Die Ausmalung des bamberger Georgenchores," 4 pp. in triplicate.
3 13 Manuscripts by Eckstein
"Nazarener und neue Sachlichkeit," 4 pp. in triplicate;
"Künstlernot und Kunstpflege," 7 pp. address Munich's exhibition problems;
"Tradition und Revolution in der französischen Malerei von Manet bis Cezanne," 23 pp. intended for a lecture with 2 partial copies and annotations.
Box Folder
4 1 Manuscripts by Eckstein and others
Typescripts and carbon copies of essays by Eckstein and others (other authors indicated by initials):
"Die bildenden Künste im Nachkriegsdeutschland," 7 pp. with annotations;
"Neue Bauhauskrise," 4 pp. in duplicate with annotations, Baukunst, Sept. 1930;
"Philosophie der künstlerischen Qualität," 7 pp.; untitled 5 pp. typescript about the architecture and rebuilding of the Alte and Neue Pinakotheken in Munich;
"Gedanken zur Kunst," 5 pp. with annotations;
"Künstlerische Erkenntnis und Kunstverständnis," 23 pp. intended for a lecture;
"Das Bildhafte und das Bildnerische," 5 pp. with annotations Die neue Linie;
"Das Bildhafte und das Bildnerische," 2 pp. (incomplete) in duplicate [not the same as previous ms.];
"Zehn Jahre graphisches Kabinett in München," 4 pp. [initials ck at end of essay];
"Fünfundzwanzig Jahre Mannheimer Kunsthalle," 6 pp. with annotations, Nationalzeitung Basel 28 April 1932, no.195;
"Weihnachtsausstellungen Münchner Künstler," 2 pp. critique of various exhibitions in Munich around Christmas time;
"Museum und Gegenwart, Krise -des Museums? -der Theorie?," 7 pp. with annotations, in duplicate.
4 2 Manuscripts by Eckstein and others
Typescripts and carbon copies of essays by Eckstein and others (other authors indicated by initials):
"Münchens Meisterschulen," 5 pp.;
"Münchner Kunstausstellungen," 3 pp. critique of exhibition at the Günther Franke graphics gallery which includes artists Anton Kerschbaumer, Schmidt-Rottluff, Nolde, Otto Herbig and Delacroix;
"Zum Wechsel in der Leitung der bayrischen Staatsgalerien," 3 pp. primarily about Friedrich Dörnhöffer who was stepping down from the directorship;
"München und die deutsche Kunst des 19.Jahrh.," 3 pp. about Hans Karlinger's book about Munich [initials st at end of essay];
"Münchner Kunstchronik," 2 pp. critique of the exhibition Vor-und Nachkriegsjahre im Spiegel des Simplicissimus;
"München will neue Ausstellungsräume schaffen," 3 pp. with annotations;
"Junge Münchner Kunst in Leipzig," 2 pp. review of the exhibition, [initial x at end of essay];
"Münchner Chronik," 3 pp. discussion on young artists in various Munich galleries;
"Probleme der Kunstpflege in München," 8 pp. with annotations in duplicate;
"Zur Kunstpflege in München," 8 pp. with annotations;
untitled 8 pp. typescript with annotations, addresses the need for art;
"Kunst-oder Fremdenstadt?," 3pp. discussion of art in Munich;
"Le Corbusier, Grundfragen des Städtebaues nach Skizzen des Verfassers," 2 pp. review of Corbusier's book;
"Zur Ausstellung deutsches Sehen," 1 p., review of an exhibition [initials gf at end of essay];
"Ein Künstler als Kunstrichter," 2 pp. with annotations, discusses who should become an art critic;
"Nochmals: Der Münchner Kunsthimmel," newspaper clipping in duplicate, written by Eckstein, Süddeutscher Zeitung, No.42, May 10, 1947;
newspaper column written by Eckstein, Südost-Kurler Zeitung, No.37, Sep 14, 1946;
"Eine Anregung zum Verständnis der modernen Kunst," reprint from Das Sprachrohr, Regensburg, No.2, Mai 1947, based on a discussion with Eckstein by Roland Schönfeld;
untitled 2 pp. about exhibition space for a show at the Milan Mueso Sforzesco.
