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E. Maurice Bloch papers, circa 1925-1989

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Descriptive Summary
Biographical/Historical Note
Scope and Content of Collection
Indexing Terms
Administrative Information
Container List
Series I. Correspondence, 1941-1989
Series I.A. Occasional letters received, , 1965-1988 undated
Series I.B. Letters received and letters sent, 1941-1982
Series I.C. Letters received and sent, 1976-1989
Series II. New York University, Institute of Fine Arts, 1936-1958, 1988
Series II.A. Course syllabi, 1935-1942, undated
Series II.B. Bloch's notes and term papers for NYU classes, 1936-1947, undated
Series II.C. NYU School of Architecture and Allied Arts, Bloch's undergraduate years, 1936-1939
Series II.D. NYU-IFA, Bloch's master's thesis, 1940-1942
Series II.E. NYU Washington Square campus, correspondence, 1945-1946
Series II.F. NYU-IFA, Bloch's Ph.D. materials, 1944-1959
Series II.G. Correspondence with NYU-IFA professors, others, 1946-1988
Series III. Teaching materials, 1945-1982 undated
Series III.A. Lecture notes, 1945-1982
Series III.B. Students' course work for Bloch's classes, 1940s-1980s
Series III.C. Universities of Missouri and Minnesota employment, 1944-1947
Series III.D. UCLA employment, 1956-1989
Series IV. George Caleb Bingham Research, 1943-1989
Series IV.A. Publications and lectures, 1943-1987
Series IV.B. Bingham exhibits, 1910, 1935-1986
Series IV.C. Bingham portraits, 1940s-1980s
Series IV.D. Bingham narrative/genre paintings, 1944-1989
Series IV.E. Bingham landscapes, 1944-1984
Series IV.F. Bingham drawings and unidentified paintings, 1967-1985
Series IV.G. Assorted materials regarding Bingham paintings, 1944-1984, undated
Series IV.H. Bingham biography, 1931, 1944-1988
Series V. Benjamin West research, 1821-1987
Series V.A. Correspondence, 1961-1987
Series V.B. West exhibit catalogs/inventories, 1821-1987, undated
Series V.C. West research, 1926, 1961-1987, undated
Series V.D. Raphael Lamar West, 1980s
Series V.E. Prints after the works of B. West, undated
Series V.F. West's own collection of drawings, 1820-1898
Series VI. Research files on 19th century art, 1945-1987
Series VI.A. Publications, 1945-1987, undated
Series VI.B. Never published book projects, ca. 1940s-1988
Series VI.C. Lectures, 1960-1982
Series VI.D. Research files, 1870s-1890s, 1940s-1980s, undated
Series VI.E. Inventories and bibliographies, 1940s-1989, undated
Series VI.F. Artist/subject files, 1940s-1989, undated
Series VII. Curatorial and advisory positions, 1953-1989
Series VII.A. Cooper Union Museum, 1953-1959
Series VII.B. Grunwald Center for the Graphic Arts, 1957-1984
Series VII.C. Tamarind Lithography Workshop, 1960-1989
Series VII.D. Archives of American Art, 1958-1987
Series VII.E. American Art Council, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 1971-1986
Series VII.F. Virginia Steele Scott Foundation, 1975-1991
Series VIII. Bloch's personal collection, ca. 1935-1989
Series VIII.A. Bloch's art collection, 1852, 1949-1989
Series VIII.B. Bloch's stamp collection, undated
Series VIII.C. Bloch's autograph collection, 1935-1989
Series VIII.D. Dealers' correspondence, 1951-1989
Series IX. Personal and miscellaneous files, 1920s-1970s
Bloch (E. Maurice) papers
Series I. Correspondence, 1941-1989 4 box(es)
Series I.B. Letters received and letters sent, 1941-1982 2.25 Linear Feet
Arranged alphabetically with Bloch's carbon or photocopied responses.
box folder
2 1 A, 1941-1975
2 2 B, 1945-1980
including Leonard Bloch (E. M.'s father; 1957), Dorothy Brown (artist, UCLA colleague; 1960s), J. Carter Brown (1971- 1973), Edna Buchanan (1949-1962; see also Anna Erickson), and E. John Bullard (Bloch student at the National Gallery; 1968-1975).
