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Galerie Paul Maenz Köln records, 1956-1991 (bulk 1970-1990)

Finding aid for the Galerie Paul Maenz Köln records, 1956-1991 (bulk 1970-1990)
Series II. Artists' correspondence, 1970-1980 1.0 linear feet 2 boxes
Series II consists of letters to and from artists whom Maenz represented or exhibited from 1970-80, such as Art & Language artists, David Askevold, Robert Barry, Jean-Marie Bertholin, Mark Boyle, Daniel Buren, Victor Burgin, Hanne Darboven, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Hans Haacke, John Hilliard, Will Insley, Joseph Kosuth, Anne and Patrick Poirier, Dave Rushton, Claude Rutault and Marthe Wéry. Arranged alphabetically. Letters regard exhibitions, financial arrangements, sales at Maenz and other galleries, publications, production of new works, artistic theories, and the then current art scene. Letters written after 1980 can be found in Series I.
15 A-F
15 1 Art & Language, 1971-1978
correspondence with Terry Atkinson, Charles Harrison and Michael Baldwin about creation and translation of works; book production of DuMont anthology; exhibitions, including Basel and Documenta (1971-1972), and others; book sales; a lost work, which was shown in "Project '74"; financial matters; and problems within the group (see especially letters ca. March or April 1976, in which Baldwin requests Maenz to send him socialist literature). Also includes brief text on "Loop" for Basel show (3/15/72), ca. 85 items, bulk 1971-1975. See also Ian Burn and Joseph Kosuth for more on Art & Language.
15 2 Askevold, David, 1971-1979
letters about his shows at the gallery, including description of works and installations; his works in general; finances and prices of works; tape and film editions of his works "FFACC" and "Rubber Band"; certificates for tapes and films; making a tape with Gerry Schum; and an interesting letter about why he wants to show with John Gibson considering Gibson's reputation (9/18/73); ca. 70 items.
15 3 Barry, Robert, 1970-1980
extensive correspondence, includes many detailed descriptions of his slide pieces, drawings and other works (see especially an undated letter, ca. early 1971, for "Something which is ..."); confusion over "Invitation Piece" mailer (late 1972-early 73); a discrepancy in the documentation of "Argon" (5/11/77); various publications; exhibitions for the gallery, Prospekt, Documenta, Kunstmarkt and others; sales (especially to Dr. Friedrich Rentschler); work availability; Maenz's business dealings with other European galleries representing Barry; Barry's work, exhibition and travel schedules and some installation instructions. ca. 126 items.
15 4 Bertholin, Jean-Marie, 1975-1979
letters about exhibitions at the gallery, Art in Progress and Galerie Germain; sales; and discontinuance of their working relationship. ca.17 items.
15 5 Boyle, Mark, 1970-1076 1970-1973
correspondence about exhibitions at the gallery, Documenta (1972), and elsewhere; financial matters with the artist's account statements; prices of works; and a poor translation of a review by Günther Wirth (9/28/73) for Studio International, which makes mention of Boyle. ca. 40 items.
15 6 Büttner, Werner
includes a copy of an interesting letter from Büttner to Paparoni about why he will not participate in an Italian exhibition because of the political situation there, 4 items.
15 7 Buren, Daniel, 1972-1980
problems with the "Deurle" publication; a large work commissioned by Gerhard and Elisabeth Sohst, which they decided to return in part due to Buren's "avertissement" (see also Series I "S" 1970-1979 for extensive Sohst correspondence on this matter); creation and sales of other works; and various exhibitions of his work in Germany, ca.42 items.
15 8 Burgin, Victor, 1971-1977 bulk 1971-1973
many letters discussing edition size and sales of "Bracket Performative," "IV 2," "VI" and "Hussonet"; exhibitions at the gallery, Documenta and Project '74; publications, especially one with Latimer Press 1971-73 (see 7/2/73 for contents outline); some installation instructions; Maenz's dissatisfaction with the three-language-version of "New York Cultural Center Piece" (7/28 & 8/3/71); reason for Maenz (or de Vries) not wanting to sell "Photopath" to the Tate (2/16/73); and letter from Maenz showing bitter feelings about Burgin's attack on Maenz's and Gerd's work in their last meeting (2/26/77, see also Kosuth file 3/7/77 and Haacke file 4/22/77 for related letters). Other items include title sheet for "Bracketed Performative," 1971. ca. 87 items.