10 pp. of unrelated typescript sheets;
4 3 Manuscript(s) consisting of transcriptions of writing by others
Typescript pages which transcribe the words of others; some duplicate pages, all perhaps belonging to one (partial) manuscript.
"Die Phantasie in der Malerei," 10 pp. with annotations, by Max Liebermann;
"Gedanken und Betrachtungen über die Malerei," 7 pp. of short statements by Georges Braque;
three texts by Paul Gauguin translated into German with annotations: "An Emile Bernard, Arles 1888," "An Willemsen, 1890," "Gedanken über die Kunst," 8 pp.;
"Cuno Amiet: In eigener Sache," 3 pp. of his thoughts on painting;
1 p. statement about the meaning of a picture by Ernst Ludwig Kirschner;
typescript consisting of transcribed letters, all in German, pages numbered 8-15 with some duplicates: 2 letters from Théodore Rousseau to Charles Blanc, and to Alfred Sensier; 1 letter from Adolf Menzel to Otto Greiner (Feb 6, 1890); 1 letter from Joshua Reynolds to Borry (n.d.); 2 letters from Max Liebermann to Wilhelm Bode (Aug 23, 1905, n.d.). N.B. For more Liebermann transcribed letters, see Series VI.
Series III. Deutscher Werkbund (DWB) and Neues Bauen, 1932-1980 2.0 box(es) ca. 1 lin. ft.
Box 4, folders 4-11, contains correspondence, documents, mss. and lectures, and newspaper clippings about the DWB. The material covers such topics as exhibitions, business meetings of the DWB, and publications and historical perspectives of the Werkbund. Box 5, folders 1-6, contains correspondence, official documents, and mss. on the topic of architecture emanating from the organization called Neue Bauen. The mss., written by Eckstein and others, concern a broad array of architectural projects and post- World War II rebuilding.
Box Folder
4 4 Deutscher Werkbund, correspondence and documents regarding DWB business, 1949-1977, n.d.
Hans Eckstein, 41 letters (1949-1977, n.d.) relate primarily to plans for a DWB exhibition during 1969.
4 5 Deutscher Werkbund, correspondence and documents regarding DWB business, , , 1933 1969 1980
General letter to members of the DWB (1933);
Wend Fischer to Gustav Stein, 1 letter (1969) disputes allegations made by Stein against Fischer;
Walter Rossow, chairman of the Rat für Formgebung, 3 letters (1969);
G.B. von Hartmann, general secretary of the DWB, 11 letters (1969) refer primarily to business meeting of the Werkbund;
2 sets of minutes (1969) which refer to the separation of the DWB and the Rat für Formgebung;
response to a proclamation by Herr Fuchs;
booklet (1980) which outlines the accomplishments of the DWB during 1980.
4 6 Deutscher Werkbund, manuscripts regarding exhibitions, , 1969 n.d.
"Anmerkungen zum Exposé," 23 pp., in duplicate, include an introduction and format for the organization of an exhibition based on DWB principles;
"Der Wekbund, Idee und Aufgage," 33 pp., with annotations and a partial duplicate, outlines another version for the format for an exhibition of the DWB;
"Programm einer Werkbund-Ausstellung," 3 pp. (1969), in duplicate with a slightly different third copy, discuss what questions should be addressed when mounting an exhibition;
"Exposé Werkbund Ausstellung, Kontinuität im Wandel," 10 pp. (1969), in duplicate, states reasons for the exhibition and concepts behind its organization.
4 7 Deutscher Werkbund, manuscripts regarding exhibitions ( ) n.d.
"Werkbund Ausstellung," 16 pp. with annotations, describe premise for exhibition and how it should be displayed, some duplicate pages;
"Hauptteil der Ausstellung," 8 pp. with annotations, in duplicate, state how an exhibition should assist the visitor in understanding the goals of the DWB and then outlines the organization of an exhibition;
25 pp. of partial manuscripts on the topic of exhibitions (includes duplicate pages);
untitled 1 p. in duplicate, expresses a statement about exhibitions and the DWB.
