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E. Maurice Bloch papers, circa 1925-1989

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Descriptive Summary
Biographical/Historical Note
Scope and Content of Collection
Indexing Terms
Administrative Information
Container List
Series I. Correspondence, 1941-1989
Series I.A. Occasional letters received, , 1965-1988 undated
Series I.B. Letters received and letters sent, 1941-1982
Series I.C. Letters received and sent, 1976-1989
Series II. New York University, Institute of Fine Arts, 1936-1958, 1988
Series II.A. Course syllabi, 1935-1942, undated
Series II.B. Bloch's notes and term papers for NYU classes, 1936-1947, undated
Series II.C. NYU School of Architecture and Allied Arts, Bloch's undergraduate years, 1936-1939
Series II.D. NYU-IFA, Bloch's master's thesis, 1940-1942
Series II.E. NYU Washington Square campus, correspondence, 1945-1946
Series II.F. NYU-IFA, Bloch's Ph.D. materials, 1944-1959
Series II.G. Correspondence with NYU-IFA professors, others, 1946-1988
Series III. Teaching materials, 1945-1982 undated
Series III.A. Lecture notes, 1945-1982
Series III.B. Students' course work for Bloch's classes, 1940s-1980s
Series III.C. Universities of Missouri and Minnesota employment, 1944-1947
Series III.D. UCLA employment, 1956-1989
Series IV. George Caleb Bingham Research, 1943-1989
Series IV.A. Publications and lectures, 1943-1987
Series IV.B. Bingham exhibits, 1910, 1935-1986
Series IV.C. Bingham portraits, 1940s-1980s
Series IV.D. Bingham narrative/genre paintings, 1944-1989
Series IV.E. Bingham landscapes, 1944-1984
Series IV.F. Bingham drawings and unidentified paintings, 1967-1985
Series IV.G. Assorted materials regarding Bingham paintings, 1944-1984, undated
Series IV.H. Bingham biography, 1931, 1944-1988
Series V. Benjamin West research, 1821-1987
Series V.A. Correspondence, 1961-1987
Series V.B. West exhibit catalogs/inventories, 1821-1987, undated
Series V.C. West research, 1926, 1961-1987, undated
Series V.D. Raphael Lamar West, 1980s
Series V.E. Prints after the works of B. West, undated
Series V.F. West's own collection of drawings, 1820-1898
Series VI. Research files on 19th century art, 1945-1987
Series VI.A. Publications, 1945-1987, undated
Series VI.B. Never published book projects, ca. 1940s-1988
Series VI.C. Lectures, 1960-1982
Series VI.D. Research files, 1870s-1890s, 1940s-1980s, undated
Series VI.E. Inventories and bibliographies, 1940s-1989, undated
Series VI.F. Artist/subject files, 1940s-1989, undated
Series VII. Curatorial and advisory positions, 1953-1989
Series VII.A. Cooper Union Museum, 1953-1959
Series VII.B. Grunwald Center for the Graphic Arts, 1957-1984
Series VII.C. Tamarind Lithography Workshop, 1960-1989
Series VII.D. Archives of American Art, 1958-1987
Series VII.E. American Art Council, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 1971-1986
Series VII.F. Virginia Steele Scott Foundation, 1975-1991
Series VIII. Bloch's personal collection, ca. 1935-1989
Series VIII.A. Bloch's art collection, 1852, 1949-1989
Series VIII.B. Bloch's stamp collection, undated
Series VIII.C. Bloch's autograph collection, 1935-1989
Series VIII.D. Dealers' correspondence, 1951-1989
Series IX. Personal and miscellaneous files, 1920s-1970s
Bloch (E. Maurice) papers
Series V. Benjamin West research, 1821-1987 3 box(es)
Correspondence, catalogs and inventories, research notes, photographs, printed ephemera and microfilm. The correspondence, primarily with institutions which own West drawings, is arranged chronologically and includes letters from the British Museum, the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, and the Metropolitan Museum, 1961-1987, scattered years. Catalogs, photocopies, and Bloch's inventories document his attempt to compile an exhaustive list of West work. These date from 1821-1987, scattered years. Other research materials, some compiled by Bloch's students, include photographs, notes, clippings and a microfilm of the West sketchbook in the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. Photographs, inventories and a few letters relate to Raphael Lamar West. Photocopies of auction records and photographs document Benjamin West's own collection of drawings.
Series V.A. Correspondence, 1961-1987 2 folder(s)
Correspondence, primarily with institutions that own West drawings, including the British Museum, Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Metropolitan Museum, arranged chronologically.
box folder
36 1 1961-1969
36 2 1970-1987
Series V.B. West exhibit catalogs/inventories, 1821-1987, undated 1 folder(s)
Catalogs, photocopies, tearsheets and Bloch's own lists, 1821. [See also box 44, folder 5, and index card box 46.]
box folder
36 3 1839-1987, undated
Series V.C. West research, 1926, 1961-1987, undated 1 Linear Feet
Research notes, bio-bibliographical and other support materials, ephemera, photocopies, clippings, and photographs of works (arranged by series and genres).
box folder
36 4 Notes and bio-bibliographical materials
Most compiled by Bloch students, with photographs and prints of self-portraits and portraits [see also box 46].
box folder
37 1 Notes and support materials for the West holdings of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 1969, 1987, undated
Including microfilm of its West sketchbook.
37 2 Research, with photographs, on three individual West series, 1965, 1985, undated
37 3 Printed ephemera, photocopies, tearsheets, clippings, 1926, 1961-1970, undated ca. 12 items
37 4 Photographs of West drawings ca. 125 photographs
ca. 100 photographs of drawings in 1839 Sotheby's sale; Sketchbooks, Royal Academy of Arts, London, ca. 25 photographs with Academy's stamp.
37 5 Photographs of West drawings, animal portraits
Ca. 100 photographs, with some written documentation.
box folder
38 1 Photographs of West drawings: genre scenes and landscapes ca. 90 photographs
Domestic scenes and genre subjects (ca. 45 items), Landscapes (ca. 45 items).
38 2 Photographs of West drawings: classical and biblical subjects ca. 120 photographs
Classical subjects (ca. 45 items), Old and New Testament subjects (ca. 75 items)
38 3 Photographs of West drawings: allegorical and historical subjects
Allegorical subjects (ca. 40 items), Historical subjects (ca. 30 items)
38 4 Photographs of West drawings: literary and other ca. 130 photographs
Literary subjects (ca. 20 items), about "Benjamin West: Royal Naval Collection Project, 1788-1789" (National Maritime Museum) (ca. 51 items), Miscellaneous (ca. 40 items), False attributions to West (ca. 10 items)
Series V.D. Raphael Lamar West, 1980s 1 folder(s)
Photographs of drawings and materials about West's pupils.
box folder
38 5 30 photographs of R. L. West's drawings, 1980s
With a list of West pupils and 4 letters concerning West's students.
Series V.E. Prints after the works of B. West, undated 1 folder(s)
Undated inventories, and a student paper.
box folder
38 6 Three inventories, a paper from a Bloch student, undated
Series V.F. West's own collection of drawings, 1820-1898 1 folder(s)
Photocopies of auctions, and photographs of drawings from West's collection.
box folder
38 7 Photocopies and photographs
Photocopies of auctions, 1820, 1824, 1829, 1898; approx. 15 photographs of drawings from the collection

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