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Heim Gallery records, 1965-1991

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Descriptive Summary
Biographical / Historical Note
Scope and Content of Collection
Indexing Terms
Related Material
Administrative Information
Container List
Series I. Correspondence, 1965-1991, undated
Series I.A. Museums, ca. 1965-1991
Series I.B. Clients and suppliers, 1965-1990
Series I.C. Experts, 1965-1990
Series I.D. Letters sent, 1974-1989
Series I.E. Bulletins to Paris, I-XXXIX, 1966-1987?
Series I.F. Diaries, 1966-1989
Series II. Index cards, ca. 1965-1991
Series III. Photographs, ca. 1965-1991, undated
Series III.A. Paintings sold, ca. 1965-1991
Series III.B. Paintings from the Paris gallery, ca. 1965-1991
Series III.C. Pre-restoration paintings, ca. 1965-1991
Series III.D. Sold Polish paintings, ca. 1965-1991
Series III.E. Paintings and Drawings, documentary, ca. 1965-1991
Series III.F. Drawings and engravings sold, ca. 1965-1991
Series III.G. Sculpture sold, ca. 1965-1991
Series III.H. Sculpture, documentary, ca. 1965-1991
Series III.I. Sculpture, Pre-Restoration, ca. 1965-1991
Series III.J. Sculpture, French Bronzes, ca. 1965-1991
Series III.K. Marble Sculpture, ca. 1965-1991
Series III.L. Sculpture, French portrait busts, ca. 1965-1991
Series III.M. Furniture and other Decorative arts, ca. 1965-1991
Series IV. Research files, 1966-1991 undated
Series V. Financial, 1965-1991, undated
Series V.A. Stockbooks, cash books, commission books and ledgers, 1966-1991
Series V.B. Invoices, bills paid, shipping receipts, balance sheets, 1965-1988
Series VI. Gallery publicity, undated
Series VII. Andrew S. Ciechanowiecki personal files, 1966-1990, undated
Finding aid for the Heim Gallery records, 1965-1991
Series III. Photographs, ca. 1965-1991, undated ca. 23 lin. ft
Series III.B. Paintings from the Paris gallery, ca. 1965-1991 1.0 linear feet
Photographs of paintings sold by the Paris branch of Heim Gallery.
Box Folder
124 1 Aved, Jacques-André-Joseph Camelot
124 2 Backhuysen, Ludolf
124 3 Bartolomeo Veneto
124 4 Bassen, Bartolomeus van
124 5 Bernard, Jacques Samuel
124 6 Bicci di Lorenzo
124 Boilly, Louis-Léopold
124 Bourdon, Sebastien
124 Claude Lorrain
124 Corneille, Michel II?
Box Folder
240 18 Corneille, Michel II?
1 color transparency.
124 Decourt, Jean
124 Delafosse, Charles de
124 Domenchin de Chavannes
124 Fragonard, Jean-Honoré
124 Gandolfi, Gaetano
124 Giulio Romano
124 Huet, Paul
124 La Hyre, Laurent de
124 Lancret, Nicolas
124 Le Nain, Louis
124 Liegeois, Paul
124 Liotard, Jean-Etienne
124 Loo, Carle van
124 Oudry, Jean-Baptiste
124 Patel, Pierre I
124 Pater, Jean-Baptiste
124 Pereda, Antonio
124 Perroneau, Jean-Baptiste
124 Pillement, Jean
125 Quillard, Pierre Antoine
125 Ricci, Sebastiano
125 Rigaud, Hyacinthe
125 Robert, Hubert
125 Roland de la Porte, Henri Horace
125 Roman
125 Roslin, Alexander
125 Rubens, Peter Paul
125 Sacchi, Andrea
125 Salviati, Francesco
125 Scorel, Jan van
125 Solimena, Francesco
125 Tassel, Jean
125 Tocque, Louis
125 Traballesi, Giuliano
125 Troy, François de
125 Unidentified,
Photographs, printed and illustrated matter, and typescript lists of artworks.
125 Valdes Leal, Juan de
125 Vigée le Brun, Louis-Elisabeth
125 Weenix, Jan Baptiste
125 Wille, Pierre Alexandre

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