4 8 Deutscher Werkbund, manuscripts by Exkstein
Typescripts and carbon copies of essays by Eckstein:
"Reform des Deutschen Werkbunds?," 4 pp. and 5 pp. (1953) versions of a lecture given at two sessions of a conference of the Werkbund Bayern in Frankfurt;
"8 Nadeln für 8 Luftballons," 5 pp. [1953?], written as a caustic dialogue about Gustav Stein and the Rat für Formgebung and on the same topic, "Antworten auf den Informationsbogen," 9 pp.;
"Werkbundtagung in der Ulmer Hochschule," 4 pp. about a Baden-Württemberg Werkbund conference held in Ulm and includes newspaper clipping about Max Bill retiring from the Ulmer Hochschule für Gestaltung;
"Was war der Werkbund?," 6 pp. with an introduction dated Jan 1947 and annotations, in triplicate, and 1 p. newspaper reprint from Neue Zeitung Nr.15, 21.V.47;
"Neugründung des Werkbundes in Deutschland," 4 pp.;
"Deutscher Werkbund," 4 pp. in quadruplicate;
"Was war, was ist, was will der Werbund?," 6 pp. with annotations;
"Was ist und will der Deutsche Werkbund?," 6 pp. with annotations.
4 9 Deutscher Werkbund, manuscripts by Eckstein
Typescripts and carbon copies of essays by Eckstein:
"Deutscher Werkbund, Zu seinem 25 jährigen Bestehen," two essays, 4 pp. and 2 pp. [1932];
"März 1947," 1 p. calls for the rebuilding of Germany after World War II;
untitled, 2 pp. essay about the book 50 Jahre Deutscher Werkbund;
"[Paul] Schultze-Naumburg und das Handwerk," 2 pp., 5 copies, discusses non-progressive views of this architect;
"Werkbundarbeit-heute," 6 pp. lecture delivered at the annual meeting of the DWB (1955), in duplicate;
"Adresse: Deutscher Werkbund," 3 pp. respond to critique written by Carl Georg Heise about the international Lichtbild exhibition in Berlin;
untitled 2 pp.essay discusses principles of the DWB;
untitled 2 pp. text discusses education and pedagogy of the Werkkunstschulen;
untitled 13 pp. intended as a lecture about the history of the DWB;
"Marginalie zu Aufgabe und Ziel des Werkbunds," 1 p. [partial ms.?] describes the DWB.
4 10 Deutscher Werkbund, manuscripts by others
Typescripts and carbon copies of essays by various authors:
Fritz Gotthelf, "Kontinuität im Wandel," 2 pp. and 8 pp. in duplicate, (1969) outline the themes of the exhibition;
Hermann Muthesius and Henry van de Velde, "Typus und Gestaltung," 4 pp. of key points covered in a discussion at the Cologne DWB congress of 1914, published in 50 Jahre Deutscher Werkbund, (1958) pp. 32-33;
60 pp. of statements made by multiple authors, dated 1906-1955, and published in 50 Jahre Deutscher Werkbund, (1958) pp. 44-46;
Rudolf Schwarz, " untitled 1 p. introduction(?) to the catalog for the DWB exhibition Neues Wohnen held in Cologne 1949 [ written as 1948 on the page];
A. T-t, "Das Ende des Deutschen Werkbundes," 2 pp. in duplicate, published in Werk, (1935) XXII, Heft 2, S. xvii f.;
Dr. Müller, 1 p. proposal offering a definition for the word Werkbund;
Lamey, untitled 8 pp. (transcription from a tape) lecture delivered at the DWB's 75th anniversary in 1982.
4 11 Deutscher Werkbund, notes and clippings
Six pages of handwritten notes, primarily about DWB exhibitions;
8 newspaper clippings (1933-1972, n.d.) with various articles relating to the DWB and one about the Charente-Maritime area of France;
1 magazine(?) clipping depicting a typical artist's room reconstructed in the Munich Town Museum;
1 printed article by Eckstein, "Formgebung, Deutscher Werkbund 1969," published in Bauen und Wohnen (1970), Heft 1;
1 brochure which addresses questions about the existence and purpose of the DWB.
