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E. Maurice Bloch papers, circa 1925-1989

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Descriptive Summary
Biographical/Historical Note
Scope and Content of Collection
Indexing Terms
Administrative Information
Container List
Series I. Correspondence, 1941-1989
Series I.A. Occasional letters received, , 1965-1988 undated
Series I.B. Letters received and letters sent, 1941-1982
Series I.C. Letters received and sent, 1976-1989
Series II. New York University, Institute of Fine Arts, 1936-1958, 1988
Series II.A. Course syllabi, 1935-1942, undated
Series II.B. Bloch's notes and term papers for NYU classes, 1936-1947, undated
Series II.C. NYU School of Architecture and Allied Arts, Bloch's undergraduate years, 1936-1939
Series II.D. NYU-IFA, Bloch's master's thesis, 1940-1942
Series II.E. NYU Washington Square campus, correspondence, 1945-1946
Series II.F. NYU-IFA, Bloch's Ph.D. materials, 1944-1959
Series II.G. Correspondence with NYU-IFA professors, others, 1946-1988
Series III. Teaching materials, 1945-1982 undated
Series III.A. Lecture notes, 1945-1982
Series III.B. Students' course work for Bloch's classes, 1940s-1980s
Series III.C. Universities of Missouri and Minnesota employment, 1944-1947
Series III.D. UCLA employment, 1956-1989
Series IV. George Caleb Bingham Research, 1943-1989
Series IV.A. Publications and lectures, 1943-1987
Series IV.B. Bingham exhibits, 1910, 1935-1986
Series IV.C. Bingham portraits, 1940s-1980s
Series IV.D. Bingham narrative/genre paintings, 1944-1989
Series IV.E. Bingham landscapes, 1944-1984
Series IV.F. Bingham drawings and unidentified paintings, 1967-1985
Series IV.G. Assorted materials regarding Bingham paintings, 1944-1984, undated
Series IV.H. Bingham biography, 1931, 1944-1988
Series V. Benjamin West research, 1821-1987
Series V.A. Correspondence, 1961-1987
Series V.B. West exhibit catalogs/inventories, 1821-1987, undated
Series V.C. West research, 1926, 1961-1987, undated
Series V.D. Raphael Lamar West, 1980s
Series V.E. Prints after the works of B. West, undated
Series V.F. West's own collection of drawings, 1820-1898
Series VI. Research files on 19th century art, 1945-1987
Series VI.A. Publications, 1945-1987, undated
Series VI.B. Never published book projects, ca. 1940s-1988
Series VI.C. Lectures, 1960-1982
Series VI.D. Research files, 1870s-1890s, 1940s-1980s, undated
Series VI.E. Inventories and bibliographies, 1940s-1989, undated
Series VI.F. Artist/subject files, 1940s-1989, undated
Series VII. Curatorial and advisory positions, 1953-1989
Series VII.A. Cooper Union Museum, 1953-1959
Series VII.B. Grunwald Center for the Graphic Arts, 1957-1984
Series VII.C. Tamarind Lithography Workshop, 1960-1989
Series VII.D. Archives of American Art, 1958-1987
Series VII.E. American Art Council, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 1971-1986
Series VII.F. Virginia Steele Scott Foundation, 1975-1991
Series VIII. Bloch's personal collection, ca. 1935-1989
Series VIII.A. Bloch's art collection, 1852, 1949-1989
Series VIII.B. Bloch's stamp collection, undated
Series VIII.C. Bloch's autograph collection, 1935-1989
Series VIII.D. Dealers' correspondence, 1951-1989
Series IX. Personal and miscellaneous files, 1920s-1970s
Bloch (E. Maurice) papers
Series VII. Curatorial and advisory positions, 1953-1989 13 box(es)
Series contains materials relating to Bloch's work with the Cooper Union Museum, 1953-1959, the Grunwald Center for the Graphic Arts, 1957-1984, the Tamarind Lithography Workshop, 1960-1989, the Archives of American Art, 1958-1987, the American Art Council of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 1971-1986, and the Virginia Steele Scott Foundation, 1975-1991.
