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Massimo Bontempelli papers, 1865-1991

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Finding aid for the Massimo Bontempelli papers, 1865-1991
Series VII. Photographs, drawings, and sculpture, 1800s-1980 5.0 linear feet 4 boxes
This series includes numerous photographic portraits of Bontempelli from every stage of his life and also of Paola Masino, before, during, and after her relationship with Bontempelli. There are ca. 250 photographs of the literary and social occasions that filled the lives of Bontempelli and Masino, including their trip to Buenos Aires (1933). These photographs feature other literary figures of the day, most frequently Pirandello and Marta Abba. Sculpture includes two death masks of Bontempelli, one plaster and one bronze, and a metal relief sculpture of him.
48 Photographs of Bontempelli and family . ca. 1800s-1950s
48 1 Family and childhood, 1800s-1920 68.0 items
48 2 Bontempelli, 1910s-1920s ca. 80 items
31 images, some duplicates, plus 50 postcards made from portrait photograph.
48 3 Bontempelli, 1930s 88.0 items
Some duplicates.
48 4 Bontempelli, 1940s 55.0 items
48 5 Bontempelli, 1950s 19.0 items
48 6 Drawing of Bontempelli's brother
49 Photographs of Bontempelli and others, . ca. 1910s-1950s
49 1 Military and theatrical, 1910s-1920s 12.0 items
49 2 Literary and social occasions, 1930s 146.0 items
Includes views of Futurist conference at Montecatini, Bontempelli's visit to Santiago, vacations and dinners with Pirandello, Marta Abba, Marinetti, and others.
49 3 Bontempelli and Pirandello's Buenos Aires trip, 1933 24.0 items
49 4 Literary and social occasions, 1940s 55.0 items
Includes views of Picasso, Marshall Tito, and others.
49 5 Literary and social occasions, 1950s 16.0 items
49 6 Theater sets, scenes, costumes, etc., 1920s-1950s ca. 50 items
50 Photographs of Bontempelli and others, . ca. 1910s-1970s
50 1 Bontempelli's women friends, 1910s-1920s 32.0 items
Includes 1 drawing.
50 2 Bontempelli with Paola Masino, 1928-1955 53.0 items
50 3 Paola Masino, 1922-1978 174.0 items
Includes 1 collage and 4 photocopies.
50 4 Bontempelli's houses in Frascati and Venice 20.0 items
50 5 Children (unidentified) 26.0 items
50 6 Color photographs, primarily of Paola Masino, 1960s-1970s 35.0 items
50 7 Photographs of sculpture by Ettore Calvelli 5.0 items
51* 19 portraits and 1 painting on wood
The majority of the photographs are views of Bontempelli; 7 are views of people other than Bontempelli, including 2 of Pirandello and 1 of Alfonso Bontempelli.
52 Death mask, plaster
53 Death mask, bronze
54 Bontempelli relief portrait in metal
General note
Note: Box 58 contains photographic negatives, in cold storage

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