Box Folder
5 1 Neue Bauen, Correspondence and documents 1949-1954
General letters regarding the Neue Bauen, 4 letters (1951-1952);
5 sets of minutes from meetings of the Freunde des Neuen Bauens (Oct 25, 1949, Feb 14, 1951, Mar 5, 1951, Nov 4, 1954, n.d.);
handwritten first page for a set of minutes (n.d.);
3 sets of signatures from attendees at discussion evenings of the Freunde des Neuen Bauens (Oct 15, 1951, May 5, 1952, Nov 9, 1953);
list of publications borrowed by Richard Riemerschmid (2 pp.);
bibliographic citations for newspaper articles [many included in this archive], 4 pp.
5 2 Neue Bauen, manuscripts and lectures by Eckstein
Typescripts and carbon copies of essays by Eckstein:
"Architektur im 19. Jahrhundert," 8 pp. in duplicate, with annotations; untitled, 6 pp. with annotations;
"Absolute Architektur?," 7 pp. with annotations;
"Erziehung und Bildung des Architekten," 2pp. lecture with annotations;
"Eine kritische Epistel zu seiner Verteidigung," 9 pp. essay and 4 pp. of captions for photographs, with annotations, published in the book, Brutalismus in der Architektur by Reyner Banham;
"Berliner Bauwochen," 3 pp. critique with the program brochure for the exhibition held Nov 1-9, 16, 1962;
"Fragen des neuen Bauens," 2 pp. with annotations; "Die Front aus Glass," 14 pp.;
"Nekrolog auf den Glaspalast," 5 pp.;
untitled 4 pp. in duplicate, about architecture of apartment buildings;
"Der künftige Völkerbundspalast," 3pp. in duplicate, with annotations;
"Der Völkerbund will sich einen Palast bauen," 3 pp. in triplicate;
"München: Reaktion gegen die moderne Bauweise," 1 p. in triplicate;
"Was du ererbt von deinen Vätern hast ...," 1 p.
5 3 Neue Bauen, manuscripts by Eckstein
Typescripts and carbon copies of essays by Eckstein:
"Die Regierung von Unterfranken verbietet," 3 pp.;
"Moderne Nürnberger Baukunst," 1 p.;
"Wieder ein neuer Architektenbund!" 2 pp.;
"Architekt und Ingenieur," 2 pp. of statements made by various architects from Sigfried Giedion's book, Bauen in Frankreich / Eisen / Eisenbeton;
"Erweiterungsbau der Heidelberger Universität," 6 pp. in duplicate, with annotations;
"Traditionelle Bindung oder klare technische Lösung im Brückenbau," 7 pp. in duplicate, with annotations commemorates the building of the Rhine bridge Mannheim-Ludwigshafen;
"München will neue Ausstellungsräume schaffen," 3 pp.;
"Ewige Wahrheiten und verjährte Polemik gegen ein neues Bauen," 3 pp.;
"Wettbewerb Langwassergebiet Nürnberg," 5 pp. [unclear whether written by Eckstein].
untitled 2 pp. essay on the history of city planning in Hamburg which names the persons involved in the 1948 rebuilding;
Four untitled pieces, some duplicate pages, some annotations, 33 pp.
