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Heim Gallery records, 1965-1991

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Descriptive Summary
Biographical / Historical Note
Scope and Content of Collection
Indexing Terms
Related Material
Administrative Information
Container List
Series I. Correspondence, 1965-1991, undated
Series I.A. Museums, ca. 1965-1991
Series I.B. Clients and suppliers, 1965-1990
Series I.C. Experts, 1965-1990
Series I.D. Letters sent, 1974-1989
Series I.E. Bulletins to Paris, I-XXXIX, 1966-1987?
Series I.F. Diaries, 1966-1989
Series II. Index cards, ca. 1965-1991
Series III. Photographs, ca. 1965-1991, undated
Series III.A. Paintings sold, ca. 1965-1991
Series III.B. Paintings from the Paris gallery, ca. 1965-1991
Series III.C. Pre-restoration paintings, ca. 1965-1991
Series III.D. Sold Polish paintings, ca. 1965-1991
Series III.E. Paintings and Drawings, documentary, ca. 1965-1991
Series III.F. Drawings and engravings sold, ca. 1965-1991
Series III.G. Sculpture sold, ca. 1965-1991
Series III.H. Sculpture, documentary, ca. 1965-1991
Series III.I. Sculpture, Pre-Restoration, ca. 1965-1991
Series III.J. Sculpture, French Bronzes, ca. 1965-1991
Series III.K. Marble Sculpture, ca. 1965-1991
Series III.L. Sculpture, French portrait busts, ca. 1965-1991
Series III.M. Furniture and other Decorative arts, ca. 1965-1991
Series IV. Research files, 1966-1991 undated
Series V. Financial, 1965-1991, undated
Series V.A. Stockbooks, cash books, commission books and ledgers, 1966-1991
Series V.B. Invoices, bills paid, shipping receipts, balance sheets, 1965-1988
Series VI. Gallery publicity, undated
Series VII. Andrew S. Ciechanowiecki personal files, 1966-1990, undated
Finding aid for the Heim Gallery records, 1965-1991
Series III. Photographs, ca. 1965-1991, undated ca. 23 lin. ft
Series III.M. Furniture and other Decorative arts, ca. 1965-1991 0.5 linear feet
Photographs of furniture, furnishings and decorative art objects handled by the gallery.
163 Augsburg, 16th century
163 Brustolon, Andrea
163 Court, Jean de
163 Danhauser, Josef Ulrich
Box Folder
242 6-7 Danhauser, Josef Ulrich
50 color photographs.
163 Danzig
163 Dutch
163 Flemish
163 Frames (sold Christie's)
Box Folder
242 10 Frames (sold Christie's)
20 stripes of color negatives.
163 French
163 Genoese
Box Folder
237 47 Greek
4 color photographs. Sculpture, male head, 3 cent. BC.
163 Italian
163 Jamnitzer, Christoph
163 North Italian, 17th-18th centuries
163 Palagi, Pelagio
Box Folder
242 29 Palagi, Pelagio
9 color transparencies.
163 Roman, 17th-18th centuries
163 Sanini, Felice Giovanni
163 Schlaubitz, Johann Gottfried
Box Folder
237 46 Sorgenthal, Conrad von
9 color photographs.
163 Thomire, Pierre Philippe
163 Thuret, Jacques-Augustin
163 Unidentified Decorative Arts
Box Folder
242 39 Unidentified Decorative Arts
21 items: 5 stripes cf color negatives, 6 color photographs, 11 color transparencies.
Box Folder
237 37 Unidentified Decorative Arts: two standards
1 color transparency.
237 39 Unidentified Decorative Arts: a crucifix
1 color photograph.
237 40 Unidentified Decorative Arts: table with ram's heads
6 color photographs.
237 41 Unidentified Decorative Arts: porcelain dinner set
13 color photographs.
237 42 Unidentified Decorative Arts: porcelain dinner set
23 color photographs.
237 43 Unidentified Decorative Arts: porcelain, Vienna 1804
3 color photographs of plate and basket. On verso names of Leopold Dannhauser, Martin Klampfner, Karl Böhm.
237 44 Unidentified Decorative Arts: 2 vases
3 color photographs.
237 48 Unidentified Decorative Arts: ecclesiastical vestment
13 color photographs.
163 Valadier, Luigi
Box Folder
237 45 Unidentified Decorative Arts: silverware, Vienna 1805
9 color photographs.
163 Valadier, Luigi
163 Verhaer, Nicolaes
163 Vianen, Paulus Willemsz. van
163 White Saccos Painter, The

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