5 linear ft. of correspondence, notes, printed material and photographs document 2 exhibits Bloch worked on at the Cooper Union: "Prince Regents Style," and "American drawings."
Correspondence in the Grunwald Center for the Graphic Arts files includes a detailed summary of Bloch's work at this collection at UCLA. Other correspondence, notes, photographs and annotated dealers' catalogs document his acquisitions, and his exhibits, including "The Special Artists of the American Wars,"(1959) and "Word & Images," an exhibit of United Ltd. Art Editions prints, 1978.
Much of the correspondence in the Tamarind files is with June Wayne, founder of Tamarind, and concerns the work and finances of the workshop, the fellows and artisans in residence there, and the definition of an "original print." Samples of Tamarind press work, photographs, and manuscripts by Wayne are included.
The two files of Archives of American Art material include correspondence and reports regarding advisory committees, donors, and the West Coast Center. Bloch was a member of the American Art Council, a support group of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Less than .5 linear ft. contain correspondence, which includes letters with Michael Quick, curator of American Art, and Nancy Moure, assistant curator, 1971-1982, minutes of meetings, 1971-1981, by-laws, newsletters and press releases, 1973-1986.
The files regarding the Virginia Steele Scott Foundation comprise 4.5 linear ft. and provide a detailed history of the development of this gallery and its collection, as well as Bloch's involvement as advisor and trustee. Papers include articles of incorporation, by-laws, and Board minutes, in-house reports, inventories and photographs of art works, and correspondence. These files document the establishment of the VSS Foundation, the assessment and deaccessioning of the original art collection, primarily by Bloch, the collection development for the VSS Gallery, including offers from dealers, and the relationship between the VSS Gallery, the Archives of American Art, and the Huntington Library and Gallery. Much of the correspondence is from dealers (regarding offers) and between Bloch and Robert Wark (regarding Bloch's role at the Huntington). One file documents the search for a curator of American art and includes correspondence and curriculum vitae from candidates. Three files document Bloch's exhibit at the Huntington in 1989, "Faces & Figures in American Drawings."
Series VII.A. Cooper Union Museum, 1953-1959 4 folder(s)
Correspondence, research notes, and documentation on exhibits, including checklists, catalogs, clippings, and photographs
box folder
63 1 Correspondence, 1955-1959
Includes letters relating to Bloch's search for employment in California, and letters of reference.
63 2 Exhibits: "Prince Regents Style" exhibit, 1953
Bloch's research notes, article and exhibit catalogue.
63 3-4 "American drawings" exhibit, 1954
Bloch's notes, memos, checklists, correspondence, catalogs, press clippings; documentation (letters and press clippings mounted on boards), and photographs of installation.
Series VII.B. Grunwald Center for the Graphic Arts, 1957-1984 0.5 Linear Feet
Correspondence, notes, and other documentation on exhibits, including press releases, clippings, catalogs, printed ephemera, inventories, catalogs, and photographs.
box folder
64 1 Correspondence, 1958-1984
Including a detailed summary of Bloch's work at the Grunwald, 1957-1963, which he wrote for a Ford Foundation grant
64 2 Notes on exhibits and acquisitions
64 3 Exhibits, 1944-1976
"The Special Artists of the American Wars," 1959; correspondence regarding loans, artists; notes, exhibit materials.
64 4 Exhibits, 1978
"Word & Images" exhibit of United Ldt. Art Editions prints, 1978; correspondence, press releases, notes, clippings (especially of Tatanya Grossman), 1978.
64 5 Grunwald exhibits and events, undated
Printed ephemera, two inventories of art works (European and American prints; Japanese block prints).
64 6 Photographs of Grunwald exhibits, ca. 10.
