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Massimo Bontempelli papers, 1865-1991

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Finding aid for the Massimo Bontempelli papers, 1865-1991
Series IX. Newspaper clippings, 1889-1991 40.0 linear feet 30 boxes
This series contains newspaper and magazine clippings, organized chronologically by decade. They include Bontempelli's "Colloqui" from Tempo, coverage of his Senate election and nullification, reviews, accounts of his travels, Bontempelli's many columns, reviews of his many books and plays, accounts of his Senate election, etc. There is one box of correspondence and manuscripts pulled from clippings, to be interfiled with Series I and Series II at a later date.
60 Correspondence pulled from clippings and roughly sorted
60 1 Correspondence regarding Senate Annullment of Bontempelli's election and other materials
60 2 Letters from Marcello Gallian (photocopies)
60 3 Biographical material
60 4 Television and Radio plays based on Bontempelli's work
60 5 Correspondence regarding Bontempelli's plays and productions.
60 6 Correspondence regarding Bontempelli's novels and stories
60 7 Correspondence regarding Bontempelli's columns, his music, his writings
60 8 Correspondence regarding Bontempelli's translations
60 9 Correspondence with publishers and regarding Bontempelli's columns
60 10 Radio lectures and French manuscripts
60 11 Correspondence regarding political issues and Bontempelli's "D'Annunzio" lecture
60 12 Correspondence regarding Bontempelli's novels, stories and other matters
60 13 Correspondence regarding Bontempelli's early works and lectures
60 14 Correspondence regarding Bontempelli's trip to Scandinavia, 1937
60 15 Correspondence regarding business and institutional matters
61 Clippings with no date
62 Clippings, 1890-1919
63-64 Clippings, 1920s
65-67 Clippings, 1930s
68-70 Clippings, 1940s
71-74 Clippings, 1950s
75-78 Clippings, 1960s
79-83 Clippings, 1970s
84-86 Clippings, 1980s
87 Clippings, 1980-1982
88 Clippings, 1983-1984
89 Clippings, 1985-1987
90 Clippings, 1988-1991

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