15 9 Burn, Ian and Mel Ramsden, , 1971 1973-1976
includes letters from Ramsden about his disillusionment with the gallery because Burn and Ramsden were not included in the Dumont anthology (1/13/73); from Burn about current direction of Art & Language (ca.3/7/73); from Ramsden documenting tensions between A & L in USA and England (7/11/75); Kunstmarkt text typescript with frank letter from Maenz about its unsuitability for the exhibition (8/29/75) and a revised typescript from Ramsden; and others describing works for the gallery and the Ludwig collection, exhibitions, publications, prices and sales of works. ca.60 items.
15 10 Darboven, Hanne, 1979-1980
includes letters about an exhibition at the gallery and sales. Also contains postcard and letter with numbers and her characteristic scribbles, copy of sketch for title-page of "Jahresbericht 1979" annotated with a note from Darboven and photocopied article, ca.14 items.
15 11 Feldmann, Hans-Peter, , 1972-1975 1978-1979
includes correspondence about works, exhibitions, sales and other gallery representation; letter which substantiates reasons for using notebook format for exhibition (n.d., ca.1972-73); letters in which Feldmann explains his refusal to give autobiographical data (1974); and letter in which Feldmann theorizes on the meaning of art in conjunction with his toy exhibition (n.d., ca.1974-75).
16 H-W
16 1-2 Haacke, Hans, 1969-1979
extensive and rich correspondence demonstrating the political and economic issues that preoccupied Haacke. Including letters about the gallery's first show in 1971 and the delay of the opening (1970); Haacke's description of his Tokyo installation "Circulation," recommendation of several Japanese artists and his ideas on art and politics (6/17/70); how to install the first show and Haacke's reasons for withdrawing from "Conceptual Art and Conceptual Aspects" exhibition due to alienation from Kosuth (12/27/70); many letters about the Guggenheim "scandal," including Haacke describing the ban of Buren at Guggenheim (2/13, 2/28/71), expulsion of Haacke from Guggenheim show, possible legal action and seeking letters of support from Maenz (4/17/71) and artists boycotting Guggenheim on grounds of artistic freedom (5/10/71); Haacke expressing views on Artforum and Arts Magazine and Barbara Rose's critiques (3/14/71); financing for "Questionnaire" and its installation at Documenta (2/13/72); dispute between Haacke and Onnasch about display of "Eisring" (4/13, 4/18/72); Barry dispute with Maenz (12/15, 12/19/72); many letters about Haacke's Manet project for Projekt '74 including proposals, subsequent rejection by the selection committee, Haacke's threats to expose the Wallraf-Richartz-Museum for hindering artistic freedom and Haacke's insistance that they publish his proposals and their reasons for his rejection in the Projekt '74 catalog (Jan-May 1974, see also ** for poster of Manet project exhibition at Maenz, which illustrates letters between the artist and Dr. Horst Keller, director of Wallraf-Richartz-Museums); Haacke asking Maenz to send him biographical information for future pieces (1975); Prospect-Retrospective 1946-76 (10/76); misunderstanding between Burgin and Maenz (4/22/77); and Maenz re-asking Haacke to state his political orientation after Haacke thought the request inappropriate for a commercial gallery (5/4/77). Other items include Manhattan card to be used for Prospect with text and sketch (7/15/71); contact sheet for a catalog (3/72); blank contract for artist and collector drawn up by Haacke's lawyer; and photocopy of Haacke article "Art into Society-Society into Art" (with letter dated 3/9/75). ca. 126 items.
16 3 Hilliard, John, 1977-1979
letters about his exhibition at Maenz; showing "Horse-Chestnut Leaves" at Documenta, which was purchased by Maenz (1977); exhibiting "Velazquez" at several venues including Maenz; invitation cards; and Maenz's inability to sell Hilliard's work. 18 items.
16 4 Insley, Will, , 1971-1977 bulk 1972-1973
exhibitions at the gallery, Documenta and extensive exchanges about Haus Lange, Krefeld, show; descriptions of new works, especially a new series of small wall fragments (5/31/75) and Insley's thoughts on their installation (11/3/76); sales and financial matters; problems of conserving and framing his early drawings (12/6/77); and from Maenz about why Insley's work will not fit into the gallery's current exhibition program (5/8/79). ca. 50 items.