64 7 Annotated dealers' catalogs
Series VII.C. Tamarind Lithography Workshop, 1960-1989 0.5 Linear Feet
Correspondence, press releases, financial reports, printed ephemera, photographs, and other materials related to the Workshop.
box folder
65 1 Correspondence, 1960-1989
Primarily between Bloch and June Wayne, founder of Tamarind, includes a leter from Bloch to Wayne on preserving Tamarind documents for an archive, and on his own life as a collector (1972); also correspondence with Clinton Adams, Director of Tamarind in New Mexico (changed its name in 1970 to Tamarind Institute, Univ. of New Mexico)
65 2 Tamarind press releases, annual and financial reports, 1960, 1974
65 3 Papers relating to lawsuit over documentary film, 1975
65 4 Samples of Tamarind press work, photographs of fellows and artisans
65 5 Definition of "original print" 1970s
Printed ephemera regarding criteria, much of it from Tamarind.
65 6 June Wayne's definition of a print, 1966-1976
In letters (to Bloch?) and in 2 mss. by Wayne.
Series VII.D. Archives of American Art, 1958-1987 2 folder(s)
Correspondence, reports, and other materials related to the Archive.
box folder
66 1 Correspondence, 1958-1987
Including miscellaneous materials from advisory committees, donors. [for more on the Archives, see box 73, folder 10].
66 2 Reports of the AAA-West Coast Center, 1974-1978
Series VII.E. American Art Council, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 1971-1986 0.5 Linear Feet
Correspondence, minutes of meetings, rosters, by-laws, newletters, and press releases related to the Council.
box folder
66 3 Correspondence, 1971-1982
Including with Michael Quick, curator of American art, and Nancy Moure, assistant curator.
66 4 AAC Minutes of meetings, 1971-1976
66 5 AAC Minutes of meetings, 1977-1981
66 6 Rosters of members and by-laws
66 7 Newsletters and press releases, 1973-1981
66 8 Newsletters and press releases, 1982-1986
Series VII.F. Virginia Steele Scott Foundation, 1975-1991 4 Linear Feet
Correspondence, notes, minutes, inventories, rosters, lists, reports, dealer and gallery files, photographs, and legal documents related to the development of the Gallery during Bloch's involvement.
box folder
67 1 History of Virginia Steele Scott Gallery and Bloch's involvement, ca. 1975-1982
A typescript by Bloch of events between 5 Feb 1975 and 28 May 1982, and a portion of the transcript of Bloch's oral history that covers his tenure at Virginia Steele Scott [later became the Virginia Steele Scott Gallery at the Huntington Library]
67 2 Articles of incorporation, by-laws, exemption letters, Board minutes, 1975-1976, undated
67 3 Articles of incorporation, by-laws, amendments, Board minutes, 1977, undated
67 4 Virginia Steele Scott Board minutes, annotations by Bloch, 1977
box folder
68 1 Minutes, 1978
68 2 Minutes, 1979
68 3 Minutes, 1980
box folder
69 1 Minutes, 1981
69 2 Minutes, 1982
69 3 Minutes, 1983
69 4 Investment portfolios, submitted to directors, 1977-1980, 1983
box folder
70 1 Virginia Steele Scott Foundation invitation to Bloch to join the Board, 1978
70 2 Bloch's assessment of the Virginia Steele Scott collection, 1977-1978
Notes in Bloch's hand, lists of art works, lists of Millard Sheets' acquisitions for Virginia Steele Scott.
70 3 19th c. American art bibliography, undated
70 4 Correspondence regarding development of the board of trustees and 1980 party at Virginia Steele Scott gallery, ca. 1980
70 5 Planning and design of the Virginia Steele Scott Memorial medal with designer Leonard Baskin, 1979-1980
70 6 Selling the Virginia Steele Scott house and gallery, 1982
Includes clippings.
70 7 Virginia Steele Scott events, photographs of Bloch, his mother, trustees, undated
70 8-9 Collection development 1970-1983
Regards deaccessioning and development of the American art collection, purchases. Includes Bloch's typed ms., "Evolution of a Public Collection," his reviews of previous collection policy, a statement by Virginia Steele Scott on her own collecting (pre-1975), Bloch's notes and recommendations.
