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Otto Wittmann papers relating to the Art Looting Investigation Unit of the United States Office of Strategic Services, 1933-2000, bulk 1945-1946

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Otto Wittmann papers relating to the Art Looting Investigation Unit of the United States Office of Strategic Services
Series II. Personal papers, 1933-1997 1.25 Linear Feet (3 boxes)
In the personal files are kept documentation on Otto Wittmann's military draft beginning in 1941, papers related to the work he performed during his employment in the OSS, which was dismantled and folded into a unit named Strategic Services Unit, and files that testify to his career-long interest in the mission of the OSS related to art looting in Europe during World War II. The series includes the Detailed Interrogation Report that Wittmann prepared on Wendland in collaboration with Bernard Taper of the Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives Section (MFA&A); the report on Wittmann's mission in Europe during the summer of 1946; as well as background material to the reports. The files related to ALIU are in folders labeled ORION, named after the hunter in Greek mythology, which was the code name for the unit.
Series II. Otto Wittmann personal papers are arranged into two subseries: Series II.A. Personal files related to World War II; Series II.B. Post-war papers. For further documentation on Otto Wittmann, see his papers held at the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian. Note: the files for the war years are often labeled Strategic Services Unit, rather than OSS, as this was the official name of the unit during Wittmann's employment.
Series II.A. Personal files related to World War II, 1933-1946 0.83 Linear Feet (2 boxes)
Otto Wittmann personal files related to World War II document his military service and the mission in Europe during his employment in the Stragetic Services Unit.
Series II.A. Papers related to World War II is divided into three groupings: General; Army records; Employment in the Strategic Services Unit.
General, 1933-1946
Box Folder
5 1 Resumes, 1944, 1946
5 2 Address books, 1933-1944, 1939, 1944
Army records, 1944-1952
Box Folder
5 3 Summary notes, undated
5 4-5 Appointment documents, 1942-1952
Employment in the Strategic Services Unit, 1946
Employment in the Strategic Services Unit is arranged into four groupings: General; Correspondence; Writings; Research files.
General, 1946
Box Folder
5 6 Summary notes, undated
5 7 Photograph, 1946
5 8-9 Appointment documents, 1946
5 10-11 Address books, 1946
5 12 Diary, 1946
5 13 Travel documentation, 1946
5 14 Brief dictionary of German intelligence and police terms, undated
5 15 Pay + tax, 1946
Correspondence, 1946
The files include letters sent to and/or received from George Baker, Avery B. Cohan, Harry Conover, A. S. Henraux, Lamont Moore, James S. Plaut, Paul J. Sachs and the following institutions: Department of State, War Department, Fogg Art Museum, National Gallery of Art, and diplomatic services in Europe.
Box Folder
5 16 1946 February-1946 May
5 17 1946 June
5 18 1946 July
5 19 1946 August
5 20 1946 September
5 21 1946 October-1946 November
5 22 Photocopies
Writings, 1946
Box Folder
6 1 Typescript, 1946
Typescript for article in Magazine of Art.
6 2 Detailed Interrogation Report: Hans Wendland, 1946 September 18
Authors: Otto Wittmann, Jr. for SSU and Bernard Taper for MFA&A.
6 3 Art Looting Investigation Unit: Final mission to Europe (10 June 1946-24 September 1946), 1946 October 14
Author: Otto Wittmann, Jr.
Research files, 1946
Box Folder
6 4-5 Background material to Wendland report, 1946
6 6 France and Germany, 1946
6 7-10 X2 Project (Orion), 1946
Series II.B. Post-war papers, 1946-1998 0.42 Linear Feet (1 box)
The post-war records include correspondence in which Wittmann discusses his war experience, as well as lecture notes and research files related to the topic of art looting during World War II.
Series II.B. Post-war papers is arranged into five groupings: Correspondence; Lectures; Writings; Research files; Miscellaneous.
Correspondence, 1958-1998
Box Folder
7 1 Archives of American Art, 1990
7 2 Erburu, Robert and Paul Gottlieb, 1995
7 3 Hall, Ardelia, 1958
7 4 Naftali, Timothy, 1997-1998
Relates to Oral History Project.
7 5 National Archives, Washington D.C., 1990-1991
Relates to the declassification of OSS reports.
7 6 Sawyer, Charles. H., 1985
Charles H. Sawyer letters related to his role in the OSS, with copy of letter from Sawyer to Naftanali, 1985.
7 7 Smyth, Craig H., 1990 August 31
7 8 Miscellaneous, 1986-1992
Lectures, 1949-1971
The files include lectures related to the traveling exhibition European Masterpieces from Berlin Museums, whose ten-day venue in Toledo attracted over 100,000 visitors, and for which heightened security had to be organized in part because of the lingering animosity of visitors against Germany.
Box Folder
7 9 Toledo Chapter, Reserve Officers Association, 1949 March 7
7 10 Toledo Artists Club, 1949 May 29
7 11 Aides, 1971 May 3
Lecture titled "Art and War."
Writings, 1995-1997
Box Folder
7 12 "Spoils of War: Restitution or Trophy?," The American Society of the French Legion of Honor Newsletter, 1995
7 13 "The Getty Center: Its Past, Present & Future," The American Society of the French Legion of Honor Newsletter, 1997
Research files, 1945-1997
Box Folder
7 14 Berlin paintings tour in the United States, 1949-1997
7 15 Johannes Felbermeyer photographic files, Getty Research Center, 1990, undated
7 16 Göring files, 1945-1995
7 17 Lynn Nicholas files, 1993-1995
7 18 Miscellaneous, 1975-1987

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