5 4 Neue Bauen, manuscripts by Eckstein
Typescripts and carbon copies of essays by Eckstein:
"Entwirrung der Begriffe III, ein Verleumdungsfeldzug gegen die moderne Architektur," 7 pp. in triplicate;
"Bedenkliche Intendanz des Bauwesens," 3 pp. with annotations;
"Restaurative Baupolitik in Düsseldorf," and "NS Schulungsburg Architekt zum Oberbaudirekto von Düsseldorf berufen," 7 pp.;
untitled, 2 pp. about the rebuilding of cities after World War II;
"Guido Harbers, Der Wohngarten," 2 pp. review of Harbers book;
"Die Münchner Postbauten," 3 pp. with annotations;
"Neue Wohnbauten in der Schweiz," 5 pp.;
"Neue Wohnbauten, ein Querschnitt durch die Wohnarchitektur in Deutschland," offprint of title page and introduction to Eckstein's book published in 1932, with annotations;
"Der neue Kursaal in Berchtesgaden," 3 pp.;
"Der neue Berchtesgadener Kursaal," 4 pp.;
"Haus Schulz in Recklinghausen," 2 pp.;
"Die Kunststadt München und das Neue Bauen," 6 pp. with annotations, published in Kunst und Künstler, Mai 1931;
"Man plant, am Glaspalast ...," 1 p. with annotations;
"Beschreibung des Neubaues Postdienstgebäude an der Fraunhoferstr.," 3 pp.;
"München will neue Ausstellungsräume schaffen," 3 pp. with annotations;
"Zu einem neuen Bauen vom guten Bauen," 4 pp. with annotations;
"Planen und Bauen aus der Nostalgie nach dem Vorgestern," 2 pp. of a partial mss.;
"Architektur im 19./20. Jahrhundert," 1 p. outline for a book(?) with names of several architects to be included and how many pages written for each one, in duplicate.
5 5 Neue Bauen, manuscripts by Eckstein
Typescripts and carbon copies of essays by Eckstein:
"Le Corbusier: Verteidigung der Architektur (1929)," 14 pp.;
"Le Corbusier an den Herausgeber des Studio," 5 pp.;
"Ende des Bauhauses," 3 pp. published in the Stuttgarter Neues Tageblatt, 28 Sept. 1932;
"Erläuterung zur Veröffentlichung Steinberg in Celle," 3 pp.;
"Oberschwaben ehrt in Hugo Häring einen Pionier des Neuen Bauen," 3 pp. with annotations;
"Alfred Rath: Wiederaufbau zerstörter Städte im Ausland," 2 pp.;
"Zum neuen Bauen," offprint with 3 lectures given by Theodor Fischer, R. v. Schöfer and Peter Meyer at the Künstlerhaus, Munich on Feb 26, 1931;
"Bedenkliche Intendanz des Bauwesens," 3 pp.
5 6 Neue Bauen, manuscripts by others
Typescripts and carbon copies of essays by various authors:
"Auch der Bund Deutscher Architekten BDA gleichgeschaltet," 3 pp. [initials ld at end of essay];
"Der BDA aufgelöst!," 2 pp. [initials pm at end of essay];
untitled 2 pp. article in duplicate, about Alexander von Senger's appointment to Munich, Technischen Hochschule, published in the Nationalzeitung (Basel) (1934), Nr.502, 30 Oktober 34, [initials rz at end of essay];
Michaela Stauch, "Der Wiederaufbau Münchens und das Neue Bauens," 7 pp. reprint with references;
Gerhard Langmaack, "Die Aufgabe der deutschen Baukunst in der Gegenwart," 4 pp. in triplicate, for a lecture held at a session of the BDA in Hamburg;
"Berlin Plant," 7 pp. [initials ri at end of essay];
Hans Poelzig, "Architekturfragen," 17 pp. in duplicate, from a lecture held in Wertheim, Künstlerkenntnisse;
"Neuere Postbauten in Bayern," 2 pp. in duplicate, [initial n at end of essay];
"Rudolf Schwarz: Unsere neue Baukunst," 5 pp. in triplicate; "Rudolf Schwarz: Städtebau," 2 pp. in triplicate.
Series IV. Nicholas Roerich Museum, 1929-1931, n.d. 1.0 box(es)
Box 5, folders 7-12 contain manuscripts, photographs, newspaper clippings, and other printed materials which relate to Nicholas Roerich, the museum in New York named after him which houses many of his works, and the Society of Friends of the Roerich Museum.
Box Folder
5 7 Manuscripts and printed matter by Nicholas Roerich
"Salutation to our Cultural Societies," 4 pp. describe the underlying premise of the 45 Societies founded on principles of cultural communion established by Roerich;
"Open Gates -an Address," 5 copies of 1 p. reprint from the Roerich Museum Bulletin, Nov 1931, outlines his philosophy and the success of the Societies based on his ideas;
brochure advertising Roerich's book, Realm of Light.