2 3 C, 1949-1975
including Albert Christ-Janer (Bingham scholar; 1972-1973), and M. B. Cowdrey (historian of American art; 1948-1958)
2 4 D, (for Virginia Downes, see Ethyl Myers) 1952-1981
2 5 E, 1949-1971
including Anna E. (Nancy) Erickson (art collector)
2 6 F, 1948-1978
including Lorser Feitelson (American painter and printmaker; 1963-1978)
2 7 G, 1952-1976
including Eva Gatling (curator Cooper Union and Des Moines Art Center; 1952-1960, undated), William Gerdts (Newark Museum and CUNY; 1955-1962), and Arnold Gross (lithographer; 1975-1976); [see also oversize box 87]
2 8 H-I, 1950-1975
including Hans A. Halbey (Kingspoor Museum; 1960-1968), Edith Hamelin ('Dale,' wife of Maynard Dixon; 1958-1970), Milton Hebald (American artist and collector; 1968-1970), Cornelia Jett Henry (Cooper Union colleague; 1958-1959, undated), Bertha Heilbron (Minnesota Hst. Society and panorama scholar; 1950-1968); [see also box 44, folder 3], and Werner Hirsch (Cambridge don; 1972, 1975)
2 9 J, , 1955-1975 undated
including Claude E. (Mac) Jones (UCLA English professor; 1959-1971, undated)
box folder
3 1 K, 1946-1978
including Jacob Kainen (Smithsonian prints curator and printmaker; 1959-1978), Francis (Bob) Kelly (artist and conservator; 1961-1969), Donald D. Keyes (art historian; 1967-1975), Eckhardt Knab (Albertina and Gemäldegalerie, Vienna; 1955-1961), and Joseph Kwiat
3 2 L, 1952-1981
including Stanley Lewis (art historian; 1952-1959)
3 3 Mc, 1949-1975
including John McCall (expert on Japanese prints; 1949-1956), and Dorothy McNeilly (Charles Lanman descendant; 1974-1975); [see also box 40, folder 4]
3 4 George T. Maxwell (cartoonist, illustrator and collector) 1949-1959
3 5 M, 1949-1978
including Ruth S. Magurn (Fogg prints curator; 1970-1975, undated), Paul Mills (Oakland Art Museum; 1957-1962), and Ethel Myers (ceramicist) and her daughter Virginia Downes (1958-1972)
3 6 N, 1951-1975
including Harry Nadler (artist; 19??)
3 7 P-Q, 1954-1974
including Roi Partridge (printmaker; 1974), Clare Elsne Peck (artist; 1960), and Annemarie H. Pope (National Council on Fine Arts' Traveling Exhibition Service; 1954-1971)
3 8 R, 1946-1972
including Lessing J. Rosenwald (illustrations and book collector; 1961-1970)
3 9 S, 1950-1988
including Karl Schrag (artist; 1955-1977) and Frederick Shane (Univ. of Missouri art historian; 1958-1971, undated)
box folder
4 1 T-U, 1958-1975
including Patricia Trenton (Bloch student and curator, Denver Art Museum; 1969-1974) and Ross Taggart (Nelson-Atkins). [See Series IV for other correspondence with both Trenton and Taggart].
4 2 W, 1949-1982
including Herbert Weissburger (NYU colleague; 1955-1961), Allen S. Weller (Univ. of Illinois art historian; 1949-1961), Sir Robert Witt (collector; 1951-1953), and Christopher J. White (Old Masters authority; 1959-1982, bulk to 1965)
4 3 X-Z, 1955-1973
including Hermann Zapf (German graphic designer; 1955-1969), Jake Zeitlin (rare book dealer; 1960-1973), and Jerrold Ziff (art historian; 1967-1972)
4 4 Unidentified, , 1960-1974 undated

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