70 10 Inventory of Virginia Steele Scott collection, 1971
70 11 Three inventories of art in Virginia Steele Scott colletion, 1977, 1981, undated
70 12 Inventory of Virginia Steele Scott collection, works annotated for deaccessioning, undated
70 13 Inventory procedures
box folder
71 1 Correspondence, mostly Bloch regarding collection development, 1978-1982
71 2 Status reports of works deaccessioned and funds for acquisition, 1979-1982
71 3 Appraisals from dealers for deaccessioning and collection development, ca. 1970-1980
Dalzell Hatfield Galleries, 1970; Christine Eisenberg, 1978; Victor Spark, 1979; O. P. Reed, 1980
71 4 Auctions and sales: Christies' 1979, 1980
71 5 Auctions and sales: Victor Spark deaccesioning of Virginia Steele Scott paintings, 1979-1981
71 6 Miscellaneous dealers' sales deaccessioning Virginia Steele Scott paintings, 1979-1983
Bloch's notes and in-house correspondence regarding deaccessioning.
71 7 Correspondence with art dealers: Coe-Kerr Gallery, , 1979-1980 1982
Primarily offers to Virginia Steele Scott and later the re-named Virginia Steele Scott Gallery.
71 8 Correspondence with art dealers: Peter Davidson & Co, 1978-1980, 1982
box folder
72 1 Correspondence with art dealers: Jane and Michael Dunn, 1981-1982
Regarding C. Wynkeep's portrait of Peter Vanderlyn.
72 2 Correspondence with art dealers: Hirschl & Adler / Stuart Feld, 1978-1980
72 3 Correspondence with art dealers: Hirschl & Adler / Stuart Feld, 1981-1984, undated
72 4 Correspondence with art dealers: James Maroney, 1979-1982
72 5 Correspondence with art dealers: Ira Spanierman, 1980-1982
72 6 Correspondence with art dealers: Victor Spark, 1960-1980
72 7 Correspondence with art dealers: Victor Spark, 1981-1982, undated
72 8 Correspondence with art dealers: Vose Galleries, 1978-1980, 1982, 1985
72 9 Correspondence with art dealers, alphabetical: Berry-Hill - Wunderlich & Co., 1979-1983
box folder
73 1 Photographs of art offered to Virginia Steele Scott with supporting research material
73 2 Kennedy Gallery photographs of painting
Sold to or for Virginia Steele Scott?
73 3 Papers regarding gift of California art to the Laguna Beach Museum of Art from the Virginia Steele Scott collection, 1979
73 4 Report by Carrie Repora of 4 paintings in Virginia Steele Scott collection, undated
73 5 Correspondence regarding loan policy, 1978-1980
73 6 Lawsuit over Inness' "Hudson River Valley" painting, 1977-1979
73 7 Questionable S. B. Morse portraits in Virginia Steele Scott collection, 1979
73 8 Conservation, 1976-1979
73 9 Papers regarding Virginia Steele Scott Gallery move to Huntington
Also 1978 document outlining Virginia Steele Scott's early plan to affiliate with Claremont Colleges.
73 10 Negotiations with the Archives of American Art concerning the inclusion of AAA's Western office in the Virginia Steele Scott Gallery, 1972, 1978-1979, 1983
73 11 Architectural planning for Virginia Steele Scott Gallery, 1980-1982
Including brief search for an architect, and three drawings.
box folder
74 1 Search for curator of American art 1983, 1987
Correspondence and vitae of candidates.
74 2 Bloch's position at the Huntington, 1982-1984
Correspondence regarding negotiations, primarily between Bloch and Robert Wark.
74 3 Bloch's position as advisor, 1983-1987
Mostly correspondence between Bloch and Wark concerning collection development.
74 4 Photographs of art work in Huntington collection
74 5 Bloch's exhibit at Huntington, "Faces & Figures in American Drawings," 1987-1989
Correspondence, research and planning notes.
74 6 "Faces & Figures" exhibit, 19 photographs
74 7 "Faces & Figures" exhibit, 20 photographs
box folder
75 1 "Checklist of Paintings and Watercolors in the Virginia Steele Scott Collection at the Huntington"
Plus 59 b/w photographs of art.

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