5 8 Der Ruf der Schambhala
Waldemar Hartmann, "Der Ruf der Schambhala," 7 pp. describes Roerich's trip to India and the search for Schambhala, the Buddhist earthly link to heaven, located in a secret valley in the Himalayas. Includes 24 photographs which accompanied this article.
5 9 Nikolaus Roerich und sein Museum
Waldemar Hartmann, "Nikolaus Roerich und sein Museum," 9 pp. biographical sketch of Roerich and description of the Museum built in his honor. Includes 19 of the 21 photographs which accompanied this article, many of which are of paintings by Roerich.
5 10 Newspaper clippings about Nicholas Roerich , , 1930 1931 n.d.
Ten articles, 5 written by Waldemar Hartmann.
5 11 Society of Friends of Roerich Museum, 1929-1931, n.d.
Two applications for membership in the Society of Friends of Roerich Museum;
calendar of events for March, 1931, 1 p.;
letter (1931) from Mrs. L.L. Horch, president of the Society to Fritz Erlar, Munich, sending him the latest publications by Roerich, 1 p.;
exhibition catalog of Contemporary German Art, held March 21st to Apr 12th,1931 in cooperation with the German Association of the Roerich Society of New York;
membership brochure about the Society (1929);
carte-de-visite for Mr. Jacob Gould Schurman, Ambassador of the United States of America, Berlin.
5 12 Publications, , 1930-1931 n.d.
Brochure with list of publications by the Roerich Museum Press [2 copies], (1930);
brochure about Urusvati, the Himalayan Research Institute of Roerich Museum [2 copies] which describes its objectives;
The Illustrated Weekly, Deutsch-Amerika Vol. XVIII No.13, 28. März 1931, which contains an article by Waldemar Hartmann, Kunstausstellung der deutschen Roerich Gesellschaft.
Series V. Photographs, ca. 1934, n.d. 1.0 folder(s)
Box 5, folder 13 contains miscellaneous photographs of art work by others.
Box Folder
5 13 Eight photographs
"Quappi in rosa Jumper [19]34" by Max Beckmann;
5 photographs of African sculpture from the Han Coray Collection;
Tahitian mat used for sitting and made of calf skin;
1 unidentified photo (possibly a work by Hans Richter) of free standing sculpture.
Series VI. Transcribed letters from Max Liebermann, 1897-1934 1.0 folder(s)
The transcribed letters in Box 5, folder 14 are individually numbered and addressed to various correspondents. (Two additional transcribed letters from Liebermann, to Wilhelm Bode, are part of a manuscript by Eckstein, which consists of the transcribed words of others, in Series II.)
Box Folder
5 14 28 letters from Max Liebermann, 1897-1934
N.B., see Series II, Box 4, f.3, for transcriptions of 2 letters from Liebermann to Wilhelm Bode.
Three letters to Eduard Arnhold (Dec 25, 1908, Mar 4, 1910, Jul 31, 1917);
1 letter to Meir Dizengoff (Aug 12, 1931);
1 letter to Julius Elias (Jun 11, 1921);
2 letters to Arthur Galliner (Jul 25, 1929, Aug 4, 1931);
1 letter to Adolph Goldschmidt (May 17, 1911);
2 letters to Georg Hermann (Borchardt) (1912, Nov 17, 1927); 1 letter to Gustav Kirstein (Oct 12, 1928);
2 letters to Franz Landsberger (Jan 10, 1925, Jan 12, 1934);
4 letters to Max Osborn (1901, Apr 29, 1909, Jan 7, 1929, Jan 25, 1929);
1 letter to Hans Rosenhagen (Jun 30, 1906);
1 letter to Carl Sachs (Feb 28, 1934);
4 letters to Franz Servaes (Feb 12, 1900, Oct 14, 1900, Nov 12, 1902, Dec 28, 1910);
3 letters to Meier Spanier (Dec 5, 1897, Jan 2, 1898, May 9, 1999);
2 letters to Fritz Stahl (Nov 13, 1898, Aug 16, 1909).

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