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Heim Gallery records, 1965-1991

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Descriptive Summary
Biographical / Historical Note
Scope and Content of Collection
Indexing Terms
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Administrative Information
Container List
Series I. Correspondence, 1965-1991, undated
Series I.A. Museums, ca. 1965-1991
Series I.B. Clients and suppliers, 1965-1990
Series I.C. Experts, 1965-1990
Series I.D. Letters sent, 1974-1989
Series I.E. Bulletins to Paris, I-XXXIX, 1966-1987?
Series I.F. Diaries, 1966-1989
Series II. Index cards, ca. 1965-1991
Series III. Photographs, ca. 1965-1991, undated
Series III.A. Paintings sold, ca. 1965-1991
Series III.B. Paintings from the Paris gallery, ca. 1965-1991
Series III.C. Pre-restoration paintings, ca. 1965-1991
Series III.D. Sold Polish paintings, ca. 1965-1991
Series III.E. Paintings and Drawings, documentary, ca. 1965-1991
Series III.F. Drawings and engravings sold, ca. 1965-1991
Series III.G. Sculpture sold, ca. 1965-1991
Series III.H. Sculpture, documentary, ca. 1965-1991
Series III.I. Sculpture, Pre-Restoration, ca. 1965-1991
Series III.J. Sculpture, French Bronzes, ca. 1965-1991
Series III.K. Marble Sculpture, ca. 1965-1991
Series III.L. Sculpture, French portrait busts, ca. 1965-1991
Series III.M. Furniture and other Decorative arts, ca. 1965-1991
Series IV. Research files, 1966-1991 undated
Series V. Financial, 1965-1991, undated
Series V.A. Stockbooks, cash books, commission books and ledgers, 1966-1991
Series V.B. Invoices, bills paid, shipping receipts, balance sheets, 1965-1988
Series VI. Gallery publicity, undated
Series VII. Andrew S. Ciechanowiecki personal files, 1966-1990, undated
Finding aid for the Heim Gallery records, 1965-1991

Biographical / Historical Note

Heim Gallery London began in June 1966 with François Heim (from Galerie Heim, Paris, begun 1954) and Andrew S. Ciechanowiecki as partners. Ciechanowiecki served as director in London while Heim remained in France.

The emphasis of the gallery was Old Master paintings, especially French of the 15th - 18th century, Italian paintings of all periods, and sculpture (marble, terracotta and bronze) from the Renaissance to the 19th century. The gallery was known for its scholarly exhibitions and catalogs. Between 1966 and 1989 the gallery presented exhibitions two to three times a year.

The gallery did business with museums and individual clients in Europe and the United States. Ciechanowiecki helped build two significant private collections in the United States, the terracotta sculpture collection of Arthur Sackler (a portion of which is now at the National Gallery in Washington), and the Ian Ross collection of 19th century French sculpture.

Heim Gallery also did business under other names: Old Masters (Paintings and Sculptures) Ltd. was created, apparently, as an internal device for tax purposes and had by 1986 as its sole directors, Ciechanowiecki and John Pomian, also sole directors of Heim Gallery at this time. (Francois Heim resigned as a director around 1986.) The two entities existed concurrently in different premises.

In October 1986, the Heim Gallery premises were leased to Richard Herner, owner of Swiftdene Ltd., and the corporate names exchanged: Herner was to use Heim Gallery, and Ciechanowiecki and John Pomian took on the name Swiftdene Ltd. Swiftdene and Old Masters shared premises at 67/68 Jermyn Street. At this point, Old Masters was still wholly owned by Ciechanowiecki and Pomian, with Swiftdene controlled by a Swiss company. Swiftdene ceased trading 30 September 1989 and its stock was purchased by Old Masters.

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