16 5 Kosuth, Joseph, , 1970-1979 bulk 1971-1977
correspondence about exhibitions at the gallery, Documenta (1972), Projekt '74 (see letter ca. Summer 1974 for list of materials requested by Kosuth) and others; financial arrangements; sales; and publication by Klaus Honnef. Also contains extensive and rich letters regarding Kosuth's current works and the conceptual art scene, including copy of a letter from Kosuth to Karl Heinemann regarding his reasons for no longer selling his "Propositions" and how he accepts "private grants" (ca.1/71); Kosuth's reaction to Fischer's Studio article (3/22/71); dispute between Maenz and Gunter Sachs Gallery over an exhibition of Kosuth's work (see especially 10/11/72); Maenz's description of the Brussels congress (7/5/73); Kosuth's comments concerning the catalog "Non-anthropomorphic art by four young artists" at Lannis Gallery in relation to the recent Luzern catalog (ca. early 1974); Kosuth's reason for ending his "Investigation" series and photocopied statement for "The Tenth Investigation" (ca. early 1975); extensive description of new work which shifts from an analytical to a dialectical model (10/31/75) and Maenz's somewhat negative response to it (3/16/76); the breakup of Provisional Art & Life, NY, problems in Art & Language and the end of Fox (8/16, 9/20/76); and lengthy and emotional letter from Kosuth about Burgin's dismissal from the gallery (3/7/77). ca. 88 items.
16 6 Michals, Duane, 1977
letters from Maenz regarding an exhibition and copy of a letter from Michals to Ann and Jurgen Wilde about shipment of works to them with information on how they are to be dispersed to Documenta and Maenz, 6 items.
16 7 Pohl, Marianne, 1977-1979
includes letters about exhibitions at the gallery and elsewhere; letter with installation instructions in pen and crayon (11/26/78); and letter about Pohl's decision to paint for her own pleasure, not for sales, with a small piece of painted canvas annotated and sent as a momento (9/7/79). ca. 10 items.
16 8 Poirier, Anne and Patrick, 1972-1980
exhibitions at the gallery, Project '74 and elsewhere; prices; works to be exchanged between Edward Kienholz and the Poiriers (1973, see also Series I "K"); not wanting 10 steles separated (5/8/73); current low artistic output and intended future direction of their art (5/18/74); descriptions of works, especially one which uses the Domus Aurea as inspiration (6/2/75); the Poirier's unwillingness to sell "Ausée" to a private collection because they hope a public institution will acquire it (6/12/78); and rethinking their working relationship (see especially 11/1/78 and 1/3/79). ca. 75 items.
Ramsden, Mel
see Ian Burn.
Box Folder
16 9 Rushton, Dave, , 1972-1974 undated
letters about distributing "Suggestion from the Following Gallery" at Galerie für zeitgenössische Kunst; list of works and prices given to Maenz for display (5/24/73); works not to be exhibited in Maenz's possession and descriptions of works which can be sent for a show (6/7/73); and destruction of 25 copies of "the Portrait of Harriet Smith" from water damage in Brussels (2/12/74). ca. 17 items.
16 10 Rutault, Claude, 1976-1980
correspondence regarding exhibitions, such as "Accrochage des toiles carrées" in which Rutault's proposed design for the invitation is rejected by Maenz (1977) and Maenz gallery schematic with list of works and annotations by Rutault as to where they should be displayed (7/16/79); descriptions of works; letter written to de Vries about finding texts written by French minimal artists (6/3/77); and letter with copy of text "une toile chasse l'autre no. 3" (12/1/77). ca. 30 items.
16 11 Toroni, Niele, , , 1971 1975-1977 1979-1980
letters about exhibitions, sales and why the artist does not leave works on consignment (6/7/77). ca. 11 items.
16 12 Wéry, Marthe, 1974-1980
correspondence regarding exhibitions, including how her work should be displayed (1/1/77); sales; Wéry's disappointment with Maenz and discusses her ideas on art (1/10/78); why Maenz has excluded her from "Colonia Italiana" exhibition (1/11/78); Maenz expressing his opposition to Wéry's text on color, form and material (3/26/78); and Maenz ending their working relationship (1/3/79). ca. 33 items.

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