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Heim Gallery records, 1965-1991

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Descriptive Summary
Biographical / Historical Note
Scope and Content of Collection
Indexing Terms
Related Material
Administrative Information
Container List
Series I. Correspondence, 1965-1991, undated
Series I.A. Museums, ca. 1965-1991
Series I.B. Clients and suppliers, 1965-1990
Series I.C. Experts, 1965-1990
Series I.D. Letters sent, 1974-1989
Series I.E. Bulletins to Paris, I-XXXIX, 1966-1987?
Series I.F. Diaries, 1966-1989
Series II. Index cards, ca. 1965-1991
Series III. Photographs, ca. 1965-1991, undated
Series III.A. Paintings sold, ca. 1965-1991
Series III.B. Paintings from the Paris gallery, ca. 1965-1991
Series III.C. Pre-restoration paintings, ca. 1965-1991
Series III.D. Sold Polish paintings, ca. 1965-1991
Series III.E. Paintings and Drawings, documentary, ca. 1965-1991
Series III.F. Drawings and engravings sold, ca. 1965-1991
Series III.G. Sculpture sold, ca. 1965-1991
Series III.H. Sculpture, documentary, ca. 1965-1991
Series III.I. Sculpture, Pre-Restoration, ca. 1965-1991
Series III.J. Sculpture, French Bronzes, ca. 1965-1991
Series III.K. Marble Sculpture, ca. 1965-1991
Series III.L. Sculpture, French portrait busts, ca. 1965-1991
Series III.M. Furniture and other Decorative arts, ca. 1965-1991
Series IV. Research files, 1966-1991 undated
Series V. Financial, 1965-1991, undated
Series V.A. Stockbooks, cash books, commission books and ledgers, 1966-1991
Series V.B. Invoices, bills paid, shipping receipts, balance sheets, 1965-1988
Series VI. Gallery publicity, undated
Series VII. Andrew S. Ciechanowiecki personal files, 1966-1990, undated
Finding aid for the Heim Gallery records, 1965-1991
Series III. Photographs, ca. 1965-1991, undated ca. 23 lin. ft
Series III.J. Sculpture, French Bronzes, ca. 1965-1991 0.5 linear feet
Photographs of French bronze sculptures handled by the gallery.
160 Barye, Antoine Louis (and, Pradier, Jean Jacques)
160 Delabrière, Paul
160 Desjardins, Martin
160 Dupré, Guillaume
160 Duquesnoy, François
160 Dutch, 17th century
160 Fauginet, Jacques-Auguste
160 Flamen, Anselme (and, Marsy, Gaspard II)
160 Flemish, 17th century
160 Flötner, Peter
160 Franco-Flemish, 17th century
160 Fratin, Christophe
160 Frémiet, Emmanuel
160 French (all centuries)
160 Gechter, Jean-François-Théodore
160 Gerhard, Hubert
160 Lepautre, Pierre
160 Le Sueur, Hubert
160 Marin, Joseph-Charles
160 Mêne, Pierre Jules
160 Moigniez, Jules (and, Frémiet, Emmanuel)
160 Rodin, Auguste
160 Rosset, Joseph
160 Rude, François
160 Slodtz, Michel-Ange
160 Thierry, Jean
160 Thomire, Pierre Philippe
Box Folder
242 36 Thomire, Pierre Philippe
1 color transparency.

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